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Dying Mom’s Prayer

Natalia prayed, “Don’t let my children be orphans!” This Ukrainian mother of six suffered the excruciating pain of a kidney being destroyed by a 3-inch stone. Who would care for her children? Could her life be saved? She couldn’t afford ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] 47-year-oldNatalia had no idea

that anything was wrong,until the pain started.

- I hurt so much, so painful,

I couldn't sleep for two weeks.

- [Narrator] Then an x-ray revealed

that a giant kidneystone was growing inside.

But as widow raising three children

there was no extra money for surgery.

- My oldest daughter said,"Mom, let's go to the hospital."

But I said we're notgoing to the hospital,

we don't have the money.

- [Narrator] Evensix-year-old Natasha knew

there was something seriouslywrong with her mother.

She wondered if her mom would die.

- I prayed when my mom got sick.

I looked at her picture and cried.

I want her to stay with me.

- [Natalia] I begged God to help me,

so my children wouldn't become orphans.

- [Narrator] When CBN metNatalia we brought the family

some food and took her to the hospital.

There the doctor confirmedthat the kidney stone

had destroyed her kidney.

- The patient was in critical condition.

Her body was poisoned by the toxins

from the infected kidney.

There was a high risk of septicshock which leads to death.

- [Narrator] So CBN paid for Natalia

to have emergencysurgery to save her life.

- When I opened my eyes after the surgery

I understood that I would live.

The burden and pain went away.

- [Narrator] Natalia hasnow completely recovered

and is back taking care of her children.

- My other kidney is working normally.

I have no pain.

I'm even able to go back to work.

- I'm glad that Mama is here with me.

- [Natalia] I thank you verymuch for saving my life.


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