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The 700 Club - January 15, 2019

Joe always wanted to provide a life he and his wife could enjoy—even through retirement. His prayer was for a “witty invention” that could help sustain them after retiring. You’ve got to watch and see what happened next. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

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- Well welcome to the700 Club, President Trump

has a warning for the Turkish government.

Don't attack the Kurd's whenthe US pulls out of Syria.

Or else America willretaliate with a round

of economic sanctions.

- Turkey has a warning of its own.

They say they're not afraidof the United States threats.

CBN Middle East Bureau ChiefChris Mitchell has the story.

- [Chris] President Trump fired a salvo

on Twitter to Turkey.

He warned the US woulddevastate Turkey economically

if they hit the Kurd's.

Turkey's foreign minister fired back.

- We have said many timesthat we are not afraid

of the threat and we won'tbe deterred by any threat.

We have said it in thepast, therefore, you cannot

achieve anything by threateningTurkey economically.

- [Chris] After Trump'sthreat, the Turkish Lira

fell 1.6% in value.

And it's not the firsttime Trump has effected

the Turkish economy.

Last year, he imposed sanctions on Turkey

after it failed to releaseimprisoned Pastor Andrew Brunsen.

That helped push the Turkish Lira

to a record low last August.

The Kurd's have been alliesof the US in the fight

against ISIS, but Turkey seesthese same Kurdish fighters

as terrorists and alliedwith the Kurdish group

inside Turkey called the PKK

that's been fighting Turkey for decades.

Late Monday, Trump spokewith Turkish President

Erdogan about cooperating with Turkey

during the pullout of US troops.

Last week, US Secretaryof State Mike Pompeo

told CBN News the US willtry to meet the needs

of the Turk's and the Kurd's.

- Well our message is straight forward.

The work that the Kurdishforces did with us

alongside in Syria has been important.

It took down a caliphate andwe'll work with the Turk's

to make sure that there'ssecurity for them as well.

And that the Kurdish peoplein Syria are indeed protected.

- Trump also warned theKurd's not to provoke Turkey,

and raised the idea ofa 20 mile security zone

along the Turkey/Syria border.

If Turkey monitored that zone,

many Kurd's and Christian'sin the region say

that would put them in danger.

Which raises another dilemma,the Kurd's may rather

ally with Russia andSyria and therefore Iran

if the US doesn't protect them.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News Jerusalem.

- It may be time to go back to something

that the League of Nations that came out

of President Wilson atthe end of World War One,

it's a doctrine called theright of self determination.

And peoples have a rightto self determination.

That that is a recognizedprinciple with an

international law, sohere you have the Kurd's

35 million strong thathave an autonomous region

dedicated to them in Iraq.

But wouldn't it be wonderful to say okay,

let's create a Kurdishhomeland that would be a place

of safety and securityfor the Kurdish people.

They have very very goodreasons to be afraid of

the Turk's, you go backin history, all you have

to do is go back 100 yearsand you have the massacre,

the genocide of the Armenianpeople within Turkey.

And so the Kurdish people are at risk

of the ethnic Turk's, they're in danger.

So what do you about that situation?

Well, you don't pullout and that's one of

the things that is worryingeveryone in the Middle East.

If the US fulfills thisand pulls out of Syria,

there will be a power vacuum.

Who fills it?

When Obama pulled out of northern Iraq,

ISIS filled that powervacuum, and so if we pull out

of northern Iraq and out ofSyria, pull our troops out,

who's going to fill that?

Well the Turk's have adream and that dream is

the recreation of the Ottoman Empire.

Syria used to be partof the Ottoman Empire,

and so to say we're gonnatrust them as our ally

and they're gonna have asome 20 mile security zone.

Well their aim is to take over Syria.

So what in the world are we doing

making alliances with them?

We need to be very cautious here,

I hope the administrationdoesn't pull out.

We need to make sure that there is safety

and security there and forour allies, the Kurd's.

Well here at home, thegovernment shutdown is being

felt in airports across the nation.

Efrem Graham has morefrom the CBN News Room.

- Gordon, security lines aregetting longer in airports

from Washington to Atlanta to Houston.

- You know, it's chaos outhere, this line, I've been here

about 15 minutes and itprobably moved about two feet.

- [Efrem] Transportationsecurity administration officials

say twice as many workers arecalling out sick than usual.

Terminals and securitycheck points are closed

due to the shortage.

Airport officials inAtlanta are telling fliers

to arrive three hoursahead of flight time.

And the shutdown is now effecting

a branch of the US military.

Today, 53,000 membersof the US Coast Guard

are going without pay,meanwhile in Washington,

both sides are entrenchedand there are no signs

of a deal coming any time soon.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the

Miracle on the Hudson.

January 15, 2009 a USairways flight lost power

in both engines from abird strike shortly after

takeoff from New York's LaGuardia airport.

Captain Chesley Sully Sullenburger

guided the jet to asuccessful crash landing

on the Hudson River.

All 155 people on board survived.

Passengers waited on thewings as New York City ferries

and rescue teams came to pick them up.

Survivor Beth McHuesays the event gave her

a new perspective on life.

- Sent some hope thatgood things can happen.

Good things do happen, miracles do happen.

- From the moment of thebird strike to the landing

on the river, Sully andthe crew had just a little

more than three and a halfminutes to make their decisions.

For more on this story andothers throughout the day

you can check out

We'll be back with moreof today's 700 Club

right after this.

(light music)

- Well Joe was lookingfor a way to supplement

his income, so he asked God for help.

Well that prayer turnedinto an idea and that idea

turned into a thriving business.

- [Reporter] Joe Rignololoves spending time

with his wife Donna, as abusiness owner approaching

retirement, he's always wanted to provide

a life they can enjoy.

- My prayer was that Godwould give me a witty

invention that wouldenable to kind of like

make a couple hundred bucks a week through

my retirement, kind ofhang out, have some fun.

- [Reporter] When the two married in 2003,

Joe became a Christianand learned about tithing

from Donna.- Well I thought

it was ridiculous to bequite blunt with you.

I don't see why I shouldbe giving my hard earned

money into some placewhere I don't know where

it's gonna go.

And she informed me that it's not my money

and she showed me scriptures.

- I know the principle is if you give,

you know you will receive.

And I just think over timehe decided he would try it.

But that's all God asks us to do.

He even says put me to the test.

Trust me now, see if I willnot open up the windows

of Heaven and pour ablessing out in front of you

that you cannot contain.

- [Reporter] Joe decided to tithe.

He couldn't believe what happened next.

- Within one hour afterI gave my first tithe,

I had a $3300 debt reburst.

One hour.

I tithe, an hour later I didn't owe $3300.

24 hours later, somebody owed me $3000

they paid me, I didn't ever think

I was gonna get that money.

I'm thinking wait a minute, guess what,

I see the principle.

- [Reporter] At the time,Joe was a consultant

for the Department of Energy.

With every check he received, he continued

to tithe, he also began giving to CBN.

- I was watching the 700 Club one day,

and they were talking about clean water

for people all over the world.

And I'm thinking man, I'll tell you what,

that is so cool, becauseI'm a big water guy.

I mean I like clean water, Iknow that there's a limited

amount of water on this planet.

And I said I'm gonnastart giving to the Wells

and Cisterns program.

- [Reporter] Even whenfinances were tight,

they remained faithful in their giving.

- I realized that through the 700 Club,

that the money that I wasgiving them God's money.

They were doing God's work with it.

And I didn't want that to stop.

Because they wereproviding water for people

and then those peoplewere coming to Christ.

- [Reporter] As he gave,Joe began asking God

for direction about his next business.

Then, while working inhis RV, he had an idea

to change the fluorescentlights to LED lighting.

- So I'm still praying,God please give me a witty

invention, God says to me, Igave you something already.

Like really, like whatelse do you want me to do?

- [Reporter] Later, Joe tookthe RV in for maintenance.

The parts manager noticedhis light invention.

- He walks in my rig to write it up,

he looks up and he sayswhere'd you get that?

I said well I made it,he says is it patented?

I said it's pending, hesaid I want 250 of them.

And I'm thinking wow, yayGod, this is pretty cool.

- [Reporter] Joe realizedGod had given him the

invention he'd been praying for.

From that sale, Joe created Cabin Bright.

- I started that companywith that one product.

Now we have over 150products we sell to dealers

and distributors all over the country.

And God gave me that idea.

- [Reporter] Today, Joe'sbusiness is thriving.

And the couple is givingto CBN at the Founders Club

level, and they say it'sthrough faithful giving

that blessings flow.

- If He's done it before,He'll do it again.

He's faithful.

- I am completely and totallyblessed by the grace of God.

And my lord savior Jesus Christ.

When you're faithful to God, he's gonna

be faithful to you andyour soul's gonna prosper.

And that's the feeling thatno one can take away from me.

- Your soul is going toprosper and he wants that.

He wants your health to prosper,he wants you to prosper.

That's his desire, that's his will.

What is he waiting for?

He's waiting for you to be obedient.

And when you're obedient,you live life his way,

that's when the blessings come.

When you walk in that, forJoe he initially he wasn't

convinced, but his wifeconvinced him and then

the windows of heaven opened over him.

Now how does that happen?

I think many Christian'sdon't take this next step,

that what does God have?

Well he's got a lot of ideas.

And he's willing to givethose ideas, he's willing

to give wisdom to his children.

Here's the promise,it's from Jeremiah 33:3

I call this God's phone number.

"Call to me, and I will answer you.

"And show you great and mighty things,

"which you do not know."

So Joe took the firststep, he started giving,

started tithing, startedseeing results from that.

And then he asked God very specifically

Lord give me an idea, Goddid, but Joe didn't get it.

It was like, okay, where's that idea God?

And God says well I'vealready given it to you.

And that idea led toblessings, led to the formation

of a whole new company andprovision for Joe's family.

It's wonderful what Godwants to do for people.

He wants your soul to prosper,when you get the principles

straight, you start acting inaccordance with the principle

then you call to himand he will answer you.

Well Chad and Kathlin had$30 in their bank account

and an one year old baby to feed.

Their financial woes gotso bad that they worried

about losing their home.

Well that's when Chaddecided to pray and what

happened next changed his family's future.

- [Reporter] Chad andKathlin Parrot became

owners of a residential concrete business.

But within a year, Chad knewthey had to shut it down.

It was a decision he didn't take lightly,

especially since they nowhad a one year old daughter.

- How can I look at mywife and tell her that

we're broke, and thebusiness is going under.

I don't know what we're gonna do.

- And I just thought oh my goodness.

Like we have $30 in the bank account,

and we don't even haveenough money to buy formula.

It was really scary because I just thought

is this gonna get worse you know.

Are we gonna lose our house?

- [Reporter] Chad went on unemployment,

then one day as he waspraying, he heard from God.

- I felt God start to put on my heart that

why don't you fast?

- [Reporter] Chad started a 21 day fast.

About a week later, Chad believed God was

urging him to take a step offaith with their finances.

- I felt God as I was drinking my coffee,

one morning through mydevotionals I want you

to start paying your tithe.

- And I knew he was hearingfrom God and that God

had really impressed that on him.

And so, I'm like okay.

- [Reporter] The coupletithed off the last payment

they had received fromtheir concrete business.

And started giving to CBN.

Chad and Kathlin then decidedto open a new concrete

business, this time makingsure to give 10% back to God.

- I had the hope that Ihadn't had for a long time.

And it was a genuine hopethat I knew that I was tapping

into the right resource.

- [Reporter] They created awebsite and soon the phone

started ringing, in thefirst year the company's

gross income went from$500,000 to $750,000.

Five years later, ithad grown to $900,000.

Their individual income increased by 260%

from what they had beenmaking before they tithed.

- 100% believe that by uscommitting to pay our tithe,

and trusting God, thatthat's why our business has

been successful.

- I found throughtithing through anything,

that when you do it God'sway, man, it is just,

it is amazing.

- When you do it God's way, it is amazing.

Get that firmly in yourheart, get it deep within

your soul, within your spirit.

When you do it his way,amazing things can happen.

Now for Chad, here he is,he's struggling and he's got

a baby, he's got awife, he's got a family.

And he's losing his business.

And now what happens?

They make a decision to sayokay, we're going to live

God's way, we're gonna do it God's way.

And we're gonna startgiving, and then Chad says

I'm going to go on a fast,and I'm going to ask God

for the solution.

Here's a promise that came true for him,

it's from Psalm 91, itwill come true for you

if you just follow the same procedures.

Here's the promise, "he will call on me,

"and I will answer him.

"I will be with him introuble, I will deliver him

"and honor him."

When God, the creatorof the universe promises

things, you can count on them.

You can call to him, he will answer you,

he will delivery you,he will provide for you.

And here, the creatorof the universe saying,

I will honor you.

All because you chooseto live life my way.

When you do it his way, that'swhen the blessings come.

Now I've got some greatnews, yesterday when I walked

off the set, I opened my email account,

there was an email from adear friend of the ministry

saying I want tochallenge others $100,000.

And so here's that wonderfulpledge, that wonderful

challenge coming from North Carolina,

and let's pray.

Lord, we just ask forprovision, and we ask for

the provision that comes from you.

And lord, for the donorwho made it possible

to issue this challenge,honor him, be with him,

put a hedge of protectionaround him and his family.

Bless him, encourage him,speak to him Lord God

and for those who are watching right now,

we ask for the encouragementthat comes from you.

The peace that passes all understanding.

Be with your people Lord, forwe ask it all in Jesus name.

Amen and Amen.

$100,000 is the challengeamount, 40 minutes and 17

seconds is that clock.

What are we asking you to do?

Well we're asking youto join the 700 Club,

how much is that?

Well, it's just $20 a month,and that's 65 cents a day.

Do it now, if you want to say yes,

I'm gonna make a decision thisnew year to do it God's way.

Call us, 1-800-700-7000, Terry?

- Well when you become a 700 Club partner,

we want to say thank you bysending you Pat Robertson's

latest DVD, it's calledThe I Wills of God,

and in this, you're gonnalearn about the promises

God has for your life.

And you'll see stories ofpeople who put those promises

into action.

- [Narrator] CBN presentsthe I Wills of God.

Your path to overcoming fear and anxiety.

- We're going to talk aboutsome of the incredible

promises God has made to his children.

- [Narrator] In PatRobertson's newest teaching,

you will discover the I Wills of God.

I will rescue him,protect him, answer him,

be with him in trouble,deliver him, honor him,

satisfy him with long life,show him my salvation.

And see amazing stories ofGod's promises in action.

- What I felt was loved and treasured.

- God spared my life twice in three days.

- The good lord he gaveme a second chance.

- [Narrator] Break freefrom stress and despair.

- [Pat] The lord doesn'twant you to live in fear,

but to develop the rewards given to those

who love God.

- [Narrator] Call1-800-700-7000 or visit

The I Wills of God, yourpath to overcoming fear

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- You know Jesus said thathe came so that we would

have life and have it abundantly.

And one of the ways thatwe do this is by knowing

what the promises of Godare and then activating

them in our lives.

It's all here and it's all for you.

The I Wills of God is ourgift to you when you join

the 700 Club today, so call now,

1-800-700-7000, Gordon?

- Well as newlywed schoolteacher Shane and Heather

Kelly worked hard, they also played hard.

Spending all the moneythey earned and then some.

Soon, the couple was barelymaking it from paycheck

to paycheck and before long,they were carrying $20000

in credit card debt.

- [Reporter] Shane and HeatherKelly never argued about

money, when they marriedthey had the same motto,

spend all the money you earn.

- I think I was feelingentitled because I had never

had anything growing up, I meanwe always struggled growing

up so once I seen a littlebit of money coming in

like yeah I'm gonna spend it.

- We felt like we wereat that time in our life

where we were working and we deserved it.

- [Reporter] Shane andHeather had steady incomes

as teachers, but it wasn'tlong before they were

using credit cards to spendmoney they didn't have.

- Foolish spending,going out to eat a lot,

buying new clothes, newshoes felt like we have

that money, we have cards, we're good.

- We accumulated some debt,you know, we're leaving

I believe out of our means.

- [Reporter] Before longthe couple had $20,000

in credit card debt andwere having a hard time

paying their monthly bills.

- We were struggling prettygood living check to check.

When we can't even afford toget back and forth to work.

- [Reporter] During this difficult time,

the 700 Club caught Heather's attention.

- So I sat down and I was soenthralled, I recorded it.

And I just kept watching.

- [Reporter] As Heatherlearned more about the work

of CBN, she wanted to become part of it.

- And so I prayed and Isaid God you know how I feel

about giving my money away, I feel like

this is the real deal.

And so I wrote a checkfor $45 and I asked God

bless this let me know thatthis is the right thing.

- [Reporter] When Shane heard that Heather

had written a check to CBN, hedid not share her enthusiasm.

Now they were in conflict over money.

- I was like, what do you mean?

What's this tithing, whyare you wanting to give?

I was angry at the time for sure,

and I just could notunderstand why she was wanting

to give money when wedidn't have money to give.

- [Reporter] What happenednext, shocked both Shane

and Heather.- And the very

next day she received a check for $45,

the same exact amountthat she went and sent in.

So I was like this isamazing, it blew my mind.

- [Reporter] still, Shanewasn't convinced to tithe

on a regular basis.

- She was wanting totithe and give money that

I didn't think we had.

- He said, well that'sfine, if that what you want

to do then take it out ofyour part of your money.

- [Reporter] So Heatherbegan to tithe faithfully

on her salary, six monthslater, both Shane and Heather

received raises at work.

So Heather increased hergiving and during this time

the couple began to pray andstudy the bible together.

- In Malachi, God wasjust test me and watch

the floodgates open.

And in Exodus, give your first fruits.

That's when I was startingto really kind of understand

about this tithing process.

And that's when we becameas one and became together

as one tithers.

- So it was joyful for meto see him come on board

and see how God's worked in his life.

- [Reporter] A few monthslater, Shane was offered

a higher paying job inanother school district.

A job he had been seeking for three years.

- When I started to give,become a cheerful giver

that's when things startedchanging in my life.

It's just wild thetiming was how God works.

I look forward to givingnow, just cause I see how

our money's working through the 700 Club.

We see the kids with cleftpalates, we see the homes

that have been torn apartand they're rebuilding.

And with the Helping the Home Front,

that's when I was likeI want to give to this.

- [Reporter] Today, theKelly's have had several

pay increases in the last few years.

They're almost debt freeand now they're saving

for the future.

- I promise you, God isfaithful in this, just test

him and try him like thebible says and see what

he does for you and howthe floodgates open.

- I just would encourage people to tithe

and take that leap offaith and see how God

can work in your lifeand your family's life.

- Well, here's Shane sayingtake the leap of faith.

Took a while to convincehim and Heather had to

really sort of pour it on.

And it does, it seems kindof intuitive that when

you don't have anything,you don't have money to give

to start giving money away.

But Shane saw a miraclehappen, and still he wasn't

convinced and so finallythrough bible study,

reading the word, he finally gets it

and understands that Godwants to bless his people,

but he's waiting for us tosay I'll do it God's way.

When you do it his way, that'swhen the blessings come.

Here's the promise from SecondCorinthians chapter nine,

"remember this, a farmerwho plants only a few seeds

"will get a small crop.

"But the one who plants generously

"will get a generous crop.

"You must each make upyour own mind as to how

"much you should give.

"For God loves the personwho gives cheerfully.

"And God will generouslyprovide all you need.

"Then you will alwayshave everything you need

"and plenty left overto share with others."

Shane and Heather walked that out

when they started givinggenerously, wonderful things

happened, that can happento you if you just follow

the same principle.

So if that's you, if youwant to try this, test this,

call us now, 1-800-700-7000, say yes,

I want to be a member of the 700 Club.

Now some of you cangive at a higher level,

we have 700 Club Goldfor you at $40 a month.

There's also a 100 Club,that's $1000 a year,

that breaks out to $84 a month.

Then we have a 2500 club, $2500 a year,

founder, $5000 a year.

And then chairman's circle,$10,000 or more a year.

At whatever level,

now's the time to do it,we've got the $100,000

challenge, can we get the red number up?

$82,000 left to go, 32 minutes, 39 seconds

on the clock, call usright now, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy and the phones, Wendy?

- Thanks Gordon, well thebible tells us that God

speaks to us in a number of ways.

Sometimes it's a still,small voice, sometimes

it's a dream, sometimes wejust feel it in our hearts.

But how do we get God to speakto us in the first place?

Well Pat Robertson sharesthe answer in the new DVD

the I Wills of God.

- When they call onme, I will answer them.

How do we hear from God?

I mean, to hear from God is that a gift?

- Scott, it's normal Christianity.

That's what, you will heara voice and you will hear

it saying this is the walking in it.

The bible says let thepeace of God be the umpire

in your heart, it's like the umpire says

that's a ball, that's a strike,you're out and so forth.

When the peace lifts, you'rewalking out of the way,

that's for all of us.

- When the peace lifts,you're walking out of the way.

Wouldn't you like tounderstand so much more

about psalm 91 and the I Will's of God

and all those promises that belong to you?

Well we have just the thing for you,

it's Pat's new teaching,

the I Will's Of God, yourpath to greater faith,

this is our gift to you when you give

us a call right now and just say yes,

I want to join the 700 Club.

How much is that?

Just 65 cents a day, $20a month is all it takes

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You can go to your phones right now,

the number on your screen, 1-800-700-7000.

Or you can log on, that's a great way

to give, now many of youare already there at our $20

a month and we just want to say thank you.

When we all join together,it makes a big difference.

But it's a brand newyear and a lot of us want

to do more, if you want it,take it up to our gold level,

go to your phone's right nowand say I want to go to gold.

And when you do, we aregonna go with three DVD's

back to you, one for youand two to give away.

If you can go higher,we have a lot of levels

here at CBN, our 1000 club level

is just $84 a month or higher.

When you do this, wewant to bless you with

five of Pat's brand new teaching,

the I Wills of God, one foryou and four to give a way.

We're in the middle of a $100000

challenge right now, with 30 minutes

left on the clock, 21 seconds.

That means every dollarthat you pledge right now

will be doubled dollar fordollar, your gift will go twice

as far, this is a great time to give.

It's a great time to goto your phones, Terry?

- Well Mr Chau would doanything for his son Ray,

and so when Ray was bornwith a cleft lip and palate,

Mr Chau worked long hoursto try to pay for surgery.

Still, he could nevermake enough to afford that

operation and time was running out.

- [Reporter] When MrChau's second son was born,

he couldn't even hold him.

- I couldn't stop thinking about his face

and wondering what hisfuture will be like.

I didn't know what to do.

- [Reporter] Ray was bornwith a cleft lip and palate.

- I wanted him to have a better life

than what I could give him.

I felt maybe he'd be betteroff with someone else

who could afford surgery.

I told my wife and she askedme to please just hold Ray.

So after three days, I heldhim for the first time.

- Ray touched my husband'sface with his little hand.

And my husband wept.

- [Reporter] The connection was so strong

that Mr Chau vowednever to give up on Ray.

He worked long hours toraise money for surgery.

Meanwhile, Ray was always in danger.

- Because of the gap inhis lip, he was more likely

to get dirt and bacteria in his mouth.

So his immunity was bad.

- [Reporter] Once he gotpneumonia, and several times

he almost choked to death.

- His brother tried to feedhim fruit, and it got stuck,

he couldn't breathe.- He fell into a coma.

His brother started to cryand said I'm sorry Ray,

I just wanted to share.

- [Reporter] The couple gotfood out, but was always

worried about what would happen next.

- When I carried him to the market,

kids would shout I see an ugly monster.

- One man said, why do you bring him out?

Don't you worry about scaring people?

- So I started coveringhis mouth with a veil.

I just hoped that someone would help him.

- [Reporter] Then somehealthcare workers told

the Chau's about CBN, andhow we provide cleft lip

and palate surgeries forpoor children like Ray.

Soon, Ray's lip was completely fixed.

- Now my baby has hope, Raycan finally eat all by himself.

And he doesn't choke,I'm so thankful for CBN.

We can really feel your love.

- Without you, my sonwould have lived in pain

and fear his whole life.

Thank you for helping him,it's like a dream come true.

Now, Ray's mouth is goodbecause of your love

my son can have a normal lifeand my family can be happy.

- Can you imagine the stigmasomething like this would

place on the life of achild in that culture?

Can you imagine thehassle of not being able

to speak clearly, eat well?

Just the rejection factoralone is unbelievable.

You made it possible forthis little boy to have hope

and a future and you blessedhis family in the process.

Thank you 700 Club members,that's what you are doing

everyday along with many many other things

all around the world.

Let us hear from youright now, we've got a big

challenge going, we'd lovefor you to be part of that.

When you call it meansevery dollar you pledge

will be matched dollar for dollar.

So let us hear from you,1-800-700-7000, Gordon?

- Well Jessie and Melissaare a military family

who are fighting a losingbattle against their

student loan debts.

And when their van broke down they faced

the prospect of having even more expenses.

Until they got a visit fromHelping the Home Front.

- [Reporter] Right outsideFort Bragg, North Carolina

you'll find E4 Army SoldierJessie spending time

with his wife Melissa,and their four children.

Melissa is grateful thatJessie makes family time

a priority.- I'm really proud

of him and I feel like heprovides for our family

and he's serving or country andso he's happy and I'm happy.

- [Reporter] Jessie feelsMelissa's job taking care

of the kids is just as critical.

- I almost feel like she has a harder

time to be honest with you.

Just having the mental strengthlike she does is incredible.

- [Reporter] When they gotmarried, Melissa had finished

college and intended to workto add to the family income.

Their priorities changed astheir family grew to six.

And Melissa startedhomeschooling instead of

pursuing a career.

Through the years, Jessie'sincome alone couldn't keep up.

Eventually they were waybehind on Melissa's student

loan payments.- It feels like a heavy

burden, we take foreverto pay it off basically.

It just got to the point where it just,

you either have to eator pay off student loans.

- [Reporter] To add totheir money problems,

they learned their familyvan required costly repairs.

At the same time, they neededto buy beds for the twins,

who'd outgrown their toddler beds.

They'd have to put theexpenses on a credit card.

Through it all, thecouple trusted that God

would take care of them.

- God has done so manymiracles in my life that

there's no way that someway this isn't

gonna work out.- [Reporter] Their situation

took a huge turn whentheir church, River House,

contacted CBN's Helping the Home Front.

Pastor Stacy Long invited the couple over

to tell them that CBN was going to pay

for the van repairs andbuy beds for the twins.

- [Pastor] Do you thinkthe kids will be excited?

- Yeah, they'll be excited.

- [Reporter] And therewas another surprise.

- Another thing thatHelping the Home Front wants

to do is they're going to pay off your

student loan so it goes away.

What do you guys think about that?

- That's amazing, and it's amazing.

I think I'm a little bit in shock.

I don't know what to think.

I don't even know what tosay but I'm really thankful.

- That's absolutely amazing.

- [Reporter] CBN arranged to fix the van

and then took them shopping topick out beds for the twins.

Now that Melissa's studentloans are pay in full,

the family can finally get ahead.

- I've been praying fora long time that some how

some way that God wouldcome through for us.

And he has today with CBN.

- God coming through,God answering prayers

all because people likeyou cared enough to give.

Our military families, wewant to stand with them.

That's what Helping theHome Front is all about.

We want to honor them andrecognize their serving too.

You can be a part of it.

Al joined the 700 Club,call us, 1-800-700-7000.

And just say yes I want to be a member,

when you call make sureyou ask for Pledge Express,

that's electronic monthlygiving where the bank

does all to work and we cansend as our gift to you,

Power for Life, monthly teaching CD's.

So if you like those, ask forPledge Express when you call.

Or go to

I've got some wonderfulnews, some partners

from Massachusetts and Maryland,they want to add $51000

to the challenge.

Take it all the way upto $151 and lets pray.

Lord we ask for blessing over this,

and we ask for the increasethat comes from you.

30, 60, 100 fold, Lord aspeople are sowing generously

we just know your word over them is true,

you will provide generously.

For those who so generouslywill get a generous crop.

Lord, be with them, encourage them,

we ask it all in Jesusname, amen, and amen.

$151,000 is the challengeamount, 22 minutes, 34 seconds

on the clock, can weget the red number up?

73,000 to go.

We need to hear from youso call us right now,


Let's go to Wendy and the phones, Wendy?

- Thanks Gordon, well how'sthis for a new years resolution?

2019 will be the year I amfree from fear and anxiety.

If that sounds good toyou, you need to get this.

The I Wills of God, andyou'll see how the promises

of God can revolutionize your life.

- I'm a pediatric ER doctor,

and she says we're losing herI think she's going to pass.

- I'm crying out to God,but my faith just vanished

at that point.

- I didn't have any hope,I didn't see a way out.

- We need to take ourauthority in the lord,

and when we do we get rid of fear.

- [Narrator] The IWills of God, the latest

teaching from PatRobertson, available now.

- It's hard to have peacein today's crazy world,

but you know what, Godpromises that's exactly

what we'll give him ifwe keep our eyes on him.

And not on the craziness, right?

So we want to bless youwith Pat's new teaching

called the I Wills of God.

You can discover how toovercome fear and anxiety

in your life and this couldbe a brand new year for you.

We want you to have it, it's our gift

to you when you callright now and just say yes

I want to join the 700 Club.

The toll free number onyour screen, 1-800-700-7000,

or just log on to,that's a great way to

give what we're askingyou to do is say yes,

you want to join the 700 Club.

That's 65 cents a day, $20a month is all it takes.

If you're already there, thankyou so much, you're making

a big difference andhelping spread the gospel

of Jesus Christ all over the world

and helping people,hurting people in need.

But if you'd like to domore, I encourage you to go

to your phone's and takeit up to our gold level.

That's $40 a month, when you do that,

we want to bless youback with three DVD's.

One for you, two to give away and if you

can go higher, hey alot of us can take it up

to our 1000 club level.

$84 a month or higher, weare gonna bless you with

five of Pat's dynamic newteaching, the I Wills of God.

It's yours when you callright now and I'll toss

it right to Gordon.

- Well at a time whenJerry Flemming was thinking

about retiring, he was offereda job at double the salary.

Then a few years later,the same thing happened

again, Jerry says this allbegan the day he listened

to his wife and started to give.

- [Reporter] Jerry andGlenda Flemming are enjoying

their retirement years in East Texas.

But years ago things got tough when their

fuel distribution company went bankrupt.

Several lean years followed.

- We had two girls in a Christian college.

Had no money at all and yetwe were living on credit

cards and run up thousandsof dollars in credit cards.

It was just trusting thelord that he would provide

the next step.

- [Reporter] Jerry startedhis career as an oil

field engineer, then workedas a church education

minister, and later a pastor.

Over the years, the Flemming'schipped away at their debt

until it was gone, later,Glenda became an avid viewer

of the 700 Club and decidedshe wanted to support

CBN as well.

- Jerry got home thatday and I said I think

we need to start giving to the 700 Club.

I had just watched all they do for people

and it was just amazing.

- She convinced me and all she had to say

is lets give and I said that's fine.

- [Reporter] The Flemming'shad planned to retire

in 2007, until Jerry wasoffered a job teaching

oil field safety classes fortwice his previous salary.

In a few years anothercompany hired him and

his income doubled again.

That allowed the Flemming'sto give even more.

- I don't think I have ever given anything

to get something back.

I really thought aboutthat, but as God blessed me,

then I would bless others.

- [Reporter] The Flemming's continued

blessing others through CBN and are now

members of the Founder's club.

They cite a number of reasons.

- I love the Helping the Home Front,

Jerry was in the army, soI just think it's so neat

that we help people whohave served our country.

- I appreciate so manyaspects of the 700 Club.

When we see wells being dug, when we see

people being given thingsto maybe start a little

business or something like that.

- Orphan's Promise, oh Ijust think they do it right.

They help people who can't afford to raise

their children, but we helpthem to keep their children

rather than having to putthem in an orphanages.

- And so we just found thatas God blessed us and we gave

then for some reason hewould just give us more.

If he blesses you, thenyou're going to want

to bless others.

- You can be a blessing,if you want to do that,

if you want to start doingthat, if you want to increase

this year, call us, 1-800-700-7000.

If you're already amember of the 700 Club,

consider going to 700 ClubGold, that's $40 a month.

1000 club, 1000 a year, $84 a month

and we have 2500 club, that's 2500 a year.

At whatever level, God is speaking to you.

Now's the time to do it, we'rein a wonderful challenge.

That means your givingis automatically doubled

up to and including$151,000, we've got $43000

is red number, we'retaking the red number down.

Here in Locust Grove,Virginia, someone says you can

count on me, $2500 club.

And then from Indianapolis, $4800.

That takes us down to $34000.

What do you have?

- From Buckingham Virginia, $3600,

thank you very much.

And Virginia Beach, Virginia $6240.

Woo, thank you!

Well Hurricane Michael wasone of the most powerful

storms to hit the United States.

And Florida resident, SteveWilkerson saw its full force.

The high winds toppledtrees right on to his home.

Steve thought it was goingto cost him thousands

to clean up, he didn't spend a cent,

thanks to Operation Blessing.

- [Reporter] Steve Wilkersonof Linhaven, Florida

survived the storm, but four big pine

trees fell on his home.

- A roaring sound outside,the wind, things flying

horizontally, four big crashing sounds

when the trees hit the house.

All of us were surprisingly calm,

maybe we were just soscared it was to the max

and we couldn't feel it anymore.

It was just normal to be scared.

But the house survived.

- [Reporter] Steve andhis family are grateful to

be alive, but recoveryhas been a challenge.

- There's no power, nowater, no telephones.

No internet, I bet itwould be $15 to $20000

to move every every tree out of my yard,

cause I had a lot of big tres.

- [Reporter] Steve had noidea what would happen next.

Operation Blessing volunteersrolled up with chain

saws and heavy moving equipment.

- And when y'all drove up, to be honest

I thought it was justanother crew wanting $2000

a tree we'll remove them all.

And then here comes these smiling faces

with God's love in theirheart and their mind.

I'm totally stunned and moved.

It was hard to keep from crying,

and I would think I'ma pretty tough old guy.

But, sometimes tears are appropriate.

- [Reporter] Drew Anthonydrove from Georgia to be a part

of Operation Blessing'sdisaster relief volunteer force.

- When you see that joy,when you see that hope,

someone that's gonethrough so much obviously.

And you're able to justbe that love and that arm

around their shoulders, I mean, it's,

there's nothing like it.

You walk away with a smile on your face.

Because you're just excited to help out.

- [Reporter] Members ofLight House Church also

came out to help.

- We appreciate you guysfor coming in and just

kind of being a part of our church cause

we couldn't do all thiswithout you guys either.

So it's a great partnership with everyone,

appreciate CBN and Operation Blessing,

it's just an awesome network.

So they're on top of it, youguys have some good people.

- Hey if you ever ever doubt God's love,

survive something like this

and you will see it all around you.

- That's right here at home folks.

Not just reaching out aroundthe world, but to your

neighbors, to you when youfind yourself in a disaster

scenario, we thank youfor making that possible.

Hey listen, when you callright now, not only is your

gift going to go twiceas far, but if you'll use

Pledge Express, even more of your gift

can be put into the livesof people like Steve

Wilkerson and their need.

It means your bank does all the work,

it's an electronic monthlygiving saves us some costs.

So our way of saying thank you for using

that is to send youPower for Life teachings.

You're gonna get one of theseevery month and we think

they will bless you, even asyou are blessing other people.

Gordon?- All right I've got some

wonderful news, somepartners from Oklahoma

want to add $64000 to the challenge.

That takes us up to $215 and let's pray.

Lord we just ask for blessing,

for the partners who madeit possible to increase

this challenge and we askfor blessing for those

who are watching right now,encourage your people lord God.

We ask it all in Jesusname, Amen and amen.

$215,000 is the challenge amount,

13 minutes on the clock.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Well last summer Palestinianmilitants unleashed

a new weapon in their war against Israel.

And Israeli's who live nearthe border took the brunt

of the damage, as fireswere spreading thoughtbot

the area, CBN gave thevictims much needed supplies

to fight the threat andprotect their families.

- [Reporter] Israeli communities near Gaza

face a new threat, firekites and balloons.

Terrorists have used thedevices to burn more than

10,000 acres of land.

- We are raising ourchildren to be good people.

And to love their land,and then they see that

the other side doesn't care about the land

and think we're gonna burn it.

- [Reporter] Herell isHead Security Coordinator

for his caboots, and he'sthe first line of defense

in this latest fight.

- Over the years wehave learned how to deal

with the bombs and the attack tunnels.

(bomb exploding)

But these fire balloons area disaster because the wind

carries the fire so fast.

- [Reporter] Herell didn'thave the proper equipment

to fight fires, he onlywore everyday clothes

and shoes to battle the blazesthat left his wife Karen

and their three childrenconstantly worried for his safety.

- When you have kids youhave to smile and say

everything's going to be okay, but if you

don't really believe itthen they recognize it.

And you can just feel the level of anxiety

are rising up in the house.

- We were exposed to alot of smoke and we had

to have oxygen treatment.

Other security coordinators were burnt

as direct consequence ofnot having proper equipment.

- [Reporter] So CBN Israeltook action to help.

We bought more than twodozen fire fighting equipment

kits for Herell andothers at nearby Caboots.

The kits include customfire fighting suits,

boots, gloves, respirators,goggles, hats and blankets.

- Now we are better equippedto fight these fires

and defend our homes and communities.

- To know that he'ssafe and I know that his

body is protected it's reallynice and calming for me.

- [Reporter] Thanks toCBN Israel, Herell is able

to stay safe while protectinghis land and family.

- I want this land and natureto be around for my children

to enjoy, with your help,I believe we can do this.

- From the bottom of myheart, we are so grateful

and I will never forget it, thank you.

- Be a part of it, be a partof everything we're doing,

that's the work of CBN Israelwhen the terrorists strike

we want to strike back and letthem know that we love them.

That we want to be withthem in their time of need.

We want to bless Israel.

That's a very innovative thing we're doing

to provide firefighting equipment to those

on the front linesagainst those fire kites.

But we're doing far more than that,

we're helping victims of the Holocaust,

we're helping people in need in Israel,

we want to be a blessing to them.

You're a part of all of itwhen you join the 700 Club,

so if that's you, give usa call, 1-800-700-7000.

Say yes, I want to join the 700 Club.

We've got 49000 left on atremendous $215,000 challenge.

And we're gonna take the red number down.

Part of those challenges from Oklahoma,

we're hearing from Oklahoma.

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2500 clubmember saying you can count

on me, Watanga, Oklahoma, $3900.

And then from Stratsburg,Pennsylvania, $3000

all of that goes into thischallenge taking it down

to $37, $36000, nine minutes to go.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy and the phones, Wendy?

- Thank you Gordon, wellwith Pat Robertson's new DVD

you'll see stories ofpeople who kept their cool

in the scariest of circumstances.

Like Mike and Billy, whowere once in a fight to

stay alive in a swamp filled with gators.

- We were running about 38 miles an hour

last time I looked and then bam!

We flipped the boat.

- [Man] He said look overyour left shoulder and there

was three alligatorsforming a semi-circle.

- [Man] There was tons of them on the bank

and they were all coming in the water.

I was doing some heavyheavy heavy praying while

I was in that water.

- [Narrator] The IWills of God, the latest

teaching from PatRobertson, available now.

- I don't care who youare, you would be praying,

I know I would, but thegood news is God heard

their prayers, heard theircries and rescued them.

And God wants to do thesame for you, hopefully

you won't be in an alligatorswamp, but at any rate,

those are God's promises,and it's all in here

in Pat's new teachingcalled the I Wills of God.

God's promises to those wholove him, we want you to

have this because we love you

and God loves you and Godwants you to understand

his promises.

Well how do you get it?

Just go to your phones right now and say

yes, I want to join the 700 club.

How much is it?

Just 65 cents a day, $20a month is all it takes

to become a CBN Partnerand to help so many people

around the world and spreadthe gospel of Jesus Christ

to those who have not yet heard.

If you want to be a part ofthat, of what God is doing

around the world, we want tomake it easy for you today.

Just go to your phonesand say yes, and we want

you to have this as well.

Now, if you're already aCBN partner at $20 a month,

thank you, you are making a huge

difference around the world.

But it's a brand new year,if you'd like to do more,

let's do more, let's goup to our gold level.

Just go to your phonesand say I want to go gold.

$40 a month, when you do that we are gonna

bless you back withthree DVD's one for you,

two to give away.

If you can do more, lets goup to our 1000 club level,

just $84 a month or higher,we are gonna give you five

of Pat's new teachings.

This is yours when youcall us right now, Terry?

- At just six years ofage, Gaddy had to take

of her two younger siblings.

She was often asked tolook for food to feed them

and sometimes the only placeGaddy could find a bite to eat

was in her neighbors garbage.

- [Reporter] Ever sinceshe was six years old,

Gaddy has taken care of herlittle brother and sister

while their mom searched for work.

- I was ashamed because Iput my children at risk.

- [Reporter] In additionto the danger of staying

at home alone, Gaddy saysthey've also struggled

to have enough to eat.

- My father left us, wehave gone hungry many times.

The younger kids beg mefor food, sometimes I would

find a plastic bag inthe neighbors garbage.

I brought it home and we ate.

- [Reporter] That's whenJaquoline heard about a program

near hor home in Peru sponsoredby CBN's ORphan's Promise.

Now, for the first timesince their father left,

the children have plenty to eat.

- Before I couldn't givethem a simple breakfast,

here they receive breakfast and lunch.

- [Reporter] And now thatJaquoline has found a steady

job, the ORphan's Promisecenter provides free childcare

so the kids have a safeplace to play, learn,

and watch episodes of CBN's SuperBook.

- I am raising my hand to receive Jesus,

I prayed and asked him to change my life.

I bless you with all my heart.

- Thank you for what youmake possible in the lives

of those children andthousands of other kids

all around the world.

We appreciate yourgenerosity, 1-800-700-7000

is the number to call right now.

When you do it, say you want to join,

remember to use Pledge Express,

we're gonna send you a tape every month

as a teaching thank you, Gordon?

- Well Al and Mary loves spoiling

each and every one oftheir seven grandchildren.

And they enjoy having fun with them,

about teaching them, andteaching them about the bible.

They do both at the sametime through CBN's SuperBook.

- [Reporter] Al and MaryCheck's seven grandchildren

are the joy of their lives.

- Being papa Al is a prettycool thing because you get

all the fun stuff of being adad and none of the hassles.

- [Reporter] And as much as the couple

enjoys treating the kids to fun and games,

they're even more interested in laying

a foundation of faith for them.

One way they do that isthrough CBN's SuperBook.

- It's teaching them thetruth, teaching them the bible.

And giving them a direction.

- Make way ladies.

- The kids are veryvisual, they like cartoons

and they like stories like that

so that's the way to reach them.

And I just feel good about reaching them

with a story contentthat's gonna give them

questions and knowledgeabout the lord, and

because they don'talways get that in their

day to day lives.

- [Reporter] Now, theirgrands can't get enough

of SuperBook.

- What's going on?

- I always ask can we watch SuperBook?

Because I love it.

- My favorite SuperBook isDanny and the Lions den.

- I like seeing Chris andJoy going into the bible

because I'm so excited tosee them talk about Jesus.

- Oh yes!

- [Reporter] Al and Marysay their favorite part

is seeing their grandchildrenlearn about Jesus.

- A good part of theirspiritual upbringing

and knowledge of the lordand coming to the lord

has been through SuperBook.

- When we take them tochurch like on the way home

we'll say what did youlearn in church today?

Oh we learned the same storythat we saw in the SuperBook.

So, there's that correlation in the memory

that is being instilledin their little brains

which is very cool.

- [Reporter] As CBNpartners, the couple knows

their gifts are making thesame opportunity available

to children all over the world.

- One of the best thingsabout SuperBook is the money

that we contribute towardthat program is allowing

other kids who don't have a Papa Al

to be able to see all these great stories

in whatever their native language is.

I think little kids deserve a chance for

a diesel in childhood.

So anything we can do tohelp that, I won't mind.

- One two three.

We love SuperBook.

- You can be a part of takingSuperBook to the children

of the world, the storiesof the bible to the children

of the world, here's is a broadcast map

where you can see allthe different languages

we currently have for SuperBook.

We're on our way totopping over 50 languages

hopefully by the end of this

year we'll be up to 55 languages.

You can be a part of it, how?

Join the 700 Club, call usnow, 1-800-700-7000, Terry?

- Well Olivia had a backbreaking job lugging two heavy

buckets of water fortwo miles twice a day.

That's a tall order foranyone, let alone a 65 year old

widow with bad knees.

- [Reporter] 65 year oldOlivia's heart pounds

and her shoulders ache asshe carries two buckets

of water back to herhome from a distant well.

The two mile round trip journey could take

hours to complete.

- I'm short of breathand my chest gets tight

when I carry them, Istop five or six times

a long the way to rest.

The truth is, I'm exhausted,but I do it because there's

no one to help me.

- [Reporter] Olivia is awidow who now cares for her

elderly mother in additionto household chores

and carrying water, Olivia works outside

the home at a farm to earn some money.

At the end of the day,she heads back to the well

for two more buckets of water.

- One day when I was gettingwater, I tripped and fell.

I injured both of my knees.

My knees hurt so badlythat I couldn't work.

- [Reporter] The nextday she couldn't collect

any water and they ran out.

- I was thirsty, but I feltreally sorry for my mom.

I went to a neighbor toask for a glass of water

for her, I didn't wanther to die of thirst.

- [Reporter] So CBN'sOperation Blessing came

to the village and drilled them a well.

Now there's plenty of clean drinking water

for Olivia and her mom andeveryone else who lives there.

- Now I don't get chestpains from carrying water

long distances.

I am so grateful.

- We are so grateful foryou, 700 club members.

Thank you so much for changing lives.

Here's some good news from Abilene, Texas,

someone calling and saying count on me

for $4200, Uvoldi, Texas, $2508.

And from Spicewood Texas,$5000, thank you Texas.

- And we got Spirit Fish, South Dakota,

$2600, Madison, Alabama,$4200, it's been a glorious

day we had a huge challenge.

$215,000 and against that you gave, $263.

Here's a word form Hebrews chapter 11,

"now faith is the substanceof things hoped for,

"the evidence of things not seen."

God bless you, we'llsee you again tomorrow.

(light music)


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