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Superbook Comes to the Indonesian Jungle

Deep in the Indonesian jungle, a small Christian church struggled to connect with the local community—until something marvelous happened, starting with a little girl named Nazwa. She was invited to watch Superbook and her life changed. Watch ... Read Transcript

(calm music)

- [Male Voiceover] Deep inthe jungle of Indonesia,

a tiny mission church struggled to connect

with the community.

Then, they started using CBN's Superbook.

Seven-year old Nazwa gotan invitation to watch

from her friend, the pastor's daughter.

That day, they saw the miracles of Jesus.

- [Young Girl Voiceover] Jesushealed the paralytic man,

healed the blind man,and stopped the storm.

- [Male Voiceover] Whenthe teacher told Nazwa

that this was a true story,

she decided to pray to become a Christian.

- [Young Girl Voiceover]I prayed, Lord Jesus,

please come into my heart.

- [Male Voiceover] Nazwacouldn't wait to tell her mom

about what happened.

But when she did,

her mom forbade her fromreturning to the church

because the family wasfrom a different religion.

Nazwa's mom told us what happened next.

- [Female Voiceover]She didn't listen to me.

Her dad said she could go,so she kept going every week.

- [Male Voiceover] Aftera few weeks though,

Eva noticed a change in her daughter.

- [Female Voiceover]She used to be spoiled.

She didn't like to beto told to do chores.

Since Superbook, she doesthings without me even asking.

Then I thought,

why should I forbid herfrom going to Superbook?

- [Male Voiceover] Meanwhile,Nazwa continues to tell

her parents and sister about Jesus,

and prays they will come to know him too.

- [Young Girl Voiceover] Ireally love talking about

Superbook cartoons!

Through Superbook, I came to know Jesus.

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