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'I Will Not Be Bullied': Trump's Nominee for Attorney General Pledges to Let Mueller Investigation Run Its Course

'I Will Not Be Bullied': Trump's Nominee for Attorney General Pledges to Let Mueller Investigation Run Its Course Read Transcript

- Right out of the gate,

Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsay Graham

addressed critics mainconcerns about Bob Barr.

Will he protect the Mueller investigation?

- On my watch, Bob will beallowed to finish his work.

- Do you believe Mr.Mueller would be involved

in a witch hunt against anybody?

- I don't believe Mr.Mueller would be involved

in a witch hunt.

- [Charlene} Barr insisted he would Resist

any outside pressure

to improperly influence the investigation.

- I will not be bulliedinto doing anything

I think is wrong by anybody,

whether it be editorialboards or Congress,

or the President.

- [Charlene] Unlike hispredecessor Jeff Sessions,

Barr refused to commit to recusing himself

from the Russia investigation.

- Let's imagine it's a judgment call,

and the judgment by thecareer ethics officials

in the agency are thatyou recuse yourself.

Under what scenario would you not

follow their recommendation?

- If I disagreed with it.

- And what would the basisof that disagreement be?

- I came to a different judgment.

- On what basis?

- The facts- Such as?

- Such as whatever factsare relevant to the recusal.

- [Charlene] Barr also explained his memo

to DOJ officials defending President Trump

from accusations of obstruction.

- I was speculating.

I've really said it at the beginning,

I was writing in the darkand we're all in the dark.

Every lawyer, every talking head,

every one who thinksabout or talks about it

doesn't have the facts.

- [Charlene] On CBN News's Faith Nation,

Andrew Coan author and professor of law

at the University of Arizona suggested

Barr's sharing of the memo

with the President's legaladvisors raises concern,

but Barr will likely be confirmed.

- And I do think thatraises some real questions

about his ability to supervise

this investigation impartially.

I think he's going to be confirmed.

I think there's relativelylittle doubt about that.

- Barr said under JusticeDepartment guidelines

Mueller's findings would be confidential.

But that in the interest of transparency

he would then release hisown summary of the report

to the public and Congress.

Meanwhile when it comesto questionable moments

inside the DOJ like thoseanti Trump text messages

between former FBI agentsLisa Page and Peter Strzok,

Barr promised to look into it.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.



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