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What Trump Supporter Lindsey Graham Is Proposing to Reopen Government and Why Trump Is Saying No

What Trump Supporter Lindsey Graham Is Proposing to Reopen Government and Why Trump Is Saying No Read Transcript

- [Mark] Senator Lindsey Graham called on

President Donald Trump todeclare a national emergency

last week, but over theweekend he switched course,

proposing the presidenttemporarily end the shut down

in one last attempt to getfunding for his border wall.

- I tried to see if wecould open up the government

for a limited period oftime to negotiate a deal

and the President says, let's make a deal

then open up the government.

Nancy Pelosi says even ifhe opened up the government,

I wouldn't fund a wall, sothat's why I'm depressed.

- [Mark] Graham says hebelieves the president

might make a concession onimportant Democrat issues,

like allowing the Dreamersto stay in America.

- He is willing, in myview, to do wall plus.

Funding for the wallthat we desperately need,

that's been done in thepast, see if we can do a deal

around the TPS recipients,they're gonna lose

their legal status soon,he's willing to extend that.

The DACA recipients, they'reall tied up in court,

but I think he wouldgive them work permits.

- [Mark] It's somethingthe President also alluded

to in a Tweet.

Meanwhile, Democrats areholding firm on their position

of no funds for a wall.

- We first should reopen government.

All we wanna do is make surethat it's spent the right way.

Drugs come in through ports of entry,

let's beef up ports of entry.

The President has saidif he can't get a deal

he's ready to declarea national emergency,

and he says he has the authority to do it.

Hans vov Spakovsky ofthe Heritage Foundation

tells CBN News the Presidentdoes have the authority

to use funds appropriatedfor other departments.

- There are a lot of fundsappropriated by Congress

that go to particular federal agencies

that are tied to a veryparticular purpose.

On the other hand, thereare appropriated funds

that go to federal agencies that are not.

He can do it and it alldepends on the White House

finding money that'salready been appropriated,

but isn't tied to a specific purpose.

- [Mark] Democrats saythey would challenge

such an emergency declaration in court.

Former director of homelandsecurity Jeh Johnson

says there are legal ways to go about it,

but the backlash would be certain.

- The lawyers in theadministration now seem

to have come to a provisionthat allows for a reprogramming,

as we refer to it, takingmoney from Army civil works

projects here in the United States

that were at some pointessential to national defense.

This one is slightly more plausible,

but politically highly objectionable.

- [Mark] Meanwhile the government shutdown

is now in its fourth week.

The impact being feltin airports as terminals

in Miami and Dallas were shutdown due to

Transportation SecurityAdministration employees

not coming to work.

On Friday, the House votedalmost unanimously to provide

back pay to the nearly800,000 furloughed workers.

The president is expected to sign it.

Mark Martin, CBN News.


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