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The Invention That Paid for Retirement

Joe always wanted to provide a life he and his wife could enjoy—even through retirement. His prayer was for a “witty invention” that could help sustain them after retiring. You’ve got to watch and see what happened next. Read Transcript

- [Reporter] Joe Brignololoves spending time

with his wife, Donna.

As a business ownerapproaching retirement,

he's always wanted to providea life they can enjoy.

- My prayer was that God wouldgive me a witty invention

that would enable me to kinda like

make a couple hundred bucks a week,

you know, through my retirement,

kinda hang out, have some fun.

- [Reporter] When the two married in 2003,

Joe became a Christian andlearned about tithing from Donna.

- Well, I thought it was ridiculous

to be quite blunt with you.

I don't see why I should begiving my hard-earned money

into someplace where I don'tknow where it's gonna go.

And she informed me that it's not my money

and she showed me scriptures.

- I know the principle is ifyou give, you will receive.

And I just think, over timehe decided he would try it.

But that's all God asks us to do.

He even says put me tothe test, trust me now,

see if I will not openup the windows of Heaven

and pour a blessing out up on you

that you cannot contain.

- [Reporter] Joe decided to tithe.

He couldn't believe what happened next.

- Within one hour afterI gave my first tithe,

I had a $3,300 debt rebursed, one hour.

I tithed, an hour laterI didn't owe $3,300.

24 hours later, somebody owed me

$3,000, they paid me.

I didn't ever think Iwas gonna get that money.


I'm thinking wait a minute, guess what?

I see the principle.

- [Reporter] At the time,Joe was a consultant

for the Department of Energy.

With every check he received,he continued to tithe.

He also began giving to CBN.

- I was watching The 700 Club one day,

and they were talking about clean water

for people all over the world,

and I'm thinking man, I'lltell you what, that is so cool,

because I'm a big water guy.

I like clean water, I know that there's

a limited amount of water on this planet,

and I said I'm gonna start

giving to the Wells and Cisterns Program.

- [Reporter] Even whenfinances were tight,

they remained faithful in their giving.

- I realized, through The 700 Club,

that the money that I was giving them,

God's money, they weredoing God's work with,

and I didn't want that to stop

because they were providing water

for people, and then thosepeople were coming to Christ.

- [Reporter] As he gave,Joe began asking God

for direction about his next business.

Then, while working in his RV,

he had an idea to changethe fluorescent lights

to LED lighting.

- So I'm still praying, God please

give me a witty invention.

God says to me I gaveyou something already,

like really, like whatelse do you want me to do?

- [Reporter] Later, Joe tookthe RV in for maintenance.

The parts manager noticedhis light invention.

- He walks in my rig to write it up,

he looks up, he says where'd you get that?

I said well, I made it.

He says is it patented?

I said it's pending.

He says I want 250 of them.

And I'm thinking wow, yayGod, this is pretty cool.

- [Reporter] Joe realizedGod had given him

the invention he'd been praying for.

From that sale, Joe created Cabin Bright.

- I started that companywith that one product.

Now we have over 150 products.

We sell to dealers anddistributors all over the country,

and God gave me that idea.

- [Reporter] Today, Joe'sbusiness is thriving,

and the couple is giving toCBN at the Founders Club level,

and they say it's through faithful giving

that blessings flow.

- If he's done it before,he'll do it again.

He's faithful.

- I am completely and totally

blessed by the grace of God

and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

When you're faithful to God,he's gonna be faithful to you

and your soul's gonna prosper.

And that's the feeling thatno one can take away from me.


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