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How to Find Peace and Prosperity in Business

Henry runs a business so successfully he doesn’t even need to advertise. He relates his success to God and a principle he and Lisa learned from Pat Robertson and The 700 Club. Hear their story and try it for yourself. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] Henry Kellyis a hard-working handyman

known as Mr.Fix-It.

He runs a business so successful,

he doesn't even need to advertise.

Four years ago, he says the Lord told him

to start a business of his own,

and to tithe on all the profits.

Henry learned about tithing

from Pat Robertson and the 700 Club.

- And that's when I got it,'cause he made it very simple,

and he said, "Well, if you have a dollar,

you just give ten cent."

You know, I'm like, okay,I could do that, you know?

- [Announcer] So the Kellys began to tithe

on their business income.

In just four years, theKellys' income tripled.

- Because of the business,

and then the skills that I have learned

that the Lord has blessed me,

as long as I tithe, it works.

I've learned not to hold back,

but to give as much as I can wherever.

- You have a peace that,because you're being obedient,

and you're doing what is meant to be done,

then you are gonna be cared for.

- [Announcer] The Kellys havebeen faithful CBN partners

for years.

As their income increased,so did their giving to CBN.

- But CBN is the one ministry

that I really trust.

If you just tell somebodyabout the Gospel and walk away,

it's not gonna really do something,

but if you feed them becausethey're hungry though,

if you help them medically,

they're gonna listen,because you showed them.

You're not just talking,and that's what CBN does.

And when you're a giver, there's a joy.

The Lords rewards you a hundred fold.

It's one of the most satisfyingthings you could ever do

in your life.

And I would say, try it.

What do you have to lose?

Just give it a shot.


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