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The 700 Club - January 3, 2019

A skydiver experiences a mid-air collision and falls 200 feet to the ground. Learn how he survived and even returned to the air on today's 700 Club. Read Transcript

(dramatic music)- The following program

is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up.

- I literally rememberingthinking, I'm dead.

- [Narrator] A skydiver's midair collision.

(crowd exclaiming)

- This has happened, I'm dying.

And there's nothin' I can do.

- [Narrator] And his200-foot fall to the ground.

- Well, I was falling to my death.

- How he survived the fall.- You won't believe it

but he's moving everything.- And got back in the air.

- It's completely amiracle, no doubt about it.

Good or bad.- On Today's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Well, welcome ladies and gentlemen.

I'm sure you are excited about the fact

that today is the day that the Democrats

take control of the UnitedStates House of Representatives

and Nancy Pelosi is electedSpeaker of the House.

Today is that importantday and we'll begin to see

what they want and wewill talk to David Bully

about what he thinks they want.

And it seems like tome what they want to do

is destroy President Trumpregardless of what it is.

But there's still a fight on the border.

And we'll be talking aboutthat on this program.

And here is my lovelyco-hostess to tell us more.

- Yeah, well, the Presidentis going to try again tomorrow

to get a deal with theDemocrats on his border wall.

But they're also focusingon their own agenda

on other issues, CharleneAaron has the story.

- As the new DemocraticHouse is sworn in today,

they're faced with the ongoing battle

over funding the President'sproposed border wall.

After a meeting at theWhite House Wednesday,

Democrats again refusedto give the President

and the GOP money for a wallat the US-Mexico border.

Democrats have made an offer on the budget

but it doesn't include funding for a wall.

- We're asking the Presidentto open up government.

We are giving him aRepublican path to do that.

Why would he not do it?(crowd clamors)

Except why would he not do it?- Thank you.

- The President hostinga bipartisan briefing

on border security in the situation room

with no end in sight to thepartial government shutdown.

Now in it's 13th day.- Could be a long time

or it could be quickly,could be a long time.

It's too important asubject to walk away from.

- [Charlene] Senate MinorityLeader, Chuck Schumer says

the President couldn't give a good answer

why the shutdown should continue.

- The only that they areshutting down the government

is very simple, they want to try

and leverage that shutdowninto their proposals

on border security.- Earlier the President

had his first cabinetmeeting of the New Year,

again making the case forhis southern border wall.

- We're asking for 5.6and somebody said 2.5.

No, look.

This is national securitywe're talking about.

- [Charlene] House Republicanleader, Kevin McCarthy

says Democrats didn't even want to hear

about how bad thesituation at the border is.

He said the Democrats quickly interrupted

Homeland SecuritySecretary, Kirstjen Nielsen,

when she tried to explain itand didn't even listen to her.

And McCarthy said the President

asked lawmakers to discusother ways to end the shutdown.

- Both sides can sitdown, find a compromise

that actually secures the border.

- The two sides will meet again Friday

and the showdown couldlast a good while yet.

Even as House Democrats areplanning their own agenda

of investigations into thePresident and other measures

like taking on climate change

and possible healthcare legislation.

Charlene Aaron, CBN news.

- Well, it's sad, one ofthe greatest nation on earth

to be wallowing around,I want to point out

something that Jesussaid that is so profound.

A kingdom divided againstitself cannot stand.

We are a great nation, the greatest nation

the world has ever known andwe're fighting on partisan

bickering that is just notworthy of a great nation.

Well, with us now from Washington

is our chief national politicalcorrespondent, David Brody.

David, what do you think?

You know what the Democrats want?

- Look, Pat, there is no end in sight

as it relates to what the Democrats

and what the Republicanswant in terms of this partial

government shutdown, I can tell you that.

And there's so much to discus,we can get to the Democrat

House in a moment but interms of that shutdown,

the question, talk to theWhite House this morning

and saying what's the off ramp here?

What's the off ramp for the folks

inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

What's the off ramp for Democrats?

And let me do a visual of the answer.

I don't know, I mean, that's pretty much

what they were saying,and they don't know.

They are steadfast inside the White House

in terms of not budging, we'll see.

I think the sense is that if they can get

half of that $5.6 billion or so,

they're gonna be very happyand they'll take that.

The problem is as a seniorWhite House official

told me this morning, thatmeeting between Pelosi

and Schumer, and the Presidentyesterday went south quickly

because basically what happened,and this is being relayed

from someone inside the room to me

who saw it all go down,basically Secretary Neilson

started that meeting, theDepartment of Homeland Security

Secretary to give a whole overview,

a briefing if you will, to the Democrats

as to what's going on at the border.

And right away five seconds inand that's the actual number.

Five seconds in, Chuck Schumer looked over

at Nancy Pelosi and whispered, "Nancy."

And at that point, Nancy Pelosi spoke up.

Interrupted the Department ofHomeland Security Secretary

and said, look, we don't wantto hear about any of this.

We wanna talk about how we'regonna get this all solved.

So, they didn't wanna bebrought to the White House

to hear any of thesenumbers that the Department

of Homeland Security was talking about.

- Well, deliberate obfuscation,they don't wanna be informed

as to what's happening on our border?

Don't they understand thisis a very important thing

that they should deal with?

- Well, and that's theWhite House's position.

They say how in the world can you ignore

facts that are comingnot from Donald Trump

or from anybody else specifically.

But coming from the Departmentof Homeland Security.

By the way, made up ofsome bureaucrats here, Pat.

I mean, this is theUnited States government

giving facts and NancyPelosi and Chuck Schumer

according to the WhiteHouse, did not want to hear

any of that, and some of the facts

that the White House wasgiving me this morning

from DHS, 60,000 unaccompanied minors

already made their wayto the border this year.

And that's 25% morethan in previous years.

60,000 unaccompanied minors,humanitarian issue there

obviously, Pat, they alsosay, and this is information

that Chuck Schumer,Nancy Pelosi, never heard

'cause Kirstjen Nielsencouldn't get it out

but 30% of those women that are coming out

of the caravans are being raped.

70% of folks overall inthose caravans, men and women

included are being assaulted somehow.

So, you have a humanitarian crisis.

Democrats talk about beingone of these wonderful

humanitarians but they weren't having

any of those statistics yesterday.

- Well, David, what exactly is happening?

And it looks like that ICEor the Homeland Security

or somebody is letting alot of these immigrants in.

They're just coming in to ElPaso and cities like that.

Is it really a flood already?

- Well, it's gotten worse for sure.

And this has been a bigpart of the problem.

As a matter of fact, I canjust go down the list here.

I mean, there's so manydifferent statistics.

But they're saying that17,000 convicted criminals

actually entered the United States

in just the last year alone.

Once again, convicted criminals,

not because they broke a lawby entering the United States,

they were already convicted of crimes

in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico,wherever it happens to be.

And they were coming in,they were apprehended.

So, the White House clearlyfeels this is obviously

a serious humanitarian issueas well as a legal one,

and a safety one, we'll see how it ends.

Pat, I gotta tell ya, here's the problem

for President Trump and this White House.

They're not just fightingDemocrats on the wall.

The dirty little secret in Washington

is that there are a lotof established Republicans

that don't want the wall either.

The problem is that thedebate has been framed

about wall or nothing, and it really

has never been about that.

I know the President went onthe campaign trail in 2016,

said we're gonna build a wall.

But the truth of thematter is the White House

wants a wall, they want infrared cameras,

they want border patrol agents,

they want the whole kit and caboodle.

It just hasn't been framed that way.

One other important point to point out.

Remember the Secure Fence Act in 2006.

That was under GeorgeW. Bush, it was signed

by George W. Bush, 700 miles of fencing

authorized by Congress in 2006.

And a moment folks havevoted for that at the time,

Chuck Schumer, Hilary Clinton,and Senator Barack Obama.

Something to think about.

- Let me ask you on thiswhole thing, though,

of border security.

It's more than that, isn't it?

I mean, why don't the Democrats

want some kind of comprehensiveimmigration reform?

That's at the heart ofit, I mean, how can we?

I mean, the wall, sure,will keep people out.

And I know the Presidentwants to have the wall first

and then immigration reform later.

But the Democrats don't wantimmigration reform at all,

do they?

- No they don't, well, theydon't want the wall for sure.

And the reason is it's thatit's become a dirty word.

I mean, the wall is in essence synonymous

for some things that theDemocrats don't believe

that America should standfor this idea of a wall.

And I think people have gottenreally caught up in that.

The Democrats for sure havegotten caught up in that.

They're just not gonnagive a penny for this wall.

So, I think that's the questionthat has to be answered

going forward, you know what's interesting

because one of thepotential solutions here

could be a DACA for the wall money,

or for the border security money.

And in other words, a DACA fix.

That would be somethingDemocrats in the past

would have agreed tobut at this point, look,

they're all in with their base,

those incoming freshmen, the progressives.

And they're all in onno wall funding at all.

Nancy Pelosi actually outtoday with a new interview

saying not a dime, sohow do you compromise?

I mean, I know in kindergarten,

aren't you supposed to meet halfway?

I don't know what'shappening to compromise.

A dirty word in Washington.

- Well, David, what do you think?

I mean, the so-calledprogressives and the far left

are moving into positions and a number

are running for President so we're looking

at an upcoming campaignthat is as far to the left

as we've ever imagined, for example,

health insurance for the whole country,

which would bankrupt us,what are we gonna do?

- Well, Pat, this is the bigproblem for the Democrats.

You know this is gonna be a big day

obviously in Washington, NancyPelosi will get the Speaker's

gavel and all of these incoming freshmen.

And it's gonna be flowers andcandy galore for the Democrats

today, this will be their day for sure.

The longer-term question for the Democrats

is what do they do with these 60-plus

incoming freshmen, many ofthem progressive in nature,

who want that medicare for all,

who want this new green dealis what they're calling.

Green jobs bill, as a matterof fact they're setting up

a select committee when they come in.

The Democrats are settingup a select committee

on climate change, look,I think the question

becomes how far to theleft are they gonna go?

And honestly, Pat, backin 2010 when the Tea Party

came along eight years ago or so,

the Republicans had this similar problem.

It was the Tea Party coming in

and mainstream Republicanswere like, oh no,

are we gonna go too far to the right?

So, I think we're seeingthat eight years later.

One other thing, veryimportant to point out, Pat,

for everybody at home,there are two tracks here

with the Democrats, let'sjust get this out of the way

right now, the Democratsare not gonna pass

any legislation that Donald Trump

will sign into law unlessDonald Trump wants to sign

it into law, so in other words,there will be no legislation

as much as legislation comesout of a Democrat House,

McConnell's not bringing anything up

that won't have the votes,Republican wise, to pass.

So, where's the power thatthe Democrats will have?

Well, you know andwe've talked about this.

It's the gavel, that's what it is.

They're gonna investigate everything.

Donald Trump's tax returns,possible money laundering

at the Trump organization,you've got the Russian invest.

I mean, it's gonna be thewhole kit and caboodle

to the point where willthey overplay and extend,

or overplay their hand, and I think

that's a big danger as well.

- Well, David, you know,

determined a foe can justdrive somebody absolutely crazy

with demands for documents, for demands

for interrogatories, with depositions.

You know how the game's played.

And you can take a poor,

well, member of person in a lawsuit

and just drive him out of business.

And it looks like they'relearning that game.

And if they pursue it theycan literally shut down

everything Trump wants todo with that kind of attack.

I mean, people in the executive agencies

won't have time to do anything else

except to meet the demands of people

who are coming after them.

- Pat, it's gonna be nonstop.

It's gonna be subpoena aftersubpoena after subpoena.

It's gonna drive not only the White House

a bit batty but it's going in essence

bring Washington to a grinding halt.

And if we thought the first two years

with this White Housewere a bit if not chaotic,

they were disruptive in termsof Democrats and Republicans

getting along, 2019 isgonna be triple that amount.

I mean, it's gonna get nasty.

And it's gonna get nasty very quickly.

Because in essence, theresponsibility that Congress

has had for, well,honestly, hundreds of years,

back to the late 1790swith George Washington

when they were doing withcommittee investigations

even back then, it'sgone from investigating

and getting to the truth of the matter

to really becomingpolitical and Newt Gingrich

admits this in the 90s, they did it.

The Republicans did it, Watergate.

And we can go back, we can goon and on about all of this,

I mean, even back inthe McCarthy hearings.

Look, this has beenpolitical from day one.

And we are gonna seepolitical times 20 in 2019.

- Assuming the Presidentin some off moment

is watching this program,what would you tell him?

I mean, how do you?

Are you gonna counterall of these attacks?

- Well, no, it's a good question, Pat.

Obviously, the analysis part of it

is you've gotta just beultimately who you are.

It's what got him elected,he's gotta stay true

to his principles but that'swith any politician really.

I mean, in other words,you gotta be who you are.

And you can't budge from that.

At the same time, it's interesting

because Democrats, excuse me, Donald Trump

could easily work withDemocrats on infrastructure,

on DACA, on a few other things.

I mean, he's not a Republican,as we've talked before.

He's a Trumpublican is what he is.

And so therefore, he'swilling to deal with Democrats

but they will not budge one inch.

They wanna see him fail, Pat,and that is the bottom line.

But here's the reality, theycan impeach this President.

They can remove him, if you will.

Or they can try to remove him from office.

They can defeat him in 2020.

Let's say it all happens, Pat.

Here's the bottom line,Gorsuch, Kavanaugh,

and a generation of SupremeCourt potential 5-4 decisions.

That's something they can't take away

and it's a stain that they'regonna have to live with

from their perspective.- Yeah, David,

thank you very much andladies and gentlemen,

I just would say you oughtto pray for the President

because I tell ya,

a motivated opponent in a lawsuit

can literally drive you out of your mind.

There's no end to subpoenas,no end of requests

for depositions, no endof requests for documents.

And when you're dealingwith the federal government,

they're talking aboutmany and there's pages

and pages of documents,and they're never happy.

Well, you've gotta give'em some more documents,

we've gotta hear more about this.

And you keep person on

an enterprise totallyoccupied, answering subpoenas.

And that's what judicial watch and others,

they've taught the Democrats how to do it.

And now the so-called freedomof information request,

you can go crazy withit, it is going to be,

it'll shut down every single initiative

that's coming out of our government.

We will be paralyzed as a nation.

- So much for civility.- Aw, for civility forget it.

- Yeah.- Long since gone.

- Also, so much for thecountry's moving forward.

Because when you're focusedon someone else's issues,

when you're focused on negativity,

then nothings happening in a positive way

for any of us really.- I'm sure

you're absolutely right and it just,

again, the words of Jesusjust ring through the ages.

A house divided can't stand,a kingdom divided can't stand.

And this kingdom, you know itused to be people were elected

for the good of the countryand they swore an oath

to uphold the Constitutionagainst all enemies,

foreign and domestic, andthey were gonna support

the President, he's theonly President we've got.

He represents our nation and the Congress

was going to do theirjob to try to bring forth

intelligent legislation andmake this a better country

to live in, the President was gonna work

to make his work done to execute the laws.

That's what he's supposedto do, he's not supposed

to make the laws, the Supreme Court

is not supposed to make the laws,

they're supposed to faithfully interpret.

Now, that's what we wantbut you know what we've got,

there was (laughs) an article today

about the lady used to beeditor of the New York Times

and said this thing is just so left wing

and now you've got a presswith the New York Times,

and the Washington Postleading the charge,

that are absolutely gone overthe edge on being leftist.

It used to be, you know,we'll print all the news

that fits, and you know,without fear or favor

and all that stuff, no longer, no longer

that they're strictly partisans

and they don't care what theywrite or how they write it

but everything is slantedand so, we're dealing

at a country, ladies and gentlemen,

this is a great country, you know?

I love this country and I thinkyou should love this country

and we all should love this country.

But we ought to do what wecan to make it a better,

wonderful place for the next generation.

Terry?- Well, here's another

need in our country today,up next the forgotten victims

of America's opioid crisis, the children

the drug abusers leave behind.

(dramatic music)- Trauma is not always

the overt abuse, physicalabuse, sexual abuse.

Trauma is also neglectand so while some children

from an opioid home mayhave endured outward,

overt physical or sexualabuse, many of them have

experienced the neglect.

- [Terry] See what's being done

to help these children, that's next.

(uptempo music)

(dramatic music)

- You know, I read a bookthat's very startling

about how this whole opioid thing started.

It started with a man who was an apostle

of what he called pain medication.

And he went tirelessly around this country

telling doctors, you shouldprescribe pain killers.

And the pain killer that he was selling,

he had one of hiscompanies was later called,

what was it, it was a pharma company

and they sold what was calledOxycontin and oxycodone.

And he had doctors talkedinto prescribing this stuff

to their patients, okay, well.

His company was Purdue Pharma by the way.

Still in business.

And they began to pumpout an enormous number

of legitimate prescriptionsfor Oxycontin and oxycodone.

And people began to take itbecause it was given to them

by their doctors, and it was to stop pain.

And he just said whatyou can't have is pain.

We have to alleviate pain.

And he, listen, was tirelessly,went all over this country

tirelessly as an apostlefor pain medication.

Okay, well, some of thedistributors of these opioid,

as they call 'em, began to pump out

not a few thousands of thembut tens of millions of pills.

And they went into these tiny communities

that have a few thousand people

and they unloaded tens ofthousands of these pills

into these drug stores,and they began to prescribe

them willy nilly, and oncepeople began to take them

they didn't want to stop,and they were habit-forming.

And it had become ahuge crisis in America.

And yet at the same time,those who were trying

to stop it, there was a law in Congress

that was hindering their efforts,

they've changed that nowbut it took 60 Minutes

to show it but neverthelessthis is shocking.

Now the thing about opioidsis you can't just tell people

to go cold turkey because their brains

are now wired, you haveto take 'em off slowly.

And you have to havesomething like methadone

to give them in place of the opioids,

to give them a little time otherwise

the minute they can saywe'll go cold turkey

and they come right back on it.

Well, we often talk about thenumber of deaths attributed

to this crisis, it's been prescribed

by our drug companies, drug companies,

drug people are doing it,but what about the toll

it's taking on America's children?

The number of kids in foster care

has increased for the last five years.

And experts say the opioidabuse is literally driving

children out of their homes.

Heather Sells shows us morehow the faith community

may be responding to this crisis.

(dramatic music)- Foster providers

like Grand Rapids basedBethany Christian Services

say the opioid epidemic has created

a desperate need for more foster homes.

And they are working overtimeto recruit foster parents.

- It's the largest driverright now in the United States

for foster care.- Scenes like this

are all too common, afour-year old trapped in a car.

His grandmother and herboyfriend passed out

after overdosing, victimsof an opioid epidemic

that kills more than 100 people everyday.

Their children and thechildren of those addicted

need temporary and often permanent homes.

It's why the race is on torecruit more foster parents

like Matt and Liz.- And the more

we started talking aboutit and we kind of thought,

gosh, maybe this is justGod's way of telling us

that this is the directionthat we should go.

- [Heather] In following that direction,

Matt and Liz have welcomedthree foster children

into their home and developed a heart

for kids with special needs.- It only takes us probably,

I don't know, maybe afew weeks with the kids

before you feel solelyresponsible for them.

And feel like I haveto do everything I can

for these kids becauseat the end of the day,

they are sleeping in our home,

and they are a part of our family

for as long as they'rehere and it's so important

that they have thoseparents that are going

to fight for them.- Unfortunately,

more and more do not have that.

In Ohio alone, kids in foster care

double the number of licensed parents.

Nationwide the foster careneed has risen 10% since 2012.

And while the opioid epidemicstarted out in rural America

it is now spread into suburbs and cities,

creating even more demand.

- Really, it's a drug thatdoes not discriminate.

And so, it's really everywhere.

- [Heather] In overseeingthe program's foster parents,

Sherri Williams mustprepare them for children

who have suffered, often at the hands

of drug addicted parentswho didn't feed, clothe,

or protect them.- Trauma is not always

the overt abuse, physicalabuse, sexual abuse,

things of that nature,trauma is also neglect.

And so, while some childrenfrom an opioid home,

they have endured outward,overt physical or sexual abuse,

many of them have experiencedthe neglect aspect.

- [Heather] And for many children,

that neglect startsbefore they're even born.

Addicted at birth, theymust go through withdrawal.

And then into the arms offoster parents like Bob and Sue.

- A majority of ourbabies are from mothers

that were on drugs during pregnancy.

And I don't see the worst of it

'cause it's when they're in the hospital

going through withdrawalsbut then you see,

as the months come along,in how behind they are.

Speech delays, eatingproblems, social issues,

Sue and Bob have seen it all.

They fostered since 1988.

States have relied heavily for years

on faith-based agencies like Bethany

to recruit and retain fosterparents like Sue and Bob.

And now these groups are creating new ways

to help hurting kids,the Global Orphan Project

connects social workers with churches.

Through its CarePortalwebsite, congregations

see the needs of neighborhoodfamilies in real time.

Other faith-based groupsgo directly to churches

with local foster needs.

Naomi Schaeffer Rileyhas studied the trend.

- Going into particularchurches, particular parishes,

congregations, and goingto the pulpit and saying,

these are the seven kids inyour zip code who need a home

tonight actually reallyhad a very big effect.

People were unaware thatthe problem was so local.

- [Heather] Fosterparents like Matt and Liz

don't seek recognitionor fame, and Bob and Sue

even face resistancefrom friends concerned

about their age, thereare no plans to quit.

- I plan on doin' it until myhealth won't let me. (laughs)

When I can't keep up with 'em anymore.

- [Heather] It's a sacrificethat means everything

to children who's livesdepend on a foster system

that cannot keep up with demand.

Reporting in Grand Rapids, Michigan,

Heather Sells, CBN news.

- Well, what a wonderful thing.

And ladies and gentlemen, that's something

that you should be involvedin or get your church

involved in, there is a crisis now.

You know a lot about this foster parent.

- Well, sometimes we thinkbecause we have systems

in America that childrenin America don't suffer

but the system isn't bigenough, the load of all of this.

And you can see from these couples

that we shared just inthis story, it's doable.

It's very, very doable.

And these children are goingto grow up to be leaders

in our communities, leaders in our states,

leaders in our government nationally

and we need to know that they have had

the kind of nurture they need.

- Yeah, you know, Terry,this isn't cocaine.

It isn't heroin.- No.

- It is produced by drugcompanies in America,

distributed by drug companies in America,

prescribed by physicians in American,

and sold by pharmacists inAmerica, it's all legal.

And it is just sapping the nation.

It is horrible what's going on.

- I just think it'scoming to the forefront

and there's a lot of discussion about it.

A lot of looking at it and hopefully

that will bring aboutsome change in all of it.


- It's a long time since weshouldn't be discussing it

anymore but they showed in Florida,

they had these opioidallies where they had one

after the other, somebody could drive down

from New England, orPennsylvania, what have you,

and go down and get millions of doses

of this stuff, take it home with them

because it's being prescribed legally.

That's what's so horribleand then once the hook,

it's worse than heroin,you can get off of heroin.

But this stuff doessomething to your brain.

Ladies and gentlemen,we've got to do something

about this.

Ugh, alright.- In the meantime,

take care of the childrenwho's suffering 'cause--

- Take care of the childrenand the foster care,

God bless 'em, do what you can.

But those kids, they need the same thing.

They need to take a withdrawal,they'll be screaming

and yelling, and their littlebrains will be just fried

because of this stuff.- It's gonna take some help.

- Okay, we've got adramatic healing, alright.

- We do, up next, askydiver hits another jumper

on his way down.(dramatic music)

- In that half a second Iliterally remembering thinking,

I'm dead, there was nothing I could do.

- [Terry] Find out how he survived

the 200-foot free fall to the ground.

That's next.

(uptempo music)

- One of the things, folks,that I would just don't think

I want to do is to jumpout of an airplane.

I was here at one of those Christmases

and the staff wanted togive me a Christmas present.

So they gave a free attempt,I mean, a free skydiving--

- Lesson or?- Ticket.


- Oh dear.- You wanna get rid

of me, that's a good way to do it.

(laughs)If you don't like me,

wanted me to kill myself.

Why would anybody's rightmind jump out of an airplane

unless he had to, like what?- Some people

really are innervatedat the idea. (laughs)

- Yeah, well, God bless 'em.

Well, Corey Fisher began skydiving,

well, he wanted to feel alive.

As it turns out, that passion to be alive

almost brought him to death.

He fell 200 feet after he crashed

in midair with another jumper.

And at that moment, Coreythat he had only seconds

left to live.

- I knew I was falling.(pensive techno music)

And I knew I was falling to my death.

But it was an acceptance,there wasn't anything there.

There was no fear, therewas no, I just accepted

this has happened, I'm dying,and there's nothing I can do.

- [Journalist] In 2011,Corey Fisher began looking

for a way to gain self confidence

and learn to trust God in deeper ways.

That's when he discovered sky diving.

Six years later, he was acertified sky diving instructor

with 1,500 jumps to his credit.

- I thought to myself thisis closer to what I imagine

God wants us to live like,this, experiencing this,

being alive, it's about being alive.

- [Journalist] Then in November of 2017,

his life nearly came to an end

when he and anotherskydiver collided in midair.

(wind gusts)- Looked like he went down.

(crowd exclaims)(crowd screams)

- I only saw the individualfor about half a second

before the collision andin that half a second

I literally remember thinking, I'm dead.

There was nothing I could do.

- [Journalist] The two fell over 200 feet

before hitting the ground,miraculously both survived.

Corey was in and out of consciousness.

I tried to move and couldn'tand then passed back out.

The next thing I know, they'reputting me in a helicopter.

It was evident I was dying.- He was life flighted

to a nearby hospital with a broken neck,

12 broken ribs, andmassive internal injuries.

Corey was fighting for his life.

His mom, Rhea, remembersthe call from the hospital.

- They told us that therehad been an accident,

that he was catastrophically injured

and that we needed to cometo the hospital right away.

And my heart sunk.(heartfelt music)

- [Journalist] At the hospital,

Rhea and Corey's dad,Terry, learned their son

might not make it through the night.

Even if he did, he mightbe paralyzed for life.

They asked their church andcommunity to pray for a miracle.

- God gave us the peacefrom the very beginning

not to panic, not to go intoa circular thought process

that you can all go throughwhen you are in a traumatic

situation.- There was definitely

prayer going around the clock for Corey

in multiple places, multiple churches.

- [Journalist] He survived the night.

By then they learned therehad been another miracle.

Spinal surgeon Sayid El Shahabi says

considering the severityof his broken neck,

Corey's spinal cordshould have been severed,

which would have lefthim paralyzed for life.

- It's my opinion honestlyshort of miraculous.

When I initially got thecall my initial question

was well, how bad is hein terms of paralysis?

And the trauma doctor, hiswords were specifically

you won't believe it buthe's moving everything.

And essentially what hehad done was separated

and shifted the number sixbone completely in front

of the number seven bone.

The way to present this way essentially

is with a quadriplegia orparaplegic type of scenario.

- When his surgeon told methat he hadn't in all the years

that he had been a trauma surgeon,

he had never seen thisinjury without paralysis.

He said he had fully expectedto walk into that trauma bay

after looking at his MRIs,he'll find a paraplegic.

And he said and to find full movement,

that blew him away, hesaid this is the first time

I as a physician cansay I've seen a miracle.

- [Journalist] He stillneeded surgery and prayer.

On the way into surgery, Corey woke up

and asked to speak with a chaplain.

- They brought me a phoneand there was a loving man

on the other end whoagreed with me in prayer,

quoted scripture with me, and then prayed.

And I remembering feeling

the peace

that I was gonna be alright.

- [Journalist] His surgery was a success.

Now doctors were saying Coreywould need to spend months

in a rehab hospital, Coreywill leave for another miracle.

- The first words outof his mouth to me were,

don't worry mom, Jesus' has got this.

He said, I'll be home for Christmas.

And his doctors are standingon the other side of the bed,

behind Corey's head wherehe couldn't see 'em.

And they're shakin' their head, no.

- [Journalist] But just threeweeks after the accident

and well before Christmas,Corey walked out of the hospital

without pain and completely healed.

- I do think that Jesus saved my life

but my recovery wassupernaturally graced as well.

It's completely a miracle,no doubt about it.

- [Journalist] Coreywas cleared of all fault

pertaining to the accident,he has since resumed skydiving

and instructing with even more confidence

that God is with him in every situation.

- He loved me that muchto gracefully save my life

and spare me all of this,

and all the dreams that Ihad that could've been taken

from me in a second.- What it made me realize

is that I can trust God, that he will,

he will answer my prayers, you know?

I look at it this way, he jumpsout of the plane and jumps

into Jesus' arms so I don'thave to worry about it.

- If he can supernaturallychange a human being

falling out of the sky'ssituation to not die,

to not be paralyzed, tooverride physical limitations

of the human body whenstriking the ground,

he can handle all of the things in my life

that I'm not in controlof, to give me my life back

completely, uninhibited by anything,

is overwhelming to me.

- Well, if he can dothat, he can do anything.

Well, Corey's got the answer.

What have you got?- Well,

we wanna pray for some people.

And we have some prayerrequests that have come in.

Pat, this is someonesaying, I need to be healed

of a severe six-monthlong bladder infection

that won't respond to treatment.

Someone else saying I need salvation

for my 95-year-oldsister and then a request

asking for a big financial miracle

so I can buy my mother's homeand raise my family there.

You know if you're a CBN partner,

you may have received a booklet.

And if you haven't gotten that booklet,

go to or youcan call 1-800-700-7000.

When you contact us, tellus that we can pray for you.

These requests all came infrom folks just like you.

- Yeah, just a little bookletthat says God's promises

and for the days ahead.- Mm-hmm.

- And it's nice to havea few things like this.

You don't need huge books necessarily

but you just have something like this

and the Lord will speak toyou through these scriptures.

So, we'll send it to you free.

And here's some more prayer requests

and we have received, we'vegotten hundreds and hundreds in

right now, improved financesto pay them business debt.

Somebody wants prayer for the answers.

God would place a hedge ofprotection around our country

and our President, oh, man, what a prayer.

I wanna pray for successfulhip replacement surgery.

One of my good friend,Doctor Burger up in Chicago

does hip replacements,he's a master at it.

It's very successful so.- That's good.

- Yeah, we ought to pray.

But we talked earlier aboutthe crisis in our nation.

We've got this opioidcrisis but we've also got

the crisis between warring parties.

Let's just say, we've got athing, you know, one nation

under God, we really need to pray

that God we might indeedbe one nation under God.

So, as we're praying rightnow, Terry and I are gonna join

hands, we're gonna believe God.

Father, I join with my sister in Christ.

And we pray together and we want to pray

for our great country,this is the most powerful,

most free, most prosperousnation the world has ever known.

And in the midst of allthese blessings, Lord,

we're tearing people apart.

Lord, let us get our eyes on you.

And may there be peace in our land.

May there be harmony and brotherhood,

and may we be one nation under God.

Let it be, Lord, sustain our President

and give wisdom to our Congress.

And to all those who are inleadership responsibility.

And Lord, for these nowthat have asked for prayer,

there's so many of them, particularly

in the financial realm, Lord,let a financial blessing go

as these people are struggling.

May they know the touch of God.

In the name of Jesus, andTerry, do you have something

the Lord?- Yes, yes.

Someone, you have polyps, it'snot just inside your nose,

it actually goes upinto your sinus cavity.

And God is healing that for you right now.

All of that swelling,all of that inability

to breathe freely, it'sall opened up for you now.

Just take a deep breathand receive that heeling.

- Somebody, I think it's awoman, you've got an enlarged

goiter and it's getting bigger,

and you're worried about it,I don't think it's cancerous

but just put your handright now on your throat

where that goiter is,in the name of Jesus.

- Yes.- It will shrink down.

And you will be able to praise God.

- One more, Terry.- This is for many people,

I believe, just respiratory infections.

- Thank you, Lord.- God is healing that

right now just take a deepbreath in, breathe out,

as God brings fresh air andwholeness to your lungs.

- Touch everybody in this audience

and may they know yourpower, in Jesus' name.

Amen and amen, yes.

- Well, coming up, we're gonna fire off

your questions to Pat.

Stacey says, my husband and Idon't want anymore children.

Is it wrong for a Christianto take birth control?

Get ready for some honest answers

to God and more when we come back.

(uptempo music)

(dramatic music)

- Welcome to Washingtonfor this CBN News Break.

An American citizen living in Israel

has been sentenced to life in prison

by a Palestinian court,the crime of selling a home

in the Old City of Jerusalem

to a Jewish Israeli Organization.

The Jerusalem Post reports the Palestinian

Grand Criminal Courtfound the man guilty of,

"Attempting to cut off apart of the Palestinian land

"and adding them to a foreign country."

US Ambassador urged thePalestinian Authority

to release the man whois a Palestinian American

with Israeli residency.

Well, a little boy haslearned about how to help

meet the needs of the homelessthrough a YouTube video.

And he told his dad hewanted to do the same.

So, nine year old, NathanSimons of Rock Island, Illinois,

and his dad went to the back and took out

most of his savings, leaving just enough

to keep the account open.- 20, 40, 60.

- I'm donating most of my money

from my savings accountto a Christian carrier

down at the homeless shelter.

I mean, it feels good, Iwish I could have it myself

but I have to think aboutother people sometimes.

- [John] Nathan's dadmatched him dollar for dollar

so they could load hiscart with items on a list

he got from the ChristianCare Homeless Shelter.

- Perfect.- Good thing today, my son.

Not many people can say thatthey emptied their savings

account and went shoppingfor a homeless shelter.

- [John] Nathan told reporters

that he has a sister in the Marines

and wanted to make surevets at the shelter

are taken care of, he also says

he may do this again or startvolunteering at the shelter.

Well, you can find out more about these

and other stories, andalways get the latest

from CBN News by visitingour website at

Pat and Terry will be backwith more of today's 700 Club

right after this.(dramatic music)

(uptempo music)

- As an orphan, Pria wasforced to beg on the streets

of India when she was just a small child.

Today she has a rewardingcareer as a nurse.

She says her life now isnothing less than a miracle

and that CBN partners werethe answer to her prayers.

- [Journalist] Priawas just four years old

when both of her parentsdied, she became an orphan.

Then she went to live with relatives.

- [Translator] They didnot look after me properly.

I cried a lot then.- Those relatives gave her

away to another family thatmade her beg near Hindu temples.

- [Translator] After a full day's work,

I was hardly given anything to eat.

- [Journalist] Pria was eventually adopted

by a couple that couldn't have children

because they had anon-contagious form of leprosary.

- [Translator] I just lovedthe way they welcomed me.

They made me feel wanted and special.

- [Journalist] Her fatherowns a small poultry business

and worked hard to savefor Pria's school fees.

- [Translator] TheChristian school I went to

introduced me to Jesus, I prayed a lot.

That kept my hope alive.

- [Journalist] Priadreamed of becoming a nurse

but knew she could neverafford nursing school.

Then a friend told herabout a new medical program

sponsored by CBN, we gavePria a full scholarship

to go to four years of nursing school.

- [Translator] It was nothingless than a miracle for me.

I prayed for something like this

and God sent CBN to answer my prayers.

- [Journalist] Pria was recently named

Most Outstanding Student inher first graduating class

of nurses.- Now that I am a nurse,

I help others get physically healed

and spiritual healing as well.

And I want to make CBN proud so the people

who gave me this scholarship believe

it was worth supporting me.- In addition

to taking care of her patients,

Pria can help take careof her parents too.

- [Translator] They sacrificedtheir personal needs

just to fulfill mydreams, not it's my turn

to help them, I lookforward to making the lives

of other people better through my service.

CBN's help was the best thingthat every happened to me.

- 700 Club members,this is just one example

of the kind of differenceyou're making in the lives

of hundreds of thousands ofpeople all around the world.

We say thank you to those ofyou who joined the 700 Club.

To the rest of you, if you haven't,

what an opportunity youhave to be a world changer,

to speak right into theneed of people's lives.

What does it take to be a 700 Club member?

A commitment of $0.65 a day,

$20 a month, isn't that amazing?

But you know we were talking earlier,

Pat was talking aboutunity in the country.

Well, unity, when we unify our resources,

makes a huge difference in the world.

So, call and join now,our number's toll free,

it couldn't be easier, 1-800-700-7000,

just call us, say, Iwanna join the 700 Club.

When you do, we're gonnasend you as our thank you,

Miraculous Blessings, this is a DVD

filled with amazing, miraculous stories,

answers to prayer, and then Pat's teaching

on how do you fall ontothe blessing of God?

What can you and I doto position ourselves

to be able to receive that?

It's our gift to you whenyou call so call now.

Okay, time for somequestions, are you ready?

- Let's go for 'em, yeah, please.

- This first one comes from Stacey, Pat,

who says my husband and Ijust had our second child

and aren't wanting anymorekids due to work demands

and what we feel we can handle.

Is it okay to get on birth control?

- You know, Stacey, I'm a Baptist

and the Baptists believe thatintelligent family planning

is God's gift to intelligent people.

I know there are others who disagree.

They have, (laughs) whatthey call Catholic Roulette

they try to time a woman'scycle to keep from getting

pregnant but they don'tuse contraceptives.

I see nothing wrong with birth control.

And you ask me, that's my opinion.

But some very wonderful dearpeople disagree with that.

And so I'm not gonna put 'em down.

This is just my view.- Okay,

this Darla who says, in Leviticus 19:34

it says that we should, "Treat immigrants

"as our own native born,"and, "love them as yourself.

"I am the Lord your God."

How do we do this in today's world

knowing what's ahead of us if we do this?

It's not like it waswhen we first got started

as a new nation, what areyour ideas on this matter?

- Well, like it or not we'rea nation of immigrants.

My family came, theyimmigrated, they came over here

from England, Scotland, British places.

Yours came from Norway.- Holland and Norway.

- Holland, yeah, okay,so I mean we are a nation

of immigrants and I thinkwe need to recognize

that these people at theborder are human beings.

They have aspirations,and hopes, and dreams,

just like we do, I love Hispanic people.

I've worked so much down in Latin America.

They are just marvelous people.

But unfortunately, there are people

who are taking advantage of the system.

And among them are drugdealers and others.

At the early part of this country,

I was told by David Bartenwho's supposed to be an expert

in this stuff, he saidthat we accepted people

if they could look after themselves.

And if after the first,

oh, what, 10, they say it'sthe first 10 years or so.

If they weren't ableto care for themselves,

they were deported.

So, you just didn't put'em on a welfare rose,

let 'em stay around, butI think the idea here

is we need to lovepeople and care for them,

and respect them, but at the same time

that doesn't mean that wehave to open our borders

to everybody who wants to come in

because no nation can do that.

So, it's to those who are here,

you want to look after, okay? (laughs)

- Still want to follow the law. (laughs)

- Amen.- Okay. (laughs)

This is Nadia who says Iwatch the 700 Club daily

and am very fond of it,I listen to the questions

asked by the audience and Iknow 98% of those questions

are a result of people notreading the word, the Bible.

However, I never hearPat encouraging people

to read the Word, is there a reason why

your show doesn't encouragepeople to read the Bible?

As they read it they should be asking

the Holy Spirit to helpwith their understanding.

- Well, that's real nice.

If you noticed, every answer I give you,

I say, you know, it iswritten, the Bible says,

(speaks foreign language)I mean, the idea here

is we talk about all thetime but the great majority

of the questions that we have as a result

of misinterpretation of the Bible

by people who are inauthority in churches,

the people who think they're going to hell

for the slightest little picadilio,

there are people who don'tunderstand the rapture.

They don't understand the second coming.

They don't understandthe role of the church.

They don't understand about family.

On and on and on and on, and you say,

you know, let 'em read the Bible.

Well, of course read the Bible.

But at the same timerecognize that the problems

we're dealing with are causedby the misinterpretation

of the Bible by peoplein religious authority.

And so, we have to clarifya whole lot of things here

on this program butabsolutely read the Bible.

I read the Bible, I learn theBible, I studied the Bible.

That's what I went toseminary to learn the Bible.

And the Bible is a precious book.

And that's the source of our inspiration.

And I think to read that,to learn from the Lord,

it's good for teaching andinstruction and righteousness.

And by all means,

we never hold that back.

Well, today's Power Minute isfrom the Book of Philippians.

For it is God who works in you

to will and to act in orderto fulfill his good purpose.

See you tomorrow, God bless you.

(uplifting music)


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