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Gasping for Breath, Then Help Came!

Isack loved to play soccer for hours at a time, but swollen adenoids restricted his breathing and affected his sleep, studies, energy and appetite. A simple 45 minute surgery would cure him, but he lives in Tanzania and his parents are poor. ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Isaac was alwaysactive and played soccer

with a homemade ball as often as he could.

- I played the whole day.

Sometimes I even forgotto come home for lunch.

- [Narrator] But when Isaacdeveloped enlarged adenoids

in his throat it made itdifficult for him to breathe.

Over time he lost his energy.

He no longer played and he barely ate.

- When I go to sleepat night my nose hurts.

It is so difficult tobreath and I feel so bad.

(speaking foreign language)

- At night he wouldwake up gasping for air.

It's always worse when he is sleeping.

I was afraid he would stop breathing.

There were even times his eyes were puffy

from his lack of sleep.

- [Narrator] His conditionmade it difficult

for him to stay awake at school.

Many times he stayedhome and slept all day.

- [Woman] We often took him

to the hospital for medication.

My parents don't have much money.

So when we learned he needed surgery

we didn't know what to do.

They couldn't afford surgery.

- Then they reached out toAfrican Mission Health Care,

a ministry supported by CBN.

We soon arranged andpaid for Isaac's surgery.

These surgeries take less than an hour,

but it's 45 minutes thatwill change a child's life.

- When I came back from thehospital I felt really good.

I'm not tired anymore becauseI sleep all night now.

I can finally play againand eat as much as I want to

without any trouble breathing.

I go to school every day too.

I even scored two goalsat recess the other day.

I am so happy, thank youso much for helping me.

(uplifting music)


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