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Nothing to Drink but Wormy Water

They knew they’d get sick, but bad water was all they had. Tokei and her village in Karamoja, Uganda, would spend up to eight hours a day getting water from a swamp or a worm-infested shallow well. A solution was beyond their reach—until ... ... Read Transcript

(upbeat rhythmic music)

- [Narrator] In Karamoja,Uganda, water is life.

Toke lives here with her family.

Her first task of theday is always the same,

finding water.

When I met her, she tookme to a nearby swamp.

(speaking foreign language)

- [Translator] We drink this swamp water

because there is no better alternative.

My whole family is constantly sick

with coughing and diarrhea.

We know it is because of the water.

- For four months out of the year,

Toke would come here to thislow swamp and collect water.

As you can see the water isfilthy and shared with cattle.

But for the other eightmonths of the year,

it was even harder.

- [Translator] When the swamp is dry,

it takes me up to eight hours every day

to walk to the handpump of a shallow well.

It leaves me with no time tocook or to do anything else.

Sometimes I see worms in the water

and as soon as we drinkit we become very sick.

I cried out to God, tosave us from this torment.

- [Narrator] When CBN teamedup with Innovation Africa

and drilled four wells in the area,

we provided more than 10,000people with fresh, clean water.

- [Translator] God hadus all crying for help.

When the drilling truckscame and struck water,

it was the happiest moment of my life.

We were all jumping and dancing.

- [Narrator] With water so close,

Toke's days are now very different.

- [Translator] I can prepare meals

and spend more time with my family.

I know this water is clean and safe,

because from that day until now

my children haven't fallen sick once.

Every day I pray God willincrease the blessings

of the people who helped us,

so they can continue to help others.


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