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A child devalued by men grows into a strong woman through Christ. Read Transcript

- When I was seven, mybrother started molesting me

and that lasted for about two years,

from seven to nine.

- [Narrator] Talia told hermother what was happening,

but her mother didn't believe it.

- I did a ton of therapy for years.

Then when I was 14 my cousin, he was 21.

He ended up actually raping me.

After that I kind of just decided,

okay I can't tell guysno because they're just

gonna take it anyway.

So I became very promiscuous,

like very promiscuous.

and I had my first pimp when I was 15.

He taught me basicallyeverything you would need to know

to be prostitute.

So he taught me just how to perform,

like how to talk to guys,

how to see which guys had money,

which guys were just wasting your time,

that kind of thing.

- [Narrator] When Talia was 15

her mother offered her crack,

which lead to years of addiction.

- Being introduced to drugs so young

really affected my life in a way that

I didn't think possible,

but I've tried almostevery drug since then.

I was on a whole downwardspiral for a while.

And I know it started from the crack.

From there I got pregnant when I was 17

and I decided, okay I haveto stop smoking crack.

I didn't stop prostitutingbecause I needed money,

but I had to stop smoking crack,

so I turned my mother in so that

me and my sisters couldbe removed from the house.

- [Narrator] A family adopted her sisters,

but Talia was not so fortunate.

- I went into foster care,

but I ended up losing my daughter.

I got in a fight with the woman.

I went to jail, and whoI was sitting in jail,

that's when I just realizedlike this is just not the life

that I want to live,

actually or was one of my cellmates.

She was like 60 years old.

And she had basicallysame charges that I had.

Had the same story that I had.

She was 60 years old.

So, I was like, this is gonna be my life.

This is where my life isgoing if I continue this.

So I ended up finding outabout this program called

Out of Darkness.

I wrote them a letter justexplaining my situation to them.

A woman came down to visit me

and she brought me a Bible.

And she prayed with me.

She said when I out that theywould come and pick me up.

- [Narrator] They fulfilled that promise

and drove her to a safe housewhere she was given a room

all to herself.

- I remember when I walked into my room.

I hadn't had my own room in a while.

I was living at hotels and just with men

and that kind of thing.

So I walked into my room,

and I had my own bed.

I knew I was safe.

Like I knew I was where I was loved.

- [Narrator] After beingintroduced to church,

she fell in love with the same God she met

when she was in jail.

The same God who set her free.

- And they weren't forcingme to be a part of God

or anything.

They liked that I was asking questions.

And they liked that Iwanted to find my faith.

And that was, it was welcoming.

It was what I needed, to not be judged for

the past, what I've done.

To be shown God's love.

They taught you how to interview properly,

and just how to land a job,

and they taught you new skillsso that you didn't go back

to what you were comfortable doing.

I graduated the program.

I landed a really good job.

Looking back now I cansee that the further you

stray from God, the worseyour life is going to get.

- [Narrator] Now, Taliahelps others by working

with Street Grace,

a non-profit that combatshuman trafficking.

Her hope, that othersmay know the same freedom

that she enjoys throughChrist and community.

- With Street Grace you getthat love on a daily basis.

You hang out with mentors, people who just

wanna help other people.

People who just wannado good in the world.

It's a way of turningmy past from something

I'm trying to run from, tosomething I'm trying to embrace

to help other people.

My whole life's turnedaround, and it's just

it's beautiful to see God in my life now.

With Christ, happinessis definitely possible.

That's for sure.


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