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God’s Answer to Money Challenges

Tom and Linda have been faithful givers throughout their marriage and it has always paid off. Hear their story of money challenges and how God always saw them through. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] As a former Navy pilot,

Tom Jennings has flown around the world.

- On the E-2C Hawkeye,I've got over 4,000 hours

flying that airplaneover that 20 year career.

Sometimes we would control fighters

in air to air combat scenarios.

- Tom's not real good atgetting the car parked straight

in the driveway but thatman could put an airplane

on a postage stamp doing the bugaloo

in the middle of the ocean.

- [Narrator] At thestart of their marriage,

Linda wanted to tithe.

Surprisingly, Tom agreed.

- I knew it was important to her

but I knew also it wasthe right thing to do.

- He didn't miss a beat.

He said well sure andI'm thinking to myself,

now wait a minute,

I know all these peoplewho were born again,

arm waving, foot stomping,tongue tossing believers

who if God wanted to getahold of their wallet,

he'd have to have a crow bar.

And here my husband was,he had sense enough to know

you'd better give to God.

- [Narrator] After 20 yearsof the Navy, Tom retired.

The couple used theirsavings to pay for Tom

to get certified as a commercial pilot.

The jobs were hard to come by

and the only place hiringwas a small regional airline.

Tom's salary went from$60,000 to $16,000 year.

- Our needs were all met, allthe bills were getting paid,

I just had to work a little bit harder.

- We always had more than enough.

God told me to tithe 30%

and I want you to know every place I went

I was finding deals thatall the other housewives

weren't finding.

God just makes all these provisions

when you'll be obedient and give.

- [Narrator] Part oftheir giving was to CBN.

- We saw the wonderfulthings that they were doing,

the outreach of the ministriesthat CBN was pursuing,

we felt like we shouldsupport them as well.

- The wells that were dug and to know

that entire people groups wouldbe able to drink water now

and for the first time intheir lives not get sick.

I mean, just thrilledus, we loved to give.

- [Narrator] Which iswhy Linda prayed for Tom

to get a job making more money.

- I said Abba, if Tom wasflying for this major airline,

you'd get a whole lot morethan you're getting now,

I'm just saying.

- [Narrator] Eventually, Tom landed a job

for a major airline beatingout 4,000 other applicants.

Not only was Tom making nearlyfour times what he had been

their tithe was now more thanhis entire salary had been

from his former employer.

- Yeah, that was prettyspecial and you have to think

that God's hand had to be in that.

- Ooh, honey, I mean when Godmoves, I just get excited.

- [Narrator] Then theairline filed for bankruptcy

and Tom lost his $350,000retirement package

and took a huge cut in his salary.

But that didn't deter the Jennings

who continued to trust Godand never stopped tithing.

- I just had completefaith that everything

was gonna work out well.

- [Narrator] And it did, thecompany emerged from bankruptcy

and set up a new pension programthat greatly benefited Tom.

- During that time, theyincreased the age limit to 65

for flying so that extra five years I flew

completely offset theloss of our retirement.

- [Narrator] Today, the Jennings

are Chairman Circle members.

Now in their retirement years,

they say they're more blessedbecause of their giving.

- Oh, absolutely, God hasbeen more faithful to us.

- Test God, what have you got to lose.

You're gonna go down to a burger joint,

take that money and give itto God and see what he does.

He is faithful.


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