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Helping Immigrants and Funding the Wall: Why Some in Washington Say the US Can Do Both

Helping Immigrants and Funding the Wall: Why Some in Washington Say the US Can Do Both Read Transcript

- While the battle betweenthe White House and Democrats

wages on, some in the president's circle,

and even in the faithcommunity think they may have

the answer to stop the impasse.

- It's gotta be Wall plus something else.

- [Amber] According toSenator Lindsey Graham,

and a handful of other Republicans,

that something else couldinclude legal work permits

for so-called Dreamers.

He's not alone.

Reverend Samuel Rodriguezmade his point clear,

writing, The time is now, fundthe wall, and give us DACA.

That's a tough pillfor both conservatives,

who say it's too closeto amnesty and Democrats,

who offered a similar deallast year that the White House

ultimately rejected.

- City living, but now, I'm like,

now, I cannot leave,like where would I go?

I don't even know.

- [Amber] Claudette Monroy is talking

about Washington, D.C.,the city she calls home.

The 32-year-old church operations manager

moved here as a teen from Mexico.

- My dad passed away, andso my mom started working,

and trying to provide for our family.

I end up having to dropout of school in 5th grade,

to be able to stay homewith my little sister.

- [Amber] Her road toopportunity hit a wall

when she learned her truelegal status years later.

- The Department of HomelandSecurity is taking steps

to lift the shadow of deportationfrom these young people.

- [Amber] Then, PresidentObama opened a door

for people like her, tolegally live and work here.

- I had this amazing thingfor a few years of my life,

and then it can just be taken away.

- Why haven't youpursued your citizenship?

- Sadly, I mean, if peoplelook into immigration,

there is not a path.

- [Amber] The road fromimmigrant to citizen

is a bit more complex for Dreamers.

- To become a citizenof the United States,

you first have to become alawful permanent resident,

which means you have a green card,

and there's particular waysthat someone might be eligible

to apply for a green card,through a family sponsor,

through an employer sponsor.

Usually, if you're very highly educated,

if you are granted refugee status,

having fled persecution.

Most people who we now consider Dreamers

never fit into one of those categories.

- [Amber] Monroy knowsshe's a success story,

an illegal immigrant with a college degree

and a job she loves.

She credits Christians forhelping her along the way.

- I've been hearing alot about, in the news,

or in social media, thatpeople talk about the people

and the families, especiallythe mothers that are trying

to come in into the U.S. right now,

have low literacy levels,and don't have skills,

and for me, I think thatwhat made the difference

was the people that came around me.

- [Amber] Now she says, she wants to make

a difference, too.

- I go on prayer walks around our city.

I do prayer walks around the Capitol,

and the White House, 'cause sometimes,

I just feel like I can't do anything,

but you know, I'm like, well, God can.

- [Amber] Amber Strong,CBN News, Washington.



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