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God’s Weapons of War

Author Bill Hamon discusses how the Church can work together to be victorious in Christ. Read Transcript

- Bill Hamon has prophesiedto more than 50,000 people,

he's provided trainingin prophetic ministry

for more than 250,000, and hislatest book is a call to arms

for the people of God, take a look.

- [Narrator] Bishop BillHamon is the founder

of The ChristianInternational Ministry Network

and serves as the Bishop to3,000 ministers and churches.

For more than 60 years he's trained others

in activating the giftsof the Holy Spirit.

In his latest book, God's Weapons of War,

Bishop Hamon identifies the challenges

facing believers today and shares how we

can rise up together in afight against the enemy.

- Please welcome back to The 700 Club

our dear friend, Bill Hamon.

Bill, it's an honor to have you with us.

- Good to be here, man.

You're doing a great job.

- Well, so are you.

You got a new book out,God's Weapons of War.

And I always sort of take a step back

when prophets are out theresaying we need to get weapons

of war 'cause it makes me wonder, okay,

what's the battle to come?

What are you seeing in the future?

- In 2008, the Third Reformation began.

2016 God activated thechurch from on the defensive

and neutral to activatedto be on the offensive.

It's now time for thearmy of the Lord to arise

and to begin to demonstrate and fulfill

all the end time prophesies.

And I've gone to over 30 nations,

led 'em in corporate warfare.

This is the first bookout on corporate warfare.

That's where saints gather together

and use the greatest weapon of warfare

that Jesus has given us,which is the shout of faith.

And when I go into the nations,

I teach 'em first on the first few nights

on Jesus being a mighty man of war

and that Jesus is a fighter,and he'll fight for us.

And all of that was for whenhe was in the land of Canaan,

mainly, to possess all thekingdoms and all the nations

in the land of Canaan andthey had to make the kingdoms

of Canaan the kingdoms of God.

And just like we'recommissioned to make the kingdom

of this world, the kingdomof our Lord, and it's Christ.

And in order to do thathe had to go to war.

Now, Israel was in bondage for 400 years,

like we were in a thousand year dark age.

But then Moses became the deliverer

and through the blood ofthe lamb and all that,

they brought us out, Israel out of Egypt

and each one of their steps portray

the restoration movements of God.

And like the church wasoriginally in bondage

during a thousand yeardark age from 500 to 1500.

Well, then God startedthe Second Reformation

which was the restorationof the truths and ministries

that were lost during the dark age.

And the ones that deadtheologians dead in the works

so that all that we enjoy andthe people you minister to

and I minister to in the church today,

none of that was availableduring the dark age.

You weren't born, you didn'tteach about born again,

you weren't baptizedin water by immersion,

you weren't sanctified holy.

You weren't filled with the Holy Spirit,

you didn't prophesy, youdidn't move in the gifts.

None of that was there,and it took God 500 years

to restore those.

But we started, and sothe First Reformation

was the birth of thechurch, established it.

Spread it to the ends of the earth.

The Second Reformation was to restore back

to the church all the truths and messages

that the devil stole andthat the dead theologians

made dead works out of it.

Then in 1500 God startedthe Second Reformation.

And so we had the historicProtestant movement in 1500,

we had the anti-baptistevangelical movement in 1600,

the holiness movement in 1700.

Then we had the divinehealing movement 1880,

then we had the Pentecostalmovement in 1900.

And then we had the restorationmovement in 1948, '50's.

And then we had the charismatic renewal

that give everybody a chance to catch up.

The Catholic, they get born again,

and baptized in water,and sanctified holy,

healed, delivered, had hands laid on them,

prophesied to them andmoving against the Spirit

all in a week, and ittook only those 500 years.


But then the faithmovement came in 1970's,

and then in 1980's we hadthe prophetic movement birth

at CI in 1988.

There was an old prophet,64 years old then.

He's young now, I'm 84,and he said, "Bill,"

he said, "In five yearsthere's gonna be a move of God

"take place at your conference

"that's going around the world."

In 1988, four years later,the prophetic movement

was birthed at Christian International.

And then we had theapostolic and the prophets

and apostles had to be restored.

I prophesied that, and thenafter all five-fold ministry

was restored, we could activate the saints

and do what we're supposed to in ministry.

So we had the saints movement in 2007.

Then in 2008 God showed me the third

and final church reformation has begun

as instituted upon the earth,

and now we're in the Third Reformation.

The First Reformationwould establish the church,

bring it into being, takeit to the ends of the earth.

Second is restore it backto be the full church

God intended it to be.

And now in the ThirdReformation all that's gonna

be fulfilled is the end time purposes.

The Third Reformation is, the second was

to raise up the church,restore the church,

because Jesus said, "Iwill build My church."

Not just birth it and sayhang on til Jesus comes again.

But he built the church,and most evangelicals

and Pentecostals have nopurpose for the church,

except to win more to the church

until you can get rapturedup to go to heaven.

But God built the churchto accomplish his work.

When Jesus was here,he was the body of God

to fulfill God's purpose onthe earth through that body.

When Jesus resurrected,went back to heaven,

he sent the Holy Spiritand birthed the church,

and the church is now the body of Christ.

Paul calls it the body of Christ.

And as Jesus, first thebody was the body of God

to fulfill God's will, nowwe're the body of Christ

and we're God's delegated authority

for doing God's will andfulfilling God's purpose.

Now we're in the Third Reformation,

and God's raised up the first move of God

and the Third Reformationis the army of the Lord.

- How would you tell apastor watching right now to,

how would you instruct himto activate corporate warfare

in his church?

- Well, in my book I giveall of the ways to do it.

This is my 65th year of ministry,

and I've done propheticand apostolic in warfare

most of my life.

Like, in 1992 God spoke to me to go

to the Pacific Rim nations and do warfare

to stop the devil'splans for World War III.

I did that about every other year.

I started out with Korea,Japan and Philippines

and Indonesia and Malaysia.

Singapore's where we didthe most, but we also went

to Australia and NewZealand and California.

I had to find out where thePacific Rim nations were

and did warfare on all of those.

And God says thesethree nations are trying

to come together to forma trilateral agreement

like Germany, Italy and Japan did

to take over the world, east/west war.

So I did that warfare,in Singapore we did it.

I got a hundred ministers on the platform

and I taught them aboutthe shout of faith.

It's the greatest weapon of warfare,

because when you let God arise,

when Moses was in the wilderness,

if God started moving,the fire started moving,

he would start off bysaying, "Let God arise,"

and his enemies would scatter.

Now I tell people, whenyou do the shout of faith

in the name of Jesus, by thepower of the Holy Spirit,

when you shout, you letthe Christ in you arise.

And when he rises, I said,his power goes forth.

And I bring out that one couldput a thousand to flight,

two could put 10,000, Deuteronomy 32:30.

So that means if I shout,I produce 1,000 volts

of Holy Ghost light poweragainst the powers of darkness.

You join me, we do 10,000.

One more joins, we do 100,000.

A fourth joins, we do a million.

And then a billion, atrillion, quadrillion.

Every fourth again is another -illion.

But sextillion is 1801 plus 18 zeroes,

but a hundred produce one plus 300 zeroes.

I tell people, when weshout, a hundred, 200,

when I was in Bogota, Colombiawith Ricardo Rodriguez,

I had 20,000 people there, we shouted,

and I told them let'sgo expose a drug lord,

and the demonic forceshad been hiding him.

I said, "We're gonnablast their forces away,

"and the police are gonna get him."

Two days later it came out in the paper

they captured him, he's in jail today.

We have the power, we areGod's delegated authority

to execute his purposes on earth.

So just as Jesus' body wasthe body that would execute

God's purposes on the earthfor that period of time,

so we are the delegatedauthority, body of Christ,

and we've been givenall power, all authority

over all the power of the enemy.

And now as the churchgoes, so the nation goes.

I've been telling themfor the last 10 years,

with all the problemsthat the United States has

been going through, that the church

is the determining factor.

You have to win thewar in the spirit realm

before you can really see itmanifest in the natural realm.

And the police and thegovernment has to fight it,

but we fight it in the spirit realm,

and we do have weapons of war.

The challenge to preachersis, the Bible says

we have weapons of war forpulling down strongholds

and for tearing downprincipalities and powers,

and it's not against flesh and blood,

but against the armies of demon spirits,

spirit works of darkness and all of that.

But they don't know how to use them.

The saints don't know how to use them.

But we've entered thewar, we're at Jericho.

The church is not anywhereback here, they're in Jericho.

We've crossed overJordan, we're at Jericho,

we're in the militarybattle, and if you're tired

of fighting, might as well goget your little sweet church

and get you a lollipop,hang on til Jesus comes,

hope you make it.

Best defense is a good offense.

And we're on the offensenow to make the kingdom

of this world the kingdom of our Lord.

- Amen, well, Bill Hamon's book is called

God's Weapons of War,it'll make you shout.

It's available where books are sold.

And also check out oursocial exclusive interview

with Bill on our Facebook page.

Just go to Club.

Bill, thank you.- God bless you.

- God bless you.



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