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'I Don’t Care!' 'This Is Us' Star Chrissy Metz Unafraid to Be an 'Uncool' Christian in Hollywood

'I Don’t Care!' 'This Is Us' Star Chrissy Metz Unafraid to Be an 'Uncool' Christian in Hollywood Read Transcript

- We traveled to a chilly Winnipeg, Canada

to visit the set of the film Breakthrough,

based on a real-life story and produced

by preacher and filmmaker, DeVon Franklin.

This is a film centeredaround a major miracle.

Have you seen miracles inthe production of this film?


- Listen, let me tellyou, getting a movie made,

every movie that gets made is a miracle.

So you know, you have nochoice but to see miracles,

whether you want to or not,

and this film is no exception.

And then also, what's been incredible was

there has just beenthese God moments on set.

- All that I've everwanted was to be like you.

- [Efrem] Most famous forher role on the NBC hit show,

This is Us, Chrissy Metzplays the role of Joyce Smith,

the Missouri mom whoprays her son back to life

following a fall through a frozen lake.

So you've had an opportunityto meet Joyce now?

- Yes.- Tell me what's that like

to meet her, the woman who you're

bringing to life on the big screen.

- You know, I try to livewithout expectations, right,

and so when she walked in the room

I just wanted to hug her, you know?

Obviously being in her shoes,as far as an actress goes,

knowing what she's been through,

I can't fathom it, but I amobviously trying to portray it,

and I just wanted to hug her and hold her,

and just know everything.

- What do you guys have onfor the rest of the day?

- Well, John has a basketball game.

- Yeah, I've seen this guyhoop it up around here.

This kid is so lit.

(upbeat music)

- Text your mom tomorrow and tell her

when and where to pick you up,

and don't do anything stupid.

- Love you guys.

- Boys, get off the ice.

- We're training for the Olympics, sir.

(ice cracking)

(phone rings)- Cindy.

- John!

(somber music)

- He's been underwaterfor more than 15 minutes.

It's gonna be a recovery, not a rescue.

- I got something.

We got him!

- We've done everythingmedically possible.

There's nothing more we can do.


- No.

Please God, send your Holy Spirit

to save my son.

(dramatic music)


- Do you believe in miracles?

- I do.

Ooh, you're gonna get me crying.


Yes, I do believe in miracles, absolutely.

- What made you believe?

- You know, I've alwayshad a sense of faith,

my grandmother instilledfrom when we were kids.

And I would end up goingto church on my own,

just because I was lookingfor something to help me,

something greater than myself,and time and time again

I'm shown that God isworking on my behalf,

and it happens

more times than I sometimeseven give him credit for.

- A 14-year-old St. Charles boy who spent

15 minutes trapped underwater

is continuing to fight for his life.

- I don't believe Johnwill survive the night.

- You don't know my son.

He is a fighter, so I needyou to be the best for John,

and you just let God do the rest.

You are my pride and joy.

I can't wait to seeyou shoot those baskets

and run up and down the court again.

- The Smith family ask for one thing.

Please pray for John.

- I'm ready to give up,but then I hear this voice

telling me to go back.

Either I'm nuts--

- Or God's talking to you.

- But I don't believe in God.

- I believe, but maybe that only

goes so far with something like this.

- I'm your pastor, I'msupposed to walk alongside you

for as long as it takes.

- I hope he's gonna be okay.

- We're not gonna get through this alone.

Whatever you have for me, for Ryan,

for John, I surrender.

You know, I experiencedsomething with my mom

about eight months ago and

that's why for me, this storywas so important to tell

because I had told my mother'sdoctors the same thing

that Joyce said to John's doctors was that

you don't know him, andyou don't know my mom,

and they were just sure that she was

not going to recover, and of course,

she's been making somereally, really great strides,

and she's still with us, and so I believe

yes, absolutely in miracles.



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