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Finding Success After a Failed Business

When Chad and Kathlyn lost their concrete business, they barely had enough to pay for baby formula. It was scary. In prayer, Chad heard from God and took action that changed their situation for the better. Watch it now. Read Transcript

- [Reporter] Chad and Kathlyn Parrott

became owners of aresidential concrete business.

But within a year, Chad knewthey had to shut it down.

It was a decision he didn't take lightly,

especially since they nowhad a one year old daughter.

- How can I look at my wifeand tell her we're broke

and the business is going under

and I don't know what we're gonna do.

- And I just thought oh my goodness,

like we have $30 in the bank account

and we don't even haveenough money to buy formula.

It was really scary because I just thought

is this gonna get worse, you know,

and are we gonna lose our house?

- [Reporter] Chad went on unemployment.

Then one day, as he waspraying, he heard from God.

- I felt God start to put on my heart

that, you know, why don't you fast.

- [Reporter] Chad started a 21-day fast.

About a week later, Chadbelieved God was urging him

to take a step of faithwith their finances.

- I felt God as I wasdrinking my coffee one morning

during my devotionals, you know,

I want you to start paying your tithe.

- And I knew he was hearing from God

and that God had reallyimpressed that on him.

And so I'm like, "Okay."

- [Reporter] The couple tithed

off the last payment they had received

from their concrete businessand started giving to CBN.

Chad and Kathlyn then decided

to open a new concrete business,

this time, making sureto give 10% back to God.

- I had a hope that Ihadn't had for a long time

and it was a genuine, genuine hope

that I knew that I was tappinginto the right resource.

- [Reporter] They created a website

and soon the phone started ringing.

In the first year, thecompany's gross income

went from $500,000 to $750,000.

Five years later, ithad grown to $900,000.

Their individual income increased by 260%

from what they had beenmaking before they tithed.

- 100% believe that, by uscommitting to pay our tithe

and trusting God thatthat's why our business

has been successful.

- I found, throughtithing, through anything,

that when you do it God'sway, man, it is just,

it is amazing.


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