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Death Sentence for Widow’s Daughter. Would Anyone Help?

A widow named Daw works long hours in a clothing factory in Myanmar to support her daughter Win. Suddenly something terrible happened: Win became ill with Dengue fever, and doctors wouldn’t treat her without advance payment—a death sentence! ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Da, is a widow.

To provide for her daughter,she works long hours

at this clothing factory in Myanmar.

They were getting byon her meager earnings

until her daughter Win got sick

with a high fever.

- I gave her medicine tokeep her temperature down,

but then I came home andfound her unconscious

on the bed.

- [Narrator] Da took Win to the hospital

where a test revealed she'd contracted

Dengue Fever, but the doctor said

without further payment in advance,

they would not treat her.

Da quickly went tofamily and even neighbors

to borrow money.

- They refused to help.

They were waiting for me to bring home

my daughter's dead body.

- [Narrator] Da finally wasable to borrow the money,

but at 20 percent interest per month.

Win recovered after 28days in the hospital,

but then Da had to facetheir growing debt.

- Every day, we ate onlyone egg and little rice.

I could only afford topay the monthly interest

on my debt.

Working with the localpastor, CBN's Orphan's Promise

paid off the family's remaining debt

and gave them a new sewing machine,

so Win can learn to sew and Da can earn

extra income from home.

Da and Win now attend church together

and both recently prayedto become Christians.

- I used to dread wakingup in the morning,

because I was so anxious about money.

Now everything has changed.

I'm so grateful to Orphan's Promise.

(children giggle)


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