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New Life From the Fire

As the missile struck her home in Syria, Ammar felt the boiling oil from the stove sear her skin. She received basic treatment at a field hospital. Then she escaped on foot to Jordan and received 22 surgeries. Finally, Ammar discovered a ... Read Transcript

- [Announder] Amar, a young Muslim woman

suffered from severe burns when her home

in Syria was hit by a missile.

- My mother was making French fries

when the missile hit our house.

The hot oil from the fryingpan poured all over me.

At that moment, I said to myself

this is it, I'm going to die.

- [Announcer] The rest of Amar's family

survived the blast unscathed,

but she had no access to a hospital

capable of treating her extensive

third degree burns.

She received basic careat a field hospital

and then she and her family fled Syria

for Jordan, crossing the desert by foot.

- I was in so much pain.

My wounds were not treated well.

And I had no medicine for relief.

In Jordan, a doctor volunteered

to help me.

He performed 22 surgeries,but he had to leave Jordan

and I was left without treatment.

- [Announcer] Then Amar found out about

a medical clinic supported by CBN.

- The clinic helped me find a doctor

who performed the last four surgeries

and now I'm doing laser treatments.

Thank God I'm better now.

- [Announcer] Suhael manages the clinic.

- CBN does things out of love.

When we first opened the clinic,

we could only see 10 to15 patients each day.

Now with the help we receive from CBN,

sometimes we see more than 150 patients

in one day.

- I just wanted to give up,

but people here gave me hope.

You stood by me and helped me get through

the hardest time of my life.

- [Announcer] Through the love and care

she received from so many Christians,

Amar prayed and gave her life to Christ.

- She suffered a lot physically.

Her whole body was burned,

but God is working on her heart.

- They even offered me a job

and now I'm working at the clinic

and helping other refugees.

I thank CBN for all the help you gave me

and so many other refugees.

Thank you.


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