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The 700 Club - January 8, 2019

Dr. Michael Roizen reveals the science behind getting the most out of your body. Plus, a victim of abuse tries to burn away the pain of his past. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up,

don't give up on your newyear's resolution yet.

Learn the easy ways youcan have a healthy 2019.

And it's not just what you eat, but when.

Dr. Michael Roizen reveals the science

behind getting the most out of your body.

Then, a victim of abuse.

- What's going on with me?

- [Narrator] Who triedto burn away his pain.

- And I turn up andthere's a fire in there.

- [Narrator] How he finally found peace.

- And so I'm like, time out.

- [Narrator] On today's 700 Club.

(upbeat music)

- Well welcome to the 700 Club.

If you're watching theNational Championship

I'm sure you're happy thatthe victor was Clemson.

Tiny Clemson beat thegiant and, of course,

we are always in favorof David versus Goliath

and Alabama went down in flames.

- Yeah, I didn't watch thegame but I heard it was--

- Oh, you missed it.

The first half Clemson was just--

That the quarterbackset high school records,

there's never beenanybody that's had as many

hundreds of yards of offense as he has.

They say he's a true freshman.

The thing about Clemson,their assistant staff

has been on scene for years,

whereas with Alabama --he gets rated all the time

because people wanna hire his assistants.

- Sure.

- So the guys in charge arenot quite as experienced

but it was an amazing display of defense

on the part of Clemson, and offense.

It was remarkable.

You didn't see any of it?

- I should've watched.

- Yeah, I thought you were a football fan.

- I'm a Green Bay fan, Idon't just watch all football.

- Green Bay these arecolleges, for Heaven sake.

Alright well, how's Green Bay doing then?

- Not well.


- Well the Bears, theygot that poor kicker there

with the boing-boing.

But he'll be known forthat, the boing-boing.

Anyhow, that's football,

that's what's reallyimportant in the world,

and yet at the same time our government

is going into many more days of shutdown

and the standoff as to whether or not

we're going to defend our southern border.

The President's gonna give a speech

from the Oval Office tonight

and then he's going togo down to the border,

and he's gonna show some pictures,

he's going straight to theAmerican people and say,

look, here's an emergency.

Now, from a legal standpoint,as Commander-in-chief

he has an absolute right todeclare a national emergency,

and this is not something that'ssubject to judicial review.

People talk about, wellit'll be a court challenge.

Courts, any court that would try to limit

the power of the Presidentin something like this

would be completely out of line.

It would be totally out of line

for any judiciary to get involved.

It's supposed to bedealt with with Congress,

and of course Congresswould come out and say,

well we don't agree with it.

But there's an item in thebudget for military construction,

barracks for troops on Army bases,

but he can say I'm reallygonna build some construction--

- And reallocate that a little bit.

- Reallocate.

And he has the privilege of doing that,

but the Congress would try to stop him.

But there's certainly notgonna give him any money

to fulfill those desires.

So anyhow, the governmentshutdown continues

and Terry's got more.

- Yeah, well all of thiscomes as the shutdown

enters its 18th day andthousands of workers

aren't gonna be gettingtheir paychecks on Friday.

Abigail Robertson brings usthe latest from Washington.

- Millions will watchtonight as President Trump

lays out his latestplan for border security

and the money needed to pay for it.

That audience will likely include many

of the federal employeesacross the country

who's bills are stacking up as they wait

for their next paycheck.

Like it or not, Democratssay the President's

five and a half billion dollar demand

has made pawns of federal workers.

- We ought to have thatargument on the substance

and not be held hostage800,000 federal employees.

- [Abigail] The actingWhite House Chief of Staff

says the President's requestis only one side of the coin.

- Keep in mind it takestwo to tango in this town.

I could just as easily saythat it's the Democrats'

refusal to give the necessarymoney for border security

that is the cause of the shutdown.

- [Abigail] If it's awall Democrats don't want,

President Trump is readyto call it something else.

- If I have a steel wall,

or you could call it a steel fence,

but it'll be more powerful than any

of the concrete wallsthat we're talking about.

It's possible that it would look better.

- [Abigail] If that doesn't work

the President could try another option.

Doing so would allow the President to tap

into $10 billion of unused funds set aside

for the Army Corp of Engineers.

- He could technically go down that route,

he would have to actuallyexplain the statute

that he's using the emergency for.

- [Abigail] Although theNational Emergencies Act

has been on the book formore than four decades,

CBN News Chief PoliticalAnalyst, David Brody,

says the President would stillneed Congressional buy-in.

- Here's a bit of the rub, Congress,

if they didn't want him toinvoke this national emergency,

would be able to overturnit, basically say,

"No, Mr. President, you can't do it."

If you can pass a joint resolution,

both the House and the Senate,

that means the language has to be the same

in the Democrat House andthe Republican Senate,

and good luck with that.

- [Abigail] On Monday'sFaith Nation program

Indiana Republican senator, Mike Braun,

said the President wouldlikely find support

from that side of the aisle.

- If he declared a national emergency

and thought it needed tobe done in that fashion

most of us would be for it because

it looks like the other side is doing

everything it can to do nothing.

- [Abigail] There's still the human side

to all of this back and forth.

- Our mortgage, our gas,electric, trash, water bill.

- [Abigail] Three weeks in

workers like Marilyn Carrothers

are resorting to payingbills with credit cards.

- Creditors may make an extension

but if you go past that extension

it's gonna affect your credit.

- [Abigail] Carrothers is left wondering

who will pay the interest fees

if she doesn't get a paycheck.

- We want to go back to work,

we need to go back to workbecause we have bills to pay.

- [Abigail] PresidentTrump says he can relate

to the people missing paychecks

but he believes theywill make adjustments.

In Congress some 40 lawmakersrequested their salaries

be withheld during the shutdown.

- I hope that we can continue to fight

for additional border security dollars,

that's what we need to do,

but I don't think shuttingdown the government

is the right way to do it.

- [Abigail] VulnerableRepublican senators,

like Cory Gardner, are starting

to split from party leadership

calling for the government to reopen

with or without fundingfor the border wall.

The biggest question remains,will either side give

or might the President act on his own

which could lead to biggerfights down the road.

While most federal employeeswill receive back pay

once the government reopens,

some lower paid contract employees,

such as janitors, food andsecurity service workers,

may never see any compensationfrom their lost paychecks.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Thanks, Abigail.

It's a sad situation.

You know, a house dividedagainst itself cannot stand.

A kingdom divided againstitself can't stand.

This is a little pettynonsense, a little bit of money,

but now the President has finally

gotten it a little bit broader.

He says, okay, I need money for judges,

those judges have got to try these cases,

we don't have enough of 'em.


I need more guards at theborder, and that's okay.

I've gotta have somehousing for these detainees

as they come across, and I'mgonna try to process all this.

Now he's got a specific budgetfor this, that, and the other

and that'll work.

And you take that away fromall this law thing and you say,

look, we've got to do somesecurity on our border.

We cannot have drug addicts,we cannot have gang members,

we cannot have terrorist from Middle East

coming across our border.

That's fine.

But he's asking for, if youbreak it down into these things,

then how in the world isCongress going to say no?

And I think the President,he's gonna lay that case.

But if you're like me,I think it's so small

in relation to themulti-trillion dollar budget

we've got in this countryand a few billion dollars.

THere's so many more important things

we could spend the money on.

Well you can see the President's address

at 9:00 pm tonight onthe CBN News channel.

You can find out where you can see

the news channel in yourcity, go to

And in other news, Turkey'spresident, Erdogan,

snubbed U.S. National SecurityAdvisor, John Bolton, today.

John Jessup has more on that.

- That's right, Pat.

Bolton, seeking assurancesTurkey won't attack the Kurds

after the U.S. pullout fromSyria had planned to meet

with Erdogan today in Ankara.

But the Turkish presidenttold American officials

he had other commitments.

As CBN Middle East BureauChief, Chris Mitchell, reports

Bolton's mission is something Erdogan

just doesn't want to commit to.

- [Chris] Turkey's president,Recep Tayyip Erdogan,

publicly blasted U.S.National Security Advisor,

John Bolton, in front of the Parliament.

- It's not possible for us to accept

to swallow the message JohnBolton gave from Israel.

- Bolton is visiting theregion to assure allies

that the U.S. is not abandoning them.

While visiting Jerusalem,he said defending Israel

and other allies who foughtagainst ISIS was guaranteed.

He wanted assurances from Turkey

that they would not harm the Kurds.

- John Bolton has madea very serious mistake.

Whoever thinks like this is also mistaken.

We can't make anyconcessions in this regard,

and those involved in it a terror quarter

will receive the necessary punishment.

- [Chris] On CBN's Faith Nation program,

Chief InternationalCorrespondent, Gary Lane,

said everyone is vying for power.

- Everyone is jockeying forposition in Syria at this time

because the war is winding down.

ISIS has pretty much been defeated,

so have other militant groups.

- [Chris] Initially President Trump said

he would pull 2,000 U.S. troopsout of Syria within 30 days.

But after strong objection

from Middle East allies andothers, he's backed down.

But Lane said there's a lot of concern

over leaving Turkey in charge.

- The Kurds are wondering,are you a reliable ally,

United States, if youwithdraw these troops

and the training that we'vereceived, that buffer,

that help that we've received over time

in the last couple of years.

Where are we going to be?

And where are the Christians going to be?

- [Chris] But senior Kurdishofficial, Badran Jia Kurd,

said the Kurds haven't hearddirectly from the U.S.,

only through the media.

- We're waiting for clarification

from the U.S. administrationregarding these statements.

This shows that the U.S. hasa plan in this direction,

but it's clear to us.

But now there's a realitythat Bolton acknowledged

that Turkey is killing theKurds and are annihilating them

and Bolton wants guarantees.

- [Chris] Turkey has foughtthe Kurds for decades.

Erdogan said it's a liethat Turkey would target

the Kurds in Syria, but saidthe military preparations

to attack, what he callsKurdish terror groups,

are nearly complete.

It's not clear how Erdogan's declaration

will affect the pullout,but for now it appears

that U.S. troops aren't going anywhere.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Thanks, Chris.

Pat, back to you.

- Ladies and gentlemen, Iwanna tell you something

that would be simple forthe President can do.

A few years ago there was a Lord Balfour

who made a declaration calledthe Balfour Declaration,

said that His Majesty'sgovernment's opinion

that there should be a homelandfor the Jews in Palestine.

Now, there are 36 millionKurds, 36 million.

They occupy northern Iraq,they occupy northern Syria,

and of course there's someof them in southern Turkey.

Now the ones that are innorthern Iraq and in Syria

already have formed a government,it is called Kurdistan.

Now all Trump has got to do is say,

"We recognize the government of Kurdistan

as the legitimate home of the36 million Kurdish people."

It's the only people groupin the world of that size

that doesn't have its own country.

Now it would be so easy to do.

Then he can say, I'm directingmy Secretary of Defense

to send the appropriateweapons to those Kurds

to defend themselves.

These Peshmerga have workedbeside us in fighting

all the way up and down theline, from Saddam Hussein on.

And there's one group called the PKK

that are Marxist terrorists,we don't need to help them,

and the Turks don't likethem, we don't like them,

so that's the end of them.

But the main Turkish group,

if there was a Trump Declaration that we,

as the United States, want to declare

a homeland for the Kurds.

He wouldn't have to have Senate approval,

he wouldn't have to fight it with anybody,

a stroke of the pen, he could do it,

and suddenly you've got 36million people with a homeland.

And then he has a buffer against ISIS,

he has a buffer against theencroachment of the Russians,

he's got a buffer againstthe growth of that terrible,

well the people in Damascus who've been

laying waste to Syria,

and he has a buffer against the Iranians

coming in to take over Iraq.

I mean it's so simple,but he's got to do it,

it would be just a strokeof the pen he could do it.

We're talking about he doesn't have to get

Congressional approval, hedoesn't have to sign a treaty,

don't make it a treaty,just make it a declaration.

Suddenly there is a Trump Declaration,

like the Balfour Declaration,

and he will then be acclaimed as a hero

through the whole world.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,that's the answer,

but otherwise those Kurdsare gonna be decimated.

Once we walk out of therethe Turks will just move in

and massacre these wonderful people

who want to be friendly,democratic with the United States.

They wanna representthe form of government.

Their capital of Erbil is amodel of order and democracy,

it's a wonderful people.

We just pray, you all pray about that one.

Now, John, we've got some more things

about the businesses of America.

What you got?

- That's right, in financial news

Amazon has overtaken Microsoft to become

the world's most valuablepublicly traded company.

On Monday Amazon shares went up 3%

giving the online retailer amarket value of $797 billion.

Microsoft couldn't keep up increasing only

by one percentage point leaving it

in second place at $784 billion.

A teen trafficking victim servinga life sentence for murder

is now looking forwardto a life of freedom.

On Monday Tennessee governor, Bill Haslam,

granted clemency to 30year old Cyntoia Brown.

Now she's crediting theLord for giving her quote,

"His saving grace and a second chance."

Brown's lawyer say she was forced

into the sex trade when she was only 16.

That's when this man, JohnnyAllen, bought her for sex.

She said she feared forher life then shot him.

She was sentenced to atleast 51 years in prison.

By many accounts Brownmade changes in prison

deciding to become a devoted Christian

and is now close to finishingher Bachelor's degree

from Lipscomb, a Christian university.

At a hearing in May she explained.

- It was necessary to change,it wasn't so much of a choice,

but I had to.

- Cyntoia's transformation isnothing short of a miracle.

To watch her go from whereshe was to where she is

is the most amazing thing.

- Anti-trafficking groups like Exodus Cry,

the National Center on SexualExploitation, and Shared Hope

all applauded the governor's move,

and southern Baptistleader, Russell Moore,

called Brown's clemencyan important development.

Brown is expected to bereleased from prison in August

after serving 15 years behind bars.

Well Clemson shocked numberone Alabama last night

rolling over the crimsontide by a score of 44 to 16

to win the NCAA CollegeFootball National Championship.

Alabama was favored towin, but Clemson's defense

stopped the high-scoringtide and even scored

the game's first touchdownwith an interception return.

Number two Clemson had acommanding 31/16 lead by the half,

and the tide was never able to come back.

Clemson is the first team to win

the College FootballPlayoffs with a 15/0 record.

And a hearty congratulationsto both teams.

Pat, back to you.

- And once again wecongratulate Dabo Swinney.

You know, he's got a funny name.

When he was a boy the peoplehe was growing up with

in South Carolina calledhim da boy, da boy,

and that's where he got the name Dabo.

- You're gonna remember that.

- Yeah, da boy.

So anyhow, he's a very humble man,

nice guy, everybody likes him.

And congratulations to Clemson.

- [Terry] Absolutely.

- Terry.

- Well up next, it's not justwhat you eat that matters,

it's when you eat.

The Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Michael Roizen

breaks down the scienceof chrono-nutrition.

He'll also show how this game-changer

can improve your health, and your energy,

and help you lose weight.

Dr. Roizen joins right after this.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

When it comes to eating healthy most of us

focus on what we eat, butnew research indicates

that when we eat is just asimportant, if not more so.

Take a look.

- [Reporter] It's safe tosay that one of the top

new year's resolutionsis to eat healthier.

But recent studies show that when you eat

is just as important as what you eat.

Best selling author, Dr. Michael Roizen,

says the internal clockthat drives our lives

also affects how we process food.

As the co-author of What to Eat When

Dr. Roizen gives real foodadvice and tasty options

for what to eat when you'restressed, hangry, or grieving.

It offers a powerful new wayto achieve your very best life.

- Well please welcomeback to the 700 Club,

Dr. Michael Roizen, it'swonderful to have you here again.

- It's great to be here, Terry, thank you.

- So what we eat now is important

but maybe not as importantas when we eat it?

- Well when we eat is really important

because what we've learned is a calorie,

is not a calorie, is not a calorie.

So calories eaten in themorning have less, if you will,

weight gain, than calorieseaten in the evening

because we become insulinresistant through the day.

- Years ago didn't ourgenerations before us eat--

I can remember my grandparents

eating their big meal atnoon, they called it dinner,

and then evening was supper.

- They were doing it the right way,

they were eating, if you will,

the way out bodies want us to eat

and that was because, if you will,

in the hunter/gathererperiod we had to store fat.

So if you ate a lot at night,

if you had gotten something good

on the hunt or the gathering,you would store that

so you could survive if you didn't succeed

the next day or the day after.

Now, we have plenty of calories

so we still should beeating that way though,

with very little food atnight and more in the morning

in the calorie-rich period.

- So basically that's what you're saying

as far as when we should be eating.

- Yeah, I have Mr. Sun here, if you will.

So we should eat when this guy is out

and if you need a light bulbto eat, you shouldn't be.


The point here is that we want to eat,

and it's called chrono-nutrition,

works with our circadian rhythm.

You know of your circadianrhythm by when you sleep,

you sleep when it's dark out.

Well you should be not eatingwhen it's dark out either.

And the reason is because in the morning

our insulin is veryeffective at taking sugar

and putting it in our cells.

But in the evening webecome insulin resistant,

we become, if you're normal andnot diabetic in the morning,

you're pre-diabetic in the evening

so you turn that sugar into triglycerides

which gets stored as fat.

So it's just the way our hormones work.

- And our bodies justseem to want it that way.

Talk a little bit aboutwhat the food clock is.

- So the food clock is essentially is

you eat a little bit in the evening

and you switch the way we've eaten.

In America we eat a lot in the,if you will, in the evening.

We wanna switch that.

So eat, if you will, myfavorite phrase is in fact,

eat dinner for breakfast.

So you can cook at night soyou have more time to cook,

but then put it in the refrigerator

and eat it in the morning,and it has a lot of benefits.

One of these is actually a cold pasta

and pasta becomes resistantstarch when it's cold

so it acts like fiber, soit's even better for you

for your health by eatingdinner for breakfast.

- One of the things you mentioned

is that this can also affect weight loss,

which everybody's interested in

especially as we start a brand new year,

but what how long does it take

if we reverse our eating habits

and start doing whatyou're talking about here

and what your book espouses,

how long before we seesome results from that?

- Well you'll see resultswithin the first week.

We took 40 people and theywent on this and after a month

the average weight loss was eight pounds.

Some had lost more but they come--

And the interesting thingis after about four days

of switching, you don'tfeel hungry at all at night.

So you know that late nighteating that many people had?

So Pat may have had it last night

while watching Clemson andAlabama, but other than that--

- Yeah, but he munches onblueberries so he's good to go.

- Blueberries, and walnuts,and dark chocolate are perfect.

- He's got it covered.

Well let's look at some of theoptions that you have here.

Let's start down here.

- So this actually my favorite breakfast,

it's salmon burgers.

So it's a salmon burgerthat you would normally

have at dinner, but it'sa great breakfast food.

- So do you cook thisin the morning like--

- I cook it in the evening,

and then put it in therefrigerator, and then eat it

and you can either heat it up--

I eat it cold.

- [Terry] You eat it cold, sure.

So it doesn't matterwhether it's cold or hot.

- And so, really what you're doing

is getting the benefitsof intermittent fasting

without the work of it becauseessentially you're saying,

I'm cooking this at dinner

but I'm stopping eating at 7:00 pm,

and then that's when the sun goes down,

and then I'll eat this at 7:00 or 10:00 am

so you're getting 12 hoursof intermittent fasting.

You're essentially getting the benefits

of intermittent fasting for health,

or ketosis for weight losswithout any of the work.

- Which seems to be thebig thing right now as to--

- Well it actually works for both health

and for weight loss, ormaximizing your health

and your weight loss, but you don't

have to work at it this way.

- So this salad's beautiful, what is that?

- Well this is a great salad,

this salad is perfect for lunch

and it's also perfect for your bones.

Now the reason is 'causeyou get the calcium

from the leafy greens, andyou get vitamin D from,

you can put a littlesalmon, it's got actually

healthy fat in here withavocado and walnuts,

and this is an avocado cream

and I don't know whetherit'll show, but it's a cream,

but it is just avocado and olive oil.

So what you do is peel theavocado, put it in a blender,

and add a little olive oil'til it makes it creamy

so you get a really healthy dressing

from just avocado andextra virgin olive oil.

- That's a great lunch,that's a great lunch.

- It's a great lunch, you're right.

- So what do we have here?

- This is a farro soup.

- What does that mean?

Is that a grain?

- It's a grain.

So we're not saying you can't eat carbs,

in fact you can eat carbs.

This one is hot, just a little,but a lot of veggies in it

and what happens with it is in fact

you cook it at dinner,you put it in a thermos,

you know those old thermoses you have?

- [Terry] Yes, yes.

- Well they still work,that's the amazing thing.

So my co-author, thefirst time he did this

he put it in one of the old thermoses

and he just poured it anddrank some, if you will,

and he burned his tongue.

- So you can do this, again, night before.

- Night before and it'sfor lunch the next day.

- What is this?

- This is, again, a farro salad,

or looks like brown rice salad

with some avocados and veggies.

Again, it's very healthy and easy to eat,

and easy to prepare.

- [Terry] And cold, it's another cold--

- That's right.

By being cold you'regetting resistant starch.

- That's great.

- Right, so it doesn'traise your blood sugar

anyplace near as quickly.

It's the peak of blood sugarthat's bad for insulin release

and for our fluctuationsin blood pressure.

So by doing it this way you're aligning

your nutrition and your food

and it maximizes your weight loss.

- Perfect.

And what are these little things?

- This is my favorite 'cause it's so easy

and you put it in a jar.

These are roasted chickpeas.

So I take two cans ofchickpeas, rinse 'em out,

put 'em on a paper towel, youdry 'em on the paper towel,

you put 'em in a little bowl like this

with a little olive oil,

and I love curcumin, androsemary, and garlic.

So you get a little of iton, put 'em on a baking pan,

put it at 400 degreesor so for 10 minutes,

you rotate it once, another 10 minutes.

- So it's like a snack, you'vemade your own snack here.

- It's a snack when you're stressed,

it's a snack when you want something

that's healthy proteinand wonderful to eat,

and crunchy.

- And that's importantwhen you're snacking

for those of us wholelike to evening snack,

but it's healthy, so there you go.

And this is just a little bit,

we are skimming the surface of what is

in Dr. Roizen's latest bookcalled What to Eat When.

It's available where books are sold

and you can hear more from Dr. Roizen

in our social interview on Facebook,

go to

So much wonderful information,highly recommend the book.

Thank you so much, it'salways wonderful to have you.

- Thank you too, it's wonderful.

- Well still ahead, yourquestions and some honest answers.

Carissa says:

Pat's gonna tackle thatand more, coming up.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- Welcome to the CBN Newsbreak.

For the first time in more than 25 years

on the Supreme Court, Associate Justice,

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, missed the Court's

first day of arguments.

Ginsburg, who is recoveringfrom cancer surgery last month,

wasn't able to attend hearings Monday,

but Chief Justice, John Roberts, says

she will still participateby reading transcripts

from the Court's case load.

Monday was the first day

of oral arguments in the 2019 session.

Well federal court is sidingwith Colorado Christian baker,

Jack Phillips, saying he can now proceed

with his lawsuit against the state.

In this latest battle thestate came after Phillips

a second time afterlosing its original case

against him in June.

They are suing Phillipsfor refusing to bake a cake

to celebrate a gendertransition, but Phillips hit back

and is now suing Coloradofor targeting him

for his Christian faith.

The Alliance for DefendingFreedom is representing Phillips.

They say Colorado is violating

the baker's freedom of religion.

Well you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website at

Pat and Terry will be backwith more of the 700 Club

right after this.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- Time for some of your questions

and we'd like to give yousome honest answers today.

Pat, this first one comesfrom Carissa who says:

- Well there is no promise.

You know Jesus gave aparable about a rich man

who heaped up a lot of goods

and the Lord said tohim, who's will this be?

And his life was taken away that night.

You never know what day you're gonna die

and the Bible says thatnone of us can guarantee

of the day of our death,none of us know it.

And so the Bible's very clear about that.

There's nothing in the Bible that says,

of course the Bible talks aboutliving a long, healthy life

if you serve the Lord, and so forth.


- Okay, this is Angela who says:

- As you get to my age,Honey, I am 88 years old

and at this point it'skinda like, who cares.

But no, seriously, the Bible says,

the government is on his shoulders.

The government is on his shoulders.

His name will be called Emanuel

and the government willbe up on his shoulders.

You say, look, I'm gonnarest my problem on you, Lord,

the government is on your shoulders.

It doesn't depend onme, I'm not responsible

for changing the way the world lives.

I'm gonna do what I can, I'mgonna occupy while I'm here,

but I'm not gonna be ableto say other than that.

So I mean, that's what thegovernment is on his shoulders,

and you keep that in mindand forget that anxiety.

The government is not on your shoulders,

the outcome of events isnot on you, it's on Jesus.

Let him take the burden.

- Mm-hmm, whether it'sgovernment or health, right?

- Whether it's governmentor health, let him do it.

Cast your cares upon theLord, is what the Bible says.


- This is Samuel who says:

- They're 12 disciples and12 whatevers, but anyhow,

the name of the Lord thatyou see in the Bible,

capital L, capital O, capital R and D,

that is an Anglicize translationof the Hebrew word "to be",

and God's name is Yahweh, or Jehovah

is the Hiphil form of the verb "to be"

which means "he whocauses everything to be",

that's His name.

It's not Lord, His name is not the Lord,

his name is Jehovah or Yahweh.

That's just what it is andwe are confused about that.


- This is Stephanie who says:

- Oh, nobody's gonna get judged for--

I mean we don't judge infants,

and we don't judge insane people.

If they're mentally incompetentwhatever actions they have

when they were lucid will becounted in relation to them,

but God is not gonnahold somebody accountable

who's off his meds and has hallucinations,

schizophrenia, or anyof these other things.

- This is an interestingone, Steven wants to know:

- You know, I don't know why

people worry about stuff like that.

In all seriousness, whenthe Tribulation comes

it's gonna be so intense and so horrible

there'll be no fleshremaining except the Lord

or for the sake of the-- safe people alive.

During that period of timethere's no seven-year tribulation

that I believe the Bible talks about

and if it is, life will go on.

Men will be marryingand giving in marriage

until the time when like the flood.

Men were marrying and giving in marriage.

And so there will bemarriage, it'll be life,

it'll be death, normal life will go on

until the Lord comes back.

- This is Ron who says:

- Well again, let's read carefullywhat it is you're saying.

If you are in the Lordand the Lord is in you,

you have to agree with the spirit of God

so you are in agreement withthe Lord that this is of you,

and you will not havefaith to believe anything

if you are contrary to the will of God.

So you just can't take averse of the Bible and say,

well this is a mantra and I'm gonna recite

this little verse and it'sgonna make everything right.

You've got to be the spirit of God,

your spirit must be inharmony with the spirit of God

and then you see the answers to prayer.

If you abide in me, you live in me,

and my Word abides in you,then you can ask what you will

and it'll be done unto you.

If you abide in me andif my Word abides in you,

then you ask what you willand it'll be done unto you.


- Okay, well that's all the time we have.

- Thank you.

- Thank you for those answers

and thanks to all ofyou for your questions.

Well Anita is a six year oldand she gets sick all the time,

so does her younger brother.

That's because these children,

and everyone else in their village,

are forced to drink polluted water.

- [Reporter] From adistance the pond water

near this village inUkraine appears to be clean.

But get a little closer and you'll see

trash and dirty diapers.

This is where children play, and bathe,

and where their parents get water

to wash clothes and dishes.

Just a few feet away is a shallowwell, just nine feet deep.

It's the villages onlysource of drinking water.

This is six year old Anita.

- Because of this waterwe got sick all the time.

- [Reporter] The shallow well is polluted

and filled with bacteria.

- Water is really our greatest need.

I need it to wash my children,to cook with, and to drink.

- I always pray that God wouldgive us clean water to drink.

- [Reporter] So CBN dug a wellfor Anita and the community

and soon there was cold, cleanwater for everyone to drink.

- Our whole family drinksand everyone who wants

comes and drinks this water.

- Now I live in a cleanhouse, wear clean clothes,

and drink clean water.

Thank you, CBN, for thecold, delicious water.

- I love these people,they're Roma people,

a gypsy community.

We work in many, many gypsy communities

in the eastern part of Europe

and they life a hard life, can I tell you,

but water is such a desperate need

there and in other parts of the world.

But you just can't imagine,

they can't bathe their children properly,

they can't cook, for their animals,

kids getting sick all the time.

You made it possible inthis community for us

to come in, dig a deep well.

They have water when theyneed it now and it's potable,

it's clean, it's drinkable,nobody's getting sick anymore.

We wanna say thank youfor making that possible.

700 Club members, that's justone of the things that you do.

If you're not a 700Club member, join today

so that you can be a part ofmaking life-changing difference

in the lives of people in need.

Our number's toll free, 1-800-700-7000.

Listen, when you call and join,

65 cents a day, $20 amonth is the commitment,

will you also do it using Pledge Express?

That's electronic monthly giving.

It means your bank does all the work,

it's pretty wonderful actually,

and you can stop it whenever you want

but it saves a little extra money for us

that we can put even more into the lives

of people like the childrenand the families you just saw.

And when you use Pledge Express

we're gonna send you as our thank you

Power for Life Teachings.

You'll get one of these every month

and we think they'll bea great blessing to you.

But you will have thesatisfaction of knowing

you are being a great blessing

to many, many around the world.

- Terry, you've worked with those Romas,

just for information, it'sthought that they migrated

from India or that part of the world.

You know who their ethnic background--

- I don't know whetherthat's accurate or not

but that this the thought.

Pakistan, India, that whole lower neck.

They're beautiful people really

and they have been so neglected

and they're in such poverty situations.

- Well why?

They've been persecuted constantly.

They're gypsies, they're thieves.

- Well you know, I thinkthere have been times

where things have happenedbecause of poverty,

choices that they've made certainly,

but we've seen when wego in we have helped them

establish farms, we'veput water systems in

so they can bathe duringthe winter with their kids,

because the river freezesover, we've taught their kids,

and you know what, when thekids learn to read and write,

'cause most of them don'tknow how to do that,

the parents come to the school.

So now we're runningclasses at night for parents

and there's a dignity thatcomes with all of that, Pat,

that says, I can support my family.

- They're so open tothe Lord, aren't they?

- Oh my goodness, yes, very much so.

We're probably in 19different Roma communities

in that part of the worldand we're seeing huge change.

- Fantastic.

Well that's just one morething that you're supporting

with Orphan's Promise, CBN.

Well up next, a man who setfire to his own apartment.

- Burn the memories of my life

and I had started with a photo album.

It was a representation ofgetting rid of the old life

because I was sodissatisfied and disgusted

with what had happened throughout my life.

- Find out what causedhim such severe trauma

right after this.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

Well welcome back.

You're watching the 700Club and I wanna tell you

about somebody who had decades

of an addiction to pornography

that ultimately cost ChrisPlum two failed marriages

and estrangement from his own children.

Chris hit rock bottom onthe night his apartment

burst into flames andhe was so traumatized

he had no idea that hehad set himself on fire.

- I'm up there for, I don't know,

I can't even remember the amount of time

and as I'm walking down the steps

he looks at me and he says,"Is that your apartment?"

And I turn up and there's a fire in there.

- [Reporter] Chris Plumwas 25 when he tried

to burn away his past.

- Throughout my life asa child there was abuse,

physical abuse, therewas the emotional abuse,

but the abuse that reallyjust impacted my life

was sexual abuse.

- [Reporter] It was a close relative

and started when Chris was five.

Chris told the bishop ofhis Mormon congregation

but nothing was done.

- I thought that I had donesomething wrong as a boy

and so that was thebeginning of my journey

of the lack of self worth.

- [Reporter] Confused and self-conscious

Chris discovered pornography as a way

of dealing with his feelings.

- There was no guilt or shame,

there was just filled with this newness.

It took all my worries away.

- [Reporter] The sexualabuse finally ended

when Chris was 14, but by thenthe women he fantasized about

had become more than just an escape.

- Afterwards I just feltenormous, enormous amount of guilt

and enormous amount of shame.

I would ask God to takethe shame and the guilt

and I asked Him, would Youplease take these addictions

away from me so I can feelfree, and I can feel peace.

It felt like I was praying

and prayers were hitting the ceiling.

- [Reporter] Chris sank into depression.

In his early 20s he movedto Arizona for a clean start

but he couldn't breakfree from his addictions.

- So it wasn't just a porn addiction,

it had now gone into the beginning

of a full blown sexual addiction.

And I'm just thinking,wow, I'm an awful person.

What's going on with me?

- [Reporter] Chris had a few girlfriends

but they would never last long.

- I'd self destruct the relationship.

I am trying to get these girlsto love me and nurture me

based on the way thatI felt that my mother

should've loved and nurtured me.

- [Reporter] One eveningafter a bad breakup

left Chris deeply depressedhe went to see his uncle.

- And I says, "Man, I'mjust in really bad shape."

And then he said, "Let's goover and get your clothes,

and we'll come back, andyou can stay at my house."

- [Reporter] After grabbing some clothes,

Chris met his uncle at his car.

Then they looked up and saw flames

in Chris' apartment window.

Chris called 911 and theblaze was extinguished.

Investigators determinedthat the fire started

with a photo album.

Chris didn't remember lighting it,

but through counseling he understood why.

- I was just trying to burnthe memories of my life

and I had started with the photo album

that was a representation ofgetting rid of the old life

because I was sodissatisfied and disgusted

with what had happened throughout my life.

- [Reporter] Found guilty of felony arson,

Chris served three yearsprobation and had to pay damages.

With the help of counseling he started

to get his life on track,

but he still had serious doubts about God.

- I wanted to know is there a god a Heaven

who loves me unconditionally.

I was just looking for selfworth and I wasn't finding it.

- [Reporter] In 2001, Chrismarried and had three kids.

Thinking he had finally found love

Chris was surprised that he still felt

worthless and hurt inside.

- And I was using someone tomake me feel whole and worthy,

and I just threw out themarriage, I wasn't feeling it.

So I would be confrontational,

I would get upset easily,I would get angry.

- [Reporter] After 10 years of marriage

Chris divorced his wife and left his kids.

He quickly married again,but just two years later,

they were separated.

Chris turned back to his porn addiction.

- And that's when it all began again

and I'm like, why am I doing this?

Why am I turning to this?

And so I'm like, time out.

- [Reporter] Seeking to break free

from his pornography addiction

Chris found a Christian church

with a men's sexual accountability group.

He met with the group's leader, Dan

who gave Chris a pamphlet explaining

what a relationship withJesus was all about.

- And it talks about how you'rekinda separated from God,

and then there's thesetwo cliffs on each side,

and that there's a crossthat comes in the middle,

and I'm reading it towardsthe end and I look up to 'im,

and I go, Dan, I can do this.

I accept Jesus Christas my lord and savior

and I invite him into my heart.

Lord, forgive me of my sins

and I lay them at thecross for you to take.

Now, God in Heaven,please have mercy on me

and heal my broken soul.

That was the beginning journey of peace.

- [Reporter] Chris began attending

the accountability meetings

and grew in his personal walk with Jesus.

He later attended anintensive 16-week program

to get to the heart of his addictions.

Today, Chris is addiction-free.

Over time he has beenable to heal from his past

and has a good relationshipwith his ex-wives and kids.

- There's healing andhelp through the power

of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is ready, he is willing,and he is equipped,

and he's enough.

God loves me and I'mgrounded in God's love

and so the self worth that I'm fueled by

is by the Lord Jesus Christ.

- What a story.

You ask yourself when youencounter somebody like him,

are you that person yourself?

What happened to you when you were a kid?

What scars do you carry in your psyche?

What has been done to your mind,

what has been done to your body?

What type of abuse haveyou had to go through

when you were a littleboy, or little girl?

There's so many people, somany kids who have suffered.

At least half of the people under 18

have had some kind of abuse of that kind

and Chris acted out.

You see, he couldn't get rid of it

because that wound was there.

So he turns to pornographyand what'll happen is

there is a spirit of lust,there is a demonic spirit

that will work on theproblems that you have,

he'll find somebodyvulnerable and then come in

and exacerbate the problem you've got.

And Chris was hooked on porn,

but he's got to get tothe root of the matter.

And it took a while, buthe gave himself to Jesus

and you know, Jesus does not condemn us.

Jesus does not condemn us,

Jesus doesn't point thefinger at you and say,

you're a dirty sinner.

Jesus looks at you andsays, you are my child,

and I love you, and I seeyou as what you can be,

and I'm going to cleanse you,

and I wanna make you whole,

and I'll go back intoyour past all the way

and I'll erase all thatdamage that's been done.

And if you want that we've only got

a short period of timebefore we go off the air,

but if you want to sayyes and have that scar

erased and made every bit whole

I want you to pray with me right now.

These words, Jesus, that'sright, pray with me,

Jesus, you know the scars in my life.

You know what's been done to me,

you know what I've done to myself,

you know what I've done to others.

And, God, I wanna befree from those scars.

I wanna be set free, Lord, I want to have

those scars healed permanently

and I ask You please come into my life,

take over my life, makeme whole, and set me free

from the bondage that has come about

because of the wounds and the scars.

I receive You, Lord, fromthis moment I'm Yours.

Make me whole.

Thank you, Lord.

Amen, and amen.

If you prayed with me,

our telephone number is there,I want to hear from you.

It's easy to remember,1-800-700-7000, 1-800-700-7000.

Well that's all the time we've got.

Today's Power Minute isSecond's Corinthians:

"If anyone is in Christ,he is a new creation."

For Terry and all ofus, this Pat Robertson.

See you tomorrow, buh-bye.



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