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News on The 700 Club: January 11, 2019

As seen on “The 700 Club,” January 11, 2019.: Read Transcript

- Welcome to The 700 Club.

The US military is startingits pullout from Syria,

and roughly 2,000 troops are now

in the process of coming home.

The news arrived just one day

after a major speech on Middle East policy

by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

- Secretary Pompeo delivered his speech

in Cairo during a nine-daytour of the Middle East.

Afterwards, he gave CBNNews an exclusive interview,

telling our Middle Eastbureau chief Chris Mitchell

why he believes America is aforce for good in the region.

- Secretary of State Pompeo came to Cairo

knowing many allies are concerned

about President Trump's decision

to pull US troops out of Syria.

Pompeo told CBN News the regionwill see a strong America

pick up the foreign policy mantle

it's historically held in the Mid East.

We interviewed Pompeo ata newly dedicated church

built by Egypt for Coptic Christians.

You just had a major speechabout the Middle East,

and 10 years ago, anothermajor speech was given

here in Cairo.

Would it be fair to saythat your speech was

America is back and it's a force for good?

- Absolutely.

I want people throughout theMiddle East and the world

to know that America'sinvolvement in the Middle East

is absolutely a force for good.

We come here with no intentionto oppress or to dominate,

but rather to free, tocreate opportunities

for every individualthroughout the Middle East

to live their life andto have the freedoms

that we are all so blessedto have in the United States.

- [Chris] Pompeo's speechcame 10 years after

then-President Obamadelivered his blueprint

for the Middle East in Cairo.

- He told you that the United States

and the Muslim world needed quote,

"a new beginning," end of quote.

The results of thesemisjudgments have been dire.

- [Chris] The Secretary of State

said that PresidentObama's timid, hesitant,

and apologetic policy allowed ISIS, Iran,

and other terrorists to thrive.

- We learned that when America retreats,

chaos often follows.

When we neglect ourfriends, resentment builds.

And when we partner withour enemies, they advance.

- [Chris] Pompeo said that all changed

as the Trump administrationpushed to decimate ISIS,

confront Iran, and stand upto Syria's President Assad.

- The good news is this:

the age of self-inflictedAmerican shame is over

and so are the policies that produced

so much needless suffering.

Now comes the real new beginning.

- Part of that new beginning

is forging a global alliance against Iran.

One of your themes ofthe trip is about Iran

and the danger to the Middle East.

Do you see nations aligningup with the United States

against he influence of Iran?

- So our team has done good work.

We built an enormous coalition

that ranges from Asia to North Africa,

certainly to the Middle East,

countries from all across the world

understanding that the threat

from the Islamic Republic of Iran is real

and continuing and not to be tolerated.

- Another issue is in Syria,

as Turkey's President Erdoğanis threatening US allies.

A few hours ago, you metwith leaders in Erbil

about the Kurds, and yetthere's dangerous talk

coming out of Turkey.

What's your message toErdoğan if he goes ahead

and invades the Kurds?

- Well, our message is straightforward.

The work that the Kurdishforces did with us

alongside Syria has been important.

It took down a caliphate,99% of the real estate

that was held by ISIS.

We remember people sittingin cages being burned.

Seems like a long time ago,

but frankly it's the good work

that the United Statesdid with a big coalition.

And we'll work with the Turks to make sure

that there's security for them as well

and that the Kurdish people in Syria

are indeed protected.

- What about the Christians in the region?

They have an appeal thatthey won't be eradicated,

that Christianity won't be eradicated.

What's your message to those Christians?

- That America is with them.

Christianity is at theheart of the history

of this place here in the Middle East.

All you gotta do is grab a Bible

and read the places and the names.

The Christians have beencentral to Middle East,

we wanna make sure that they continue

to have opportunities and freedom,

and for Christian churches to grow

alongside churches of other faith as well.

Our message is simple, it is that we stand

for religious freedom every place

American diplomacy is at work.

- Secretary Pompeo toldus he wanted to pass along

a simple but powerful message,

that the United Statesstands for religious freedom

every place American diplomacy is at work.

There could not have been abetter place to deliver it.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Cairo.

- And what a contrastbetween the two speeches.

You go back 10 years, andwithin the Muslim world,

Obama's speech isreferred to as the sermon,

and they actually countthe number of shoulds

and musts that he expressed,

and that what for his administrationwas a landmark speech.

The hope was, 10 yearsago, to pull together

all the different players

and recognize them and let them know

that they had a seat at the table

and then encourage them that in the West,

to use a geographic term, in the West,

that they would be honoredand women would be able

to wear whatever dress theywanted to wear in public.

But at the same time, in the Muslim world,

there needed to be changes.

Well, the problem with all of that

was it gave legitimacy to groups

that had already beenlabeled as terrorist groups

by their own government.

And specifically inEgypt, it gave legitimacy

to the Muslim Brotherhood.

They now had a seat at the table

at a presidential address, and that seat

was actually mandated bythe Obama administration.

They insisted that the MuslimBrotherhood be invited.

At the same time that's going on,

the Director of National Security

under the Obama administration

tried to claim that the Muslim Brotherhood

was some kind of socialwelfare organization,

and completely ignoring its history.

So in the aftermath of the Arab Spring,

was it any surprisethat this now legitimate

Muslim Brotherhood takescontrol over Egypt?

That was a tragic day.

So when we look at themistakes, if you will,

from 10 years ago, the highaspirations of that speech,

but then not recognizingwhat it took on the ground

to make things work, are werepeating it 10 years later?

I'm all for bringing troops home,

but are we going to seeanother vacuum of power

in a very volatile region?

The pullout of the troopsin Iraq 10 years ago

was the trigger and thesignal for ISIS to arise.

The Obama speech wasa trigger and a signal

for the Muslim Brotherhood to rise.

So we shouldn't do that anymore.

That's something we need to be there

and say to our allies there we're here,

we're here to maintain peaceand we're here to make sure

that ISIS never rises again,

that these terror groupsdo not have authority here.

It's my hope, my prayer,that this administration

gets that message, and we're there to stay

and stay there for our allies.

Well in other news, it'spayday for government workers,

but many won't be getting a check.

Efrem Graham has more of our top stories

from the CNB newsroom.

- Gordon, as the governmentshutdown nears its third week,

the impact is starting tohit federal employees hard.

Still, President Trumpand Democratic leadership

show now signs of giving in.

Dale Hurd has the story.

- In day 21 of thepresident's shutdown showdown

with the Democrats, thestakes keep getting higher

as this looks to become thelongest government shutdown

in US history.

President Trump and his supporters

want a wall on the southernborder with Mexico,

and he told Fox's Sean Hannity

that he's getting closer todeclaring a national emergency

in order to get it done.

- If we don't make a deal with Congress,

most likely I will do that.

I would actually say I would.

- [Dale] Republican senator Lindsey Graham

told the president on Twitter,

"Mr. President, theDemocrats are not working

"in good faith with you.

"Declare emergency, build the wall now."

Inside the Senate, DemocratChuck Schumer demanded

that Senate MajorityLeader Mitch McConnell

allow members to vote on legislation

to reopen the government.

- So why aren't we voting on them?

Because Leader McConnell ishiding behind President Trump.

- [Dale] But Republicansenator James Lankford believes

Democrats want the crisis to escalate.

- Lately what I'm hearingfrom Democrat colleagues

is they quietly hope thepresident will declare

a national emergencyand will build the wall

out of something else and sothey can go back to their base

and to say I stood strongagainst the president,

but he did it anyway.

- [Dale] Pressure is mountingto find an escape hatch

from the three-weekimpasse that has closed

parts of the government.

Some 800,000 workers,more than half of them

still on the job, will misstheir first paycheck today

under the stoppage.

They came out in protest incities across the country.

Some fear losing their homes.

- I mean, we're notdriving the bus on this.

We're under the bus on this.

- [Dale] The president also has to fight

the media's message,

which Scott Whitlock of NewsBusters says

is firmly on the side of the Democrats.

- They're very much takingthe Democratic talking points

as to who is to blame for the shutdown,

and they're blaming the president.

- And it looks like theshutdown will go on.

The president hascanceled an upcoming trip

to Davos, Switzerland later this month.

Meanwhile, he's consulting with attorneys

on the use of his emergency powers

and with the Army Corps of Engineers

on finding money for the wall.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

- A Democratic congresswomanis calling out her party

for religious bias against Catholics.

In an op-ed for The Hill,Hawaii representative

Tulsi Gabbard criticizesDemocratic leaders,

targeting judicialnominees for their beliefs.

One example, Brian Buescher, a nominee

for the US District Court,who is a practicing Catholic

and a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Democrat senators KamalaHarris and Mazie Hirono

raised the issue of Buescher's faith

during his nomination hearings last fall,

questioning whether hecould separate his beliefs

from his rulings.

And in 2017, Senator Diane Feinstein

targeted judicial nomineeAmy Coney Barrett's

Catholic beliefs, saying,

"The dogma lives loudly within you."

On a Fox News specialreport with Bret Baier,

CBN's David Brody says it is a big problem

for the Democratic Party.

- I truly believe that theHillary Clinton language,

when she talks about howthese shared religious

or these religious viewsneed to be done away with

is what she's talked about,

Barack Obama talking aboutclinging to your guns

and religion, we've heard that before.

You can go down the line.

There has been a systematicremoval, if you will,

of faith from the Democrat Party.

Ask the pro-life Democrats,where are they in this party?

- In her op-ed, Gabbard wrote,

"The party that worked sohard to convince people

"that Catholics and Knightsof Columbus like Al Smith

"and John F. Kennedy couldbe both good Catholics

"and good public servantsshows an alarming disregard

"of its own history inmaking such attacks today."

Florida Republicansenator Marco Rubio says

a significant number of Democrats support

the BDS movement against Israel.

Rubio made that statement in a tweet

after some Democrats opposed his measure

to allow state and local governments

to boycott businesses thattake part in the BDS movement.

Now, BDS stands for Boycott,Divestment, and Sanctions.

It's led to increased boycotts of Israel

in support of the Palestinians.

Oklahoma senator JamesLankford tells CBN News

many Democrats do support BDS,

but says Palestinians are doing well

under Israeli businesses.

So hurting Israeli businessesalso hurts Palestinians.

- There are some Democratic colleagues

that do support the BDS movement,

and that's a concern for me.

The vast majority of Americansare supportive of Israel.

They're also supportiveof economic development

for the Palestinian people,and I think we can do both.

- And Israel has been pushingback against the BDS movement.


- Well, it's time for Democratsto stand up for Israel.

Bernie Sanders has alreadyweighed in on this,

and essentially said well,it's against American values

that if state governments,local governments

pass boycott bills that any industry,

any company that boycotts Israel

will then be boycottedin contracts in the state

or in that locality,

he's saying well that'sagainst free speech.

Senator Rubio rightly pointed out

well, is it okay to boycott Israel?

But it's not okay to boycott the companies

that are boycotting Israel?

You get into this absurdity

that just doesn't make any sense

unless you say well, somehow or other

Senator Sanders is notstanding up for Israel.

He's standing up for the boycott movement.

So are we going to push forward to a vote

and actually find out whoin the Senate is for BDS?

I'm not sure that's gonna happen,

but it might be good forthe Democrats to stand up,

to say we support Israel,we're behind Israel,

the American people are behind Israel.

At the same time that Democrats

are standing up for Catholics

and the right of Catholics tohold judgeships in America,

let's say there is noreligious test for office,

for sitting for a judge.

We can't have that.

That's not part of who we are as a people.

The divide is startingto get a little starker,

and when you look right nowat some of the radical parts

of the Democratic Partypushing for socialism,

which is also pushing for atheism,

well, where are we going as a country?

So Christian Democrats,please, it's time to stand up.


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