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Drinking Water That Killed Her Father

Every day, Peena makes two or three long trips over a rocky path to fetch water that’s dangerous to drink. Her father died from that same water, but it’s all they have to drink. Can’t anyone help? Because someone cared, life is different ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Pena walks long distances

in the scorching heat just to get water.

- [Translator] Every day,I make two or three trips

to fetch water.

The path is uneven and rocky.

It is so hot, I suffer fromheadaches and dehydration

and feel very weak.

- [Narrator] After Pena works so hard,

the water she collects is filthy.

- [Translator] My father diedfrom drinking polluted water.

My mother's always sick,

and I'm afraid I will lose her, too.

- [Narrator] After her father's death,

Pena took over the household.

- [Translator] It is tough tomanage the household expenses

and buying my mother's medication.

We have two goats of a poorbreed that hardly give any milk.

We barely make any incomefrom selling the milk

and a few chicken eggs.

- [Narrator] When thelocal pastor contacted CBN

about the village's water problems,

we drilled them a well.

- [Translator] I'm so happy

that there's a hand pump near my house.

Moving forward, no one inmy family will get sick

because of bad water.

- [Narrator] We knew Pena and her family

were struggling to make it on their own,

so we gave them four more goats.

- [Translator] They area really good breed.

Now, I will be able to sell milk

and earn a nice income.

My mother feels betterwith the clean water,

and she will get even strongerdrinking milk every day.

I'm so grateful for these wonderful gifts.


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