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The 700 Club - January 7, 2019

After she witnesses the murder of her own father, one woman must find a way to escape from the pain of her past. Plus, find out where businesses are teaming up to change their city. Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Reporter] Today, how thesebusinesses are teaming up.

- Experts in each fieldneed to collaborate together

for one good, common cause.

- [Reporter] And changingtheir city along the way.

- They walk away saying,"Man, I feel filled up."

- [Reporter] Then, she witnessed a murder.

- [Doris] Just as I got there, he fell.

- [Reporter] And thevictim was her own dad.

- And the life I had alwaysknown died right along with him.

- [Reporter] How this womanescaped the pain of her past.

- [Doris] That's just atestament to how great God is.

- [Reporter] On today's 700 Club.

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- Well, welcome to The 700 Club.

President Trump's NationalSecurity Advisor, John Bolton,

is reassuring Israeli leaders

over the U.S. troop pullout from Syria.

He traveled to Jerusalem to talk

to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

and top security officials.

- Bolton says that afterthe troop withdrawal,

the United States willstill protect Israel

and its other allies in the Middle East.

Efrem Graham has that story.

- [Efrem] U.S. National Security Advisor

John Bolton arrived against the backdrop

of President Donald Trump's decision

to pull 2,000 U.S. troops out of Syria.

- Right on your border we have the problem

of the conflict in Syria.

We're gonna be discussingthe President's decision

to withdraw, but to doso, from Northeast Syria,

in a way that makes surethat ISIS is defeated

and is not able to revive itselfand become a threat again.

- [Efrem] The announcementcreated concern in Israel

and fear among the U.S. ally,

the Kurds, who have fought ISIS.

But Bolton said the U.S. wouldtake care of its friends.

- And to make sure thatthe defense of Israel

and our other friends in theregion is absolutely assured,

and to take care of thosewho have fought with us

against ISIS and other terrorist groups.

- [Efrem] Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu thanked

Bolton for PresidentTrump's support for Israel

and offered to show him Israel'snorthern border with Syria

on the Golan Heights.

- The Golan Heights istremendously important

for our security and I think that

when you're there, you'll beable to understand perfectly

why we'll never leave the Golan Heights

and why it's important thatall countries recognize

Israel's sovereigntyover the Golan Heights.

- Israel captured the Golan Plateau

during the last two daysof the 1967 Six-Day War.

Now, Iran is trying to take uppositions along that border.

For now, the U.S. trooppullout from Syria seems

to be on hold, but Israel andthe region are waiting to see

what President Trump's next move will be.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.

- In other news, it's the 17th-day

of the partial government shutdown

and whether this is thedarkness right before the dawn,

or there's still no endin sight, well, we'll see.

John Jessup has that story

from our CBN News Bureau in Washington.


- That's right, Gordon, President Trump

and Congressional Democratsare both holding firm

in their positions withmore negotiations ahead

over the shutdown showdownafter weekend talks

between Vice President Mike Pence

and congressional aidesended in a stalemate.

Amber Strong has the story.

- Lots of talk here in Washington,

but little progress as leaders

from both sides of the aisle dig in

over the battle to fund the government.

- Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

and myself can solve this in20 minutes if they want to.

- [Amber] The President is holding out

for that $5 billion he says is needed

to protect Americansfrom illegal immigrants

at the southern border,including criminal activities

like drug dealing and human trafficking.

- We have an absolute crisis.

- [Amber] He's also signalinga change in language

when it comes to the wall, Tweeting,

"We are now planning a SteelBarrier rather than concrete."

It's something the White Househopes will ease negotiations

with Democrats who they sayvoted for a border in the past.

- At the end of the day, though,

Democrats have said over and over again

that they support border security.

Now it's time to fulfillsome of those statements

that they've made.

- [Amber] With or withoutDemocratic support,

President Trump is toying with the idea

of declaring a national emergency

and having the military build the wall.

- I think the President would be wide open

to a court challenge saying,where's the emergency?

You have to establishthat in order to do this.

- [Amber] Caught in the middle,800,000 federal employees,

including TSA workers.

Some of those employeesare calling in sick,

resulting in long lines at airports.

- Please, everyone, havepatience with the officers

that came to work.

- [Amber] The TSA admitsthe calls have increased,

but nothing extraordinary.

Democrats say they want toopen individual departments now

and continue immigrationdiscussions down the road.

- This gun-at-our-head approach

with closing down thegovernment is the thing

we most oppose.

- And non-government workerscould feel the sting here, too.

With tax season right around the corner,

experts say those federaltax refunds could be delayed.

Amber Strong, CBN News in Washington.

- Thanks, Amber.

Well, investors hope the rally

on Wall Street will keepgoing in the weeks ahead.

Stocks took off Friday

after the Federal Reserve Chairman said

the Fed would be patient withfuture interest rate hikes.

Many investors have blamed the Fed

for the sharp drop in stocksin the last three months

because of its plansto keep raising rates.

White House CorrespondentBen Kennedy sat down

with one of President Trump'sformer economic advisors

to get his perspectiveon the Fed's actions.

- If we were to go intoa recession in 2019,

the villain would be the Fed.

- [Ben] In order to become the hero,

Economist Stephen Moore saysthe Federal Reserve should be

lowering, not raising interest rates.

- The Fed should (laughs)absolutely stop raising rates,

in fact, they shouldstart to cut the rates.

They should reverse the mistake

they made the week before Christmas.

- [Ben] That mistake, as Moore puts it,

is when the Fed raised interest rates

for the fourth time in 2018.

Job growth and what had beena strong economy last year,

encouraged the committee to go

for the quarter-percent increase.

But Moore says investors clearlysaw it as the wrong move,

because of growing concernsof an economic slow down

and weaker profits for businesses.

To top that, they thought the higher rates

could hurt the economy at a time

when it could be getting weaker.

- While the Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell,

was speaking and making the announcement,

the stock market dropped 600 points.

You know, that's sending a signal

that you're doing the wrong thing.

- [Ben] President Trump saidthat the Fed was going loco

by raising rates again,

leading to speculation thatthe President might try

to fire Federal ReserveChair Jerome Powell,

or ask him to resign.

- [Reporter] If the Presidentasked you to resign,

would you do it?

(audience laughing)- No.

- Moore said the Fedhas been raising rates

because it's concerned about inflation.

He said the Fed seems to believe

that a strong economy causes inflation,

which he says is just not true.

But signs that the economy is slowing down

and the steep drop in the stock market

in the last three months,

might make the Fed loosen its grip.

Now, Fed officials have already signaled

they expect two rates hikes this year.

But they also say they'rewatching the latest economic data

and they'll be patientabout raising rates again.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- Thanks, Ben.

Christians in Egypt arecelebrating Christmas today

and part of that celebrationincludes the dedication

of the Middle East's largestchurch for Coptic Christians.

CBN's Chris Mitchell bringsus the story from Cairo.

(solemn chant music)

- At Christmas Mass,

Egypt's Coptic Popeinaugurated the Nativity

of the Christ Cathedral

with the presidentjoining the celebration.

The building is a gift to the Church

from Egypt's President, el-Sisi.

He commissioned the constructionof the Cathedral in 2017,

to be part of the newadministrative capital

outside of Cairo.

And he said he wanted thechurch, the new church,

to be a message of peaceand love to the world.

Joel Rosenberg led a delegation

of Evangelicals here for the dedication.

- I think what we'veseen here is historic.

I really think it's a game changer

that a Sunni-Arab Muslim President

of the world's largest Arabcountry has built a church,

the largest in the Middle East,

and give as a gift tothe Christians of Egypt.

We've never seen anythinglike it in all of history

and I think PresidentSisi is sending a message,

not just to his ownpeople, but to all Muslims,

Muslims and Christians canlive in unity and co-existence.

That's an extraordinary development.

- [Chris] In a Tweet, PresidentTrump praised el-Sisi for,

"Moving his country to amore inclusive future!"

Johnnie Moore agrees.

Seeing him leading a new spiritmovement in the Middle East.

- You know, there's a versein the Bible that says,

"What the enemy meant forevil, God uses for good."

And the horrific terrorism

of the last decade,

at its height in 2014 and 2015 with ISIS,

what it has done is ithas created fertile ground

for a new spirit of toleranceto rise across the region,

and you have leaders whoare facilitating that.

- [Chris] Reverend Andrea Zaki,

president of the Protestant churches here,

says the Egypt portrayed

in the media is not the whole story.

- I think Egypt is moving.

Change is not like a computer, click,

you have a new screen in a second.

Culture, customs, nations, economy,

all of these are taking long time,

but you can feel and seeand touch the changes.

- [Chris] The group alsomet with Pope Tawadros,

the head of the largest Christianchurch in the Middle East

and with Evangelical leaders,they shared the same story.

- And the answer that theygive us, time and time again,

repeatedly is we have challenges,

but the situation is so much better

than it was under Sadat, under Mubarak,

under the Muslim Brotherhood, for sure.

We're encouraged, butwe're gonna keep pressing

for even more change.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell, CBN News,

the new Church of the Nativity, Cairo.

- Thanks, Chris.

Gordon, it is so significantto see President el-Sisi

at this church's dedication.

- Even more significant is theyactually provide the money.

That was done by the EgyptianGovernment as a sign,

they're trying to build a new Cairo

and they want to show that wecan be a model of tolerance.

You go back in recent history,

the model of tolerance back

in the 1950s, the 1960s, was Lebanon,

where Christians and Jewsand Muslims all got along.

They all formed a coalition government,

it became known as theJewel of the Mediterranean.

Then, the Palestinians moved in in 1972

and before long, thecountry's down to civil war

and it's still a war zone today.

That's what happens whenradicals come into the equation.

So, if el-Sisi can say wecan be a nation of tolerance,

we can be a nation of cooperation,

there are examples in recenthistory that show it can work.

We'll see if it does.

Let's all pray that itdoes because if it does,

then it becomes a modelnot just for Egypt,

but also for Iraq and the UAEand several other countries,

how can we all just get along.


- Well, what do a foodpantry, a coffee shop

and a bicycle store have in common?

They're all working togetherto meet the needs of the poor.

- Watching people kindatransform from a place of no hope

and despair to a place where they say,

"You know, I might havea future after all,"

is thrilling to me.

- [Terry] See how collaborationis changing a community

when we come back.

(uplifting music)

- Well, people across one city

in the state of Washingtonare banded together

to help lift some of theirpoorest neighbors out of poverty.

And as Paul Strand reports,

their example could becomea model for the nation.

- My bike recently bustedhere in Vancouver, Washington

and a friend said, "You need to take it

"to Wheel Deals bike shop

"because they're doingsomething decidedly different."

I said, "Just how different can it be?"

Well, they're part ofa movement to reach out

to the down-and-outpeople here in Vancouver

and lift them up.

A big part of that effortis Open House Ministries,

which runs a massive shelter,

as well as a coffee shop, athrift store and the bike shop.

- We have a very, very bad neighborhood.

- [Paul] Mark Roskam isboth Open House's chaplain

and Wheel Deals' manager.

- There's a lot of heroin,

a lot of methamphetamine,a lot of addiction.

And one thing even addictedpeople want is bicycles.

- [Paul] Renee Stevensheads up Open House,

but not when she showed upat the shelter 19 years ago.

- I was addicted to drugs.

I was abused.

I was trying to be divorced.

- [Paul] Stevens realizes aplace like Open House can't do

all it takes to get those in poverty

or addiction up and out permanently.

- Experts in each fieldneed to collaborate together

for one, good, common cause.

- [Paul] In Vancouver, peoplein food, health, housing,

banking, training and educating,or even just volunteering,

are working side-by-side to pull folks

out of poverty and dire need.

Like Matt Edmonds, NewHeights Church, asks this.

- Who are the least,the last and the lost?

And that group of individuals

often find themselves uninsured,

so let's open up a freeclinic for the uninsured.

- [Paul] Edmonds himself isat the Clark County Food Bank,

working with some 40pantries and agencies,

thousands of volunteers,

as well as with many area grocery stores,

which donate about twomillion pounds of food a year.

- We find food without a home

and get it to homes without food.

- [Paul] But the foodbank also teaches people

in those homes how to shopwisely, budget effectively

and cook healthier, less expensive food.

And it's operating apantry in a row of places

all trying to lift upVancouver's down-and-outers.

- The Lighthouse Credit Unionis offering financial services

and banking services to people in poverty.

Right next door is our food pantry,

offering food assistanceto people in poverty.

Right next door is a housing ministry

that's offering housingassistance to people in poverty.

- [Paul] And thiskitchen next to that will

soon be a training schoolfor some of those people

to become chefs and cooks.

Brett Bryant is a banker

who's helping LighthouseCredit Union change the lives

of its low-income customers.

Training them how to budget anduse money and credit wisely.

- You start seeing transformationin people's behaviors.

- [Paul] All these places

and volunteers are workingtogether just to help others.

- These type of collaborations can

and ought to be happening,

not just here in ClarkCounty, but across our nation.

- Well, the thing is, thattakes a lot of sacrificing

and a lot of volunteers.

Maybe you're one of those volunteers?

Edmonds says those he workswith get blessed richly.

- They walk away saying,"Man, I feel filled up."

- Watching people kindatransform from a place

of no hope and despair,to a place where they say,

"You know, I might havea future after all,"

is thrilling to me.

- [Paul] You see thatkind of transformation

in folks like LoriRichardson and her husband,

lifted up by both OpenHouse and Lighthouse.

Lighthouse helped them dig out of poverty

and get into a home, andboth work now at Open House,

helping others all day long.

- It's amazing how youcan just touch the lives

and put hope into somebody

just over a cup of coffee, or a blanket.

- We have non-believingpartners and believing partners,

but even people that are skeptical

about Christianity cannotargue with the results

that God is changing lives here.

- [Paul] Bryant asks,

what you'll leave behind that's permanent?

- It's certainly not the stuff you have,

it's the legacy you leave,it's the impact you leave.

It's the ripple that goes throughthe following generations,

and so this is some ofthe most permanent work

I've ever done.

- When you're helping a street person out,

helping them out of addiction,helping them out of poverty,

you're not just helping that one person,

but their children andtheir grandchildren.

And the ripples go on and on.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reportingfrom Vancouver, Washington.

- What a wonderful storyand all part of God's plan.

He says it pretty clearly in his word

that he has a future for us,

"I know the plans that I have for you,

"to give you a hope and a future."

He doesn't have plans of destruction,

he has plans to giveus a hope and a future

and when we get alongside of that,

well, we're on the side of the angels.


- Well, coming up, herfather was murdered right

in front of her eyes.

- A very troubled family membercame into our family home

and severely injured mymom and shot my father.

My whole world was justturned upside down that day.

- Hear how she found hope aftertragedy when we come back.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

What would cause a person topoison themselves with drugs?

Well, in Doris Walker's case,

it was because she witnessedher father's murder.

Every time she thought about that scene,

she smoked pot to forget.

Soon, that habit turnedinto a full-blown addiction.

- I remember screamin'and I ran over to my dad

and just as I got there, he fell.

And my whole world was justturned upside down that day.

- [Reporter] When DorisWalker was just 12,

her father was murdered in front of her.

- A very troubled family membercame into our family home

and severely injured mymom and shot my father.

And the life I had always known,died right along with him.

I began to live in denial.

No matter how hard I try,

I cannot get this vision out of my mind.

I just had to play it outas though he was out of town

and he'll be back soon.

And I knew he wasn't coming back,

but that was the only way Icould halfway get through it.

- [Reporter] Doris spentyears trying to come

to terms with her father's death.

- My dead was my hero, he actually was.

He taught me so muchabout the word of God.

He taught me aboutmusic, so he would sing,

he sang in the choir.

My dad was a farmer andhe'd come home at night

and he would be so tired,but he was never too tired

to pull us on his knee and talk to us.

- [Reporter] Doris acceptedChrist as a young girl

and sang in her church choir.

But after her father's death,

she began to numb heremotional pain with marijuana.

- Every time I would thinkabout this dreaded scene

where he fell on the ground,I would smoke marijuana.

And I began to smoke it more and more

and then my body began to crave it.

And by the time I was an adult,

I had a full-blown cocaine addiction.

- [Reporter] Doris lefther home and family

in the small town ofWhite House, Tennessee

and began living on thestreets of Nashville.

She did whatever it took tosurvive, including prostitution.

- It didn't start right away.

At first, I would justsit around other women

and they would go out andget money and come back

and I would think, "Well,that must have been easy."

And one time I tried itand I made it through it

and I thought, "That wasn'tas bad as I thought."

And I'd trade myself to get out

of the cold, blistering weather

and I'd trade myself toget out of the hot sun.

- [Reporter] Doris wasarrested numerous times,

but it had no effect on her.

- My life was full of goin' tojail and gettin' out of jail

and sellin' myself as thoughI was some type of a commodity

to support my habit.

And I was actually in myaddiction for over 26 years.

- [Reporter] When Doris would return home

for short periods of time,

her family and friends would pray for her.

- It's almost as if hercountenance had just fallen,

but you could just tell thatthe insides were hurting.

- [Reporter] For a briefperiod, Doris got married,

but she returned to the streets

when the marriage fell apart.

- I had a husband and two children

and for a while I was ableto hold it all together,

and then finally, it just fell apart

because I just couldn't do it anymore.

My addiction progressed.

I left him because he was an alcoholic

and low and behold, that'swhen my life really fell apart.

- [Reporter] The next twodecades were a vicious cycle

of addiction and incarceration.

One day, her mother invitedher back to a reunion

at her old church.

- She said, "Doris, canyou do something for me?"

She said, "We're having ananniversary at our church,

"We need you to come on back home

"and sing some of the songsthat your dad taught me.

"Could you do that for me before I die?"

And one mornin', I could hear my mom,

she was prayin' so fiercely

that you could almost feel thevibrations comin' from her.

And she's singin' and she'sprayin' with all her might.

(signing) "Oh, Lord, won't you help me."

And she's prayin', "God,don't let my daughter go back

"to the street."

So I do what I came to do.

I go to the choir rehearsal,I go to the choir anniversary.

I sing and I praise.

So, I was just on aspiritual high that night

and I thought, "Oh, my God,there's a little kind of high.

"I don't have to sell myself

"and I don't have toinduce drugs on my body,

"it's a temple of God."

- [Reporter] Shortly after that,

Doris ran into her old friend, Regina,

who told her about a placecalled Magdalene House,

which ministers to women caught in the web

of the sex trade and addiction.

- She said, "We got a place foryou and you can come on in."

So, November 9, 2009, I got my life back.

I got to go into the Magdalene program

and it took care of me.

They sent me to the dentist.

They sent me to therapy.

They taught me how tolive life on life terms

without the use of drugs and alcohol.

And I got my relationship back with God.

And I remembered how to pray again.

So I get high on the word ofGod and on the spirit of God,

and it's just like it's breathtakin'.

I breathe it in.

I haven't had a drug or a drink

of liquor in nine whole years

and that's just a testamentto how great God is.

- If people can just see thefaithfulness of the Lord,

just by hearing herstory, it's all worth it

because the Lord is faithful.

What looked like a mess, whatlooked like there is no way

that this is gonna get resolved,

the Lord resolved it and heresolved it in a mighty way,

a mighty way.

- [Reporter] Through Magdalene House

and their sisterorganization, Thistle Farms,

Doris began a new life.

Doris was eventuallyhired by Thistle Farms,

where she now works as anambassador for the organization

and as a sales consultant.

- We have women all across the globe

and I get to stand in front of people

and tell my life story.

And I get to let women know

that are in addiction that God is able,

no matter what you'regoin' through in life.

I don't care if it's yourhealth, if it's cancer,

if it's a mental illness,if it's addiction,

no matter what it is, God is able.

He has brought me out, hehas given me a new life.

He's given me my voice back.

I'm able to tell peoplethat, no matter what,

it's going to be okay.

I'm not sayin' that I'm nevergonna have problems again,

that's okay, because whenyou got God on your side,

when Jesus is standin' therebeckonin' to you sayin',

"Come on home," it's goin' to be okay.

- It's an amazing thing, isn't it,

how the enemy knows exactly when

and how to strike into ourhearts, into our thinking,

into our very lives.

You know, addictiondoesn't usually start out

as an immediate thing.

It's a little bit here,it's a little bit there,

cover my pain when I'm feelingit, help me get through this,

and pretty soon, it owns you.

And the thing that Dorisso clearly points out is

that it doesn't just own your body,

as you're addicted toit, it owns your heart,

'til you get to the placewhere even hearing friends

or family try to communicate with you

what they see happening inyour life, doesn't penetrate,

you just are hardened toit, don't wanna hear it.

And then, after a period of time,

you know your life goesdown so far, so far,

so far that you don't even recognize

who you are yourself anymore.

I think that's where the term comes from,

you need to get sick andtired of being sick and tired.

And that sometimes you needto go all the way down,

all the way down to thefloor before you can look up

and say, "I need help."

You know, today, maybe you are someone

who has found addiction,it might not be drugs,

but it could be pornography,it could be many things,

it could be food, andit's destroying your life

and there's just notany fight left in you.

But one of the things about Doris' story

that's so clear to me is,

what you do have is peoplearound you who are willing

to help you fight that fight

until you get back up on your feet again.

What do we have to do?

We have to be willingto say, yes, to that.

You know where it reallystarts, is to say yes to Jesus.

To say yes to having your heart healed,

to taking that crusty,outer core that's on there

and taking it off, gettingto the deep part of you.

That's scary.

That is scary, but it's where hope begins

and when you're willing to do that,

if you say yes to Jesus,he loves you so much,

he does it so tenderly, buthe does it so completely.

You can have a brand newbeginning, you really can.

It doesn't matter where you've been,

what you've done, who you are.

Today can be the start ofsomething completely new for you.

The question is, are you willing?

You know, you started outsometimes doing the things

that you've done that haveput you in this position

that you're in today wheresomething else controls you

because you didn't want to feel the pain,

you didn't want to deal with the stuff.

Jesus is gonna showyou how you can do that

and have a life thatmatters at the same time.

He's gonna take that junk,he's gonna take that pain

and he's gonna heal it for you.

Will you give him a chance to do that?

It all begins with a yes.

It sounds so simple, andyet I know it's scary.

But today, I'm just saying to you,

you are created for more

than what you have allowed yourself to be,

to do, to feel, to know.

Start fresh today, you get a do-over.

It begins with a yes, sopray with me right now.

Give God the same chance thatyou've given everything else

in your life to fill thatemptiness, to fill that need.

Let's do it together today.

Just pray with me right now, bow your head

and let's talk to theCreator of the universe

who is listening to you.


I have gone far, far away

and I have done things that

I am ashamed to mention before you.

But you know, you knowme, you know my hurt,

you know my sin, so I want todeal with that first today.

I'm coming to you, askingyou to forgive my sin.

I don't deserve it, I know that,

but you are merciful,

you are just and kind

and I'm asking you,Jesus, to forgive my sin

as far as the east is from the west.

And as you say in your word,"To remember it no more,"

I'm asking you for a newbeginning that I don't deserve

but that I need so badly.

Will you be, not justthe savior of my soul,

but the Lord of my life?

I'm giving you everythingthat I am, all that I have.

I'm asking you to take it

and make something of eternalsignificance out of it.

God, will you use the pain,will you use the brokenness,

will you use the poorchoices to make a difference

in someone else's life as well?

Today, heal me.

Heal me, I grab hold of your hand

and I'm asking you to lift me

out of the pit of my own making

and to set my feet onthe rock of Jesus Christ.

Let your word come alive in my heart.

Let my ears hear yourvoice when you speak to me.

Let my eyes see the world differently.

Change me, change me, change me, I pray.

In Jesus' name,


Listen, this is the beginning of a journey

that is going to change you.

It's gonna change your whole life,

the way you think, the way you feel.

It's gonna change yourpurpose and your meaning.

What do you do now that we'vejust prayed that prayer?

It's just the beginning,

but it's the start of something big.

Pat's put together ANew Day packet for you,

this is filled with wonderful information

on how do you grow in therelationship with Jesus Christ,

what do you do now.

The prayer is a wonderful start,

but how do you let thatgrab hold of your life

and move forward?

It's all here for you, it's free,

so is the phone call to get it.

Our number is 1-800-700-7000,

that's 1-800-700-7000.

Just call and say, "I justprayed with that lady on TV

"and I want the New Day packet,"

and we will send it out to you right away.

Call now, people are standingby to take your call.


- Well, coming up,

a woman watching TVonline gets a surprise.

- I started screaming,"This is me, this is me!"

And I jumped out of bed andI'm screaming to my husband,

"This is me, this is me!

"God just healed me, God just healed me!"

- [Gordon] Find out howthis woman was healed

when we come back.(uplifting music)

(dramatic news music)

- Welcome back to Washingtonfor this CBN Newsbreak.

The military and PresidentTrump have confirmed

an American airstrike killedan Al-Qaeda operative accused

of being involved on theattack on the U.S.S. Cole.

That attack killed 17 sailorsnearly two decades ago.

Jamal al-Badawi was wanted for his role

in the October 12, 2000 attack.

The military said hewas killed in a strike

on January 1st in Yemen.

And President Trump Tweeted that,

"Our great military has delivered justice

"for the heroes lost and wounded

"in the cowardly attackon the U.S.S. Cole."

Well, CBN Superbook Clubsand the West African nation

of Benin held a specialChristmas celebration this year.

CBN in French Africa,working with the Church

of the Assemblies of Godin Benin, hosted the event.

More than 500 children and 50 instructors,

including members of everySuperbook program in the country,

came together for the event.

The children shared themeaning of Christmas

with their community by performing dances

and scenes from the Christmas story,

as well as recitingBible verses from memory.

Well, to learn moreabout what CBN is doing

around the world, go

Gordon and Terry will beback right after this.

(dramatic news music)

(uplifting music)

- Cookin' is Bobbi'spassion and her family

and friends all reap the benefits.

But a couple of years ago,

Bobbi lost her sense of smell and taste,

along with the pleasure ofpreparing and enjoying food.

- [Bobbi] I love to cook.

I love to prepare foodfor friends and family.

The frustrating part for mewas that I was preparing it

and I couldn't taste it,but they were all loving it.

- [Reporter] Bobbi Frascabegan to lose her sense

of taste and smell in early 2016.

By March of 2018, bothwere completely gone.

- It was very frustratingto live day in and day out

without being able to taste.

- [Reporter] Bobbi went to an ENT doctor,

but he couldn't find thecause of her problem,

so he put her on a nasal steroid.

It worked, but had severe side effects.

- [Bobbi] But I startedto notice a pattern,

if I took the nasal spray as directed,

by two o'clock in the afternoon,

I was falling asleepat my desk sitting up.

- [Reporter] She stopped using the spray

and her doctor suggested surgeryto open her nasal passages.

Bobbi wasn't comfortable with that,

so she took her problem to God.

- I was praying to the Lord

and I was asking him tojust take this from me.

I was asking the Lord thatif it wasn't his will,

to not let the surgical procedure be done.

- [Reporter] Bobbi is adevoted 700 Club viewer

and tries to watch it every night online.

- One of my favorite segments

on The 700 Club is the Word of Knowledge

and the parts of the showwhen you see these people

that have had these healings.

- [Reporter] On June 1st,

Bobbi would be one of those people.

- Someone else, you have avery odd scenario, like you,

for some reason, you've lostall of your ability to taste,

like your taste buds havejust been turned off.

Well, God's changing that for you,

you're gonna be ableto enjoy eating again.

Just receive that gift todayas that process begins.

- I started screaming,"This is me, this is me!"

And all of a sudden, myleft ear started to ring

and I felt like oxygen wasgoing through my nostrils.

And I jumped out of bed andI'm screaming to my husband,

"This is me, this is me!

"God just healed me, God just healed me!"

And I was excited, I was very excited.

- [Reporter] The next day,Bobbi called everyone she knew

to let them know about her healing.

- I really do want people toknow that God cares about us

whether it's life threatening or not.

He even cares to heal the littlest things

that are just an annoyance.

- [Reporter] Since then, Bobbihas had no further issues

with taste or smell.

She praises God for theflavor he's added to her life.

- I didn't have anything really serious,

but I had something and he cared,

he cared that much toheal me of my taste buds.

- I would consider that veryserious if you lose your taste.

You lose your joy for life,what a horrible thing.

God wants us to have lifeand have it more abundantly.

When you get that straight,

when you understand in yourheart, that's his desire.

That's what Jesus came to do.

You don't have to beg him for it,

you don't have to bargain with him for it.

The bargain's already been made

and it was made on across 2,000 years ago.

For by his stripes

we were healed and we are healed.

All we have to do is enterinto that place of belief

where, for all the outward circumstances,

all the symptoms, all thedoctors' reports are saying,

this isn't gonna happen, youhold on and you have faith.

And you have that faith that Abraham,

that doesn't consider thedeadness of your own body,

but you say, "He who is promised is able."

Now, we're gonna pray for ya.

Before we pray, we'vegot some prayer requests

that have come in and if youwant to be included in that,

all you gotta do is give us a call,

we'd be glad to pray for your request.

Number's on the screen, 1-800-700-7000.

Here's one, healing ofnerve pain from shingles,

"Started back in December2017, I still have the pain."

Here's someone, "I need a$15,000 financial miracle."

And then, "Prayer for God'sprotection and blessing

"for my daughter who's a missionary

"in the Democratic Republic of Congo."

- This is somebody saying,"For my 14-year-old

"to receive a needed kidney transplant.

And then someone saying, "Idesperately need a full-time job

"with medical benefits."

And another person saying,"My family, especially my mom,

"needs comfort and strengthafter the loss of my father."

Some serious requests.

- Let's pray for them now.

Join with us.

If you don't have anyneeds, praise God for that,

but join in prayer for others to say,

"Let's create a greatcircle of prayer for needs."

And if you have a need,lay a hand on that.

If it's a financial miracle you need,

well, break out yourwallet, your pocketbook,

say, "Well, I'm gonna prayfor God to be the provider."

If it's a need for protection,he's your deliverer,

he's your very presenthelp in time of need.

And if it's for healing,just lay a hand on that area

of the body that needs healing.

Terry and I are going to agree,and here's a wonderful word,

when two or more agree, touching anything,

you just saw a tremendousmiracle for Bobbi,

she agreed, that's all you have to do.

You just have to agree, touching it,

and let God do all the rest.

Lord, we lift the needs ofthe body of Christ to you.

We just proclaim right now that we are

your body

and you care for your body, you love us.

You're the head of the body

and we are all individual members.

And when any one of us hurt, you hurt.

We know that you're touchedwith our affliction.

You're touched with oursuffering, that you bore it

and you've borne our pain away.

So we come into agreement now

and we claim that wonderful word,

that when two or moreagree, touching anything,

it shall be done.

So, for those who needa financial miracle,

be the God of all provision for them.

For those that need comfort,be the God of all comfort.

For those that need protection,

for deliverance, be with them.

Let your righteous right hand uphold them.

And now, for those that need healing,

we come into agreement

and we say, no more,

no more disease,

no more suffering,

no more pain.

We agree now, touching it, in Jesus' name.

There's someone, you'resuffering with cystic fibrosis

and you're saying, "Please, just say that,

"say, 'Cystic fibrosis.'"

So I'm saying it especially for you

because you asked for it.

God has heard your prayer,he's answering now.

He's able to correct eventhings that you're born with.

And so, in Jesus' name,

be healed

and be made whole.

There's someone else, you've got a cyst

and it's on your ovary andit's tremendously painful.

That just went away and the pain is gone,

it's never going to come back.

You don't have to worry

about being a recurring problem for you.

Go and live your lifeand live it abundantly

because God has touchedyou and healed you now.

In Jesus' name.


- There's a mother-daughterrelationship that's been broken.

One of you, your name iseither Kelly or Cassie,

not sure which, but God isgoing to heal that relationship.

You just need to be open to doing

what he speaks to you to do.

Just let the guarddown, let the walls fall

and follow the leadingof God in your heart.

- God is healing


and you're seeing flashing.

And God is able to just haveeverything adhere normally

and in Jesus' name, behealed, be made whole.

Someone else, with a recurring migraines

and it's just debilitatingwhere you have to go

to be in a dark room.

God is healing you right now.

In Jesus' name.

- Somebody else, you'vehad rotator cuff surgery

and no matter how hard you try,

the physical therapy isnot giving you freedom

to move your arm.

That's done today.

Lift your arm up and begin to move it,

the pain is gone and you'llhave full mobility again.

- I don't know if this is the same word,

it's in your right arm, right shoulder.

Just lift that right armto the Lord right now

and begin to praise himfor what he's done for you.

In Jesus' name,


And Amen.

If you've been healed, shareyour report, let us know.

Give us a call, 1-800-700-7000and we're here for ya.

If you need prayer, webelieve in prevailing prayer,

that's the prayer that gets ananswer, that doesn't give up.

And so we're here, 24-hours a day.

Our honor, our privilege,is to pray for you.

All you have to do iscall us, 1-800-700-7000.

Well, we'll be right back toanswer some email questions

right after this.(dramatic music)

(uplifting music)

- [Pat] When you give,

smiles grow bigger.

When you care,

homes are happier.

When you comfort,

the hurt goes away.

When we all come together to love,

miracles happen.

- [Reporter] Tomorrow, don't give up

on your New Year's resolution yet,

learn the easy ways youcan have a healthy 2019.

And it's not just what you eat, but when.

Dr. Michael Rosen reveals the science

behind getting the most out of your body.

Then, a victim of abuse.

- What's goin' on with me?

- [Reporter] Who triedto burn away his pain.

How he finally found peace.

- And so I'm like, "Time out."

- [Reporter] On tomorrow's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Nazira had to make a desperate decision

by leaving her threechildren at an orphanage.

She did it so theywouldn't starve to death.

But after two months, shelearned she would have

to surrender her rightsto her children forever.

- [Reporter] Five-year-old Ademir sat

by the orphanage windowwatching and waiting.

- The child ate nothingfor three days after

his mother dropped himoff at the orphanage

with his brothers and sisters.

- I was so lonely.

I wanted my mum to come back for me.

- [Reporter] But Ademir'smother wasn't coming back.

- I had to give my childrenup to the orphanage

so they would not starve to death.

- Before giving up her children,

Nazira tried hard to support them.

She applied for governmentassistance, but was turned down.

Then she was told,

that after two months ofcare in the orphanage,

she would be forced tosurrender her children forever.

- I could not sign such a paper.

I prayed to God, "Please,let there be another way."

- [Reporter] Several months passed

and Ademir was still waitingby the orphanage window.

That's where Orphan's Promise found him.

- I met Ademir and I just could tell

that there was somethingdifferent about him

and he seemed sad.

And I learned that he had a family,

but he was taken away from the family

because they were poor.

- [Reporter] First, Orphan'sPromise went to meet Nazira.

We decided that, with the right skills,

Nazira could earn enoughmoney to support her family

and be reunited with them.

We offered her sewing lessonsand a new sewing machine.

We also gave her a new stove

and food to feed her familyand help with the rent

until she could providefor her family herself.

- I'm so grateful for the sewing machine

to help me make money for my family.

Thank you for bringingus back together again.

- [Reporter] It's beentwo years since then

and we recently visitedNazira and her children.

We found them well and thriving.

Today, Nazira proudly supportsher family on her own.

- My mum has a job and we have food,

and we are happy.

Thank you.

- [Nazira] God answered myprayers, through your help.

With my sewing skills,I even got a new job.

Now we have everything we need.

You made all of this possible.

Thank you.

- Poverty is a terriblething and you would be amazed

at how many children arein orphanages worldwide,

simply because their families can't afford

to take care of them.

One of the things Orphan's Promise focuses

on is keeping families together.

We're CBN's outreach to orphaned

and vulnerable children around the world.

And we want to say, thank you,

you made it possible for Ademir

to leave his little windowsill

and go home to be with his mom.

That's where children belong, in families.

Well, this is just one of the things

that happens when you join The 700 Club,

you know, you allow allkinds of opportunities

for us to meet people rightat their point of need,

offer them hope, new life in Jesus Christ

and an opportunity to havedignity and a helping hand up.

So, join The 700 Club today,I don't know where else

you have a chance to dothat in so many places,

right from the comfortof your living room.

It's 65-cents a day, $20 a month,

that makes you a 700 Club member.

And by the way, when you join,

if you'll say, "I want tojoin using Pledge Express,"

that's electronic monthly giving,

it means your bank does all the work,

but it does save us someadministrative costs

so we can put even more of your gift right

into the lives of families like Ademir's.

The way you do this is to call

our toll-free number, 1-800-700-7000.

Just call and say, "Iwant to join The 700 Club

"and I'd like to do itusing Pledge Express."

When you use Pledge Express,

we're gonna send youPower for Life teachings.

You'll get one of these every month

and we think they'll bless you.

Well, time for some email.

You ready?- All right.

- This is Cheryl who says,"Can you clearly explain

"what it means to worship,'in spirit and in truth?'"

- Well, Cheryl, that passage comes

from the wonderfulepisode of Jesus at a well

and he's talking with a Samaritan woman.

And so you have to read the scripture

in the context of the story.

And here the story is, she's asking him,

quite directly, "Who's right?

"The Samaritans have a temple

"and we go to a particular mountain,

"the Jews have a temple,they go to Mount Zion,

"the mountains in Moriah and Jerusalem.

"Which one is right?"

And so Jesus responds toher and says quite clearly,

"Salvation is of the Jews."

But then he holds outsomething in the future.

At the same time he's saying to her,

"If you knew who you asked of me

"and I'd give you living water."

He's declaring to her,

"I am the Messiah, I am the Promised One."

So, when you say, "What'sthe clear definition

"of in spirit and in truth,"well, Jesus is the truth.

He is the way, the truth and the life.

No one comes to the Father but by him.

So if you want to worshipthe Father in truth,

you worship through Jesus,his only begotten Son,

the one who he sent.

And then you worship in thespirit that Jesus freely gives.

He's the baptizer in the spirit.

So to worship in truth andin spirit is to worship

in the Holy Spirit with thesalvation that Jesus provides.

You come clothed with his salvation

and that's what God is looking for.

Hope that was clear enough.

- That was clear. (laughs)

Okay, this is Tracey, who says,

"I've asked God to fillme with the Holy Spirit

"as evidenced by speaking in tongues,

"but it hasn't happened to me.

"I am saved and I have faith.

"Why is this not happening for me?

"I'm getting frustrated andfeel, 'less than', spiritually

"especially as myhusband speaks in tongues

"and says I need to.

"I agree with him and want it dearly.

"Please help!"

- Well, Tracey, please don't feel

that you're somehow lessspiritual or less favored of God.

The Apostle Paul wrote

that not all speak in tongues and so,

it's okay not to.

Now, is it a spirituallanguage that refreshes you?

The answer is yes.

And so should you pursue that?

You should pursue all the gifts,

but it's not the prime evidence.

I disagree, theologically, with those

that say the prime evidence of the filling

of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongue.

The prime evidence is you operate

in the gifts of the Spirit.

So for you, that might beprophecy, it might be healing,

it might be works of faith,it might be word of wisdom

or word of knowledge.

There are plenty of giftsthat the Holy Spirit gives.

If you're looking specificallyto speak in tongues,

I encourage you to getsomething from Harold Bredesen,

he's gone on to be with theLord, but it's a DVD teaching,

How to Receive theBaptism in the Holy Spirit

and Share it with Others.

He focused on the gift of tongues

and that DVD, if there'sany way to get it, (laughs)

get that and you will soonbe speaking in tongue.

- Absolutely, that's a great teaching.

Well, this is Charmain who says,

"My son passed away, andI hear from Godly friends

"that he is sleeping inpeace until God's return.

"When you pass away, do yousleep until God's coming,

"or do you immediately go into heaven

"and start living eternallife as it was meant to be?"

- Well, there's a lotof confusion on this.

To be absent from the body isto be present with the Lord.

So your spirit, yoursoul goes to be with him.

Your body goes into the ground

and your body awaits theresurrection of the body

and you're with God.

Now, is it life eternal?

The answer's no,

because life eternal isyou in a resurrected body

with Jesus for all eternity.

That's a complicated question,

but I've just got a few seconds.

Here, from Nehemiah 8, "Do not sorrow,

"for the joy of Lord is your strength."

For Terry, for me, forall of us, God bless you,

we'll see you tomorrow.

(uplifting music)


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