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A Lifestyle of Luxury… Then Broke

John and Rebecca had the world on a string with any luxury they wanted. Then the business turned upside down and all they had was overwhelming debt. Watch their journey from top to bottom and back again. Read Transcript

- [Reporter] In 2004,John and Becky Marshall

started what became a successful

multi-million dollartelecommunications business.

For many years, theyenjoyed a large salary

and the lifestyle that came with it.

- I could've had anything I wanted,

motor homes, boats,excessive trips, you name it.

When you have everything that you want,

you tend to want more for some reason.

- [Reporter] But in 2010,

they lost some of their largest clients.

As a result, the couple wasforced to close their business

and sell many of their possessions.

And all they were left with

was an overwhelming amount of debt.

- I remember sitting at thekitchen table with my friends

and the doorbell rings andit's the sheriff's department

serving my husband with papers.

It's just the constant defeat,

the humiliation thatyou receive as a person

when you have a large amount of debt.

- [Reporter] Medical bills

and other expenses continued to mount.

Eventually, the Marshalls hadto go on government assistance

to buy food.

- It's depressing.

You feel like you'velost not only control,

but the ability to provide.

- That's really hard though

when you're going through horrible times

and you don't know howyou're gonna feed your kids.

- [Reporter] To make ends meet,

John began working out of town

and taking subcontracting jobs.

Meanwhile, Becky started reading her Bible

and watched The 700 Club for comfort.

One day, Becky saw something

that changed her family's lives.

- [Becky] Terry was praying.

- There's somebody else,

you are in a deep, problematicfinancial situation.

You're going to see the handof God move on your behalf.

- I'm like that's, that's me.

- [Reporter] Soon, Johnstarted watching with Becky,

and together, they rededicated their lives

and their money to God.

In 2013, they startedtithing to their church

and giving to CBN.

- Well, it starts as a gentle nudge,

and then you start to get it.

- We made a commitment to each other

that, no matter what, wewould begin to give the 10%

of whatever we had at that point.

- [Reporter] In addition to giving,

the couple started cutting their expenses,

paying off debt, andtrusting God to provide.

- It didn't matter ifwe were giving pennies

or if we were givinga large dollar amount,

the Lord was continually providing for us.

- [Reporter] Within ayear of giving to CBN,

John was able to stop traveling for work.

He opened a new business andit was an immediate success.

And within nine months, helanded a prime contract.

- Every single week, we've had the money

to pay our employees, we'vehad the money to grow.

It's always worked out.

- [Reporter] Within two years

after the Marshalls opened their business,

their customer base tripled.

Along with it, they've been able

to triple their giving to CBN.

They say they owe all theirsuccess to giving to God first.

- We have been faithful to our church here

and to CBN ministries with our money.

And because of that faithfulness,

God's given us more andwe've been able to give more.

If you have any doubt in your mind,

any doubt to trust God with$1, 10 cents, $20, do it.

He will see you throughthe most difficult time

and He will bless you.


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