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A Single Mom’s Journey to Financial Freedom

Maria had liens against her after her divorce and did everything she could to survive and take care of her three kids. With barely enough money to live on, how did she later become the president of her own real estate company? Find out! Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Maria Millermay be in her mid 70s,

but she has more energy thansome people half her age.

- I do a lot of Zumba,usually three times a week,

an hour each time.

I really enjoy it, so much so, I decided

to become an instructor.

- [Narrator] And that's not all she does.

Maria is also the president ofher own real estate company.

She loves helping peoplefind their dream home

and remembers when there was no way

she could buy one herself.

After her divorce shehad liens against her.

She couldn't open a checkingaccount or get a credit card.

- I was left with three kids to raise,

so there wasn't muchmoney (laughing) at all.

We struggled just to pay rent.

And for a time I was onSection Eight and food stamps.

We ate a lot of rice, a lot of hamburger.

- [Narrator] Friends helped her get a car,

and her parents used theirsocial security income

to pay her rent.

Still, Maria needed afinancial breakthrough.

She gave at church andwatched The 700 Club.

While she'd supported CBN at times,

now as a single mom working on commission,

she didn't think she could afford it.

Then one day someone from CBNcalled to check in on her,

and Maria mentioned her money problems.

- She said, "Well why don'twe pray for your finances?"

I'm, like, ah, (clickingtongue) why don't we?

Thank you.

So then she prayed for me, you know?

And so after I hung up, I was, like,

I need to go back and start giving again.

- [Narrator] So by faith

Maria started consistentlygiving $20 a month to CBN.

Before long she became atop producer in her office,

making twice what she'dmade the year before.

- The only reason I can thinkof is those extra $20 a month.

I was, like, whoa, this works.

- [Narrator] Other agents started asking

where her success was coming from.

- Tell you my secret.

You know, you have to giveabove and beyond your tithe

to further God's kingdom.

- [Narrator] With her increased income,

she paid off her debt andfaithfully gave even more.

Once, she gave a thousand dollars to CBN.

- It was like the Holy Spirit said do it.

And I just kept (laughing)making more sales.

And I thought, well, Iwonder if I can buy a home.

- [Narrator] Soon, she wasa first-time homeowner.

Now, years later, she ownsseveral rental properties

and continues to give to CBN.

- Anytime I see where CBN justeven buys a sewing machine

for somebody to make themselves sufficient

and to get out of their poverty,it just touches my heart.

To bring water to people that are drinking

from this disgusting, that'sall that money represents,

is being able to help people.

- [Narrator] Maria encourages others

who are financially stuck

to follow in her footsteps and give.

- You just gotta trust God.

You give above your titheto further God's kingdom.

That's it, you can't outgive God.

The more I give Him, the more I have.

And the more grateful Iam, so the more I give.

It's just never-ending.

(uplifting music)


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