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National Security Advisor John Bolton Vows US Will Not Abandon Allies in Syria Withdrawal

National Security Advisor John Bolton Vows US Will Not Abandon Allies in Syria Withdrawal Read Transcript

- [Efrem] US National SecurityAdvisor John Bolton arrived

against the backdrop ofPresident Donald Trump's decision

to pull 2,000 US Troops out of Syria.

- Right on your border we have the problem

of the conflict in Syria.

We're gonna be discussing

the President's decision to withdraw,

but to do so from Northeast Syria

in a way that makes surethat ISIS is defeated

and is not able to revive itselfand become a threat again.

- [Efrem] The announcementcreated concern in Israel

and fear among the US ally, theKurds, who have fought ISIS,

but Bolton said the US wouldtake care of its friends.

- And to make sure thatthe defense of Israel

and our other friends in theregion is absolutely assured,

and to take care of thosewho have fought with us

against ISIS and other terrorist groups.

- [Efrem] Israeli PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu

thanked Bolton for PresidentTrump's support for Israel,

and offered to show him Israel'snorthern border with Syria

on the Golan Heights.

- The Golan Heights istremendously important

for our security, and Ithink that when you're there,

you'll be able to understand perfectly

why we'll never leave the Golan Heights

and why it's important for,that all countries recognize

Israel's sovereigntyover the Golan Heights.

- Israel captured the Golan Plateau

during the last two daysof the 1967 Six-Day War.

Now, Iran is trying to take uppositions along that border.

For now, the US troop pullout from Syria

seems to be on hold,

but Israel and theregion are waiting to see

what President Trump's next move will be.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.



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