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News on The 700 Club: January 10, 2019

As seen on “The 700 Club,” January 10, 2019.: Read Transcript

- Welcome ladies andgentlemen to this edition

of the 700 Club.

You know, if you're like me,this impasse is ridiculous.

What the Democrats havedone is just shocking

and the President walked out of a meeting.

He said, it's just a waste of my time.

It wasn't a temper tantrum,he gave 'em all candy

before they started.

But nevertheless, it's ridiculous.

Now here's the solution folks.

There's no question that thePresident of the United States,

the Chief Executive candeclare an emergency.

There's no question aboutit, he has that power.

And some of theseCongressional Republicans say

well, we're gonna sue,well what is your standing?

How have you been injured?

How can you be a plaintiff?

How can you have standing?

The answer is theycan't have any standing.

And any court that getsinvolved would just be

breaking down the separationof powers that we have

in our Constitution.

So the President can declarea National Emergency.

When he does, he can say Ineed money that's already

been appropriated into the Defense Budget.

There's at least $10 billion in there

for military construction.

He can say I need to construct something

down on our southern border

and I'm gonna takeabout five billion of it

and I'm gonna build a wall.

There's no question he can do it.

Now, people they'll blow and stutter

and make all that noise.

But they can't stop him.

And I cannot imagine anycourt with the possibility

of the exception of somebodyout in the 9th Circuit,

who would try to comeout and legally and say

he can't do it.

Because he can, he'sChief Executive Officer.

So he declares an emergency, takes funds

that are already appropriatedfor military construction

and he says this is forthe military and I'm gonna

build a wall.

So he builds the wall.

Then what happens?

He goes to the Democrats and he says,

look, I want a deal on DACA, I want to get

those undocumented workers,I mean those Dreamers,

I want to give them legal statuswhich they don't now have,

I want a law about that.

Then I want someappropriations for more judges,

for more border agentsand for some drones.

I don't want any more wall,I've got the wall already.

He does that and thegovernment opens up again

and everybody gets happy.

That's what can be done.

But we cannot have anymore of this nonsense.

And the President is obviously frustrated

and the American people are frustrated

because this is posturing.

When you consider thatSchumer and Pelosi and all

those people have alreadyhad a chance to vote

and voted for a hugeappropriation for border security,

much more than what's being discussed now,

they've already voted for it.

Obama voted for it.

Clinton, Bill Clinton in hisState of the Union Address

talked about the necessityof closing our border.

It was just, they've all been for it.

The only reason they're not for it now

is because Trump wants it andso they want to frustrate him.

We can't have that when onebranch of the government

wants to frustrate the other one.

Let's work for America for heaven's sakes.


- It doesn't look like that'sgonna happen anytime soon.

- Well, it might if hedoes what I'm saying,

if he just takes a boldmove and says, alright

I'm gonna do it and I'm gonna build a wall

and here's the money, it'salready been appropriated.

It'll work.

- Well, he's the Presidentof bold moves and after

yesterday's- [Pat] Well that's what

he needs.

- Fruitless meeting, he walked out.

And it wasn't a tempertantrum it was because

it wasn't going anywhere.

He called it a waste of time.

Charlene Aaron reports.


- President Trump headsto the border today

as the divide over fundingfor a barrier grows wider.

A meeting between PresidentTrump and Democratic

lawmakers Wednesday overthe government shutdown,

now in its 20th day, lasted just minutes.

The President abruptly ended the meeting

because Democrats refusedto discuss funding

a border wall.

- They demanded once again,that before any negotiations

could begin, that we would have to agree

to reopen the government.

- Unfortunately, the President just got up

and walked out and we saw a temper tantrum

because he couldn't get his way.

- [Charlene] GOP MinorityLeader, Kevin McCarthy

says it didn't happen that way.

- Not once have the Democratsoffered anything back.

The way they have displayedand their behavior

is embarrassing to me.

And the way to come out to this floor

and talk about a meeting in a manner

that did not take place in there,

is disturbing to me.

So I tell the Democrats,get back into the room.

- [Charlene] The Presidentalso met with Congressional

Republicans at the Capitolurging them to stay unified.

Some, like GOP Senator, Lisa Murkowski

questioned the shutdown.

But the President says GOPleaders are on the same page.

- I think we're going to win.

Republican are totally unified.

Now, if you would ask the samequestion to the Democrats?

- [Charlene] This, justone day after Trump spoke

from the Oval Office, callingthe southern border situation

a humanitarian and security crisis.

Wednesday in a bill signing, cracking down

on human trafficking, Trumpsays securing the border

is necessary to stopping it.

- We cannot defeat themenace of international human

trafficking if we donot secure our border.

- [Charlene] ComeFriday, federal employees

won't be getting paychecks,but the President insists

they still support him.

- These are terrific patriots.

A lot of them agree with what I'm doing.

- [Charlene] A spokesmanfor the Federation

of Government Employeescountered the President's claim.

- We oppose being held hostage.

- Meanwhile, eight House Republicans

joined Democrats to pass abill to keep the Treasury open

so tax refund checks can continue.

CBN News has learned Vice President Pence

held a conference call withmore than 200 faith leaders

Wednesday in an attempt to rally support

for the President positionon border security.

White House Administration sources say

the Vice President stressedthe humanitarian angle,

as well as the drug crisisat the southern border.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- Well, they mayor of NewYork has gotten himself

in a bit of a bind when he said look,

I think there ought to be free healthcare

for everyone, whetherthey can afford it or not,

whatever their status is,whether they're illegal aliens,

whether they're longtimeresidents, whoever,

and we're gonna givethem all free healthcare.

Boy oh boy, did he open himself.

People from New Jersey wouldbe flocking into New York City

and I imagine the Presidentcould load a few buses

of immigrants and take them up to New York

and say you get free healthcare.

Go on to New York Cityit's already guaranteed.

Well, you talk about crazybut what they're trying to do

is set a one payer systemwhere the government picks up

the tab for everybody.

It's socialism and it won't work.

The British have triedto socialize medicine

and the healthcare is horrible.

And we've got the besthealthcare in the world

but it's got to be private.

You cannot have the government healthcare.

Look what happens in theVeterans Administration,

if you want to say, thisis an example of people

who die waiting in line to get treatment.

It's just horrible.

We can't have it.

Efrem Graham has more.


- Pat, New York mayor, Bill DeBlasio

is taking fire for his planto give free medical care

to the uninsured, including300,000 undocumented immigrants.

NYC Care will cover medicalcosts from pediatrics

to geriatrics for anyonewho can't afford insurance,

regardless of ability topay or immigration status.

DeBlasio said it shouldbe a model for the nation.


- The solution, the ultimate solution

is single payer healthinsurance for this whole country

or Medicare for all.

That's the ideal.

That's what we need. (clapping)

- DeBlasio estimates thecost at $100 million dollars.

One Republican statelawmaker says the mayor

is using city funds like his personal ATM.

She also said the mayorshould lower property taxes

on senior citizens forcedto sell their homes

rather than buy healthcarefor people who are citizens

of other countries.

Attorney General nominee, William Barr,

assured Republican Senatorshe will not interfere

with Robert Mueller'sRussian Investigation.

Wednesday Barr met withSenate Judiciary Chairman,

Lindsey Graham ahead ofhis confirmation hearings

scheduled for next week.


- I asked Mr. Barrdirectly, do you think Bob,

Mr. Mueller's on a witch hunt.

He said no.

Are you committed tomaking sure Mr. Mueller can

finish his job.


- Graham also said, Barrand Mueller are good friends

of more than 20 yearsand their wives attend

a Bible study together.

Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein,

who's overseeing theinvestigation announced

he's stepping downafter Barr is confirmed.

Some Democrats want Barr to recuse himself

from the Mueller probe,because of his previous

statements criticizing the investigation.


- Well, this whole thingwould never have happened

if Rosenstein had beendoing what he should

have been doing.

But he set the Presidentup, brings in all these

supporters of HillaryClinton, puts them together

and this Mueller probeand they begin to go after

this, that and the other

to find Russian interference.

So far they've found noevidence of collusion,

no evidence of Russian involvement,

and they've been at it nowfor a long period of time.

It's time to shut it down.

But it's a good thing RodRosenstein is leaving.

But if the previous AttorneyGeneral had not recused

himself, and turned thatdepartment over to Rosenstein,

the President wouldn't bein the mess he's in now.

But it's terrible to find he is in charge

of the Justice Departmentand yet people in the Justice

Department are trying to unseat him

and destroy his effectiveness.

It's not a good thing,

but I will shed no tearwhen Rosenstein leaves.


- Pat, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

is in Egypt today, meeting

with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

He's also making a MiddleEast policy speech in Cairo.

It's part of a ninenation tour in the region

promoting the Administration'shard line on Iran.

Wednesday, he made anunannounced stop in Iraq.

In Baghdad, Pompeo metwith several Iraqi leaders,

including Iraq's President, Prime Minister

and Foreign Minister.

The Iraqi leaders expressedgratitude for US support

saying, it is crucial in the fight against

the Islamic state group.

The Secretary also went tothe northern city of Irbil

where he met Kurdish President Barzani.

Pompeo's trip comes as theUS tried to address questions

over a planned US troopwithdrawal from Syria.

As President Trump is slowing his plans

to pull US troops out ofSyria, all eyes are Turkey.

America's NATO ally isanxious to rid its neighbor

of Kurdish fighters and it's pushing back

against US concerns aboutprotecting the Kurds.

Now, Syria's Christiansfear what a Turkish invasion

will mean for them when the US leaves.

CBN's Jennifer Wishon explains.


- For President DonaldTrump, getting US troops

out of Syria fits neatly

into his America First Foreign Policy.

- But I don't want to be in Syria forever.

It's sand and it's death.

- [Jennifer] But as theUS prepares to draw down,

Assyrian Christians fear,they'll be wiped out

as Turkey eyes a new openingto go after its foe, the Kurds.

In an open letter to the world,

Syriac Assyrian Christians write,

They're referring to theongoing cross-border operation

into the Kurdish city of Afrin,launched by Turkey in March.

And it's not just the Turkish military.

Christians fear Turkey's Islamist agents

who have no respect forreligions outside of Islam.

Aykan Erdemir is a former member

of Turkey's Parliamentand current Senior Fellow

at the Foundation forDefensive Democracies.

- Will we see jihadistscoming back, enslaving

religious minorities, killingthem, destroying churches?

Talking about the extinctionof an ancient way of life.

We're talking aboutChristianity in its cradle,

Yazidism in its homelandbeing completely destroyed.

- It's interestingbecause just last month,

HR 390 became law, which says,

Does that, what's going on with the US

and the threat that you've just laid out,

does that contradict this?

- I think we're sendingmixed signals, certainly.

- Turkey has a growingnotorious reputation

when it comes to religious freedom.

In its latest report, theUS designated Turkey a

when it come to allowing Christians

and other religious minorities

to practice their faiths freely.

Still, President Trump isstanding firm on his decision

to bring US troops home.

What's the solution here.

What can be done?

- In the Middle East, there'sno such thing as a vacuum.

The moment you create avacuum, you can be sure that

Iran will be there, theirproxies will be there.

You can be sure that therewill be Sunni Jihadists there

and their patrons as well.

And also Russia.

- One option would be forthe US to recognize Kurdistan

as a nation.

But like everything in the Middle East,

Erdemir says that's complicated

because large populationsof Kurds are spread across

a number of countries, including Iran.

For now, it appears USpolicy is putting 2,000 years

of Christians historyand tradition at risk.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

- There is reason for concern.


- Thanks, Jennifer.

I totally agree with what she just said.

Ladies and gentlementhe answer, very simply,

the Kurds are peace loving people.

They want a republican ordemocratic type of government.

They are our strong allies.

The Peshmerga has foughtbeside us for years

and they deserve treatment.

We cannot abandon the Yazidis.

We cannot abandon the Christians.

And we cannot abandon the Kurds.

What's the answer?

They have a country.

All the President's gottado is issue a proclamation

that in his opinion, thegovernment of the United States

now recognizes a homeland for the Kurds

in what is called Kurdistan.

And that includes NorthernIraq, it includes Northern Syria

and the territory they alreadyhave under their government

with the headquarters in Irbil.

It would be a simple thing to do.

It's something that's gotta be done.

And then to say, if thereis an unprovoked attack

against the Kurdish nation of Kurdistan,

we will consider it an attackagainst the United States.

And then we arm the Kurds.

We don't send the weaponsto Baghdad any more.

We sent it to Irbil and wesent it into Northern Syria

and we say, here are theweapons, you defend yourself.

And then our troops come home.

It would be a great move andwe've got to see that done

or we recognize a nation of Kurdistan.

And then those Kurds cantake care of themselves

if we give them the necessary weapons.

So let's hope, but otherwise,there's gonna be a bloodbath.

You remember what theydid to the people who

were the progenitors of our dear friends

who came over to thiscountry, who were forced out

because of the genocide of the Kurds,

of the Turks I should say,against the Christians

years and years ago.

That spirit is still thereand we cannot allow it

to come back and gainascendancy in the Middle East.

We can't do it.

And Erdogan has insultedBolton, he's insulted Trump

and he literally made fun of John Bolton,

the representative of the United States.

We can't have that happen.


- Pat, turning now to somehealth news here at home.

A milestone in the fightagainst cancer in America,

the death rate from thedisease has decreased

for 25 years in a row.

The National CancerSociety reports death rates

have fallen 27% since theearly 1990s, much of that

is due to people quitting smoking.

The lung cancer death rateamong men has dropped nearly 50%

since 1991 and the rateof prostate cancer death

has dropped by more thanhalf in the last 20 year.

However, cancers linkedto obesity are seeing

a higher death rate,including pancreas, liver

and uterine cancer.

Pat, back to you.

- Well, that's an encouraging thing.

You know, we

realized that as long as alarge majority of the population

were smokers, we couldn't deal against it.

But once the population smokingbegan to drop below 50%,

then below 40%, thenbelow 30% the law and the

lawsuits against the tobacco company

began to bite and people began to realize

that smoking caused cancer,so they're stopping smoking.

But the detection rates ofcancer are just wonderful.

And I'm thrilled to see that.

- It's really true, it is.

And I think people arechanging lifestyles.

There's a lot of information about

what we eat, when we eat,a lot of it delivered here

on this program.- Delivered all them time.

We're delivering. (laughing)


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