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Superbook Miracle

One man who lost his son in the quake reveals how a happy memory caught on camera has given him hope, and new life. Read Transcript

- [Lucille] When the 7.2magnitude earthquake struck,

JR, his parents, and sister ran

towards his six-year-old nephew Jyle,

who was then playing outside their house.

He said, they huddled together

when suddenly the Earthbeneath them opened up,

trapping them 26 feet below.

JR was the only survivor, buthe was buried up to his chest

and could not escape.

- [Translator] All I saw was the foot

of my father sticking out of the rubble.

After being stuck forsix hours, I lost hope.

I wanted to kill myself byburying my face in the soil,

until I heard my youngerbrother's voice calling us

and I was rescued.

- [Lucille] Rodel, JR's older brother,

was away from home on business.

He regrets not being thereto rescue his son Jyle.

- [Translator] I should'vebeen there beside my son

to help him, but I wasnot able to do anything.

- The horrific scenes from that day

when JR and Rodel's loved ones

were buried alive in this sink hole

are still haunting their minds.

But believe it or not,

a simple video of theanimated series Superbook

has now become theirsource of healing and hope.

Rodel surprised us when heshowed a cellphone video

of his son, Jyle and daughter Kresia,

singing the Superbook salvation song.

The animated Bible series reached

even this remote part of the Philippines,

and has become the favorite

of a boy swallowed in the earthquake.

- [Translator] They asked meto record the salvation song

from the television, becausethey want to memorize the song.

I like the show because it

has made my children more respectful.

They showed more affection,

and they prayed for all the members

of our family every night.

- [Female Translator] I love Superbook

because it's about the Lord.

My brother was alwaysexcited to watch it with me.

- [Lucille] A CBN councilorexplained the meaning

of the Superbook song to JR and Rodel,

and invited them to acceptJesus as their savior.

- [Translator] Now thatI have accepted Christ,

I feel strong and whole, andI'm ready to face life again.

- [Lucille] The CBN team

gave Kresia DVD copies of Superbook.

- [Female Translator] Ireally miss my brother,

but every time I watchSuperbook, I will be happy.

Because I know Jyle is in heaven,

because Jesus saved him.

- [Lucille] CBN brought Rodel,

JR, and their family more

than just temporary disaster assistance.

The spiritual guidance theyprovided will endure forever.

♪ Change my life and make it new ♪

♪ And help ♪

- [Lucille] And these Filipinos now know

that God's word and promisescannot be destroyed or shaken

by even the strongest earthquake.

Lucille Talusan, CBNNews, Bohol Philippines.



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