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When Losing a Job Can be a Good Thing

Travis lost his job, but he and wife Cara did not lose hope. See how this job loss lead to a better marriage and a better life. Read Transcript

- [Reporter] Travis andCara cherish spending time

with their two young daughters.

But just a few years ago,family time was rare.

Travis was working long hours

away from home as a plant manager.

- I saw my kids usuallyfour days every two weeks.

- [Reporter] After 12 yearswith the same company,

Travis expected a promotion, but in 2016

just before Thanksgiving, he was laid off.

Cara was a stay-at-homemom, so it was a blow

to their family's income,but not to their faith.

- God provides.

It's not the job, it'snot the things that we do,

but he will take care of all of our needs,

and living that out isreally hard sometimes.

- [Reporter] Travis andCara prayed strategically

about their needs.

As home-schoolers with two young children,

they felt the pressure, butthey never stopped tithing

or giving to CBN.

Less than two months later,Travis was offered a new job

making more money, plus hewasn't traveling as much.

- So I see my--(voice cracks)

My kids twice as muchas what I used to, so--

- And to see that workedout, it strengthened

our relationship and our marriage as well.

- [Reporter] Travis andCara were so grateful,

they decided to increasetheir giving to CBN.

For them it's all about faith and trust.

- CBN honors the money that you give,

and it's at work in thelives of other people,

and that's one of the reasons that

I'm most excited about CBN.

There's a heart forChrist, a heart for shining

God's love out into the world,

and for caring for people,and that's really the mission,

the great commission, andso that's why we love CBN.

- I think CBN ends up touching

many of the areas of the world

that you as an individual cannot touch.

- God will return muchmore than what you've given

because whatever you've released to him,

he will return to you.


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