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Faith Nation: January 11, 2019

Faith Nation: January 11, 2019 Read Transcript

(tense music)

- Hundreds of thousands of federal workers

are going without pay as thepartial government shutdown

drags into day 20. (ticking)

A look at the legalramifications of President Trump

declaring a National Emergencyto get a border wall.

And CBN News exclusive interview

with Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

All that and more,tonight on Faith Nation.

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Some federal workers arefacing their first missed

paychecks during thispartial government shutdown.

Welcome to Faith Nation.

I'm Amber Strong.

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers

are going without pay as thepartial government shutdown

drags on into day 20.

CBN News, CongressionalCorrespondent, Abigail Robertson

is on Capitol Hill with moreon hor government agencies

are grinding to a halt andhow that's trickling downhill.

- Well, Amber, this is ontrack to be the longest

government shutdown inhistory and federal employees

around the country are fed up.

Take a look.

(protest chanting)

Rallies in Washington andacross the country continue

today as federal workersface their first payday

with no check.

- While some in the publicdebate say that this

is a manufactured crisison the southern border,

I expect the men and womenin uniform gathered here

and those that might be looking on

know the truth of it.

- [Abigail] The VicePresident thanked customs

and border patrol agents.

- Thank you for stayingfocused on the mission.

- [Abigail] And theirfamilies for standing strong.

- And the President and Iand our entire administration

are going to continue to stand strong

until we give you the resources

and the reforms that you needto accomplish your mission.

- [Abigail] But agentstasked with securing

the US-Mexico border arenot the only Americans

affected as the shutdown grinds on.

- We tighten our belts,there's some things we don't do

that we normally might do.

And we just kind of wait it out.

- [Abigail] Victims of domestic violence,

who rely on Charities likeHope House in Missouri

are in limbo.

- It's honestly, day by day right now.

- [Abigail] With governmentgrant money also halted,

employees are committed tokeeping transitional housing,

civil, legal and support services open.

- At this point we are not talking about

stopping any services or closing services

or laying anybody off.

- [Abigail] Questionsalso surround Food Stamps,

covered under FederalSupplemental Nutrition Assistance

Programs, which arehandled by a now closed

Department of Agriculture.

- People are confused anddon't know what to expect.

- [Abigail] The government has guaranteed

those SNAP benefits through February.

Kevin Ryan is a Social Services Manager

at an Oregon food pantry.

- We're extremely worried about it.

We care about our clients andwhat they're going through

and this is gonna hit them hard.

- [Abigail] Matt Hall, withthe Transportation Security

Agency for 16 years, knowsthe drill and likely outcome

since this isn't his first shutdown.

- It will end.

This too shall pass.

- Indeed, Amber, this will end someday

but unfortunately it doesn'tlook like someday soon.

Congress has adjourned for the weekend

and we have yet to see a compromise

that leadership in bothparties say they will agree to

to reopen the government.

- The President declared today in a tweet

that the humanitarian crisison the southern border

is quote, an invasion.

The wartime rhetoriccomes as President Trump

inches closer to declaringa National Emergency

to ensure funding for aUS-Mexico border wall.

CBN News White HouseCorrespondent, Ben Kennedy,

has more on the President's next move.

- We have a country that'sbeing invaded by criminals

and by drugs and we're gonna stop it.

- [Ben] Border securitytook front and center

during today's roundtable at the White House.

- This is too simple, it's too basic.

If they can't do it, I will declare

a National Emergency.

I have the absolute right to do it.

It says, as clear as you can.

Now, what will happen, I'll be sued,

it'll be brought to the 9th Circuit

and maybe even though thewording is unambiguous,

just like with the Travel Ban,

it'll be appealed to the 9th Circuit

and we'll probably lose there too.

And then hopefully, we'llwin in the Supreme Court.

- [Ben] The TrumpAdministration is reportedly

laying groundwork to movemoney from the Army Corps

of Engineers and could meanfunds meant for disaster relief

from hurricanes and wildfireswould go toward the wall.

- If we don't make a deal with Congress

most likely I will do that.

I would actually say I would.

- [Ben] And Trump added thathe has every right to do it.

- I can't imagine any reason why not,

because I'm allowed to do it.

The law's a 100% on my side.

- President Trump couldactually use the National

Emergencies Act, it's beenaround since 1976 or so.

And sure, he could technicallygo down that route.

- [Ben] Democrats leadersshow no signs of giving ground

as they prepare legalarguments in the event

Trump acts on a National Emergency.

Even some Republicanshope Trump does not trade

disaster relief for a border barrier.

- I'm not for that idea right how.

'Kay, I'm for getting back to negotiation.

- [Ben] Congressman Williamsrepresents a district

between Fort Worth and San Antonio.

His state is still recoveringfrom Hurricane Harvey.

- Right now, that wouldbe the last thing I'd

want to see happen, is takemoney away from disaster relief.


- Ben Kennedy joins usnow from the White House

and Abigail Robertson is back as well.

Let me go to Ben first.

Ben, is the President willing to declare

a National Emergency without the support

of Republicans in Congress?

- Well, Amber, the GOP is notunited behind the President

declaring a National Emergency.

No word if that's gonnaimpact his decision.

But as the deadlockstretches on, he's become

more vocal about declaringa National Emergency

at the southern border.

Lawmakers and the President remain locked

in a bit of a stalemateover the border wall funding

to the tune of $5.7 billion.

It's campaign promise thathe is not backing down from.

Senator Lindsey Graham saidDemocrats are not working

in good faith and gave Trumpessentially, the green light

to declare the emergencyand build the wall.

But today, Trump backtracked a bit

during the round table talks.

He said what we're notlooking to do right now,

is National Emergency.

He added that I'm notgoing to do it so fast

and that he wants Congress to do its job.

- Abby, you talked aboutthose federal workers

in your report earlier.

Is there any relief for themfrom banks and creditors?

- Well, Amber, we arehearing stories of some

credit card companies orlandlords who are being

lenient on federal workers.

But I think it's reallyon a case by case basis.

We have learned that federal employees

are able to file forunemployment and if they file

for that, they arereceiving checks but they'll

have to pay that moneyback once their back pay

kicks in, once the government reopens

and they are paid for thepast three or so weeks.

They will than have to paythat unemployment money back.

But that will provide themsome relief in the meantime.

And we've also heard alot of stories of federal

employees who are puttingtheir bills on credit cards

and hoping that theyreceive their paychecks

before those credit card bills are due.

But unfortunately, if they don't get them

they will be on the hookfor those credit card fees.

And I asked Senator Lankfordabout this yesterday.

And he told me thatunfortunately, there's nothing

that will protect them andthey will just be on the hook

for those fees.

Take a look.

- That's the challenge,

this'll be a real stretchfor a lot of families

through this and I have great empathy

for those folks.

And my great frustration is,as long as we're in a position

where for months andand months and months,

literally the President has said,

we're going to do bordersecurity this year.

And we get to the end ofthe year and the Democrats

said, no we're absolutely gonna

do nothing on border security,

that's a really difficult spot.

This is not like thiswas a surprise to anyone

in Washington, DC.

The President said, we'regonna do border security

starting in the summer.

And he said we're goingto do it in this year.

And so there may be peoplesaying they were surprised

at the end of the year, but if they were,

they weren't listening towhat he said all year long.

- And they are putting forth various bills

in both the House and Senate.

One that would protect these workers

from eviction, from ifthey're missing car payments,

things like that.

But unfortunately it's allleading to just a lot of extra

paperwork for these employeesand a lot of headaches,

a lot of phone calls.

And I'm sure that there'sa lot of case by case basis

where some of these peopleare really getting hurt

that might not ever see relief for some

of the financial things thatthey're left on the hook

for during this time period.

- Ben, really quickly,I hear faith leaders

were involved in thosediscussions there today.

- Yes, Amber, you're right.

A couple pastors and reverendswere a part of today's

round table right herebehind me at the White House.

Now, the President valuestheir input on border security.

Earlier this week, VicePresident, Mike Pence,

held a conference callwith 200 faith leaders

to stress the humanitarianside and the drug crisis

at the southern border.

- Abby, Ben, thank you guys so much.

- As the Presidentconsiders whether to declare

a National Emergency forhis wall, questions remain

over the legality of such a move.

CBN News Anchor, Jenna Browder spoke with

the Heritage Foundation'sHans Von Spakovsky

and got some answers.

- It depends on which moneyhe wants to try to use,

whether it's money atDHS or DoD or elsewhere.

- So you're saying he can do it,

it just depends how.

- I think it's likely he can do it.

But like I said, as youknow, the federal budget

is huge and it alldepends on the White House

finding money that'salready been appropriated

but isn't tied to a specific purpose

that he can, through thisNational Emergency declaration,

properly use for securing the border.

- Do you think, do you personally think

he should declare a National Emergency?

- Well look, I would certainly prefer

that this be done through Congress.

It's the job of Congressto appropriate the funds,

particularly the House of Representatives

under our Constitution, that's needed for

the federal budget and to accomplish

the kind of solutions topublic policy problems

that we all agree on.

But if Congress won't doit and if the President

believes that this reallyis a National Emergency,

if he believes nationalsecurity is threatened,

well yeah, he probablyneeds to consider this.

Look, to give you another example,

if the United States wereattacked by a military force

I don't think people wouldwant to wait for Congress

to appropriate the moneyand give the President

the permission for him to respond to that

and that he should waituntil Congress acted.

That's why there is a federal law called

the National EmergenciesAct, so the President

can act when he feels it's necessary

for either public safety reasons or for

national security reasons.

- We are in week three of thispartial government shutdown.

President Trump, he thinks he's winning.

Democrats, they think they're winning.

Hans, how do you see this playing out?

- Well, I think it's important for people

to understand that threequarters of the government

is not only operating but funded.

It's only about aquarter of the government

that is at risk here,including the Department

of Homeland Security.

It's not that that's a minor problem.

But when I hear people talking about,

oh, there's a completegovernment shutdown,

that of course is not true.

I actually think thePresident is probably coming

out ahead on this and here's the reason.

I think probably most peopleremember that more than

a year ago, the President offered

the Democrats a huge compromise.

He said that in exchangefor funding the wall

and border security thingsthat he thought were needed,

remember he agreed thathe would provide amnesty

and a road to citizenshipfor over two million

illegal aliens in thecountry, a much larger number

than the DACA beneficiaries,the Deferred Action

Childhood Arrival beneficiaries.

There's only estimatedabout 700,000 people.

So he offered a huge compromise,he offered citizenship

and amnesty, somethingthat a lot of people

on the right were criticizingand yet the Democrats

said no to that.

I think he's winning thisrace, this competition

or if you can call it that, this fight,

because I think a lot of people have seen,

look he already offeredto give the Democrats

a lot of what they like in exchange

for helping him secure theborder and yet they're saying no.


- When we come back, a CBN News exclusive

with the Secretary of State.

The US has initiated the processof withdrawing from Syria.

CBN News, Jerusalem BureauChief, Chris Mitchell

spoke to Mike Pompeo aboutthe ramifications of that move

when it comes to America'sallies and Christians

in the region.

The US is beginning itswithdrawal from Syria

but so far troops are staying put.

A Defense Departmentofficial says some American

equipment is being pulled out.

The move adds to confusionover the timeline

on bringing US Service Members home.

In a surprise announcement last month

the President said troops

would be leaving Syria immediately.

That was walked backthis week by his National

Security Advisor who gavea timetable of months

or even years for withdrawal.

Currently about 2,000America are on the ground

there in Syria.

Secretary of State, MikePompeo used a Middle East

platform to tell the world about the role

America plans to play in the region.

Following his speech, Pompeo gave CBN News

an exclusive interviewabout why he believes

America is back and is a force for good.

- Secretary of State Pompeo came to Cairo

knowing many allies areconcerned about President

Trump's decision to pullUS troops out of Syria.

Pompeo told CBN News the region will see

a strong America pick upthe foreign policy mantle

it's historically held in the Mid East.

We interviewed Pompeo ata newly dedicated church

built by Egypt for Coptic Christians.

You just had a major speechabout the Middle East.

And 10 years ago, anothermajor speech was given

here in Cairo.

Would it be fair to saythat your speech was

America is back and it's a force for good?

- Absolutely, I want peoplethroughout the Middle East

and the world to knowthat America's involvement

in the Middle East isabsolutely a force for good

and we come here withno intentions to oppress

or to dominate butrather to free, to create

opportunities for everyindividual throughout

the Middle East to live theirlife, to have the freedoms

that we are also blessed withto have in the United States.

- [Chris] Pompeo's speechcame 10 years after

then, President Obamadelivered his blueprint

for the Middle East in Cairo.

- He told you that the UnitedStates and the Muslim world

needed quote, a newbeginning, end of quote.

The results of thesemisjudgments have been dire.

- [Chris] The Secretary ofState said that President

Obama's timid, hesitantand apologetic policy

allowed ISIS, Iran andother terrorists to thrive.

- We learned that when America retreats

chaos often follows, whenwe neglect our friends,

resentment builds and when we partner

with our enemies they advance.

- [Chris] Pompeo said thatall changed as the Trump

Administration pushed to decimate ISIS,

confront Iran and stand upto Syria's President Assad.

- The good news is this,the age of self-inflicted

American shame is over.

And so are the policies that produced

so much needless suffering.

Now comes the real new beginning.

- [Chris] Part of thatnew beginning is forging

a global alliance against Iran.

One of your themes ofthe trip is about Iran

and the danger to the Middle East.

Do you see nations aligningup with the United States

against the influence of Iran?

- Our team has done good work.

We've built an enormouscoalition that ranges

from Asia to North Africa,certainly to the Middle East,

countries all acrossthe world, understanding

that the threat from theIslamic Republic of Iran

is real and continuing andought not to be tolerated.

- [Chris] Another issue is in Syria

as Turkish President Erdoganis threatening US allies.

A few hours ago you metwith leaders in Irbil

about the Kurds.

And yet there's dangeroustalk coming out of Turkey.

What's your message to Erdogan, if he goes

ahead and invades the Kurds?

- Well, our message is straightforward.

The work that the Kurdishforces did with us,

alongside in Syria, has been important.

It took down a caliphate,99% of the real estate

that was held by ISIS.

We remember people sittingin cages, being burned.

Seems like a long time ago, but frankly

it's the good work thatthe United States did

with a big coalition.

And we'll work with the Turks to make sure

that there's security for them as well

and that the Kurdish peoplein Syria are indeed protected.

- What about the Christians in the region?

They have an appeal thatthey won't be eradicated,

that Christianity won't be eradicated.

What's your message to those Christians?

- That America is with them.

Christianity is at theheart of the history

of this place here in the Middle East.

All you gotta do is grab a Bible and read

the places and the names.

Christians have beencentral to Middle East,

we want to make sure that they continue

to have opportunities and freedom

and for Christianchurches to grow alongside

churches of other faith as well.

Our message is simple, is that we stand

for religious freedomeveryplace American diplomacy

is at work.

- Secretary Pompeo toldus he wanted to pass along

a simple but powerful message,that the United States

stands for religious freedom every place

American diplomacy as at work.

There could not have been a better place

to deliver it.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Cairo.

- For more news and informationfrom the Middle East

be sure to check out CBNNews's Jerusalem Dateline

which airs every Friday at 9:30 Eastern

on the CBN News Channel.

And for more info on how to tune in,

head to


Coming up, crisis pregnancycenters across the country

tend to focus on women caughtin an unplanned pregnancy.

But a baby on the way can catcha father off guard as well.

Next, one group's work toprovide counseling to men

facing unplanned fatherhood.

Abortion is the core missionof Planned Parenthood.

The group's president,Dr. Leana Wen acknowledged

what pro-life groups have said for years.

Wen was responding onTwitter to a BuzzFeed article

stating, she wanted to focuson non-abortion healthcare.

She said the headlines quote,completely misconstrued

my vision for Planned Parenthood.

She went on to tweet,

Her statement cuts against the narrative

the abortion providerhas repeated for years

that just 3% of its servicesare related to abortion

and the group is all about women's health.

Planned Parenthood performsapproximately 300,000

abortions per year, which is about 30%

of all abortions in the country.

Most of nearly 3,000pregnancy crisis centers

across America focus onwomen caught in an unplanned

pregnancy, but one Florida center

takes a different approach.

As Charlene Aaron explains, that clinic

helps expectant dads.

- [Charlene] Located nextto Florida State University,

a women's pregnancy center in Tallahassee

addresses the critical needsof unplanned pregnancies

in its community.

Started in 1985, itsmain mission is to rescue

babies from abortion, offeringfree pregnancy testing,

adoption referrals and ultrasounds.

- 80% of our clients willcarry their babies to term.

- Yet, babies aren't theonly ones saved here.

A women's pregnancycenter also has a ministry

for men, which encourages fathers to stand

in the gap and fight forlife, for their children

and their families.

- We've had men walk in the door

and say help, I needhelp with my girlfriend.

Or I've got a situation,I've gotten a girl pregnant

and I don't know how to help her.

Or my girlfriend just calledme, she's driving back

from Jacksonville, shetried to have an abortion

and she couldn't get it.

And I just found out she'spregnant and she wants me

to get her an abortion inTallahassee and I don't

know what to do.

- [Charlene] In the center'sJust for Men program,

trained male counselorswork one on one with men

seeking answers about fatherhood and life.

- I've counseled themmany times with the girl

in the room with us andit's a woman talking

to a man and I knowthe impact that it has.

But then I'll connect them to the man

and I'll see his body language change.

I'll see his eyes start looking

at the male counselor, he's engaged.

- We're just trying to bring to the men,

an understanding of the value of life

and the sanctity of life.

- [Charlene] The Center also offers

an abortion recovery program.

Counselor, Harold Francisoften shares his personal story

to help others like him.

- My wife and I, whenwe first got married,

we'd only been married about 10 months,

we did have an abortion.

- [Charlene] He receivedmuch needed healing

after completing the course,based on biblical principles.

- I think that I had asked many times

for God's forgiveness for what I had done.

It opened it up to methat there were issues

in my life that I hadn'tforgiven myself for,

which is directly related to the abortion.

- [Charlene] That enableshim to counsel other men

through their pain.

- I've had guys tell me in that room

things that they havenever shared with anybody

in their entire life.

I'm 69 and there's a youngAfrican American in there,

that's 19 years old andat the end of the session,

we're both crying and hugging each other.

- [Charlene] Daume oftensees that healing extend

to other family members.

- We've had fathers, oh my gosh, go from,

we're talking 50 year old men,bringing their 16 year old

daughter here, thinking thatabortion was the best thing,

and then meeting with a male counselor

and coming out of that room,saying to his 16 year old

daughter, baby girl, we've got this.

You don't have to do this.

I'm here for you, we'regonna make this work.

- [Charlene] Practicalneeds must also be addressed

for the soon-to-be dads.

- A lot of them are in toughsituations financially.

They're in between jobs,they're looking for jobs.

They haven't beenworking and they realize,

I really need to stepup my game and actually

go out and get a job now.

I give them assistanceand try to help them

with their job search, helpthem with their resumes.

- [Charlene] Several menhave even come to Christ.

- WE've had men, noteven come into the Center

but the woman give us permissionto call her boyfriend.

And the male counselor call the boyfriend,

and the boyfriend is going,really you're interested in me?

Really, you think my opinion matters?


And then he'll start aconversation and we've had

counselors actually leadthem to Jesus on the phone.

Not expecting it at all, notexpecting this phone call

to be that kind of moment.

- [Charlene] The kindof moment the staff here

called nothing short of miraculous.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News,Tallahassee, Florida.

- That's gonna do it fortonight's Faith Nation.

But for the latest in breakingnews all weekend long,

be sure to check out

We're gonna see ya bright and early

or back on air on Monday.

Take care.

(friendly music)

- [Woman] I really.



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