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Dad, Who Is God?

It’s not unusual for a child to ask his father about God. But this boy named Krishna was watching his dad make an offering to a Hindu god in Indonesia. That question was still in Krishna’s heart when he was invited to an afterschool movie. ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Nine-year-oldKrishna still remembers

how he went with his dadto the Hindu festivals

and shrines to pray.

- When I was in kindergartenI asked my dad, who is God?

I remember saying some Hindu prayers

and pouring water on theoffering, but I was confused.

I asked myself, what doesGod really look like?

Does he look like the statues?

- [Narrator] Then Krishnawent to an afterschool program

near his home that's where he watched

the CBN Super Bookepisode The Fiery Furnace.

- They were ordered to worship

the King's statue, but they refused.

They believed that God will protect them.

- [Narrator] What happenednext astounded his teacher.

- I remember Krishnasuddenly raised his hand

and asked does that mean

that we shouldn't beworshiping statues or idols?

So I told him that we mustonly worship the Lord Jesus

who created Heaven and Earth.

- [Narrator] After receiving the answer,

Krishna made a decision.

- I raised my hand becauseI wanted to receive Jesus

as Savior in my heart.

- [Narrator] Krishna now wantsto share about Super Book

and Jesus with his familyand he's praying for his dad

and grandparents to know Jesus too.

- I'm so grateful thatI learned that we must

only worship the Lord Jesus.

Thank you for sharing Super Book with me.

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