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Caring for Holocaust Survivors in Israel

Vera is among the precious few aging survivors of the Holocaust living in Israel. She lost her husband to cancer and has a lonely life. Recently, broken water pipes flooded her home, and she as devastated. CBN’s ministry in Israel has a ... Read Transcript

(slow sad music)

- [Narrator] Vera is a widowand Holocaust survivor.

Her family escaped the Minsk ghetto

to join resistance fightersin the Belorussian wilderness.

- There was very little food

and the winters were so cold.

Many died in the snow.

And there was constantfear of being discovered

by the Nazis.

- [Narrator] Vera toldme that after the war,

she married a fellow survivor.

She and her husbandwanted to leave Belarus

but couldn't get through the iron curtain.

It wasn't until 1991they were finally able

to move to Israel.

- It was a dream to comehere but it was hard

to start a new life.

- [Narrator] Vera's husbandrecently died from cancer.

Her life got even harder one day

when she came home to find the water pipes

under her floor had burst.

- Water was everywhere.

Without my husband Ididn't know what to do.

I could never afford the repairs.

I was devastated.

- [Narrator] So CBNIsrael immediately located

a contractor and we coveredthe entire cost of the repairs.

- I was so happy when youtold me you were going

to fix the pipes and my floor.

I had tears of joy.

You were my only hope to get it fixed

and to have water back in my house.

It's a miracle.

- [Narrator] We also learned

that Vera's oven quiteworking a few years ago

so we bought andinstalled a brand new one.

Now we also take her groceries regularly

and spend time with her.

- What you do for me

and the other survivors means the world.

You give real support and it's wonderful

to know that someone cares about us.

I am so blessed to know people like you.


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