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Christian World News - January 4, 2019

Christian World News - January 4, 2019 Read Transcript

- This week on Christian World News,

the search for Mt. Sinai, one man's quest

to track the journey of the Jews

as they made their exodus from Egypt.

Plus, he rescues those indanger and serves those in need.

Meet the hero who does it all out of love.

And anger in America's capital.

The nation's leadersdivided by party lines.

See how prayer crosses thedivide and brings them together.

(dramatic music)

And welcome to ChristianWorld News, everyone.

I'm Wendy Griffith andhappy new year to you.

Well the book of Exodus tells the story

of the Hebrews' flight from Egypt,

how God delivered them from Pharaoh's army

at the Red Sea crossingand led them to Mt. Sinai,

where he gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

Biblical scholars have argued for years

about the location of these holy sites.

Now, one man says hemight have found them.

Take a look.

- [Ryan] For generations,we have been taught

that we had to believethe story of the exodus

on faith alone.

We were told that Mt. Sinai,

where Moses received the Ten Commandments,

was located in Egypt, butthere is no real evidence

to make it believable.

The Bible says over 70 times

that the Israelites went out of Egypt

into the mostly or entirelymodern day Saudi Arabia.

These sites were being keptsecret by the Saudi regime

that hid them from the worldusing fences and police

and the threat of force.

Using contacts we cannot disclose

and methods we cannot disclose,

we got to the forbidden sites.

We were frequently approached by Saudis

eager to talk to Americansfor the first time.

One of the first thingsthey'd say with excitement is:

Did you know Moses was here?

Let me show you wherehe and his people were.

(dramatic music)

Is it true that thereis very little evidence

that the exodus story happened?

Or have we actually just beenlooking in the wrong spot?

- Wow.

Ryan Mauro made the documentary,

The Mountain of Moses:Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia,

and joins us now.

Ryan, what led you to go to Saudi Arabia

in search of these sites?

It must have been a little dangerous.

- Right, so the Saudis do block off

these archaeological sites

that we believe are linkedto Moses and the exodus,

which prevented really highquality video and photos

from coming out to the outside world.

So this theory that Mt.Sinai is in Saudi Arabia

didn't really get thetreatment that it deserved.

And really, the reason that I went

is because, shortly afterI became a Christian,

I was aware that there isthis academic consensus

that the exodus story didn't happen

because, at the traditional Mt. Sinai,

the area has been combedat the spot in Egypt

and they've found very little evidence.

But there's this alternative theory

that has a growingamount of support for it

that we've actually just beenlooking in the wrong spot

and the evidence is just stunning.

- Ryan, you believe that you found

the actual Mt. Sinai, right?

- I don't want to say that I found it

because I was following inthe footsteps of others.

There were small numbers of Americans

who had tried to go to this real Mt. Sinai

and had been arrested andtheir evidence confiscated,

but I am one of a very small number

of Americans and outsiders toget access to these places.

And when you follow theBible very literally,

the directions that are containedwithin the book of Exodus,

using this new theory,you run into evidence

of almost everything that is described

from the Red Sea crossingto the journey to Mt. Sinai

and it's just, it's a bit ofa miracle that I got to go

and I can't believe that I even got to go.

(Wendy laughs)

- And you can't tell us allthe details, but we'll be okay.

All right, so you also talk about,

as you mentioned just now,finding the likely place

that the Jewish peoplecrossed the Red Sea.

What did it look like?

What did the locals say?

- Well, there were someSaudi locals that were aware

that that is where theRed Sea crossing happened.

You can see over on the Egyptianside of the Gulf of Aqaba

where the valley that theywould have traveled through

is very narrow and lead to abig beach called Nuweibaa Beach

that could have fitmillions of Israelites.

And just like accountsoutside the Bible say

and the Bible itself says,they would've been shut in

by the mountains withonly one path behind them,

blocked off by Pharaoh's army,

and the Red Sea in front of them.

And right at this location,

there is an underwater land pass.

So if the water were actually parted,

they would have to have somewhere to walk

and there is a place for them to walk

over into Saudi Arabiajust like the story says

and it's at an angle that iswalkable, it's not too steep,

and so, logistically, it makes sense.

- So you said, we saw in the video there,

the locals actually will come up and say,

look, did you know Moses was here

and they actually know this there, right?

- They are so proud of it.

It's very common that, if you're just out

at a supermarket or just out in the desert

and a Saudi sees you, one ofthe first things they'll say is

hey, did you know thatMoses and the Yahud,

the Jews were here?

That's what we've known for generations

and I'd like to show you where it is.

So Saudis are very proud innorthwestern Saudi Arabia

of this tradition that they live

where Moses and the Israelites walked.

- And you talked aboutthe underwater evidence

of the Red Sea, that there actually is

this little land bridge thereunder the water right now.

- Right, so try to thinkof all of this as a cynic.

What would be necessaryfor this miraculous story

to actually take place?

And you would need a land bridge

because you just part thewaters and then there's no land.

Where are you going to go?

And furthermore, if thereis land and it's too steep,

well, then people can't walk across it.

So it's really amazing that,just right at that location

where, as Christians, webelieve God led them to,

God would've been awarethat there is a land bridge

under the water, and soif the waters are parted,

they could escape into Saudi Arabia

and then Pharaoh's army would be destroyed

once the waters came back over it.

But then, even from there,there are multiple places

that the book of Exodus talksabout the Israelites going to

such as Elim, where thereare 12 wells and 70 palms.

Today, if you follow those instructions

in the book of Exodus fromthe Red Sea crossing point,

you will come into a match for Elim

that, to this day, has 12 wells.

- Real quick, Ryan.

Where can people see your documentary?

- They can go to YouTube and type in

Finding the Mountain of Moses.

And I encourage everyoneto show it at their church

and let us know how many people saw it

and what the feedback was.

- Absolutely fascinating.


Thank you so much, Ryan.

Great to have you on ourfirst show of the new year.

Happy new year to you.

- Happy new year.

- Well, coming up, meetthe former Army Ranger

turned missionary who useshis Special Forces training

to save lives and rescue souls.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changedme forever, and out of it

grew a ministry from my heartcalled Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes,

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- A Florida boy's missionto help the homeless

captured the attention ofevangelist Franklin Graham.

Graham wrote: Dylandin Martinis just eight years old,

but he's making a differencein people's lives.

He said, "God spoke tome through this feeling

"and led me to spread hisword in everything that I do."

Graham said: He Dylandinsaved his money, $250,

from birthdays and Christmas to buy food

and other items for the homeless.

Well Dave Eubank is aformer US Army Ranger

turned missionary.

He uses his Special Forces training

to help some of the mostoppressed people in the world.

Some say he's an American hero,

including a man many admirefor his own military service.

Jennifer Wishon satdown with Oliver North,

who is sharing Eubank'sstory with the world.

- I met Dave several years ago in Iraq,

took an instant like to the guy.

- [Jennifer] Colonel OliverNorth met Dave Eubank

on Sinjar Mountain, the notorious place

where the Yazidi people facedgenocide at the hands of ISIS.

- [Dave] The sound of theguns, always ran to them.

It's what I was made to do.

- [Jennifer] North wasinstantly impressed.

- [Oliver] He's a believer.

He's a man of extraordinary energy.

He's go his entire family out there,

his wife and theree lovely children.

- [Jennifer] This year,North became President

of the National Rifle Association.

In addition to leading the organization,

he's highlightingAmerica's bravest on NRATV,

in the form of OliverNorth's American Heroes.

Eubank is the subjectof his first episode.

- He's the kind of person Ilike to keep company with.

I like keeping company withheroes, and he certainly is one.

- [Jennifer] When Eubank retired

as an Army Special Forces officer,

he felt the call to the missions field.

He founded the Free Burma Rangers,

men and women trained to helppeople facing persecution

and oppression inMyanmar, Sudan, Kurdistan,

and other parts of the world.

Their mission is simple:offer help, hope, and love

in the name of Jesus.

- Of course, in the aftermath of ISIS

and the horrific murdersthat were occurring,

he ended up in probably more gunfights

than most people in the Marine Corps

or the Army Special Forces have been in.

He's been there to help those people

fighting for the right side.

- This is a missionary who takes up arms,

who rides around in armoredvehicles from time to time.

Does that seem odd to you?

- Well, knowing the circumstances,

and I've been embedded outthere 60-some-odd times,

so I know what the circumstances are like,

he would not survivewithout armored vehicles.

I mean, if you look at thewindshield on his vehicle,

it had bullet holes in itbefore he got into the big fight

that we've got coverage of.

- [Jennifer] That big fight happened

as the Iraqi army, backed by US forces,

worked to retake thecity of Mosul from ISIS.

- The biggest hospital inMosul had been seized by ISIS

and they turned it into a multi-story

anti-aircraft position,anti-armor position,

sniper position, and hundredsof ISIS fighters inside it

and they were killing thecivilians who were trying to flee.

And Dave came upon a scenewhere there was a little girl

whose mother was dead,everyone around her is dead,

and Dave saw her andsaid I'm gonna save her.

She'd been out there forseveral days, no water, no food,

and basically clingingto her mother's clothing.

- And I thought there's no wayI'm gonna live through this.

It wasn't fatalistic; itwas just kinda logical.

You're not gonna make it on this one.

But then that kid's still there.

I gotta do something.

And I just felt it's now or never.

- Because Dave is so good at what he does,

he called on his cellphone to a US Army officer

who put him in touch withits Marine artillery battery

and asked for smoke toscreen his movement.

Came up behind an Iraqi tank.

You see Dave running in that.

Dave can run a lot faster than I can.

He's not quite as old, butI watch that scene and say

what an extraordinary act of courage.

- [Jennifer] Eubank saved the young girl

and lived to tell about it.

- [Oliver] If you're not moved by that,

you need a heart transplant.

- [Jennifer] His act ofheroism, caught on camera,

catapulted his work intothe global spotlight.

- [Chris] CBN News joinedEubank on the front lines

and found a man of constant prayer.

- We can't take care of everybody,

but you can take care ofthe person in front of you.

- Yeah, and are these some of the kids

that you try to take care of?- Hello.

Yes, they've been out here three days

and we have food, but it'sthe same thing every day.

It's all we got.

And some water.

So I'm gonna pray real quick.- Yeah,

let's do it.- Lord Jesus,

help these people go to a safe place

and a good place tonight.

In Jesus' name, amen.

- [Jennifer] Eubank tellsNorth he's not afraid

because of the love he hasfor those he's trying to help.

And when you love, he says,fear is no longer a priority.

- Don't be afraid to suffer.

Don't think that being Christians

means you're not gonna suffer.

- [Jennifer] A man who knowsa thing or two about courage,

North says Eubank displaysthe type of bravery

that would earn him a chest full of medals

if he still served in the military.

- And you know, the wordhero has been much abused

in our culture today.

Hero can be somebody whocatches a pass in an end zone

or sets a new Olympic record of some kind

in the jargon of our day.

The classical definition of a hero

is a person who puts themself at risk

for the benefit of someone else.

- [Jennifer] As a rolemodel for Christians,

North says you can't finda better man than Dave.

- He says, for example,

I mean I've seen him say itto others, not just to me,

all I am is an ambassador of Jesus Christ,

and without love, which of course,

the good book is full oflove, and sacrifice...

I mean this is biblical stuff.

And what Dave does is hedoesn't just talk about it;

he does it.

And to me, that's an evenmore important aspect

of his faith because...

Look, I got 17 grandkids.

I can tell them something,but if I show them something,

they'll never forget it.

And that's what Dave has done out there

time and time again.

♪ But deep in my heart I have no fear ♪

♪ But deep in my heart I have no fear ♪

♪ For I know my God is here ♪

♪ For I know my God is here ♪

- [Jennifer] Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

- [Wendy] Up next, thepolitical divide in Washington

keeps getting wider.

See how these Christian lawmakersare uniting over prayer.

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- We had four jobs that didn't go right.

But we didn't waver in our faith.

- That's when God put on my heart

that we needed to do the well.

- [Husband] Within a couple of days,

we got an insurance refund check

that we had no idea was coming.

- And here we are, thisyear is just booming.

- You go out and help other people

and you get rewarded for it.

- [Announcer] Get PatRobertson's latest teaching,

Miraculous Blessings.

- Faith based groups celebrated

when President Trump recently signed

a criminal justice reform law.

Supporters thanked Godduring the Oval Office event.

- I want to give all glory to God

because God is why this andwhy we are standing here

together right now.

When I was in federalprison for three years,

there was no hope, therewas no programming.

There was nothing for anyone.

We didn't have, as a womanwho was incarcerated,

we fought to make surewe had sanitary napkins

and hygiene products to us.

There are sisters likePamela Winn who lost her baby

because she was shackledduring child labor.

And now, this will all end.

- [Man] That's right.

- And my sisters and brotherswho are presently incarcerated

and watching, because theyhave called me all morning,

we have been fighting andwe will continue to fight,

and this is just a first step.

We are looking forward

to continuing to work with you President.

- Thank you.- And to make sure

that our people will have everything

that they need when they come home

so that we can all have an opportunity

to transform our lives.

- The law addresses the nation'sexploding prison population

and includes sentencing reform.

Well Washington DCseems to be more divided

than ever these days, so itmay be surprising to hear

that there is a bipartisangroup of lawmakers

that does get together and gets along,

lifting each other in prayer every week.

Abigail Robertson brings us more.

- In this deeply partisanpolitical climate,

it may come as a surprise to many people

that a group of SenateDemocrat and Republicans

come together each week to pray.

- It is literally themost liberal Democrats

and the most conservative Republicans.

It's not just, you know,the centrist group.

- [Abigail] DemocraticSenator Chris Coons,

who leads the group withRepublican Senator James Lankford,

tells CBN News it's thebest hour of his week.

- We do two things we don't otherwise do.

We listen to each otherand we trust each other.

- [Abigail] The only non-Senator present

is Senate Chaplain Barry Black.

Each week, a different Senator is picked

to share a message to the group.

- 'Cause what you're sharing

is exactly what an opposition research guy

would love to know in yournext campaign, your weakness.

How have you fallen short?

What's been difficultabout your childhood,

about your marriage,about your public service?

These aren't just sort ofeasy, two-dimensional...

These are folks reallysharing of themselves.

- [Abigail] They close eachmeeting holding hands in prayer.

Coons says friendshipsmade in the prayer group

have helped improve his workingrelationships with members.

- Look, it is reallytough to throw a punch,

at least verbally, onthe floor of the Senate

or in an interview when, that morning,

you were holding hands in prayer.

And that's powerful.

That's important.

- From your perspective being here,

do you feel like Washington is as divided

as it feels like on the news?

- Yes.

I'll tell you that, thething that's easy to miss

is that we've got some incredibly smart

and capable and motivated senators

who all came here intendingto make the country better.

Yet we find it awfully hard to compromise.

- [Abigail] One of the trends

hurting relationships on the Hill

is a lack of social interaction

because lawmakers don't live here anymore.

- A generation or two ago,

all senators moved their families here.

And so they knew each other

as parents on the edge ofa soccer or baseball field

as much as they knew each other

as combatants on the Senate floor.

- And when you got up here,

what did you expect asfar as relationships

with members of theother side of the aisle,

and what have they been like?

- Well, Joe Biden, who preceded me,

talked a lot at home abouthis strong relationships.

And you know, when I wasmuch younger and in politics,

he'd talk about my friend, Orrin Hatch,

and my friend, John McCain,and I'd think, oh come on,

you guys are...

Right, you don't shareany core political views.

And as I got here and I got the experience

and I'd have to say theblessing of serving with,

legislating with, travelingwith Senator McCain,

Senator Hatch, and adozen other colleagues,

I gradually came to realizeit really is possible

to be genuine friends.

- [Abigail] Coons saysone of his best friends

and mentors here is someone

with whom he shares no political views,

Republican Senator JohnnyIsakson of Georgia.

- If you're willing to do the work,

if you're willing to travel together,

meet each other's families,spend time listening,

you can build amazing relationships here.

- [Abigail] He admits though,some take a long time to heal,

such as the recentSupreme Court confirmation

of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

- There was a particularly heated exchange

with Senator Graham, who Ireally, I have traveled with,

I have legislated with, I'mfairly close to Senator Graham,

and that was a particularlyhard moment for me.

- [Abigail] A week later,Graham reached out to Coons

with an invitation tomeet with Jared Kushner

and hear the administration's plan

for peace in the Middle East.

He admitted it took afew days of consideration

before finally accepting.

- And I came home and my wife said,

"What are you doing meetingwith Lindsey Graham?"

And I said, "Honey, I'm still mad

"about the Kavanaugh hearings.

"Don't get me wrong, I'mstill upset about that."

But it was a meeting about peace

and, you know, my jobis to figure out a way

to keep working with Senator Graham

on the things that weshare and we care about

and are important to our country.

- [Abigail] Coons hopes, in time,

they can overcome the past and reconcile.

- It is hard.

It is not easy to get over someof the fights we have here.

But that's what I thinkthe people of Delaware

hired me to do, is to stick to principle

on issues of core principle,but work across the aisle

and find ways to respecteach other and work together.

- [Abigail] A strong motivation

for Coons to restore relationships

is his awareness thatthe world is watching.

- And in dozens ofcountries around the world,

they look at the Senate andthey look at the Congress

and they look at the United States

and they demoracy doesn't work.

- [Abigail] Mm-hmm.

- That's bad.

So I remind my colleagues, look folks,

it's not just our kids who are watching.

It's our kids, it's the rest of the world,

and it's history, and we have to show

that this is the best way toresolve conflict peaceably

and that we can reallysolve those problems

that the average Americanwants us to tackle.

- Coons tells me he hopesthe upcoming divided Congress

can force both parties tocompromise on major issues

that Americans are ready to see resolved.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- [Wendy] Thanks, Abigail,and to see more stories

of believers making a difference,

just go to our ChristianWorld News website.

We'll be right back.

(dramatic music)

- [Pat] When you give,

smiles grow bigger.

When you care,

homes are happier.

When you comfort,

the hurt goes away.

When we all come together to love,

miracles happen.

- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spend nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changedme forever, and out of it

grew a ministry from my heartcalled Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes,

they're being educated, andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

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and micro-enterprise projects.

From Israel to Hondurasto Senegal to Puerto Rico,

the ministry's partnershelp suffering families

get back on their feet.

We love Operation Blessing.

Well thanks so much forjoining us this week

on Christian World News.

From all of here, until next week,

goodbye and God bless you.

And happy new year.

We'll see you next time.

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