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This Means (Spiritual) War!

Author Bill Hamon says it’s time for believers to engage in spiritual warfare against the works of the enemy. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] Bishop BillHamon is the founder of the

Christian International Ministry Network,

and serves as the bishop to3,000 ministers and churches.

For more than 60 years,he's trained others

in activating the giftsof the Holy Spirit.

In his latest book, God's Weapons of War,

Bishop Hamon identifies the challenges

facing believers today, and shares how we

can rise up together in afight against the enemy.

- Well, welcome back to the show.

My dear friend, Bishop Bill Hamon,

and it's an honor to have you with us.

- Good to be here, man.

- All right, you've got a new book out,

God's Weapons of War, and then a subtitle,

Arming the Church to Destroythe Kingdom of Darkness.

What would you say to Christians

who have trouble withwarfare words or army words.

What would you tell them?

- Well, they don't reallyunderstand all the scriptures,

and God's purpose.

See most Christians, evenEvangelicals and Pentecostals,

in their eschatology and theology,

they see no purpose for the church

except to win other people to the church

so they can all go to heavenand be on eternal vacation.

But the God that raisedup the church, he said

"I will build my churchand the gates of hell

will not prevail againstit once it's built".

But he started, he birthed the church

on the day of Pentecost,and brought in the world,

and they started taking itto the ends of the earth,

and that was the first reformation.

And then the church, likePeter and Paul, and Jesus

all said it started declining because men

came in with politicalpurposes and agendas,

and the church began to decline.

In 500 AD it started going into what

historically and culturallyand spiritually, the Dark Age.

And we had 1,000 year Dark Age where every

New Testament truth was either deadened

into a religious dead works,

or they did away with itin the future or the past.

So by 1500, the churchhad been 1,000 years

like the children of Israel in Egypt, were

400 years in slavery they were there,

but God didn't come forthat fallen away church.

He started the reformation of the church

and for 500 years, from

1517 to 2017 we had the fullrestoration of the church.

And every truth in ministrythat was in the new testament

is now active in the new testament church.

It's not in the Baptist orMethodist or Pentacostal

but those that's walkingin present restored truth

every gifts of ministriesthat I can find in the

new testament are now active and alive.

And God spent 500 yearsrestoring the church

and rebuilding the churchuntil it's built now

and now that once it'sbuilt, it's ready for the

third reformation whichas far as the purpose of

raising up the church as amighty army, as a militant

aggressive force to go againstthe powers of darkness,

begin to tear down strongholds,pull down strongholds

and take the light ofGod, blast the darkness

until every nation isa sheep or goat nation.

Matthew 25:31 its says thefirst thing Jesus gonna do

when he comes back, he's gonnasit on a throne of his glory

and separate the goat nationsfrom the sheep nations.

And the sheep nations he'sgonna put on his right and say

"enter into the kingdom" andto the goat nations, he says

they gonna cast into the lake of fire.

So every nation has to becomea goat or a sheep nation

before Jesus returns becausehe's not coming back to

make them a goat or sheep nation.

He's coming back to separatethem and designate them

tell them why they're goingto the lake of fire and

why they're gonna make it to heaven.

- For Christians watchingright now wondering

"what's my role in God's army",what would you say to them?

What are the roles in God's army?

- You need to find yourdestination and destiny,

there's pioneers and there's maintainers.

Most preachers are justmaintaining the truths

that restored theBaptists or the Methodists

and the Pentecostal andCharismatic, they're maintaining.

But there has to be apioneer to restore truth

and a purpose.

I'm a pioneer, I'd never be happy (laughs)

- You blaze the trailwhere there wasn't a trail.

- I'm a trail blazer.

But every saint needs toknow they're a soldier.

The army of the Lord has beenactivated to be an aggressive.

In my last chapter there I talk about

everybody's in the army buteverybody is not front line.

Because I always try to makeeverybody a front line soldier,

but I can't make everybodya general like me.

So I said, when Pearl Harbor came and

the United States was justthrown into the war, I mean

everybody started makingairplanes and tanks

and they were there, soand then for every soldier

that was on the front lineit takes 12 or 13 soldiers

back at the camp to keep them up there.

Somebody's gotta drive thetruck up with the ammunition

somebody's gotta bring foodup, somebody's gotta do this

somebody's gotta keeprecords, but they all knew,

when World War Three started,er Two, we're not at Three


When World War Two started

- World War Two

- Everybody knew they was in the war.

The soldiers were fighting

- [Gordon] The whole nation was mobilized.

- Everybody knew, consciousI'm building airplanes,

I'm building this, even myfather in law was a sheep sheerer

and he was exempt because theyneeded the wool to make coats

but they all knew they wascontributing to the war.

But I tell them this, regardlessof what your assignment is

everybody's gotta gothrough boot camp training

and you gotta be trained in a weapon.

The bible says we have weapons of warfare

but most Christians don'tknow what their weapons are.

There's about 15 books out over the years

on personal warfare butthis is the first book on

corporate warfare, how do we as an army

not just as a soldier, but as a army

and that's what I do here,I teach on first of all that

God's a man of war, yougotta see Jesus as a warrior.

Before Joshua could goin and conquer Canaan,

he had to first get arevelation that Jesus

is the commander in chiefof the army of the Lord.

He had to have an experience there.

He knows it and he said"I'll fight for you"

Fifteen times God fought forIsrael, "I'll fight for you,

I'll fight for you, I'll fight for you"

and people don't see Jesus as a fighter.

But everybody needs toknow they're in the war

and we're contributing toit, whether you're in the

preaching, praying, prophesying army or

whether you're in theprayer intercessory army

or the provision army, the three P's.

But everybody's got a part to play

but when they come together to do battle,

everyone can enter in.

We can all do the shout of faith

and when I do there is teach them how

our weapons are notnatural, they're not normal,

they're not carnal.

If we have a natural war,just take a planes and hit

planes and bullets andguns and go back and forth.

But we're mortals on planetearth in a natural realm

and we're trying to fightbeings in a spirit realm

that we can't see so that'sa dilemma, how do we do it?

Well the only way I'vefound you can do it is

prophetic acts of faith.

That means, I can give youmany examples in the bible

where they did an actof faith, like Jericho

he said we march around thecity, but then we shout.

And then God says the Lordhimself will stir up a zeal

like a man of war and heshall cry out, he'll shout

and his enemies will be scattered.

We need to learn how toexercise our weapons of war.

We have them, but they don't do any good.

Like gifts of the Spirit,they're also weapons

and I've been teachingon the gifts of Spirit

for year, trained overa half a million people

now around the world inhearing the voice of God

and ministering, butyou have to stir it up.

That's the reason I wrote the book on

speaking in tongues that gives you

the inner power the inner authority.

But then you gotta know how your voice,

the word says shoutwith a voice of triumph.

And when we shout that shout of faith,

it releases the Christ in us.

Like Moses said, when youmove the Arc in the cloud

follow it, but he says shout this

"Let God arise and hisenemies be scattered."

When we allow the Christwithin, I tell people

who is the Christ within, doyou have the Christ within?

Did you know the Christ in you

is the word that created all things?

He said in the beginning was the word,

and the word was withGod, and the word was God,

and the word was madeflesh and dwelt among us.

And I say, the word of God is in you.

And when you shout, everything in creation

came into being by shout,God said or God shouted.

Let there be light,let there be a universe

let there be a Milky Way galaxy.

Everything, God spoke.

Everything came intoexistence by our voice.

We have the voice of theLord, Christ is in us.

And when we let God arise and we shout

it's a power of the universe,

it's a power of creation, and it's a power

of all the power of God and it goes up

and it blows demonsaway in every direction.

- Why does that power getmagnified when it's two or more?

- A divine biblical principle.

In Deuteronomy 32:30 saysone can put 1,000 of light,

two can put 10,000 three can put 100,000

four can put a million and seven a billion

and 10 a trillion,every fourth goes into--

so if you shout, thenone day the Lord said

convert death from soldierskilling soldiers to

saints producing HolyGhost light voltage power.

Holy Ghost light voltage power.

So, you can produce1,000 I can produce 1,000

but when we add, we don't have 2,000.

When you speak, and it set out 1,000

but then I join you and it makes 10,000.

Somebody else joins us that makes 100,000

and the fourth one joinus, it's a million.

So 100 shouting, produces one,

plus 300 zeros.

When I take 100 peopleand shout, we're producing

more power than it takesto light this whole city.

Maybe the whole northwest,northeast we're in.

We have the power of the creator.

Saints don't realize what they have.

We're not exercising what we have.

Jesus said "I give you power

over all the power of the enemy".

Nothing shall be impossible to do.

With God, we're doing it with God,

all things are possible.

- Amen! Well if youwant to learn more about

spiritual warfare, pick up a copy of

Dr. Hamon's book God's Weapon of War.

It's available wherever books are sold.

Bill thank you, God bless you.


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