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News on The 700 Club: January 9, 2019

As seen on “The 700 Club,” January 9, 2019.: Read Transcript

- Welcome to the 700 Club.

An exercise in blatanthypocrisy, you have seen it

before you, hypocrisy.

Do you realize not toolong ago, Chuck Schumer,

and Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton,

and George Bush, and Bill Clinton all were

in favor of bordersecurity and several that

I mentioned voted fora much bigger package

that they're now saying was a manufactured

by Mr Trump.

It is hypocrisy in its most blatant form.

And the bible says, and it's so clear,

a house divided againstitself can't stand.

We cannot have the ideathat we will sacrifice

the security of ourcountry in order to bring

down an enemy politicallyin our government.

And the Democrat's want one thing,

that is to impeachTrump, to destroy Trump,

to frustrate Trump tokeep him from succeeding.

And it was disgusting and our divided

government was on full display last night.

The President said thesituation on our southern

border is a humanitarianand a security crisis.

And then Democrat Pelosi,and Schumer replied

he's "making it all up."

Wendy did you see it?

- I did, unbelievable, Pat.

Meanwhile, it's now day19 of the government

shut down and there's no end in sight.

And for hundreds of thousandsof government workers

that means no paychecks either.

CBN's White House correspondentBen Kennedy has details

from the North Lawn.

- President Trump said thiscould all be worked out

in a 45 minute meeting, hecould have that chance today

sitting down with congressional Democrat's

to try and hash out adeal on what he is calling

a crisis of the heart.

- My fellow American's.

- [Ben] Behind the resolutedesk in the Oval Office,

President Trump took hiscase for a border wall

directly to the American public.

- This is a humanitariancrisis, a crisis of the heart

and a crisis of the soul.

- [Ben] Trump said the southern border

is a pipeline for illegal drugs, gangs,

and human traffickers.

He stopped short in declaringa national emergency,

but demands a $5 billionwall, and additional

funds for more agents,judges, and humanitarian aid.

- Democrat's in Congresshave refused to acknowledge

the crisis, and theyhave refused to provide

our brave border agents with the tools

they desperately needto protect our families

and our nation.

- [Ben] Democrat's pushedback on that claim,

saying a wall is not the answer.

- This President just used the backdrop of

the Oval Office to manufacturea crisis, stoke fear.

- [Ben] The fight is hittinghome for some 800,000

federal employees, eitherfurloughed or working without pay.

- The fact is, PresidentTrump must stop holding

the American people hostage,must stop manufacturing

a crisis and must reopen the government.

- [Ben] Trump said thefederal government remains

shut down for one reason,because Democrat's

won't fund border security.

- To every member of Congress,pass a bill that ends

this crisis, to everycitizen, call Congress and

tell them to finallyafter all of these decades

secure our border.

- Now President Trump willtravel to the border Thursday.

Today lawmakers have beeninvited to the White House

to try and make a deal, fund the wall

and reopen the government.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- Well David Brody is our CBNNews Chief Political analyst.

And he joins us now from Washington.

David, you had a uniqueexperience, you had that

luncheon with the President,you were sitting next

to him, tell us what happened.

- Right Pat, it was a pretty neat.

Off the record, it was anetwork anchor luncheon,

basically CBN, and CNN,and NBC, ABC, all of them

around the table there inthe Roosevelt room of the

White House.

The President there, theVice President there.

It was all before his Oval Office address

basically trying to kindof spin his way through

what he wanted, his messagethat he wanted to get

out to the anchors.

And so it was off therecord, I can't specifically

say what he said, I willjust say it was a very

interesting experienceand what I can tell you

and I did talk to theWhite House about this

this morning, so it's okayto say, but the President

actually, I was sittingnext to the President,

to the left of the President.

George Stefanopolis was to his right,

the President looks over atme right before the luncheon

and says you mind saying a word of prayer?

Will you say a prayer for us?

And of course, I tookthe opportunity to do it

and said it in Jesus name.

- David, it looks like thesupporters of the President

think that the Democrat'sare trying to reuse

the term, if I can say, to roll him

and to force him to makeconcessions that will

be damaging to him politically.

How do you think the thing's shaping up?

- Pat, I think you'reright on the money here.

That's exactly what they're trying to do

and let me take it a step further,

we've heard about theseeight or nine appropriations

bill, the reason I saynine is if you include DHS

and all of that, that'snine appropriations bills.

But the Democrat's keepsaying to Donald Trump,

just look, lets get eightof them at least going,

we'll argue about DHS,the Department of Homeland

Security in the next month or so.

But let's at least geteight signed so we can get

pretty much of all thegovernment back up and running.

And Donald Trump's like noway, I'm not gonna do it,

and the reason is, whenyou talk to folks inside

the White House, they saylook, we lose the leverage

at that point, that's what they're saying.

I mean, why in the world would

they sign eightappropriation bills and then

all you have left is DHS,and then at that point,

there's no guaranteethat Democrat's will come

to the table anyhow causethey're already on record

saying they're not gonnagive one dollar for the wall.

And I think that's partof the problem here.

- Well, is there any common ground?

You know, for example,the DACA of us dreamers,

there should be a deal made on them.

If the Democrat's could givesomething to the President

so he, if they just tryto strip him and make

him look weak, he's not going to give in.

But is there some common ground they could

negotiate on?- Mhm,

it's interesting Pat, you bringing up DACA

because obviously we've heard that before.

And the White House neverrules it out or rules

it in, they're kind ofleaving it a bit on the table,

which suggests to me, itdoesn't take a rocket scientist

to figure out if they'renot ruling it in or out,

then its in play.

And look, if you're theDemocrat's, how in the world

are you not jumping at that opportunity?

You're gonna give Donald Trump some money

for the wall, if you will,in return for codifying

DACA, those dreamers into law?

Something Obama neverdid, he went ahead from

a constitution standpoint,he said he was trying to do

that, from an executive order standpoint,

but he never codified it into law.

So how do you not take thatdeal if your Democrat's?

Having said that, thatcould be one way out.

Pat, I think the way where this is going,

now I've said this fora couple of weeks now,

I think you need towatch those Republican's

in the Senate, are they going to jump ship

and basically turn on this President?

And here's how I see itpotentially going down,

look, the Democrat's in the House have

passed this bill, right?

They're going to pass the bill to open up

the government, in theSenate, McConnell's not gonna

bring it up because obviouslyit's not gonna pass.

But, 47 Democrat's ateventually as this time

goes on, you need 13Republican's for a total of 60

to get the bill passed.

I think eventually you'regoing to see some Republican's

in the Senate come outof the wood work and say

enough already, let's open the government

and that'll be that.

And at that point, Isee Donald Trump vetoing

that bill, and then lettingthe Senate and the House

override that veto to getthe government back open.

And at that point itbecomes a win politically

for Donald Trump, he sayslook, I vetoed the bill

and they overrode myveto, and let Republican's

those establishmentRepublican's that are okay

with no wall funding, letthem live with the political

repercussions of that.

- Do you think, in that little two weeks,

arcane for the average voter to understand

what you just said?

- Maybe, I'm still trying to figure,

no, no I understand it I think.

But look, Donald Trumphas even said that he will

veto any bill that comes to his desk,

and look, he didn't saythat just willy nilly,

the House is controlled by the Democrat's,

he knows, this is kind ofcode for putting pressure

on McConnell and the Senateto say don't even think

about bringing a bill onthe floor that passes what

the Democrat's pass in theHouse, because I'm gonna

veto it.

We'll see, I thinkeventually look, the question

I thing for both parties iswhat's the off ramp here?

For the Democrat's andfor the Republican's,

and I think the Republican'shave Donald Trump

has given some concessionshere, we've heard

about Mike Pence goingin and talking about look

we'll take $2.5 billion not $5.5 billion,

and so there's been that.

But the Democrat's, they'vegot a left wing progressive

base that will not take yes for an answer

as it relates to wall funding.

- David, you know thiswhole idear of declaring

a national emergency, hedidn't do that last night

but he has absolutelyauthority as Chief Executive

under the constitution todeclare a national emergency

and then use money alreadyappropriated for military

construction, there's at least what is it?

$10 billion or more in that budget that's

already been appropriated he can use?

- Right, it's $10 billion on unused funds

that go to the army corp of engineers.

And by the way that'scivilians, not the military.

Civilians, who couldbuild the wall, that would

be the scenario under thenational emergencies act

that was passed back in1976, so look, the President

can do that if he wants to.

I think he's keeping it in his hip pocket

as a art of the dealstrategy ploy to say look

if you all don't cometo, y'all, listen to me,

all y'all, that's whatthey say in the south,

if you don't come to anagreement, I'll trot this out.

No reason to burr that inthe Oval Office address

on Tuesday night when youcan have that as a leverage

point going forward.

- He can do it, and as I see it David,

there is no court in the country, at least

that's got any responsiblecourt that would

try to challenge him.

The court will notenter into the domain of

the chief executive inrelation to foreign policy

or military policy.

That's a legislative thingand even the Congress

couldn't stop him.

- Well, it's laid out in section 2808,

that he can do this, thequestion then becomes

what is the crisisspecifically, well he'll

talk about bordersecurity and all of that.

But from a legal standpoint,will that hold up in court

cause you know the Democrat'sare gonna challenge it.

And the White House isgoing to have to make that

compelling case not just incourt if it goes that far,

but really to the Americanpeople that this indeed

is a crisis.

And what we saw in that OvalOffice speech last night

was something we reallyhaven't seen before.

For this President toreally concentrate on the

humanitarian side of this and cast

this in moral terms,saying look, it's immoral

of the Congress to do nothing.

And so I thought that was a different tact

that he used finally,

Tuesday night from the Oval Office.

I'll also say this, if younoticed, he left the wall

for the end, he talked aboutborder security and everything

the cameras and this and that.

More agents, and then he said,law enforcement professionals

say we need the wall, henever said I want the wall,

we need the wall, he'ssaying look this is what

the experts are sayingand I thought that would

help him from a publicrelations standpoint

with the American people.

- One last question,there are an estimated

12 million undocumented aliens

in the United States right now.

Now Bill de Blasio, themayor of New York has said

I want to declarehealthcare a right for every

single person in New Yorkwherever they come from.

Now, could Trump justpick up a whole bunch of

those undocumented aliensand bring them into New York

and say okay Bill, here they are?

- Well, leave it to Trump topossibly do that for sure.

Look, I'll be honest with you Pat, I think

he has obviously somebigger problems on his hands

right now, I will say this, Bill de Blasio

is representative ofexactly what the Democrat's

are facing come 2020 in thisbig Presidential campaign

coming up, which is, thisprogressive left wing

I mean, they're out there Pat.

They want what?

Medicare for all, theywant 70% tax rates on once

you hit $10 million.

Look, it's out of control and the question

for Democrat's that running 2020 is

are they for any of this?

And if they are, thatmight be their death note

politically because look,that might appeal for the

23% of the country, butit doesn't appeal to

the majority of American's for sure.

- Right on David, thank you so much.

David Brody, thank you for your insights.

Isn't that interesting?

- So incredible, the dividehas never been bigger

in our country.

- I tell you Trump couldreally stick it to.

He could pick up awhole couple of caravans

of immigrants, and bringthem to Nancy Pelosi's

district in Californiaand say all right, here

they are, boom, and then let them all out

and say all right they're your problem.

Then he could do the same thing and carry

a whole bunch of them acrossthe country to New York

to Chuck Schumer's district and say okay,

here they are, now you pay for them.

It's not my problem anymore, you said that

it's not a crisis, youdetermine what it is.

But I mean, that's probablya little too nasty to do.

But it would be ultimate revenge.


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