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'Only God Can Orchestrate This': Clemson Coach Gives Glory to God for Big Championship Win

'Only God Can Orchestrate This': Clemson Coach Gives Glory to God for Big Championship Win Read Transcript

- [Efrem] And welcome back.

Clemson shocked numberone Alabama last night,

rolling over the CrimsonTide with a score of 44 to 16

to win the NCAA football championship.

Alabama was favored to win the game,

but Clemson's defensestopped the high-scoring Tide

and even scored the firsttouchdown of the game

with an interception return.

Number two Clemson had acommanding 31-16 lead by the half

and the Tide never came back.

Clemson is the firstteam to win the college

football playoffs with a 15-0 record.

And right now, ShawnBrown joins us right now

with more on this game.

What an amazing game.- Yes, sir.

- Well, what's the historywith these two teams

over the last few years?

- Well recently, I meanthese teams have met

in the playoffs, collegeplayoffs, five times.

As of last night's game, fourtimes for the championship.

Alabama had the best of that,

winning three headinginto last night's game.

Excuse me, winning twoat last night's game,

going into the game.

After now, they're 2-2.

Clemson was very, veryhungry heading into the game,

obviously because of thewins Alabama was able to win,

but now the score is even.

And I mean, it's just a great great game.

- [Efrem] I'll tell ya, and wehave so much to look forward

to next year as well.

Now Alabama was number oneand Clemson number two.

What made the differencewith the win for Clemson?

- Trevor Lawrence, the6'6" true freshman out of

Cartersville, Georgia, theguys poised in the pocket,

able to make every throw.

Just stay poised the entire game.

And then of course, that defense.

First of all Trevor throws for347 yards, three touchdowns.

Just cool, calm, collectedand then that defense,

no team all season was ableto hold Alabama's offense

to 16 points, so that says a lot.

Two picks, one for a picksix, your defense gains

momentum and they just, I mean, pound it.

The whole game, pound it,at the half, they come

back from the half, thatold Sweeney head coach

Clemson says hey, score's0-0, let's keep pounding

and that's what they did.

It's that simple, it's that simple.

- So what happened to Alabama?

They didn't seem to beable to get it together.

- Well when you throw twopicks in the first half,

I mean Tua Tagovailoa,Alabama's quarterback,

second year, last yearwas amazing, this year

coming back, stay poised,but 295 passing yards,

two touchdowns, but two interceptions.

One to the left for a pick six,

and of course the otherwas another scoring drive.

You kind of lose momentum after that,

it's hard to bounce back after that.

Your defense couldn'tquite get into a rhythm for

the second half, I mean,they scored no points in

the second half.

So it's just really hardto come back after that.

And of course, Clemson'sdefense just continued

to pound it.

I mean, their gameplan wassimple, lets disrupt Tua,

and stop the run and that'sexactly what they did,

and Alabama just did not havean answer in the second half.

- [Efrem] I'll tell ya, they sure did not.

Well you know we weretalking about the coach

of Clemson, we want tohear exactly what he said

following the game,what he had to say about

how this would happen,let's take a listen.

- You can't write aHollywood script like this.

Only God can do this.

And that's a fact.

And people may think I'mcrazy or quack or whatever

but only God can orchestrate this.

- [Efrem] Only God can orchestrate this,

you know, it sounds likehe's got a very strong

Christian faith.- He does.

He does, I mean you couldhear it, it resonates

out of him, the players love him.

After the game, one ofthe players said, hey man

if you're thinking about trying to come to

a school, if you want a coachthat's in the locker room

that the players love, that'sin there dancing, diving

getting it in, Clemson'sthe school for you.

They love him, he'scharismatic and God fearing.

And big up to Coach Sweeneyand the Clemson tigers

for this win cause it wasjust a tremendous victory.

- And when it comes toplayers and leadership

on the Clemson team, they're young

so we've got at least liketwo years of good stuff

to look forward to.

- They'll be back.

I think both of these teamsmay see each other before

these two quarterbacksgraduate or at least

before Tua graduates.

They may see each otheragain, there's a big

future for both of these programs.

- All right, ShawnBrown thank you so much.

- You're so welcome.- Good to see you.



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