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Getting Four Boys to Sit Still

They’re ages 4–10, and these boys love CBN’s animated Bible adventures. Parents Jason and Rachel have strong views about what their boys should watch before bedtime. Hear the kids’ reviews and why their parents look to Superbook to help ... Read Transcript

(inspirational music)

- [Presenter] Jason andRachel Oyer have four boys,

so life happens at warp speed.

- [Boy] Goes out!

- [Presenter] But there's one thing

that Samuel and Levi, Benjamin, and Matt

will sit still for, Superbook.

- They're the ones who arelike, we love Superbook.

It's awesome.

- Bedtime routine candefinitely be crazy at times,

but one thing that we havebeen doing for a while

is who's ever brushed their teeth,

and put their pajamason, taken their shower,

the first one down would be able

to pick the Superbook episode.

- We could just unwindaltogether from crazy,

and I wanna end the day well with my kids.

This is the last thing they're gonna think

about before they go to sleep.

- [Presenter] The boys,ranging in age from four to 10,

are eager to tell you abouttheir favorite episodes.

- I will tell you about a lot about Elijah

and the prophets of Baal.

That all the rest of the prophets

were worshiping Baal, but Elijah,

he was trying to makeeveryone worship to God.

God made a fiery pit andthey blast it wide open.

It was super good.

- I learned that God loves us so much,

that it also makes me feel like

I wanna be a missionary when I grow up

'cause of all the peoplethat don't know God.

- [Presenter] Rachelhome-schools all of her sons

and Superbook is a vitaltool for teaching them

life-changing spiritual principles.

- It's something that canchange their daily life.

You want them to be able tostand up to peer pressure

and not give in to something you know

is a bad choice for them.

When difficult things happen,

to be able to push throughand not to give up.

Superbook brings allthose things together.

- It's just nice to havesomebody on your team with you,

who wants you to succeed.

They want you to raise yourchildren to know Christ.

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