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'Huge Setback' for Parents' Rights as European Court Rules Against German Homeschoolers

'Huge Setback' for Parents' Rights as European Court Rules Against German Homeschoolers Read Transcript

- We in the were disappointedwith the judgment

that the judgment hasupheld the blanket ban

that exists in Germanyagainst homeschooling.

It's a blanket ban that is backed up

with criminal penalties in some states

including the one in whichthe Wunderlichs live.

And they essentially, thecourt adopts the reasoning

of the German authorities,

they say, that this banis necessary to avoid

parallel societies coming into being.

And that the ban is necessaryso that the children

can learn tolerance,respect, assertiveness

and it's necessary to createa pluralistic society.

And the sad reality isthat in upholding the ban,

the Court has actuallyopposed those things.

The Court has created thesociety that's less pluralistic.

It told these children thatactually if you stand up

for what you believe, thenthe full force of the State

will come down on you.

It really ignored thefundamental parental rights

that guaranteed by international treaties.

And if you go back to a document that's

often described as theConstitution of the entire

human rights movement,the Universal Declaration

of Human Rights, it says thatparents have a prior right,

a prior right.

And the reason that was in there

because the parents have aright before anyone else,

before the State, andit's an inherent right

to direct the upbringing,to raise their children.

I mean, certainly our hopeis that the Wunderlichs

will be left to live their lives.

The children were subject to an assessment

and the authoritiesdetermined that they performed

in some areas above average,

in some areas below average.

In other words, probablylike most students

around the world.

And they were alsosubjected to an assessment

that they're not reallyin danger any way at home.

And that's the word theGerman government had used,

that the parents wereendangering the children.

And so on that basis,after the three weeks

of separation, those fourchildren were returned

to the family.

And we hope that that's theway that things will stay,

certainly, while this appealis in process over the coming.



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