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The 700 Club - January 16, 2019

Maria had liens against her after her divorce and did everything she could to survive and take care of her three kids. With barely enough money to live on, how did she later become the president of her own real estate company? Find out! Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

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- Well welcome to The 700 Club.

President Trump's nomineefor attorney general

has pledged to protect RobertMueller's investigation.

In his confirmation hearing yesterday,

William Barr told senatorshe won't be bullied

by Congress, the media,or even the president.

- Still, Democratic senatorsbelieve he's partial

to the president.

Some pressed him to committo giving up oversight

of the Russian investigation.

Charlene Aaron has the story.

- Right out of the gate

Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham

addressed critics' mainconcerns about Bob Barr.

Will he protect the Mueller investigation?

- On my watch Bob will beallowed to finish his work.

- Do you believe MisterMueller would be involved

in a witch hunt against anybody?

- I don't believe MisterMueller would be involved

in a witch hunt.

- [Charlene] Barr insisted he would resist

any outside pressure

to improperly influence the investigation.

- I will not be bulliedinto doing anything

I think is wrong by anybody,whether it be editorial boards

or Congress or the president.

- [Charlene] Unlike hispredecessor, Jeff Sessions,

Barr refused to commit to recusing himself

from the Russia investigation.

- Let's imagine it's a judgment call,

and the judgment by thecareer ethics officials

in the agency are thatyou recuse yourself?

- Then--- Under what scenario

would you not follow their recommendation?

- If I disagreed with it.

- And what would the basisof that disagreement be?

- I came to a different judgment.

- On what basis?

- The facts.

- Such as?

- Such as whatever factsare relevant to the recusal.

- [Charlene] Barr also explained his memo

to DOJ officials defending President Trump

from accusations of obstruction.

- I was speculating.

I freely said it at the beginning.

I was writing in the dark,and we're all in the dark.

Every lawyer, every talking head,

everyone who thinksabout or talks about it

doesn't have the facts.

- [Charlene] On CBN News's Faith Nation,

Andrew Coan, author and professor

of law at the University ofArizona suggested Barr's sharing

of the memo with thepresident's legal advisors

raises concern, but Barrwill likely be confirmed.

- And I do think that thatraises some real questions

about his ability tosupervise this investigation.

And partially I think he'sgoing to be confirmed,

but I think there's relativelylittle doubt about that.

- Barr said under JusticeDepartment guidelines

Mueller's findings would be confidential.

But that in the interest of transparency

he would then release hisown summary of the report

to the public and Congress.

Meanwhile, when it comesto questionable moments

inside the DOJ, like thoseanti-Trump text messages

between former FBI agentsLisa Page and Peter Strzok,

Barr promised to look into it.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- In other news, a groupaffiliated with al-Qaeda

carried out a deadlyterror attack in Kenya.

Efrem Graham has morefrom our CBN News room.

- Gordon, at least 15 people,including one American,

died in that attack.

Four gunmen stormed a luxury hotel

popular with westerners in Nairobi.

Anti-terrorist squads responded

going room to room to clear the hotel.

Explosions and gunfireheard into the evening

even after the attack was declared over.

The Islamist terrorist group al-Shabaab

has claimed responsibility.

The Somali-based group hascarried out several attacks

in neighboring Kenya.

British Prime Minister Theresa May

faces a no-confidence votetoday after a huge defeat

of her Brexit plan in parliament Tuesday.

British lawmakers heatedlydebated May's plan

for Britain's departurefrom the European Union.

The deal is likened to a divorce

and everything, from trade totravel, is being negotiated.

The UK remains divided over Brexit

with protestors on both sides

gathering outside parliament.

May, though, is expected tosurvive that no-confidence vote.

Here at home the IRS isrecalling furloughed workers

to process tax refunds.

Some 46,000 employees,nearly 60% of its workforce,

will be working without pay.

The workers will not be performing audits

or providing taxpayerassistance during the shutdown.

Remember, you can alwaysget more on this story

and other news at

We'll be right back with much more

of today's 700 Club right after this.

(inspirational music)

- Well after her husband lefther with three young children,

Maria Miller couldn'topen a checking account

or get a credit card.

Before long, she was on food stamps

and dependent on herparents to pay her rent.

Well today she lives in her dream home

and runs her own real estate business.

Maria's complete reversalof fortune all began

with a phone call closelyfollowed by a stroke of her pen.

- [Narrator] Maria Millermay be in her mid 70s,

but she has more energy thansome people half her age.

- I do a lot of Zumba,usually three times a week,

an hour each time.

I really enjoy it, so much so, I decided

to become an instructor.

- [Narrator] And that's not all she does.

Maria is also the president ofher own real estate company.

- This is Maria, yes?

- She loves helping peoplefind their dream home

and remembers when there was no way

she could buy one herself.

After her divorce, shehad liens against her.

She couldn't open a checkingaccount or get a credit card.

I was left with three kids to raise,

so there wasn't muchmoney (laughing) at all.

We struggled just to pay rent.

And for a time I was onSection Eight and food stamps.

We ate a lot of rice, a lot of hamburger.

- [Narrator] Friends helped her get a car,

and her parents used theirsocial security income

to pay her rent.

Still, Maria needed afinancial breakthrough.

She gave at church andwatched The 700 Club.

While she'd supported CBN at times,

now as a single mom working on commission,

she didn't think she could afford it.

Then one day someone from CBNcalled to check in on her,

and Maria mentioned her money problems.

- She said, "Well why don'twe pray for your finances?"

I'm, like, ah (clickstongue), why don't we?

Thank you.

So then she prayed for me, you know?

And so after I hung up, I was, like,

I need to go back and start giving again.

- [Narrator] So by faith

Maria started consistentlygiving $20 a month to CBN.

Before long, she became atop producer in her office

making twice what she'dmade the year before.

- The only reason I can think of

is those extra $20 a month.

I was, like, whoa, this works!

- [Narrator] Other agents started asking

where her success was coming from.

- Tell you my secret.

You know, you have to giveabove and beyond your tithe

to further God's kingdom.

- [Narrator] With her increased income

she paid off her debt andfaithfully gave even more.

Once, she gave a thousand dollars to CBN.

- It was like the Holy Spirit said do it.

And I just kept (laughing)making more sales.

And I thought, wow, Iwonder if I can buy a home.

- [Narrator] Soon, she wasa first-time homeowner.

Now, years later, she ownsseveral rental properties

and continues to give to CBN.

- Any time I see where CBNjust even buys a sewing machine

for somebody to make themselves sufficient

and to get out of their poverty,it just touches my heart.

To bring water to people that are drinking

from this disgusting, that'sall that money represents,

is being able to help people.

- [Narrator] Maria encourages others

who are financially stuck

to follow in her footsteps and give.

- You just gotta trust God.

You give above your tithe

to further God's kingdom, that's it.

You can't outgive God.

The more I give Him, the more I have.

And the more grateful Iam, so the more I give.

It's just never-ending.(uplifting music)

- Maria has a lot of faith.

And here it is from Hebrews:

Without faith it isimpossible to please Him,

for he who comes to God must believe

that He is, and that Heis a rewarder of those

who diligently seek Him.

Maria put it in line.

She says, "I'm going todiligently pursue God.

"I'm going to do life His way.

"I believe that He is, and He's a rewarder

"of those who do these things."

When she got all of thatstraight, the blessings came.

Well John and Becky Marshallcould buy anything they wanted,

and for six years they did just that.

Then when the housing market collapsed,

they lost everything.

And one day while Beckywas hosting her friends,

the sheriff's department came knocking.

- [Narrator] In 2004,John and Becky Marshall

started, what became, a successful

multi-million dollartelecommunications business.

For many years they enjoyed a large salary

and the lifestyle that came with it.

- I could have had anything I wanted:

motor homes, boats,excessive trips, you name it.

When you have everything that you want,

you tend to want more for some reason.

- [Narrator] But in 2010,

they lost some of their largest clients.

As a result, the couple wasforced to close their business

and sell many of their possessions.

And all they were left with

was an overwhelming amount of debt.

- I remember sitting at thekitchen table with my friends,

and the doorbell rings.

And it's the sheriff's department

serving my husband with papers.

It's just the constantdefeat, the humiliation

that you receive as a person

when you have a large amount of debt.

- [Narrator] Medicalbills and other expenses

continued to mount.

Eventually, the Marshall's

had to go on governmentassistance to buy food.

- It's depressing.

You feel like you'velost, not only control,

but the ability to provide.

- That's really hard, though,

when you're going through horrible times,

and you don't know howyou're gonna feed your kids.

- [Narrator] To make endsmeet, John began working

out of town and takingsubcontracting jobs.

Meanwhile, Becky started reading her Bible

and watched The 700 Club for comfort.

One day, Becky saw something

that changed her family's lives.

- Terry was praying.

- There's somebody else,

you are in a deep problematicfinancial situation.

You're going to see the handof God move on your behalf.

- I'm, like, that's me.

- [Narrator] Soon, Johnstarted watching with Becky,

and together they rededicated their lives

and their money to God.

In 2013, they startedtithing to their church

and giving to CBN.

- Well it starts as a gentle nudge,

and then you start to get it.

- We made a commitment to each other

that, no matter what,

we would begin to give the 10%

of whatever we had at that point.

- [Narrator] In addition to giving,

the couple started cutting their expenses,

paying off debt, andtrusting God to provide.

- It didn't matter ifwe were giving pennies

or if we were givinga large dollar amount,

the Lord was continually providing for us.

- [Narrator] Within ayear of giving to CBN,

John was able to stop traveling for work.

He opened a new business, andit was an immediate success.

And within nine months, helanded a prime contract.

- Every single week we've had the money

to pay our employees.

We've had the money to grow.

It's always worked out.

(billiard balls clacking)

- [Narrator] Within twoyears after the Marshalls

opened their business,their customer base tripled.

Along with it, they've been able

to triple their giving to CBN.

They say they owe all theirsuccess to giving to God first.

- We have been faithful to our church here

and to CBN Ministries with our money.

And because of that faithfulness,

God's given us more, andwe've been able to give more.

If you have any doubtin your mind, any doubt,

to trust God with $1,10 cents, $20, do it.

He will see you throughthe most difficult time.

And He will bless you.

- Well John and Rebecca arewalking out the I wills of God.

You find 'em in Psalm 91.

Well here are some promises.

Here's just one of them from verse 15:

He will call on me, and I will answer him.

I will be with him in trouble,

I will deliver him and honor him.

And here is John andRebecca, they're going

through the dishonor of havinga sheriff knock on your door.

They're going through that.

But the I wills of God: I will honor you,

I will deliver you, I will answer you,

I will be with you in time of trouble,

all came true for them.


Because they said we'regoing to do it God's way.

We're going to live life God's way.

When you do that, then the I wills of God

can come true for you.

Now I've got some wonderful news.

Some partners from California

wanna challenge others to give.

And they love giving to CBN,

and so they want others to join in.

They'll match yourgiving dollar for dollar,

$77,000.(great fanfare and applause)

Let us pray.

Lord, we ask Your blessing over this.

We ask for blessing forthe partners in California.

We ask a blessing forthose who are watching now.

Lord, open the windows of heaven

and show them the promisethat You have for them,

the I wills of God, howYou will deliver them,

how You will protect them,how You will honor them.

Do this, Lord, for we askit all in Jesus' name,

amen and amen.

You heard it, $77,000is the challenge amount.

43 minutes, 37 seconds is on the clock.

Call us right now.

What are we asking for?

We're asking you to join The 700 Club.

How much is that?

Well it's $20 a month.

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- Her chest stopped moving,and her face turned blue.

And then I realizedshe's really dying here.

- [Man ] And there was three alligators

over my right shoulderand there was three more.

- I just knew that thistrip to the hospital

might be, I might have to say goodbye.

- And the Lord speaks to me.

She's gonna be stronger thanshe's every been before.

- You shall not fear.

God is God Almighty.

He created all the heavens and the earth.

- [Announcer] CBN presents PatRobertson's newest teaching,

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right away, Gordon?

- Americans are carrying

over one and a half trillion dollars

of student loan debt.

Fallon Scott's share of that burden

was enough to stress herout, cause her to lose sleep,

then to lose her hair.

One day, Fallon felt ledto make a $1,000 gift,

and that helped her pay offnearly $200,000 in loans.

- [Narrator] Fallon Scottgraduated from Baylor University

in 2009 with a master'sdegree in accounting.

But she didn't need to be a numbers whiz

to see she had a huge problem.

- I actually borrowed over a 100 grand,

about a 150 grand in student loan debt.

Then for me it was theamount that had accrued

to the principal, the amount of interest

that had accrued during that time.

That's when the burden, like,that's when it really hit me,

when I realized I owed over 200 grand.

By the time I left school,that's when I felt,

I mean, I don't even have words

for the amount of pressure,stress, hair falling out,

from the weight of that number.

- [Narrator] Fallon got a job,

but the massive debt was still there.

She struggled to pay itdown whenever she could.

- I think it was even more stressful

to come from a backgroundof finance and accounting,

knowing what you need tobe doing with your money

and not being able to do that every day.

I mean, paycheck topaycheck was a good week.

I was paycheck to credit card to paycheck.

Yeah, there was no...

There just wasn't enough,just wasn't enough.

It had me in a very, not justphysically sick, stressed,

but in a very bad place emotionally.

And even spiritually, like, God, why me?

You know, like, why, why?

Like, how am I gonna get out of this?

- [Narrator] Fallon's father is a pastor,

and she learned aboutthe importance of giving

growing up in their church.

She decided to give anextra $1,000 at her church

after her pastor spoke about the blessings

of giving to others.

- It was very specific aboutsowing a seed and just,

I don't remember if it wasto get out of your situation,

or if it was specifically about business,

but I knew in that momentthat I had to sow it.

And I feel like God was,like, if you just trust Me

and watch what I do in a year,

and it was pretty mucha year from that seed

that shifted everything.

- [Narrator] A friend toldFallon about a job opportunity.

So she decided to check it out.

She started her new job in 2014.

- When it'd taken me fiveyears and two degrees

and a CPA license to earn, Ihad done that in five months.

Another five months, by my 10th month,

I actually earned a $50,000 bonus.

And then the next monthI got a $100,000 bonus

and was bringing homefive figures every month

and really able to get myself

back where I needed to be physically,

spiritually, and financiallyand then help others

do the same.

- [Narrator] Fallon was even able

to pay off her credit carddebts and her car loan.

And when she married DeVon in 2017,

they were able to pay for thewedding out of their savings.

Today the couple continues toput God first in all they do.

And Fallon plans to pay off

the remainder of her studentloan within two years.

- So what was God's role in this?

I mean, it's laughable now,but every little piece,

He was just, like, just wait, just wait.

I've got it planned out.

I know what God will do when you sow

and do it from a trustingand believing place,

and a trusting and abelieving expectant place.

(uplifting music)

- Sowing from a trusting place,

and here's a promise for you:

If you will only obeyme and let me help you,

then you will have plenty.

That promise is for you.

All He's looking for is your obedience.

And just with Fallon,and when she said, "Okay,

"I'll sow a seed,"

and she sowed it expectantly

and a turn around thatwas absolutely miraculous.

Wonderful things happen when you obey God

when you do it His way.

If you'd like to start alifestyle of doing that,

give us a call, 1-800-700-7000.

Say, I wanna join The 700 Club.

It's just $20 a month, 65 cents a day.

When you call, ask for Pledge Express.

That's electronic monthly giving

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So when you call, ask for Pledge Express

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When you give monthly on the Internet,

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Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy?

(phone ringing)- Thanks, Gordon.

Well in his new DVD, Pat Robertson tells

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in your life, grab holdof the promises of God,

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- What I felt was loved and treasured.

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- The good Lord hadgiven me a second chance.

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This is yours when you giveus a call right now, Terry?

- Well when you do join The 700 Club,

you're helping people all over the world,

like a little girl named Lilly.

Lilly was born with acleft lip and palate.

She was also born with an older sister

who did everything she could

to help Lilly get the surgery she needed.

It just wasn't enough.

(charming music)

- [Terry] YanYan's dreamcame true when she heard

that she was finally goingto have a little sister.

- [Translator] I wanted herlife to be beautiful and free,

like a butterfly.

So I saved all my pocket money

and bought her a butterfly dress.

I hoped it would bring her good luck.

- [Terry] But Lilly was bornwith a cleft lip and palate.

- [Translator] I rememberwhen my mother started

giving her baths.

I was afraid that the waterwould go into her mouth

where the cleft lip was, and she'd choke.

I didn't even want to hold her.

I was scared of hurting her.

- [Translator] She couldn'teat bread or drink milk powder,

so she was very thin.

Once, she caught such a bad cold

that we thought she might die.

- [Translator] I wasafraid that the high fever

might burn her brain.

- [Terry] The cleft lipkept her from communicating.

- [Translator] When she was hungry,

she pointed at the bowland then at her mouth.

I was concerned that shewouldn't be able to talk

in the future.

- [Terry] As she got older,

Lilly started noticing her lip herself.

- [Translator] She pointed at her mouth

in front of the mirror,like she wanted to know

why she wasn't like other people.

It made me so sad.

- [Translator] We were anxious,

especially when I saw herhiding her mouth with her hand.

- [Translator] She wantedme to buy her a mask

so other people wouldn't laugh at her.

I told her Daddy will fix your lip.

- [Terry] But he and hiswife couldn't do it alone,

so YanYan started working in the fields

from four in the morninguntil ten at night.

- [Translator] SometimesI would see butterflies.

It helped me to go on.

I took it as a sign thatone day my sister's mouth

would be cured, andshe would be beautiful.

- [Terry] But the Zhangs were never able

to raise enough money for that to happen.

Mr. Zhang started lookingeverywhere for help,

and every organizationrefused him, except for CBN.

We made sure Lilly gotsurgery, free of charge.

- [Translator] Hermouth is totally healed!

I'm so happy!

- [Translator] She's healthy and can eat

with no problems now.

- [Translator] I wantto thank the good people

at CBN who did this.

She doesn't even have a scar.

She's very cheerful.

She speaks very clearlyand is as beautiful

as a butterfly, exactlywhat I always hoped for!

(uplifting music)

- This little girl'ssmile lights up the room.

And who can put a price tag on that?

And not just a smile for today,

but the future that you opened up to her,

700 Club members, is beyond a price tag.

We say thank you to you.

This is the kind of life-changing work

when you join The 700Club that you're doing

all around the world every single day.

That's why we're saying goto your phone and call now.

Join with the rest of us.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

Everything you give is gonnabe matched dollar for dollar,

so today your giving goestwice as far, Gordon?

- All right, if we canget the red number up,

we've got 40,000 lefton a $77,000 challenge.

And we're taking the red number down.

From Gretna, Louisiana,

$3,000.(great fanfare and applause)

And then from Brooklyn, Maryland,

$2,500.(great fanfare and applause)

That takes us down to 34,000.

And 33, it's coming down.

31 minutes on the clock.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Well leaves boiled in water, some days

that's all Marta and herthree children had to eat.

Other days they had nothinguntil Marta received a hand up

for the very first time in her life.

- [Narrator] Isaiah knew how hard it was

for his mom to providefood for the family.

So he went searching near his home

for wild plants and roots to cook.

- [Translator] I foundsomething called chipilin.

It is a little like a spinach

that adds some flavor to the boiled water.

- [Translator] He collects theplants and I make the broth.

- [Narrator] But this flavored broth

provided only a few calories.

Marta and the children were starving.

- [Translator] Some dayswhen I can't find work,

I say, I am sorry children,

today we're not going to be able to eat.

Tomorrow I will see what I can do.

- [Narrator] Marta is a singlemom raising three children.

Her husband abandoned them four years ago.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- [Translator] We are allstruggling to survive.

- [Narrator] So OperationBlessing met with Marta

and trained her to run a business.

Then we delivered a largeamount of flour, eggs,

and other staples tosell right from her home.

- [Translator] Even whenI had them in my hands,

I couldn't believe it,

because I have never receivedhelp like this, never.

- [Narrator] Business hasbeen brisk over the past year,

and Marta earns $250 a month in profits,

plenty to support her family

and provide enough for them to eat.

- [Translator] Having a place to sleep

and having something to eat every day

is the best thing thatever happened to us.

- [Translator] Thanks, Operation Blessing

for helping our family.(uplifting music)

- And thank you if you'rea member of The 700 Club.

You helped that family.

A portion of every gift goes into the work

of Operation Blessing.

Another portion goes into the work

of CBN International to preach the gospel

around the world.

You're a part of everythingwe do, all of it,

when you join The 700 Club.

So if you wanna be a part,join us, 1-800-700-7000.

Now I've got some great news.

We got a lot of partnerswho've joined together

from Washington, Oregon, and Arkansas.

That's an unusual grouping.

Anyway, they all joined together.

They said they wanna add$76,000 to the challenge.

Take it up to 153, and let's pray.

Lord, we ask for blessing for the partners

who made it possible toissue this challenge.

Open the windows of heaven over them

and pour out a blessingthey cannot contain.

And for those watching right now,

speak to them, encourage them.

We ask it all in Jesus'name, amen and amen.

We've got a massive challenge.

The red number is 98,000.

28 minutes, 36 seconds.

Call us right now, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy?

- Thanks, Gordon.

Well in this new DVD by Pat Robertson,

you'll see true stories of people

who've learned how to grabhold of the promises of God,

people like Dawn Morilla.

In an instant, she andher family were plunged

into a life-threatening emergency.

(foreboding music)

- I looked at the nurseand I mouthed heart attack,

and she nodded.

And I went, whoa!

- She's having a heart attack,

and I don't know if she's gonna live.

(dramatic music)

A lot of fear goes through you.

My faith vanished.

- [Woman] My faith was a little rattled.

- [Woman] I knew I was going.

(dramatic music)

- Set your love upon the Lord.

You shall not fear.

In Christ, I am free from the fear.

(dramatic music)

(phones ringing)

- God promises to be with us in trouble,

to protect us, to help us,and to hear our prayers.

These are the I wills ofGod found in Psalm 91.

If you would like to make 2019 a year

where you can learn how to take authority

over fear and anxiety and have that peace

that God promises, wewanna help you do that

with Pat's new teachingcalled The I Wills of God,

God's promises to those who love Him.

This is yours when you goto your phones right now

and just say, yes, Iwanna join The 700 Club.

It's just 65 cents a day, $20 a month,

is all it takes to become a CBN partner.

Just go to your phones, 1-800-700-7000

and talk to one of ourbeautiful counselors.

And they are waitingright now to talk to you

and just say, yes, I wanna be a part

of what God is doing all over the world

to help hurting people

and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If that's you, we need you togo to your phones right now.

We're in the middle of abig challenge, $153,000,

with 26 minutes left on the clock.

That means if you go toyour phones right now,

every dollar that youpledge will be doubled.

Your gift will go twice as far,

so that's why we need your help right now.

So go to your phones, and we look forward

to hearing from you, Gordon?

- Okay we've got someone

from South Connellsville, Pennsylvania

getting their pledge doubled,

2500 Club.(great fanfare and applause)

That takes us down to85,000 on the red number.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Well when Travis lost hisjob just before the holidays,

he and his wife Cara could have panicked.

Instead, they relied on God's promise

to provide for their family.

And that's exactly what happened.

- [Narrator] Travis andCara cherish spending time

with their two young daughters.

But just a few years ago,family time was rare.

Travis was working long hours

away from home as a plant manager.

- I saw my kids usuallyfour days every two weeks.

- [Narrator] After 12 yearswith the same company,

Travis expected a promotion.

But in 2016, just beforeThanksgiving, he was laid off.

Cara was a stay-at-home mom,

so it was a blow to their family's income,

but not to their faith.

- God provides.

It's not the job.

It's not the things that we do.

But He will take care of all of our needs,

and living that out is reallyhard (laughing) sometimes.

- [Narrator] Travis andCara prayed strategically

about their needs.

As homeschoolers with two young children,

they felt the pressure,

but they never stoppedtithing or giving to CBN.

(door shutting)Less than two months later,

Travis was offered a newjob making more money,

plus he wasn't traveling as much.

- So I see my (sneezing)my kids twice as much

as what I used to.

- And to see that worked out,

it strengthened our relationshipand our marriage, as well.

- [Narrator] Travis andCara were so grateful

they decided to increasetheir giving to CBN.

For them it's all about faith and trust.

- CBN honors the money that you give,

and it's at work in thelives of other people.

And that's one of the reasons

that I'm most excited about CBN.

There's a heart for Christ,

a heart for shining God'slove out into the world

and for caring for people.

And that's really themission, the great commission.

And so that's why we love CBN.

- I think CBN ends uptouching many of the areas

of the world that you asan individual cannot touch.

- God will return much morethan what you've given,

because whatever you've released to him,

he will return to you.(uplifting music)

- Be a part of it.

Be a part of everything we're doing.

Call us and join, 1-800-700-7000.

I've got some great news fromNewport, Richey, Florida,

2,500 Club member

plus $4,000.(great fanfare and applause)

That takes us down to 62,000on $153,000 challenge.

Be a part, 1-800-700-7000, Terry?

- Well Veronica had a hard life.

She lived in a mud hut inKenya with her children.

And they struggled daily just to survive.

And then after heryoungest daughter was born,

Veronica began to lose all hope.

- [Narrator] Early every morning,

Veronica and her childrengathered dry brush and sticks

to prepare breakfastin their small mud hut.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Translator] We spendso much time inside.

We cook and sleep here.

There is no ventilation,and the smoke from the fire

makes it very difficult to breathe.

- [Narrator] Veronica'shusband works far away

while she cares for their children.

Because of their livingconditions, she developed asthma,

making it hard for herto do physical work.

(labored coughing)

- [Translator] At night,I wake up suffocating,

and often have to be rushed tothe hospital on a motorcycle.

(pounding rain)

- [Narrator] When the rainy season starts,

things only get worse.

- [Translator] One evening,the rain came through the roof

and the mud walls andruined the last of our corn.

We had no food.

There was nothing I could do but pray

and trust God to help us.

- [Narrator] When heryoungest daughter, Faith,

was born with a cleft lip,

Veronica felt like Godmust be punishing her.

- [Translator] I rememberasking God what I did wrong.

Some people said that Faith was cursed,

but I never believed it.

I thought God was angry at me.

- [Narrator] When OperationBlessing found out

about Faith's cleft lip, wearranged for her surgery.

Then we learned about theirterrible living conditions

and Veronica's asthma, so,we built them a new house.

- [Translator] Through my daughter,

God made a way to bless our whole family.

When I opened my windowsand fresh air came in

for the first time, I was overjoyed.

My health has improved a lot.

I haven't been to thehospital since we moved in.

- [Narrator] We also builtan extra room in the house

and helped her start a small business

selling daily necessities.

- [Translator] I have theonly shop in this area.

When my neighbors need help,

I'll buy their beans to support them

and later sell it at a profit.

It's an amazing feeling beingable to provide for my family

and help my community.

- [Narrator] Her business is doing so well

that her husband will soon comehome to help her expand it.

- [Translator] The Lord is my shepherd.

He is our provider.

Now we lack nothing.

Thank you so much foreverything you have done for us.

May God bless you forhaving such giving hearts.

- Boy, everyone wasblessed in this situation,

not just Veronica and herhusband and their family,

but the entire community around them.

She has the only opportunityto sell the goods

that they need to buy.

And so we say thank you.

This is not a hand out.

It's a hand up, and thisfamily is forever changed.

700 Club members, that'swhat you specialize in.

Thank you, thank you, Gordon?

- Well after Hurricane Florenceflooded their rental home,

Jim and Rose Langwellbegan living in a camper

with their three children.

All the family's belongings were ruined,

and to replace them, the couple

would have to go deep into debt,

at least that's what they thought

until they received some great news

from CBN's Helping the Home Front.

- [Narrator] Jim Langwell andhis wife Rose are dedicated

to serving their community and country.

She's in the US Air Force.

He works as a sheriff's deputy

in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

They never imagined they'dbe the ones needing help

after Hurricane Florenceflooded their home

they were renting.

All of their belongingswere destroyed by the storm.

- It's hard.

We've both worked our wholelives to get where we are.

And we had nice things and a nice house,

and now it's all gone,and we have to start over.

- [Narrator] Rose andtheir three kids lived

in this borrowed camperon her sister Dawn's

and her husband Randy's property.

Despite that part of Randy and Dawn's roof

blew off their own home andthe master bedroom destroyed,

they took the Langwells in.

- I'm eternally grateful for it.

I will do anything to tryand repay them for this.

I mean, it's just huge.

- [Narrator] Jim and rose planned

to move into another rentalhome as soon as possible.

But they wouldn't have any furniture

unless they bought whatthey needed on credit.

- We finally didn't owe anyoneor any bank or anything,

and we were in a really good spot,

a really comfortable spot.

And then just in the blink of an eye,

now we're facing that again.

- We struggled before, andGod always pulls us through,

so, I'm hopeful.

- [Narrator] Their situation changed,

because the Lord's Table Church

contacted CBN's Helping the Home Front.

- We want to make surethat you can replace

a lot of the things that you've lost,

so we wanna give you some commissary

and exchange gift cards,so $2,500 worth of that.

- Oh, thank you!

(soft piano music)

- And a way to help youguys back on your feet,

we wanna take care of yourdeposit and first month's rent

when you find a place.


And then later today, we're gonna take you

to Ashley furniture.

And they want to make sure you guys have

all the furniture youneed for your new house.

So putting your heads on realbeds, sitting on real couches,

- I'm speechless.- That's awesome.

- [Narrator] It was then that Pastor Ken

told them CBN's Operation Blessing

was going to help Rose'ssister and brother-in law.

- They have gotten somehelp from Operation Blessing

so that they can help your family as well.

- It's amazing, I can't believe it.

- [Narrator] Back outside,they told Randy and Dawn

that Operation Blessing was going to pay

to fix all the damage tothe roof and master bedroom.

- Get you where you need to go, man.

- I don't even know whatto say, I really don't.

Thank you, man.(Pastor Ken laughs)

How about that (laughs)?(hearty pats)

- It's good for me, man.- Thank you guys so much.

- [Narrator] Afterwardsthey headed to Ashley's

to pick out furniture for their new home.

Ashley's was more than happyto provide a deep discount

to honor the couple's service.

Today the Langwells are in their new home

with all the furniture they need

thanks to Helping the Home Front.

- I am grateful for CBN,because this really means a lot.

(uplifting music)

- And they're grateful to you.

If you're a member of The 700 Club,

that thank you goes to you.

You're a part of all of it.

You're a part of everythingwe're doing around the world.

And it's wonderful to know thatyou're making a difference.

You're being a verytangible help to people

in their time of need.

If you wanna join, callus, 1-800-700-7000.

If you want to increase,call us, 1-800-700-7000.

I've got some great newsfrom partners from Indiana.

They wanna add to this challenge.

They wanna add $45,000 takingit to 198, and let's pray.

Lord, bless the partners from Indiana

who made it possible toincrease this challenge.

And bless those who are watchingright now making decisions.

Speak to them, for we askit all in Jesus' name,

amen and amen.

198,000 is the challenge amount.

63,000 is the red number.

Call us now.

We wanna take that all the way to zero

and then go over the top.

So be a part of it, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy?

- Thanks, Gordon.

In today's world, everywhere you turn

you see chaos and turmoil.

But you don't have tolive in fear and anxiety.

You can have peace and security

no matter what the circumstances.

Take a look.

- [Announcer] We live in a chaotic world.

- [Pat] People areworried about terrorism,

the economy, about their health.

- [Announcer] Join Pat Robertson

for a special CBN presentationthat will give you courage

and help you meet life's challenges.

- [Pat] The I wills of God.

- [Announcer] Let go of fear.

- Set your love upon theLord, and you shall not fear.

- [Announcer] Overcome anxiety.

- I have all sufficiencyin Christ, so why worry?

- [Announcer] Andexperience the peace of God.

Plus see exciting storiesabout ordinary people

whose faith brought them throughextraordinary situations.

- I was able to tellpeople, God saved my life.

- [Announcer] The I Wills of God,

Your Path to Overcoming Fear and Anxiety.

Call 1-800-700-7000, or go to

to become a CBN partnerand get your DVD copy

of The I Wills of God, available now.

(powerful music)

(phones ringing)

- The Bible says those who keep their eyes

fixed on Jesus willremain in perfect peace.

If that sounds like something you want,

then you need to get ahold of Pat's new teaching

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This is our gift to you, yourpath to peace and security

in 2019, we want you to have it.

How do you get it?

Great question, just go to your phones

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65 cents a day, $20 amonth, is all it takes

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1-800-700-7000 is the number to call,

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Now a lot of you are alreadyCBN partners at $20 a month,

and we just wanna say thank you.

You are making a bigdifference around the world.

If you'd like to do more,hey, it's a brand new year.

Let's go up to our goldlevel, that's $40 a month.

When you do that, we wanna bless you back

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If you can go higher, wehave many levels here at CBN.

Take it up to our 1000Club level or higher,

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The I Wills of God.

We're in the middle ofa $198,000 challenge

with 13 minutes left on the clock.

That means every dollarthat you pledge right now

will be matched dollar for dollar.

So your gift will go twice as far.

It's a great time to give.

It's a great time to givebecause it's a great time,

it's a new year.

And Terry, help me (laughing).

I don't know.- (laughing) You've got it.

We all have an opportunity right now

to start the year freshwith new commitments

to make a difference in the world.

I want you to meet Myroslava.

She was only 22 years oldwhen her husband died,

and she was already the mother of three.

Penniless, she barelyhad a roof over her head.

But thanks to OrphansPromise, she and her children

now have everything they need.

(somber music)

- [Terry] Before shebecame a widow at age 22,

Myroslava lived her with herhusband and three children

in this drafty house withpeeling paint and a leaky roof.

- [Translator] Before he died,my husband was a kind man.

He loved the children and helped me.

Then my world fell apart.

- [Terry] After he died,Myroslava sold everything

to pay for the funeral.

- [Translator] We had nothing.

I had no stove, no furniture.

The house was empty, the walls were raw,

and we were starving.

- [Terry] Desperate, Myroslava sent

her two older children tolive with their grandma.

Myroslava kept the baby with her

since he was nursing at the time

and there was no extraroom at her in-laws.

This is Myroslava's6-year-old daughter Snezhana.

- [Translator] I love my mom very much.

I wanted to stay with her, butshe didn't have even a bed.

- [Terry] That's whenCBN's Orphans Promise began

to work with the family.

First we provided construction materials

and then hired a crew to build a new house

for Myroslava and her children.

- [Translator] When my children saw

what a beautiful houseyou were building for us,

they could hardly wait for us to move in.

- [Terry] We also gave them some beds,

a stove, and other furniture.

- [Translator] The men builtus a beautiful new house.

It's warm in here, andI like it very much.

- [Translator] We have everything!

We can live with our mama now.

She loves us.

- [Terry] Recently Myroslava prayed

to become a Christian.

- [Translator] I'm sohappy that my children

have all they need.

I'm full of joy and so grateful to you.

Thank you so much!

- I love this courageous determined mamma.

I often wonder at 22,what would I have done

under those circumstances?

Can I just say, 700 Club members,

you stepped right intothe middle of that need.

Those children have stayed with their mom.

They're together as a family today,

which is exactly where they should be.

And you helped make that possible,

so we wanna say thank you to you.

700 Club members, you'rechanging lives around the world.

Listen, when you go to yourphone and call right now,

because I know you wannabe a part of all of this,

not only is the number toll-free,

not only can you tellus what level you'd like

to come into membership with,

but you also have another opportunity.

It's called Pledge Express,electronic monthly giving.

It means your bank does all the work,

but it does save us some extra money

so that we can put it right into the needs

of people like Myroslava.

Our way of saying thank you to you

for using Pledge Expressis to send you this.

It's a Power for Life teaching.

You're gonna get one every month

as our way of saying thank you

for giving all you can tomake a difference, Gordon?

- Well Kenia could neverskip or run with her friends.

Sometimes she collapsed simply by walking.

That's because she wasborn with a heart defect.

And her parents had noway to pay for the surgery

she desperately needed.

- [Narrator] Keniawanted to be able to play

with her sister and friends,

but she was only permitted to do things

that required minimal physical effort

because of a heart problemshe's had since birth.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Translator] We triedto make her understand

that her heart condition puts her at risk.

That's why we forbid her fromdoing any intense activity.

- [Narrator] Sometimes a simple walk

would cause Kenia to faint.

- [Translator] She got sick very often.

She also got pneumoniabecause of her condition.

We had to wake up several timesevery night to check on her.

- [Narrator] Kenia's dad andmom are pastors in El Salvador,

which meant their income was barely enough

for food and medicine.

Surgery to repair Kenia'sheart was not possible.

- [Translator] God is in control.

He comforts us and strengthens us,

especially during these scary times.

- [Narrator] When OperationBlessing learned about Kenia,

we arranged for her and someother kids with heart problems

to travel to another city for surgery.

Kenia's operation was a success.

And just a few weeks after surgery

she showed us what she was able to do.

- [Translator] Operation Blessinghas been a great blessing

to our Kenia, who has now recovered

and is growing up in every way.

Thank you and God bless you!

- God bless you if you'rea member of The 700 Club.

Thank you!

You're part of that.

You're part of everything.

If you're not a member, join with us.

Join in everything we'redoing around the world.

It's just $20 a month,that's 65 cents a day.

Some can join at a higher level.

We got 700 Club Goldfor you at $40 a month.

Some can go up to 1000Club, that's $1,000 a year.

That breaks out to $84 a month.

Then we have 2500 Club,that's 2,500 a year.

Founder is $5,000 or more a year.

At whatever level, callus now and say, yes,

I wanna be a part of it, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy?

- Thanks, Gordon.

Well, what's your greatest fear?

And does worrying aboutit keep you up at night?

In his new DVD, PatRobertson reveals the secret

to overcoming your fearwith one simple solution.

(triumphant music)

- You know, we'll have these fears.

And these fears, you've got to name them.

You name what's there.

Don't be afraid to describe it.

Don't be afraid to talkabout what you did.

I screwed up on a business deal.

I made a mistake.

I lost a lot of money.

But in the name ofJesus, I will recover it,

because the Lord is with me.

But don't be afraid toconfess what you've done.

Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus.

Believe in your heart thatGod raised Him from the dead,

then you're gonna be saved.

So there's a confession with your mouth,

but it's coupled withthe belief in your heart.

And so you are unified whenyou stand against this fear.

But you have to name these things.

You really do.

(triumphant music)

(phones ringing)

- Just say no to fear and anxiety in 2019.

If you wanna learn how to take authority

over those things, Pat'sput together this for you,

The I Wills of God.

Discover how to overcomefear and so much more.

It's our gift to you

when you give us a call right now

and just say, yes, Iwanna join The 700 Club.

As we've been telling you,it's just $20 a month,

65 cents a day, is all it takes

to become a CBN partnerand to help hurting people

all over the world and spreadthe gospel of Jesus Christ

to some people who have neverheard the name of Jesus.

If that sounds likesomething you wanna do,

please don't hesitate.

Go to your phones rightnow, 1-800-700-7000,

or you can log on to

If you're already aCBN partner, thank you.

If you'd like to do more, hey,go to your phones right now

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I wanna take it up to the $40 a month.

That's just, as I said, $40 a month.

We're gonna bless youback with three DVDs,

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Take it up to our 1000Club level or higher,

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The 1000 Club level, by theway, is just $84 a month.

So if you can do that,you're gonna get five

of Pat's new teaching.

We want you to have it, go toyour phones right now, Terry?

- Well here are some folks who want that.

From Taunton, Massachusetts, $3,000.

And from Enid, Oklahoma, $5,160.

So thank you so much.(heralding fanfare)

Well Peena takes care ofherself and her mother,

but not long ago she wasbarely making enough money

to feed her family.

And her struggle to get waterwas making her very sick.

(birds squawking)(soft music)

- [Narrator] Peena walks long distances

in the scorching heat just to get water.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- [Translator] Every dayI make two or three trips

to fetch water.

The path is uneven and rocky.

It is so hot.

I suffer from headaches anddehydration and feel very weak.

- [Narrator] After Peena works so hard,

the water she collects is filthy.

- [Translator] My father died

from drinking polluted water.

My mother's always sick,

and I'm afraid I will lose her, too.

- [Narrator] After her father's death,

Peena took over the household.

- [Translator] It is tough tomanage the household expenses

and buy my mother's medication.

We have two goats of a poorbreed that hardly give any milk.

We barely make any income

from selling the milkand a few chicken eggs.

(chicken clucking)

- [Narrator] When thelocal pastor contacted CBN

about the village's waterproblems, we drilled them a well.

- [Translator] I am so happy

that there's a hand pump near my house.

Moving forward, no one inmy family will get sick

because of bad water.

- [Narrator] We knew Peena and her family

were struggling to make it on their own,

so we gave them four more goats.

- [Translator] They area really good breed.

Now I will be able to sellmilk and earn a nice income.

My mother feels betterwith the clean water,

and she will get even strongerdrinking milk every day.

I am so grateful forthese wonderful gifts.

- Wow, gratitude, gratitude.

Here's some gratitude from us to you.

Baytown, Texas, $4,200, thank you, Arthur.

From Houston, Texas, Tom,thank you for $8,400.

Woo, we're getting there!

- Yeah, we're going over thetop on a $198,000 challenge.

Be a part of it.

Be a part of everything we're doing.

If you love the storiesyou've been watching,

realize it's because peoplelike you care enough to give

that we're able to do all these things

all around the world.

It's incredible what happenswhen 10s of 1000s of people

say, yes, let's make a difference.

Let's do something in the world today.

Well Nazwa is young girlwho lives in the jungle,

but she's not so far removedthat Superbook can't reach her.

When she saw the episodeon the Miracles of Jesus,

it changed her life.

(cheerful music)(motorcycle put-putting)

- [Narrator] Deep inthe jungle of Indonesia,

a tiny mission church struggled to connect

with the community.

Then they started using CBN's Superbook.

7-year-old Nazwa gotan invitation to watch

from her friend, the pastor's daughter.

That day they saw the Miracles of Jesus.

- [Translator] Jesushealed the paralytic man,

healed the blind man,and stopped the storm.

- [Narrator] When the teacher told Nazwa

that this was a truestory, she decided to pray

to become a Christian.

- [Translator] I prayed, Lord Jesus,

please come into my heart.

- [Narrator] Nazwa couldn'twait to tell her mom

about what happened.

But when she did, her mom forbade her

from returning to the church,

because the family wasfrom a different religion.

Nazwa's mom told us what happened next.

- [Translator] She didn't listen to me.

Her dad said she could go,so she kept going every week.

- [Narrator] After a few weeks, though,

Eva noticed a change in her daughter.

- [Translator] She used to be spoiled.

She didn't like to be told to do chores.

Since Superbook, she doesthings without me even asking.

Then I thought, why should I forbid her

from going to Superbook?

- [Narrator] Meanwhile, Nazwa continues

to tell her parents and sister about Jesus

and prays they will come to know Him too.

- [Translator] I really love talking

about Superbook cartoons.

Through Superbook, I came to know Jesus.

(uplifting music)- Be a part

of taking the stories of the Bible

to the children of the world.

We're now over, I think, 45 languages.

And there's a broadcast map.

We're showing you all the different places

where we're broadcasting Superbook.

If you're a member of The 700 Club,

you help make that happen.

It's amazing how children are responding

to the stories of the Bible

and how it's going to remote places.

It's going on broadcast television.

It's being distributedthrough a smartphone app.

And children are watching,and they love the stories.

And when the Bible characters are talking,

they're talking verses from the Bible.

And the word of God never returns void.

It always has the ability,the miraculous ability

to transform lives.

You're a part of that whenyou join The 700 Club.

If you're not a member,call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

We're going way over thetop on a $198,000 challenge.

Call us right now.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy?

- All right, in Pat Robertson's new DVD

you'll see stories ofpeople who kept their cool

in the scariest of circumstances,like Mike and Billy,

who were once in a fight to stay alive

in a swamp filled with gators.

- We were running about 38 miles an hour

the last time I looked.

And then, bam, we'd flipped the boat.

- He said, "Look over your left shoulder."

And there was three alligatorsforming a semi-circle.

(dramatic music)

- There was tons of 'em on the bank,

and they're all coming in the water.

(dramatic music)

I was doing some heavy,heavy, heavy praying

while I was in that water.

- [Narrator] The I Wills of God,

the latest teaching from PatRobertson, available now.

- Okay, we're going over the top.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, $6,000.

McArthur, Ohio, $3,000.

And then Ashland, Virginia, 2,700.

- Virginia, 3,000.- All right,

we had a wonderful $198,000 challenge.

- [Terry] Woo, yes!(applause)

- [Gordon] 255, God bless.


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