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The Simple Act That Led to a Profitable Income

Seventeen and pregnant, Chenel married and later divorced at a young age. Through the kindness of a friend and trust in a godly principle, Chenel experienced success and restoration. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Randall andChenelle Stewart married

when he was 18 and she was17 years old and pregnant.

At the time, both wereoptimistic about their future.

- I just felt like wow, this is my chance.

I'm grown up now, I can start a new life.

But things quickly wentthe other direction.

- [Narrator] Randall joined the Air Force

to provide for their family.

But soon, they started havingcommunication problems.

- When Chenelle wantedto discuss a matter,

if it angered me I justwanted to be left alone.

- I believed that both ofus came in with woundedness.

Both of us have fatherwounds and being rejected.

And so we brought thisbaggage into our marriage.

- [Narrator] The couple grew distant.

At times there was physical abuse.

Then in 1993, they filed for divorce.

Chenelle became a singlemom, trying to make a living

as a hair stylist in someone else's salon.

But between that and some other odd jobs,

she struggled to pay the bills.

- I would go in thesalon and sometimes sit

six or seven hours and do no one's hair.

Having my lights get cutoff, I felt horrible.

I felt like I had failedand that I had failed

in even the career that Iso pursued all those years.

- [Narrator] During thistime, she had a co-worker

who was a Christian.

One day Chenelle askedto go to church with her.

- I was sick of the life that I had.

And she was like "Sure."

It was almost like she waswaiting on me to ask her.

- [Narrator] A month later,

Chenelle surrendered her life to Christ.

She began gettinginvolved in Bible studies

and she also started tithing.

- By this point in timeI may have been doing

a couple clients, not even a day.

So if I would've made $25 that day,

I was giving God 10% of that $25.

- [Narrator] Soonafterward, Chenelle noticed

she was getting more clients.

- My business began to grow.

And then all of a sudden italmost seemed like rapidly.

My business went fromnot doing anyone's hair

to me turning clients away at times.

- [Narrator] Chenelle kept in contact

with her ex husband Randall.

One day he noticed thechange in her business.

- Just seeing him growher business that quick

just from that act ofobedience was amazing to me.

She just went up to the shop every day.

And so the only thing that she had changed

was she had started tithing.

- [Narrator] Randall gavehis life to Christ as well.

An soon afterward, heand Chenelle remarried.

Randall started tithing too.

- Baby you want to do this or what?

I was like okay baby,when the check come in,

just take it off the top.

And I mean God has been faithful.

- [Narrator] Soon the couple saw

even more blessings in their lives.

Randall got a new job.

With that came a 10% salary increase.

They also were able to buy a new home.

- I never had a job

where they offered me morethan what I was already making.

And so, you know I justgive all the glory to him.

- I've said thank youLord probably on a daily,

because it's amazing to methat he has even allowed us

to obtain the things that we've obtained.

- [Narrator] Chenelle isno longer styling hair.

Instead she can be a stay at home mom.

She and Randall are thrivingin every area of their lives.

They encourage others to give in faith

so they can be blessed too.

- God says test me in this.

And don't I open up theflood gates of heaven,

pour you out a blessing

that you don't haveroom enough to receive.

I know for certain

that he will move on your behalf

just by that simple step of obedience.

- It's an honor to be obedientto Christ in my giving.

I love it and it's not justabout the material things,

but it's just an honor to give and to obey

and to serve Christ even in my giving.


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