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Sleepless Nights Over $17,000 of Credit Card Debt

David and Chris’s financial plan was to spend all the money they earned. Credit cards were their backup plan when commissions fell through and unexpected expense came up. Soon the couple had accumulated $17,000 in credit card debt. See the ... ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Chris and DavidHelm have many joyful memories

from their 40 year marriage.

But they'll never forget thesleepless nights they spent

worrying about money.

- Well you go to bed thinkingabout the bills you owe,

and how are you gonna makethe money to pay those bills.

- We had no back-up plan.

There was no plan B, ever.

Except fear.

- [Narrator] When Chris and Dave married,

they were both employed.

She was an insurance underwriter,

and he worked in sales on commission.

But they spent all themoney they earned, and more.

- To me, you had arrived,when you could have more.

When you could have moreclothes, have jewelry,

have anything that made you look good.

It was definitely aninsecurity issue on my part.

- We did not have a budget really.

We just sort of shot from the hip.

- [Narrator] When Chrisquit her job to become

a stay at home mom, they putthe deficit on credit cards.

- Credit was great.

It was an outstanding way toget what we needed or wanted

with no consequences that I saw.

- [Narrator] But there were consequences.

The couple accumulated$17,000 in credit card debt,

and couldn't make themonthly minimum payments.

Chris handled the billsand received the calls

from creditors.

- It is harassment, but it was my debt.

I owed it.

And you have to pay your debts.

We had no back-up plan, thatif one thing went wrong,

if he got sick, if we needed a car repair,

you knew it was another payment just added

to the stack of bills thatwere already sitting there.

- And I felt like a failure, too.

As a man, I was just tryingto become more successful.

And it just wasn't happening.

- [Narrator] By the end of 2001,the Helm's financial strain

had escalated into a crisis.

A lucrative projectthat Dave had expected,

suddenly fell through, alongwith the commission the couple

was counting on to payhuge, year-end expenses.

- We needed a lot of money.

We had a $60,000 tax billdue, and one child in college.

We needed six figures.

- Oh we were terrified.

We just didn't know wherethe money was coming from.

- [Narrator] So the Helm'sturned to God in prayer.

They were Christians whoknew about tithing in theory,

but not in practice.

- It never occurred to me,that because we weren't giving

or tithing, that we wereactually robbing God

of the opportunity to bless us.

I remembered saying, Lord,I have not been faithful.

I promise you, not onemore dime will ever come

in this house that I will not give to you.

If you will just take care of this for us.

- And she brought itto me, and it was like,

we need to be doing this.

The Holy Spirit just united us on that.

- [Narrator] Just two months after making

their initial tithe,the couple was astounded

by what happened.

The project that had beencanceled, was reinstated.

Followed closely by twomore lucrative projects.

- The Lord not only gaveus all of that money

that we needed, He alsogave us $2000 extra.

And He showed me His faithfulness.

- [Narrator] Since then, theHelm's income has tripled.

Their debts are paid infull and they're saving

for the future.

They remain generous givers, and one

of their favorite placesto give is to CBN.

- I see the work that theydo, helping the homefront.

Oh my gosh, I just wannareach through the TV

and hug our military people andthank them for what they do.

- I thing for me, the OperationBlessing is something,

I can't necessarily go,but you can send money.

That makes me feel like weare an extension of that.

- He says, those who giveto the poor, lend to Him.

- If you can't see whereit's gonna come from,

don't let that distract you or keep you

from being obedient to the Lord.

- The Bible says it pleasesHim to give us good things.

You know, you look at Malachi, you know,

give and it shall be given unto you,

praised on good measure.

But the scriptures are all there.

When I started livingthem, it changed my world.

It changed my life.


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