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The 700 Club - January 4, 2019

Unleash your “Weapons of War,” as author Bill Hamon reveals how to wage spiritual warfare against the enemy. Plus, CBN News delivers a refugee’s story of empowerment that even the Queen of Sweden wants to hear about. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The following program

is sponsored by CBN.

- [Gordon] Coming up, arefugee's story of empowerment.

- It's about us.

- [Gordon] And even the Queen of Sweden

wants to hear about her journey.

- God loved me and he was in my life

from the beginning.

- [Gordon] Plus, unleashyour weapons of war.

Bill Hamon reveals howto wage spiritual warfare

against the Enemy.

And one woman's greatest birthday present.

- It was 100% clear.

- [Gordon] Completedeliverance from years of pain.

- I know that God cares about all of us.

- On today's 700 Club.

(inspirational music)

Welcome to the 700 Club.

President Trump is meetingwith Congressional leaders

from both parties again today

but it doesn't look likethere's any resolution in sight

to the battle over funding forthe President's border wall.

- The meeting comes afterthe President brought out

border patrol agents to helpmake his case for a wall.

Jennifer Wishon brings usthe story from Washington.

It's day 14 of the partialgovernment shutdown.

While talks remain open,both sides are dug deep

into their respective trenches.

(clicking cameras)

In a surprise appearanceto the White House

Press Briefing room.

- Happy New Year to everybody.

- [Jennifer] PresidentTrump brought firsthand

witnesses to back up his case.

Border patrol agents willing to suffer

through a shutdown togain a physical barrier

at the border.

- I promise you that if youinterview border patrol agents

they will tell you that walls work.

I worked in Naco, Arizona for 10 years.

We didn't have physical barriers in Naco

and illegal immigration and drug smuggling

was absolutely out of control.

- You all gotta askyourself this question.

If I come to your home,do you want me to knock

on the front door, ordo you want me to climb

through that window?

- [Jennifer] The Presidentfollowed up by tweeting

this dramatic video thatincludes a past message

from Senate MinorityLeader, Chuck Schumer.

- Illegal immigration iswrong, plain and simple.

- [Jennifer] The shutdown is only because

of the 2020 Presidential election.

For them strictly politics,the President tweeted,

feeling emboldened by his base.

- I have never had so much support

as I have in the last week

over my stance for border security,

for border control and forfrankly, the wall or the barrier.

- [Jennifer] Across town,Nancy Pelosi reclaimed

the Speaker's gavel for thefirst time in eight years.


Her new House majority passed legislation

to reopen most of the government

and buy more time to negotiate funding

with the White Housefor Homeland Security.

But for now, Democrats aren'tbudging on the President's

demands for wall funding.

- [Reporter] The President- The fact is

a wall is an immorality.- [Reporter] to cut a deal.

- It's not who we are as a nation.

- [Jennifer] The Houselegislation is nearly

identical to what the Senatepassed before Christmas

but Senate Majority Leader,Mitch McConnell says

that's now, out the window,

because it won't pay for the wall.

- The Senate will not take up any proposal

that does not have areal chance of passing

this Chamber and gettinga Presidential signature.

- As the standoff continues,on day one of the new Congress,

two veteran House Democratsintroduced Articles

of Impeachment against President Trump.

While new Muslim CongresswomanRashida Tlaib of Michigan,

the first PalestinianAmerican woman in Congress

cursed the President inher call for impeachment.

And in an interview withNBC News, Speaker Pelosi

says, she won't rule out thepossibility of impeachment

or indictment, but says she's waiting for

Special Counsel RobertMueller's final report.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Welcome to a New Year in Washington.

And the division seems to be even wider.

And the radicalizationseems to be even stronger.

But there is a new player.

Back in the Speaker's chair,and here's what her daughter

had to say.

This is a quote fromNancy Pelosi's daughter.

She can cut off your head and you won't

even know you're bleeding.

So, we're in for a wholenew two-year run here,

until the 2020 elections.

Will the governmentstay shut down for that

period of time?

I don't know but I don't see any solution

in any kind of near term.

Now, more than ever, we needto pray for our government.

And pray that the divisionsthat are so obvious

somehow get healed.

I don't see any solution otherthan an absolute miracle.

Well in other news, the economywas very strong in 2018.

The jobs report out todaywas absolutely fantastic.

But there's another reportthat says the outlook

may not be as good for the coming year.

John Jessup has that story from

our CBN News Bureau in Washington.



- That's right Gordon, another sign

of an economic slowdown as a key index

for American manufacturers and factories

grew at the slowest rate in two years.

The drop in the index isstill another indication

that slower growth in China and Europe

is also hurting the US economy.

The weaker economy in Chinais sending other signals

like fewer iPhone sales.

The Stock Market has beenfalling in recent weeks

with investors anticipating aslowdown in the months ahead,

even though for now,the economy seems strong

with unemployment still very low.

Well, a new president tookpower in Brazil this week

and he's promising to do whatever it takes

to put a dent in the country's years long

out-of-control crime.

Chuck Holton visitedRio de Janeiro and went

on patrol with an elite team of Brazilian

Special Operations Policewho are leading the move

to take down the drug gangs.


- [Chuck] Rival drug gangsbattling for territory

across Brazil have driven its murder rate

to more than 60,000 per year.

In the poorest communities called favelas,

a young man there is morelikely to die by gunfire

than a soldier in an active war zone.

This young mother of two askedthat we not reveal her name.

- [Translator] Our mainproblem is all the violence.

Sometimes I can't eventake my kids to school

or even my baby to thehospital if he's sick.

When we're at the house andthe shooting starts outside,

I'm already teachingmy children to lie down

on the floor and not move.

Stray bullets are very common here.

- [Chuck] Fed up with the violence,

in October, 2018, theBrazilian people elected

a new president, JairBolsonaro, a former Army Captain

who promised to take atough stance on crime.

Bolsonaro is committed tostepping up enforcement

in the worst neighborhoods,even sending troops

into the favelas to take on the gangs.

One of the most elite andwell-armed police units

is known as Bope.

- [Translator] Themission of Bope is to act

in situations where thelocal police cannot.

For example, hostage situations,combating drug dealers

and protecting the population

through specialized operations.

Despite being a militaryforce, we are actually

part of the police and we use

specialized equipment and weapons.

- This favela thatthey're training in today

is one that they'vealready cleared so we know

that it's safe.

But you can see the tactical way that they

learn to move and that's because

you don't really know whothe bad guys are until

they're shooting at you.

And as you can see, thereare women and children

in here and they have to goright by all these civilians.

And the level of training that it takes

to keep from shooting peoplethat don't need to be shot,

is really high.

- [Translator] Our firstpriority is to always

protect the lives of the citizens,

we must be very aggressivehowever, because the

shear amount of violence inthe areas where we operate.

Victory for us is goinginto battle against these

gangs who often bring superior numbers

and winning without losing any of our men.

- [Chuck] But for the peopleliving in these favelas

victory might simply looklike making it home safely

one more day.

From Rio de Janeiro, I'mChuck Holton for CBN News.

- Chuck, thank you.

Well, in Israel, politiciansare forming new alliances

in preparation for earlyelections coming up in a few

months in April.

The turmoil could alsoaffect US-Israeli relations

and President Trump's yetto be revealed peace plan.

CBN News Middle East BureauChief, Chris Mitchell,

looks at what to expectfrom the upcoming changes.


- Israel's political system is gearing up

for the April elections.

- So there's lot of musicalchairs in Israeli politics,

lots of parties splinteroff, form new parties.

- [Chris] One shift, EducationMinister, Naftali Bennett

and Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked

are starting a religious secular party

called the New Right.

Another key member, they're not joined

by author and columnist, Caroline Glick.

The biggest surprise came on live TV

when Labor Party leader, Avi Gabbay, ended

his alliance with TzipiLivni's Hatnuah Party

in what some called a divorce.

One goal unites left-wingparties, defeat Netanyahu.

According to Professor Eugene Kontorovich,

that's not likely to happen.

- When you look at thepolls, there's really no way

any left wing coalitioncan form a government.

But I think, very likely,the results of the elections,

when all is said and done,are going to be a continuation

of very much somethinglike the current coalition.

- A wild card could beif Netanyahu is indicted

before the electionson corruption charges.

Legally, he can still run, and if indicted

after the elections, wouldnot be forced to step down.

It's hard to know howthat might affect voting.

According to ProfessorEfraim Inbar, the Israeli

swing to the right is largely due

to the failed peace process.

- After the Oslo peace process failed,

as the Israeli electoratebecame more cautious

and blames basically,the Labor and the Left.

- [Chris] Early electionswill likely further delay

details of President Trump'sIsraeli-Palestinian Peace Plan.

- President Trump'splan is very optimistic.

He's taking a shot but I think the chances

that the Palestinianswill accept this plan

are basically zero.

They've said so already.

So it doesn't mattertoo much what government

there is in Israel whenany Palestinian government

is going to reject it.

- The Palestinians have Hamas.

The only deal they are ready to accept is

the Jews in the Sea.

So they want to destroy the Jewish state.

What kind of deal can we make

when part of the nationalPalestinian movement

has this type of attitude?

- [Chris] Though unnamedsources indicate Trump

prefers a Netanyahu led government,

analysts agree, US-Israel relations

should remain strong in any case.

- Netanyahu was successful having a bumpy

but correct relationshipwith President Obama.

So we will adapt ourselfto whatever government

is arisen in Washington.

- One of the most importantthings about this election

is if 2020 brings withit a different president,

who is likely to have a much more critical

policy towards Israel,much more resembling

that of President Obama,having a government

that is prepared to stand up to that,

to not buckle under the great pressure

that they will undoubtedly be placed in,

will be very important.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Gordon, it's hard tobelieve, but with all the

shifting alliances, it makesthe politics here in the US

look rather tame.

- I don't know how tamepolitics is here in the US

but Israeli politics isremarkably complicated.

And a whole politicalsystem that has multiple

parties and multiplealliances and things just

keep getting reformed and remade.

The good news is thisupcoming April election

will be free of US interference.

The last time the stood for election,

Obama was activelycampaigning against Netanyahu.

He wanted to get a peacedeal done before the end

of his presidency and he thoughtNetanyahu was in the way.

So he was trying to gethim removed from office.

So that's not going to happenbut we'll see what happens.

The prediction is the governmentis going to stay as is.

The Coalition may change,but Netanyahu will stay in

as Prime Minister andwe'll see if that happens.


- Well, up next, meet apastor in Sweden who's led

more than 1,500 Muslims to Christ.

And hear how she wasonce a Muslim herself,

trapped in an abusive marriage.

Her story is coming up.

(thoughtful music)

- The huge numbers ofMuslims immigrating to Sweden

have become a seriousproblem for the nation.

But one of those immigrantsis now the Christian pastor

of two churches and she's led more than

1,500 Muslims to Christ.

Dale Hurd brings us herstory from Stockholm.


- [Dale] No one would havethought a Muslim woman

in Iran simply trying tostay alive in an abusive

marriage would one day leadtwo churches in Sweden,

lead more than a thousandformer Muslims to Christ

and be invited to speakbefore the Queen of Sweden.

As a young woman in a Muslim culture,

Annahita Parsan waspowerless and insignificant.

Her only hope was that she might one day

find a good husband.

And she did.

But he died suddenly in anaccident and she found herself

trapped in a second marriage so violent,

she expected to die.

- I didn't know anything.

It was darkness.

It was a really bad life.

- [Dale] Although shewrites about the abuse

in her book, Stranger NoMore, Parsan doesn't like

to talk about it.

- It's not easy about, speak about that.

- [Dale] You were beaten with a shovel?

- Yes.

- [Dale] As a batteredwife, living with bruises

and cuts all over herbody, Parsan eventually

tried to kill herself with pills.

But she was revived at a hospital.

Annahita's daughter, Roksana remembers,

when her dad threatened to slit her throat

when she was just a small child.

- I remember we had gotten cookies,

my mom baked cookies, we got cookies.

And then we went for another turn,

we wanted more cookies.

Super normal.

And we ran up and we're like,

more cookies, more cookies.

And he came up with a knife

put it to my throat

and he said, ask for cookies again.

She was trying to just survive for us.

Just survive to make a better life for us

and maybe that was somethingGod had implanted in her

so that she would havesomething to hold onto.

- Annahita Parsan's journeyto Christ and across

two continents, is thestuff of Hollywood movies,

and one that would includeseveral brushes with death.

Parsan, her husband andtwo children fled Iran

through the mountains to Turkey, in 1984,

where she and Roksana facedmore brushes with death

before landing in Turkey'snotorious Ahgree Prison.

They would finally make it to Denmark

where she divorced herstill abusive husband

and she heard the gospelfor the first time.

Then she moved to Swedenwhere she and her two children

would walk into a church and announce

that we are Christians from now on.

Annahita entered the ministry in 2012

and has led more than1,500 Muslims to Christ.

She not only leads two churches,but trains other churches

on how to reach and discipleformer Muslims like these

who fill her church each Sunday, hungry

for the God who loved.

Parsan believes this wasforetold in Jeremiah chapter

49, verse 39.

- It is about Elam and Elam is Persia.

When I read that, I know it's about us,

it about our life and it's amazing.

God told Jeremiah, that timeand it's happen just now.

- [Dale] But Muslimimmigration is also made Sweden

a home for dangerousradicals and Parsan told us

she's received death threatsand lives with the knowledge

she could be killed.

- It's a free countrybut it's dangerous too.

- [Dale] Were you sayingthat sometimes you wonder

if it's your last day?

- Sometimes.

- As a young woman,living what's seemed like

a hopeless existence inIran, Annahita Parsan

saw no plan and no purposein her abusive marriage,

only random violence.

But God had a plan, aplan for her to one day

be a leading pastor in Sweden.

- I think God loved meand he was in my life

from the beginning.

He's my everything.

I think it's wow, it's beautiful.

- [Dale] Dale Hurd, CBNNews, in Stockholm, Sweden.

- What a wonderful story,what a wonderful legacy.

But God is always with us, and he

always fulfills his promise.

He watches over his word to perform it.

And what a wonderfulprophecy, to read in Jeremiah

and say this is for me.

Here's something that you may not know,

if you have a quiz, here's the quiz.

What nation has the fastestcrowing Christian population?

And I'm not talking about total numbers,

if you're talking total numbers,then you're talking China.

But in terms of percentageof the population,

how many are coming to become Christians.

The number one nationin the world is Iran.

So revival is happening there.

When you see all thesehorrible headlines coming out,

all their threats against Israel, look up

because their redemption is drawing nigh.

Well, Annahita Parsan's bookis called Stranger No More.

And it's availablewherever books are sold.


- Well, coming up a serious ear infection

threatens to ruin a woman's vacation.


- It was really, really painful.

That was just devastatingto me because that was

our whole trip.

We had planned everythingaround scuba diving and fishing.

- [Terry] See how she'ssupernaturally healed

just in time to make thebest dive of her life.

(suspenseful music)

(inspirational music)

- Well, many of youhave sent us your prayer

requests for 2019 and we'regoing to be praying for them

in just a few minutes.

You may have receivedthis booklet in the mail

called God's Promises for the Days Ahead.

It's filled with inspiringscriptures and we wanted

to encourage you throughoutthis upcoming year.

If you haven't received the booklet,

go to or you cancall us at 1-800-700-7000.

And when you contact us,just tell us how we can

pray for you.

Right now, we want to show you an amazing

answer to prayer.

Susan O'Daniel and herhusband had been planning

their vacation all year long.

They were both looking forwardto scuba diving and fishing.

But the day before theywere supposed to leave,

pain drove Susan to seeher doctor and he quickly

put the brakes on her vacation plans.

- Many, many years ago, in1987, had a really, really

bad car accident and I hadpunctured right ear drum.

That led me to consistentproblems throughout the years.

The pain was a deep pain.

It goes deep inside my headand causes me to be dizzy.

So I lose my balance a lot.

And then every now andthen it will get to be

an infection kind of a situationwhere it's quite painful.

It started to get probablythe worst infection I've had.

Truth be told, I didn'twant my husband to know

how bad it was 'cause therewas a vacation coming.

I would just kind of goalong with, it was fine.

We were leaving for ourvacation the last day of June

and it was the 29th ofJune, that all of a sudden

it came on with fury.

And it was really, really painful.

In fact the doctor, hesaid this is serious

and there's a problemwith your eustachian tube.

I really need you to see an ENT.

And I explained we wereleaving the next day

and I said we'd beenplanning this trip all year.

And scuba diving is our thingand we really want to go.

And he said, no, I do notrecommend you scuba dive

'cause it can cause permanent damage.

And that was just devastating to me

because that was our whole trip.

We'd planned everything aroundscuba diving and fishing.

And it was my birthday too.

It was our huge vacation thatwe planned all year long.

It was the only time we had to get away.

And so I go there, we didgo fishing on my birthday

and had a wonderful time, but

I was in so much pain that day,

but I knew that as soon as I got home

I was gonna have to tell him

I need to cancel the trip tomorrow.

I can't do it.

So, we got home that day from fishing

and we sat down on the couchand the 700 Club came on.

And at the end of the show,Gordon was on that day

and he was going to pray for people.

- Now Terry and I are going to pray.

I want you to pray with us.

If you have a need.

- So I took my husband's hand

and we held hands and I held my other hand

over my ear.

And I thought oh, please God,

I just want to go diving.

And as silly as thatsounds, in the big picture,

it's an earache on my birthday.

But to me, I know thatGod cares about all of us.

And so I held hands and Iheld my hand over my ear.

And Gordon immediately said,

- Now, someone else withproblems with the eustachian tube

in your right ear, a blockage,

it's affected your hearing,it's affected everything,

balance, everything.

God's just cleansing all of that out.

He's opening it up now.

In Jesus' name, be healed.

Be made whole.

- My pain was probably 75% gone.

I said, well I think, maybeI'll be able to dive tomorrow.

Well, I went to bed that night.

And I woke up in the morningand it was 100% clear.

I felt perfect.

And I have not had an issue since then.

We went ahead and went on the trip.

We had a dive master go downwith us to show us around.

And we had two of the best, best dives

we've had in our wholetime diving together.

There is a Bible verse that says,

God is good to all, his mercy is over all

that he has created.

And that includes even the little things

as well as the big miracles.

- You know sometimes, wefeel like we can't ask God

for things that seem littleto us because he's busy

running the universe.

But he already knows your needeven as he knew Susan's need.

And God is so faithful.

He's so generous, so kindand so merciful in every way.

And so today, we want to read

some requests that have come in.

Right where you're at,even if you haven't sent

your request in, we wantto pray for you today.

So, pray with us as we moveforward with all of this.

Gordon, here's someoneasking for God's protection

and strength for allChristians in the Middle East

who are experiencing persecution.

Someone saying, praythat my husband be saved

and delivered from alcoholism.

Another request that my18 month old granddaughter

be healed from complicationsfrom spina bifida.

And then healing fromcongestive heart failure.

What do you have there?

- I've got total healingfor me and my daughter

after knee surgeries on January 2.

And then healing from 20 yearsof debilitating migraines.

God wants to heal.

Just get that set, God wants to heal.

What is he waiting for,what is he looking for?

Well, he's always looking for faith.

The eyes of the Lord go toand fro over the whole earth

to show himself strong for who?

For those whose hearts are loyal to him.

Now, no matter how small the problem is,

no matter how big the problemis, God is the answer.

And don't be afraid of comingto him with your requests.

He wants to be your loving Father.

He wants to supply your every need.

He wants to be your all in all.

All he's looking for isfor you to say yes, Daddy.

I need this, I need your help.

I need it now, I can't do this on my own.

You can do it, would you help me?

And when you have that faith,just like a little child,

to say I know Daddy wants to help,

I know he want's to be with me,

I know he loves me.

When you have that faith, wellthat's what he responds to.

So in an act of faith, doexactly what Susan did.

She laid a hand on that areaof the body that needs healing.

And Terry and I are going to agree.

And here's a wonderful verse.

When two or more agree touching anything,

it shall be done for themby my Father in heaven.

These are the words of Jesus.

And you can count on them,you can depend on them.

So we're gonna do that.

If there's somebody with you,

ask them to hold your hand.

Ask them to lay hands on you too.

Let's agree touching it andlet's see what God will do.

Lord, we just lift theneeds of the audience

to you right now.

And as people in an act of faith,

depending on you, lay theirhands on that area of the

body that needs healing.

We come into agreement with them.

And we say over their bodiesnow, we say it out loud,

be healed and be made whole.

In the name of Jesus.

My body is healed rightnow by the stripes,

by the blood and by thesacrifice of Jesus Christ.

I believe it, I receivein now into my body.

And I am completely wholefrom this day forward.

I declare it now and I receive it now.

In Jesus' name.

There's someone, your name is Jerome,

you've got your hand over your left ear.

You've had punctured eardrum and God is healing you

and restoring your hearing,restoring everything about it.

All of that pain just leftyou now, and you're feeling

like a breeze go over your ear.

Right now, in Jesus' name,receive it and be made whole.


- There's someone else, you have a problem

with calluses, specifically on your hands

and your feet.

It's due to work that you didwhen you were much younger.

But it affects yourability to feel strongly

so you walk with instability

and your hands aren't able to do some

of the things they could.

God's healing thatcondition for you right now.

You're just gonna havethat agility and mobility

and sense of touch back again.

- There's someone, you'vegot excess calcium deposits

in your spine and it'sparticularly a problem

in your neck and you've gotyour right hand over the right

side of the back of your neck.

In Jesus' name, be healed.

Calcium levels, be normal now.

In the name of Jesus, movement, come back.

All muscle tension and alltrauma, be relieved now.

Let there be no morepain, no more discomfort

and free movement, nowin the name of Jesus.

- And someone else, you havean issue with your eyes,

almost like a thin film that you can't

see through very clearly.

God is just removing thatright now and your vision's

gonna be restored to normal.

- Lord, we just thank you.

We thank you that you are the healer,

you are the restorer,you are the deliverer.

You set the captive free.

And we just declarefreedom over everyone now,

Freedom from fear, anxiety, depression.

In Jesus' name, behealed and be made whole.

If you have been touched byGod share your good report.

Let us know what Godhas done for you today.

Call us 1-800-700-7000.

And realize we're herefor you and we believe

in prevailing prayer.

That's the prayer that gets an answer.

That's the prayer that doesn't give up.

So if you need prayer, we're here.

It's our honor, ourprivilege to pray for you.

All you have to do is call us.



- Well still ahead, theAustralian who's known as

the hottest Christian children'sentertainer in the world

talks about his favorite cartoon.


- [Shawn] Kids are captivated by things

that are entertaining and that's

what I love about Superbook.

It's visually engaging butalso presents great truth.

- [Terry] See how Shawn W.Smith is using Superbook

to tell the stories of the Bible

to half a million children worldwide.

(hopeful music)

(tense music)

- Welcome back to Washingtonfor this CBN Newsbreak.

Schools and governmentmonuments across the country

are deleting God from their buildings.

The state of Mississippi has other plans.

The state's new licenseplates now display the words,

In God We Trust.

Republican Governor, PhilBryant announced the move

last may in a tweet.

He wrote.

He continued saying,

Bryant told residents toexpect to see the new plates

sometime this year.

Well, Operation Blessingis helping a single mother

of four put food on the table.

Tiffany was working longhours as a hairdresser

and taking as many clients as she could

but it still wasn't enoughto always feed her family.

Then she found OperationBlessing's school lunch program.

Now, not only were herchildren able to get assistance

buying lunch at schoolever day, but during breaks

and over weekends.

Operation Blessing teamshanded out bags of groceries

to bring home.

Tiff says thanks to Operation Blessing

they now always havebreakfast, lunch and dinner.

Well, you can find out moreabout Operation Blessing

by visiting its website at

Gordon and Terry will beback with more of today's

700 Club right after this.

(tense music)

(inspirational music)

- Well, you may not befamiliar with Shawn W. Smith

but half a million kidsworldwide know exactly

who he is.

Shawn specializes in connectingchildren with the Bible

in entertaining ways thatcaptivate their interest.

And recently he's beenusing CBN's Superbook

to help him to just that.


- [Reporter] Shawn W.Smith is an internationally

acclaimed speaker andmusician from Australia

who's been called thehottest Christian children's

entertainer in the world.

- Working with children is wonderful.

They've got joy, they're full of hope

and I can see why Jesussaid, you can't enter

the Kingdom of Heaven unlessyou think like a child,

you've got the heart of a child,

where you're willing to just believe.

- [Reporter] Last year, thisworld renowned entertainer

began including excerptsfrom CBN's Superbook

in his appearances.

- I just love Superbookfor my kids and our family.

And so I want to show youa little clip of Superbook

up on the screen.

- Hi, we're back.

- Kids are captivated bythings that are entertaining

and that's what I love about Superbook.

It's visually engaging butalso presents great truth.

It doesn't just present the Bible story

but it presents the practical application

with Chris and Joy, how tooutwork in my day-to-day life?

And kids learning the heart of generosity

through episodes ofSuperbook, learning courage,

learning to stand up for what's right.

I think that's the power of Superbook.

It readies your kids tobe battle ready for life.

- [Reporter] In fact, Shawngives out free Superbook DVDs

at his appearances.

- I'm not sponsored bySuperbook, I just love it.

Everywhere I go, I will tell people,

if you don't have Superbook,you need to go check it out.

- [Reporter] Shawn saysnow is the time to tell

the world about Jesus.

And he's thankful thatSuperbook is helping

him do just that.

- I definitely believe that children

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We did a couple of bigoutreaches and we went

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I want to thank the partners of Superbook

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Thank you for the people thathave the spirit of excellence.

We appreciate you andwe look forward to being

able to help make Superbookfamous all over this earth.

- That's our goal, tomake Superbook famous,

make Jesus famous all over the world,

make the stories of the Bible available

to children in their own language.

We're up to 43 languages nowand we've got a broadcast map

showing you all the different places

where Superbook is currently being aired.

We've had significant breakthroughs

just in the past two months in Japan.

We're looking forward toseason two broadcasting there.

But you can be a part of this.

You can be a part of sendingthe stories of the Bible

to the children of the world.


By joining the Superbook Club.

How much is that?

Well, it's $25 a monthand you get episodes

and when we release new episodes,you get not just one copy

you get three copies.

Right now, we've gotSuperbook Explorer which has

two episodes in it.

One is Elisha and the Syrians.

The other is Peter and Cornelius.

And not only will you get the episode,

you'll also get all thehistorical background,

the archeology we put into these episodes.

And then the theology,how does this episode

relate to God's plan of salvation?

It's all yours when you join.

So call 1-800-700-7000.

Or you can go to


- Well, up next, a call to arms.

Dr. Bill Hamon showsChristians how to take up

God's weapons of war when we come back.

(inspirational music)

- Well, Bill Hamon has prophesied to more

than 50,000 people, he'sprovided training in prophetic

ministry for more than250,000 and his latest book

is a call to arms for the people of God.

Take a look.

- [Reporter] Bishop BillHamon is the founder

of Christian InternationalMinistry Network

and serves as the bishop to300,000 ministers and churches.

For more than 60 years,he's trained others

in activating the giftsof the Holy Spirit.

In his latest book, God's Weapons of War,

Bishop Hamon identifies the challenges

facing believers todayand shares how we can rise

up together in a fight against the Enemy.

- Please welcome back to the 700 Club,

our dear friend, Bill Hamon.

Bill, it's an honor to have you with us.

- Good to be here man.

You're doing a great job.


- Well, so are you.

You've got a new bookout, God's Weapons of War.

I always take a step back

when prophets are out there

saying we need to get weapons of war

'cause it makes me wonder,okay what's the battle to come.

What are you seeing in the future?

- We've in 2008, thethird reformation began,

2016, God activated thechurch from on the defensive

and neutral to activatedto be on the offensive.

It's now time for the Army of the Lord

to arise and to begin todemonstrate and fulfill

all the end time prophecies.

And I've gone to over 30 nations,

led them in corporate warfare.

This is the first bookout on corporate warfare,

that's where saintsgather together and use

the greatest weapon of warfare that Jesus

has given us, which is the shout of faith.

And when I go into thenations, I teach them first

to first unite on Jesusbeing a mighty man of war.

And that Jesus is a fighter.

And he'll fight for us.

And all of that wasfor when you was in the

land of Canaan mainly, topossess all the kingdoms

and all the nations in the land of Canaan.

They had to make the kingdoms of Israel,

of Canaan, the kingdoms of God.

And just like we're commissionedto make the kingdoms

of this world, the kingdomof our Lord and his Christ.

And in order to do that,he had to go to war.

Now, Israel was in bondage for 400 years,

like we were in a thousand year Dark Age,

but then Moses became the deliverer

and through the blood ofthe Lamb and all that,

they brought us out,

Israel out of Egypt andeach one of their steps

portray the restoration movements of God.

And the church was originally in bondage

during the thousand year Dark Age,

from 500 to 1500.

Well, then God startedthe second reformation,

which was the restoration of the truths

and ministries that werelost during the Dark Age.

And the ones that dead theologians,

dead in the works, all that we enjoy

and the people that youminister to and I minister to

in the church today.

None of that was availableduring the Dark Age.

You weren't, they didn'tteach about born agan,

you weren't baptizedin water by immersion,

you weren't sanctifiedholy, you weren't filled

with the Holy Spirit, you didn't prophecy,

you didn't move in the gifts.

None of that was thereand it took God 500 years

to restore those.

But we started and the first reformation

was the birth the church, establish it,

spread it to the end of the earth.

The second reformation wasto restore back to the church

all the truths and ministriesthat the Devil stole

and the dead theologiansmade dead works out of it.

And so then, in 1500 Godstarted the second reformation.

And so we had the historicProtestant movement, 1500.

We had the Anabaptists,evangelical movement in 1600.

The holiness movement in 1700.

Then we had the divinehealing movement, 1880.

Then we had the Pentecostalmovement in 1900.

And then we had the restorationmovement in 1948, 50s.

And then we had the charismatic renewal,

that gave everybody a chance to catch up.

The Catholic would get born again.

And baptized in water.

And sanctified holy, healed, delivered,

had hands laid on him, prophesied to him,

and moving against theSpirit, all in a week.

And it took the Holy Ghost500 years. (laughing)

But then the faith movement came in 1970s.

And in 1980s we had theprophetic movement birth.

At CI in 1988 is an oldprophet, 64 years old then.

He's young now that I'm 84.

And he said, Bill, howmany said in five years,

there's gonna be a move of God take place

at your conference that'sgoing around the world.

In 1988, four years later,the prophetic movement

was birthed at Christian International.

And then we had theapostolic and the prophets

and apostles had to berestored, I had prophesied that.

And then after all fiveformal ministries restored,

we could activate the saintsand do what we're supposed

to do in ministry.

So we had the saints movement, 2007.

Then in 2008, God showedme the third and final

church reformation hasbegun, as the instituted

upon the earth.

And now we're in the third reformation.

The first reformationwas establish the church,

bring it into being,

Take it to the ends of the earth.

Second's restore it backto be the full church

God intended it to be.

And now in the third reformation,

all that's gonna be fulfilledis end-time purposes.

The third reformation is,

the second was to raise up thechurch, restore the church.

'Cause Jesus said, I will build my church.

Not just birth it and say,hand till Jesus comes again.

But he built the church,and most evangelicals

and Pentecostals have nopurpose for the church

except to win more to thechurch until you can get

raptured out to go to heaven.

But God built the churchto accomplish his work.

When Jesus was here,he was the body of God

to fulfill God's purpose onthe earth, through that body.

Then when Jesus was resurrected,went back to heaven,

he sent the Holy Spiritand birthed the church

and the church is now the body of Christ.

Paul calls it the body of Christ.

And as Jesus, first thebody was the body of God

to fulfill God's will, nowwe're the body of Christ

and we're God's delegatedauthority for doing God's

will and fulfilling God's purpose.

Now we're in the third reformation,

and now the first move ofGod in the third reformation

is the Army of the Lord.

- How would you tell apastor watching right now,

how would you instruct him toactivate corporate warfare?

- In my book, I giveall the ways to do it.

This is my 65th year of ministry.

And I've done propheticand apostolic and warfare

most of my life.

Like in 1992, God spoke tome to go to the Pacific Rim

nations and do warfareto stop the Devil's plans

for World War Three.

I did that about everyother year, I started out

with Korea, Japan, and Philippinesand Indonesia, Malaysia.

And Singapore is where wedid the most but we also

went to Australia and New Zealand.

And California and I had to find out where

all the Pacific Rim nations were.

And did warfare on all of those.

And God said, thesethree nations are trying

to come together to forma tri-lateral agreement

like Germany, Italy and Japandid to take over the world.

A east-west war.

So I did that warfare.

In Singapore we did it.

I got a 100 ministers onthe platform and I taught

them about the shout of faith.

It's the greatest weapon of warfare

'cause when you let God arise,

when Moses, was in thewilderness and the cloud

started moving, the fire started moving,

he would start off bysaying, let God arise

and his enemies scatter.

And I tell people whenyou do the shout of faith,

in the name of Jesus, by thepower of the Holy Spirit,

when you shout, you letthe Christ in you arise

and when he rises, his power goes forth.

And I bring out thatone could put a thousand

to flight, two could put10,000, Deuteronomy 32:30.

But so that means if Ishout, I produce 1,000

volts of Holy Ghostlight power against the

powers of darkness.

You join me, we'll do 10,000.

One more joins, we do 100,000,

a fourth joins, we do a million.

And then a billion, a trillion, quad ever,

every fourth again, is a nother illion.

But six tillion is 18zero one plus 18 zeros.

But a 100 produce 1 plus 300 zeroes.

I tell people and we shouta hundred, two hundred.

When I was in Bogota, Columbia,with Ricardo Rodriguez,

had 20,000 people there.

We shouted and to the and I told them

we would go expose a drug lord.

And then the demonicforces had been hiding him.

I said we're gonnablast their forces away.

And the police are gonna get him.

Two days later, it came out in the paper,

they captured him, he's in jail today.

We have the power, we areGod's delegated authority

to execute his purposes on earth.

Just as Jesus's body wasa body that would execute

God's purposes on the earthfor that period of time.

So we are the delegatedauthority, body of Christ

and we've been given allpower, all authority over

all the power of the Enemy.

And now as a nation, as thechurch goes, so the nation goes.

I've been telling them the last 10 years

with all the problemsthat the United States

been going through, the churchis the determining factor.

You have to win thewar in the spirit realm

before you can really see it manifest

in the natural realm.

And the police and thegovernment has to fight it

but we fight it in thespirit realm and we do have

weapons of war.

The challenge to preachersis, the Bible says,

we have weapons of war forpulling down strongholds

and for tearing downprincipalities and powers

and it's not against fleshand blood but against

these armies of demon spirits,spirit works of darkness

and all that and but theydon't know how to use it.

The saints don't know how to use them.

But we've entered thewar, we're at Jericho.

The church is not anywhere back here.

They're in Jericho.

We've crossed overJordan, we're at Jericho,

we're in the militarybattle and if you get tired

of fighting might as well goget you little sweet church

and get your lollipop,hand till Jesus comes,

hope you make it.


A best defense is a good offense.

And we're on the offense now

to make the kingdom of thisworld the kingdom of our Lord.

- Amen.

Well, Bill Hamon's book, it'scalled God's Weapons of War

and it'll make you shout.

It's available where books are sold.

And also check out oursocial exclusive interview

with Bill on our Facebook page.

Just go to

Bill, thank you.

- God bless you, man.

- God bless you.

We'll be back to answer a couple questions

right after this.

(thoughtful music)

(majestic music)

- Well, we always get interestingemail from all of you.

Here's one we'd like to share today.

This is Susan, Gordon, who says,


- Susan, the confusion shouldn't be there.

It's what's the source?

What's the source of the word?

Psychics are sayingthat they're consulting

with the dead.

Psychics say they'reconsulting with the spirits.

Well, the Bible's real clear on that,

that those are demonicvoices and they're designed

to destroy you.

That's what demons come to do.

They want to kill and steal and destroy.

So don't listen to that.

Don't go to the Tarot cardreader, don't go to the

astrologer, don't go to the psychic.

It's real clear.

Now, on the Christian side,on Christian prophets,

you got to look at motivation.

If they're prophets likeBalaam and they're motivated by

money or they're trying toget some kind of prestige,

there are plenty offalse prophets in Israel.

Just read the Book ofJeremiah and you see them.

So what do you do whenyou get a prophetic word?

Well, the first thing you dois you look for confirmation.

And God always wants toconfirm it so he'll give you

two or three witnesses to back it up.

That's the test andthat's what you look for.

It's not a sin to question it

and when you get words,even when you get a word

from angels, it's okay to say,well here's my fleece Lord,

I want to make sure this is from you.

And he honors that.

He always backs up his word to perform it

and he'll stand the test.

Well, we leave you thesewords from Corinthians.

For all of us here, God bless you.

We'll see you again next week.

(inspirational music)


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