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The Trump-Pelosi Standoff: Dem Leader Begins Reign, Digs in Heels Against Border Wall

The Trump-Pelosi Standoff: Dem Leader Begins Reign, Digs in Heels Against Border Wall Read Transcript

- As the new DemocraticHouse is sworn in today

they're faced with the ongoing battle

over funding the President'sproposed border wall.

After a meeting at theWhite House Wednesday

Democrats again refused togive the President and the GOP

Money for a wall atthe U.S./Mexico border.

Democrats have made anoffer on the budget,

but it doesn't include funding for a wall.

- We're asking the Presidentto open up government.

We are giving him aRepublican path to do that.

Why would he not do it, accept?

Why would he not do it?

- [Charlene] The President hosting

a bipartisan briefing on border security

in the Situation Room with no end in sight

to the partial governmentshutdown now in it's 13th day.

- Could be a long timeor it could be quickly.

Could be a long time.

It's too important asubject to walk away from.

- [Charlene] Senate MinorityLeader, Chuck Schumer,

says the Presidentcouldn't give a good answer

why the shutdown should continue.

- The only reason that they are

shutting down thegovernment is very simple,

they want to try andleverage that shutdown

into their proposals on border security.

- [Charlene] Earlier the President

had his first Cabinetmeeting of the new year,

again making the case fora southern border wall.

- We're asking for 5.6and somebody said, 2.5.

No, look, this is nationalsecurity we're talking about.

- [Charlene] House RepublicanLeader, Kevin McCarthy,

says Democrats didn't even want to hear

about how bad thesituation at the border is.

He said the Democrats quickly interrupted

Homeland SecuritySecretary, Kirstjen Nielsen,

when she tried to explain itand didn't even listen to her.

And McCarthy said thePresident asked lawmakers

to discuss other ways to end the shutdown.

- Both sides can sitdown, find a compromise

that actually secures the border.

- The two sides will meet again Friday

and the showdown couldlast a good while yet,

even as House Democrats areplanning their own agenda

of investigations into thePresident and other measures,

like taking on climate change

and possible healthcare legislation.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.



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