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His Tiny Heart Was Broken

PingShun was born prematurely and immediately rushed into the ICU. His mother didn’t even get to hold him. The baby’s heart needed repair, a delicate and expensive operation. The devastated parents prayed that God would care for PingShun. ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] PingShunwas born pre-maturely

and immediately rushed into the ICU.

(speaking foreign language)

- [Interpreter 1] I followed PingShun

as they took him out of the delivery room.

I could see that he wasvery small and weak.

He wasn't crying like a normal baby.

He sounded like a little kitten.

- Meow.

- [Narrator] The problemturned out to be his heart.

- [Interpreter 1] There were two parts

that kept expanding, but wouldn't grow.

So his blood supply was badand he couldn't breathe.

(woman speaking foreign language)

- [Interpreter 2] Thefirst time I saw my son,

he was covered in tubes.

I told him that Jesus loves him.

All I could do was pray andask God to look after him.

- [Narrator] After threeweeks with no improvement.

PingShun was transferredto a specialist in Beijing.

Doctors there saidwithout surgery, he'd die.

But he was too small for the procedure.

Even if he did gain weight,

the family couldn't affordan expensive operation.

- [Interpreter 2] I had never seen a child

tortured like this before.

It was like a knife piercing my heart.

I wanted to sell my organs,

but I couldn't find anyone to buy them.

- [Narrator] Meanwhile,the couple kept praying

and so did their older son.

- [Interpreter 3] Iwanted him to come home

so we could play together.

So I asked Jesus to pleasemake him better soon.

- [Narrator] When CBN heard about PingShun

and how his parents were poor

and had been sleepingin the hospital halls

We connected them with a church,

found accommodation for them.

Provided food and prayed for PingShun.

- [Interpreter 2] We saw how big

the family of God really is.

- [Narrator] And when PingShunhad gained enough weight

to have surgery, wepaid for it right away.

- I was so excited, my hands were shaking.

- [Interpreter 1] The missingparts of PingShun's heart

were replaced, now he can eat and sleep.

He's gaining weight and he's very strong.

- [Interpreter 3] My brother is healed,

now we can play together.

- [Interpreter 1] When he grows up,

I will be sure to tell himabout CBN and God's love.

- [Interpreter 2] Without your help,

I don't know how we wouldhave had the strengths

to go through all of this.

Now we have a deeper understanding of God.

I really think CBN is God'sblessing to the World.

(inspirational orchestral music)


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