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CBN NewsWatch PM: January 16, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 16, 2019 Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] This is CBN Newswatch.

- And thank you so much for joining us

for this edition of CBN Newswatch.

I'm Efrem Graham.

YouTube says it has reinstateda pro-life video it removed

from the platform for what it considered

violating community guidelines.

Lila Rose, President ofpro-life group, Live Action,

voiced her outrage on Twitterafter learning the video

had been taken down.

Our Mark Martin joins usnow from the CBN Newsroom

with more on this story.


- Efrem, the undercovervideo claims to reveal

a Planned Parenthood workertelling sex traffickers

where to take underagevictims to get abortions.

Rose tweeted Monday,"YouTube just removed one of

"our investigative videosexposing Planned Parenthood

"aiding and abetting the sextrafficking of young girls,

"saying it violated community guidelines.

Hundreds of people sawthe Tweet and protested

the media company's actions.

Hours later, YouTube tweeted Rose saying,

"Confirmed that this wasa mistake on our end.

"The video is now reinstated.

"Apologies for the frustrationthis may have caused."

On Tuesday, Rose confirmedthe video was reinstated,

and YouTube removed thestrikes from our account.

The video received more attention

since youTube first took it down.

It allegedly features aPlanned Parenthood employee

telling a suspected pimp tolie about underage girls ages

so they can get abortions.

Planned Parenthood is required by law

to report child sexual abuse.

Live Action says theorganization routinely covers

up these crimes.

- You never got this from me.

Just to make all of our lives easier.

- [Male] Okay.

- If they're 14--

- Yeah.- And under.

- [Male] Yeah.

- Just send them right thereif they need an abortion.

(laughing) Okay?

- The alleged PlannedParent worker also says,

"minors are always acceptedwithout parental consent,

"but they have to be carefulbecause they are obligated

"to report cases of those 14 and under."

And again, suggest lying about their age.

CBN News reached out to Planned Parenthood

for comment on the video,

but have not gotten aresponse at this point.


- Mark Martin, thank you for that report.

Wanna turn now to Dan Gainorwith the Media Research Center

to talk more about this case.

So Dan, does what happened with YouTube

and Live Action surprise you?

- No, not at all.

If you go through the top social

media search media companies,

this is a problem that keeps happening.

Pro-life videos and contentkeep getting taken down.

Traditional conservative contentkeeps getting taken down.

Religious people, particularlyconservative Christians,

Protestants, Catholic, any sort of group

are being targeted on these outlets.

It's Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube.

And so, it's not surprising.

They set up computer programsthat target certain topics

and they also have employeeswho are overwhelmingly leftwing

on this and pretty much every issue.

- Suggests that it's commonwith social media giants,

is that what you're saying?

- Yeah, absolutely.

And it's not just pro-life issues,

but pro-life has beenprobably about the top issue

that we've encountered where conservatives

are discriminated against.

- All right, Dan; wewanna get back with you

in just a moment on thesenext stories, so stay close.

We want your insights on this as well.

Both Democrats and majornews outlets have claimed

President, Donald Trump, ismaking up the border crisis.

A day after the President'sOval Office address last week,

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi,said the President, quote,

"must stop manufacturing a crisis

"and reopen the government."

However, under the Obama administration,

Democrats and outlets likethe New York Times and MSNBC

agree with the formerPresident, there was a crisis.

Here's a clip from back in 2014.

- And Dan Gainor is back with us.

So Dan, what's changedsince the President,

Obama that is, called thesituation at the border

a humanitarian crisiswithout the backlash.

- What's changed obviouslyis that Donald Trump

wants to fix the problem now and the media

don't want him to, for a couple reasons.

One, they know that Obama'ssolution would have been

to legalize illegal alienswho are already here

and particularly DACA people, but also,

it would have been a moreopen border solution.

That's what the media likedand even though he talked,

it sounded like he'stalking tough, he wasn't.

So when all those Democratswho said they wanted

the wall for years and thatwe need to secure the border,

the press knew that it was a lie.

That's why they don't go afterthem now and call them on it.

But they knew when Trump saidit, he was actually saying,

it's something that he wanted to do.

That's why they're upset.

- In light of what you're saying,

does MRC have any research onthe way the media is reporting

on the border crisis nowverses then and what does

it tell us if you do.

- We're acdotal right now for that.

But you have to factorit in to the overall look

at how the media havecovered Donald Trump.

He's got a huge numberfor (mumbles) how they

cover Trump now for last year.

It was 90% negative.

They're not gonna coverany topic positive,

under the Trump administration unless

it's attacking Donald Trump.

- All right, Dan Gainor withthe Media Research Center,

we appreciate your time and your insight.

Thank you so much.

- Thank you.

- An activist jumps thewall at House Speaker,

Nancy Pelosi's mansion.

The Daily Caller reports activist,

Laura Loomer was accompanied by

a few alleged illegal immigrants.

It was all streamed on Twitter.

Loomer could be seen,at one point marching

toward Pelosi's home andlater found the door locked.

She said it was hypocriticalof Pelosi to not

have open doors and openborders to her own property.

The Daily Caller is reporting this.

Authorities were called to escort Loomer

and her group off the property.

Shutdown pressure onPresident Donald Trump mounts

as House Speaker NancyPelosi called on him to delay

his State of the Union address.

She cited securityconcerns noting that both

the Secret Service and theDepartment of Homeland Security

are affected by the partialgovernment shutdown,

now in its fourth week.

Even Mr. Trump's owneconomist acknowledged

the prolonged standoff washaving a greater economic drag

than previously thought.

The IRS is recalling furloughed workers

to process tax refunds.

Some 46,000 employees,nearly 60% of its workforce,

will be working without pay.

The workers will not be performing audits

or providing tax payerassistance during the shutdown.

Kenya's President says security forces

have killed the Islamic extremist gunman

whose assault on the luxuryhotel and shopping complex

took 14 innocent lives,among them, one American.

The President says that all the terrorists

have been eliminated after that attack

in the capital of Nairobi thatbegan on Tuesday afternoon.

He said, more than 700people were evacuated

during the operation.

The Islamic terrorist group,

al-Shabab has claimedresponsibility for that attack.

Senior InternationalCorrespondent, George Thomas,

joins us now with more on this story.

So George, do we know about the American

who was killed in this attack?

- Yeah, we sure do.

Here are the details.

His name was Jason Spindler.

He was a business man whofounded an organization

called I-DEV, a financialcompany that invests

in various emergingmarkets around the world.

He'd been living in Kenyaincidentally for about five years

and according to reports,often ate at a cafe

in the hotel targeted by the terrorists.

Spindler's mother, tellingNBC News that her son was

quote, "trying to make positivechange in the third world."

His father said his son wanted to quote

"develop a model forhelping low income people."

Mr. Spindler would haveturned 41 next week.


- Horrible loss. Al-Shabab, ofcourse, the terrorist group,

has claimed responsibility--

- Yeah.- For this.

What does this say about Kenya's

internal security challenges?

- They are facing enormous challenges.

As we look at the video,

you look at the way thatthe operation took place.

You look at the haphazardness of how

they tried to secure this building.

Keep in mind,

Kenya borders a very volatilenation called Somalia.

And to get across thisvolatile nation from Somalia

to Kenya, my sources are telling me,

Somalians can pay the equivalent of $20

to get across the border.

So it's a very porous border.

Makes it very, very difficultfor the Kenyan authorities

to try and crack down on radical Islamist

that are still continuingto operate in the country.

- Let's turn to Syria for a moment.

ISIS carried out a devastating attack.

- Yeah, sure.- On US Coalition forces

in Syria.

What are the details there?

- I just saw, right before coming on,

that the images fromthis particular attack.

Here's what we know.

It happened in theNortheastern part of Syria,

about six and 1/2 hoursNortheast of the Capital city,

Damascus, in a place called Madig.

And according to our sources, there were,

the US State Departmenthasn't officially come out

to say how many service members died,

but this is what a spokesman

for the Operation InheritResolve said on Twitter.

Quote, "The US ServiceMembers were killed during

"an explosion whileconducting a routine patrol

"in Syria today.

"We are still gatheringinformation and will

"share additionaldetails at a later time."

There are some reports thatabout four American soldiers

lost their lives.

If this number, Efrem, is correct,

it would mean that thisis the largest number

of American troops tohave lost their lives

since they began theiroperations back in 2015.

Very, very seriousattack and also mind you,

keep in mind, this is also just weeks

after President Trump said that ISIS had

been defeated and theUnited States was preparing

to withdraw troops from Syria.

- That's right.

We know the President has said that.

- Yeah.- And the Turkish government

is saying they will help tocreate a safe zone for Kurds.

How are Kurds responding to that offer?

- You know, not very well. TheKurds don't want the Turks to

be operating the safe zone.

As you mentioned, the United States,

under the leadership ofPresident Trump wants

to remove all 2,000 troops from Syria.

The Kurds are very, very concerned.

Why, because the Kurds andthese various militia groups

align with the Kurds havereally been the fighting force

in helping the United Statesand Coalition partners

defeat ISIS, really the Peshmergers,

the Kurdish Peshmergerswere really the folks

behind the defeat of ISIS.

Now, the Kurds feellike the United States,

that we are turningour backs against them.

The Turks have come in and said, look,

we'll create this thing called a safe zone

that would allow theKurds to live peacefully.

The Kurds are not buyingthat because they believe

that the Turks want to wipe them out.

So clearly, the Kurds are notup for this particular idea.

This is a sticking point with the Kurds.

The United States needs to come up

with a way of protecting the Kurds.

We have a history of droppingthem like a bad habit,

so to speak, and the Kurds know this.

I've been listening to someof the folks on the streets

of Erile in Northern Iraq andthey are very, very concerned

that the United States willonce again abandon them

and the potential for a massacre,

potential for the Turks to gointo this Northeastern part

of Syria is very, very real.

The United States istrying to stop the Turks

from, and I've actually warned the Turks,

do not harm the Kurds.

There will be economicrepercussions if they did.

- All right, a storywe'll continue to follow.

We'll turn now to Floridawhere the Republican governor

is sending a strong message to Airbnb;

support Israel or lose Florida's business.

Last November, the homerental company announced

it will not allow Israelisto list properties

in Jewish communities on the West Bank.

The move has sparkedoutrage on social media.

The Governor DeSantis tweetedthat he would not stand

for any kind of anti-Semitism.

He Tweeted, "As long asI'm Governor of Florida,

"BDS will be DOA.

"We have a moral obligationto oppose Airbnb's policies

"against Israel in the West Bank."

The Governor also announcedthat State employees

will not longer be reimbursedif they use an Airbnb.

Coming up, the annual Women'sMarch comes up this weekend

on the heels of the March For Life,

but it's facing backlashfor some unexpected reasons.

We'll have that story, bothsides, when we come back.

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My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

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- The more liberal Women'sMarch follows the March For Life

this weekend on the groundsof the nation's capital.

It's getting lots of attentionthis year for concern

over anti-Semitism.

I spoke with Tiana Lowewith the Washington Examiner

about the March and some ofits leadership association

and ties to anti-Semitism.

Let's take a look.

Tiana, tell us about theclaims of anti-Semitism

among the leadership of the Women's March.

- For one thing, there isthis extremely damming tablet

report that came outlast month that alleged

that member Tamika Mallory,

who is the co-presidentof the Women's March,

in one of the initial meetingsestablishing the organization

had insinuated this conspiracythat Jews are to blame

for anti-Black oppressionand then there's been

the continued associationwith Rasmea Odeh,

a convicted terrorist who's killed Jews.

And most notably, LindaSarsour, Tamika Mallory,

and Carmen Perez's devotionto Louis Farrakhan,

who has equated Jews with termites.

- Is there an outcry in themainstream media about this?

- So for a long time, there wasn't,

even though their association with Odeh

was over three years ago.

However, luckily, becauseof good reporting,

especially among conservativesand main stream anchors

like Jake Tapper and as we saw yesterday

with The View's Megan McCain,

there is finally been uproarto the point where even

the DNC announced today that they

are no longer associatingwith the Women's March.

- You mentioned The View.

Tell us about what happened on The View

with the Women's Marchco-President, Tamika Mallory.

- It took none other thana daytime talk show host

in Meghan McCain toquestion Tamika Mallory,

hold her feet to thefire, and not just say,

do you think that Farrakhan is wrong,

but do you condemn what he has to say.

And Tamika Mallory, it was astonishing,

she continually fell back on,

I do not agree with everything he says,

however I won't condemn it,

and then attempted to useidentity politics to spin away

her responsibility forassociating with a man who

has used extremely violent and hateful,

openly anti-Semiticlanguage to describe Jews.

This would be tantamount to ifsay the President associated

openly with David Duke and said, oh,

so what if he says some badthinks about black people?

He's been great for the white community.

On an inverse, the outragewould be over flowing.

- Is there a disconnect withthe leaders of the March

and what other women in thecountry want or believe?

- Certainly.

I think that the Women'sMarch is not inherently

a terrible concept;

female empowerment matters in a country

where women still have to make strides.

But most women don'twanna be sliced and diced

into this intersectionalcatastrophe where they

have to alienate pro-life women,

where they have toalienate Christian women,

where they have to alienate Jewish women

and you're all on this intensehierarchy of oppression

where you have more pointsif you're more LGBTQ

or if you're more of a woman of color.

This is not what women want.

Women want to uplift eachother, not tear each other down.

- You've also written thatsome of the march leaders

have ties to terrorists.

- Yes, so Angela Davis will be speaking

at the Women's March.

She is a convicted terrorist.

She was formerly on the FBI's most wanted

and Rasmea Odeh was someonewho they were fighting for.

The hashtag was #justiceforrasmea.

And she, again, convicted,

found guilty of killingtwo Jews in Israel.

- How is this playing outin today's political arena?

- So I think for awhilethose in the left thought

that they could coast byon continuing to associate

with the Women's Marchbecause they were seen

as intersectional feministheroes, they hated the President,

they were hateful towardsall the right people,

they alienated pro-life Christians.

But I think now that people are seeing

that intersectionalityalways devours its own

because you cannot claimthe mantle of oppression

without blaming someone else.

You see Jews don't fit verycleanly into this false

and evil hierarchy.

Instead, they attribute all this privilege

that doesn't really existin actual experience

of lived Judaism.

Finally, it's all kindof crumbling down like

this house of cards.

- Hmm, Tiana Lowe withthe Washington Examiner,

thank you for your time.

- Thank you for having me.

- And still ahead, it'sa very important day

when it comes to protectionof your religious liberty

and conscience in America.

We're gonna explain and takea closer look after this.

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- Religious liberty is oftencalled America's first freedom.

25 years ago, Congress officiallyestablished January 16th

as religious freedom day in honor

of one our founding documents.

David Closson is a research fellow

at the Family ResearchCouncil and joins us now.

So historically, theidea of religious freedom

enjoyed broad support.

How's it looking today?

- Good afternoon and yes,you're absolutely right.

Historically, religiousfreedom has enjoyed broad,

bi-partisan support in the United States.

In fact, in 1993, in responseto a Supreme Court decision,

Congress introduced the ReligiousFreedom Restoration Act.

It was introduced by thenCongressman Chuck Schumer

and in the Senate by Ted Kennedy.

It passed unanimously in theHouse and by a 97 to three vote

in the US Senate.

And President Bill Clintonsigned it into law.

There was broad, bi-partisansupport for religious freedom,

for conscious protection in this country,

but that is changing todayand that is problematic.

Just in the last couple of years,

you've seen this issuecome up with questions

being asked to nomineesto the Federal Judiciary.

And you've also seen this issue come up

in the wedding industrywhere bakers and florists,

bakers like Jack Phillips out in Colorado

whose faith teaches them themarriages and ordinances of God

and that therefore, theycannot be a part of a ceremony

that would require them tosay something that violates

their deeply heldconvictions and conscience.

These beliefs are coming under attack

in some sections of our society.

- Why do you think Judiciarynominees and people

like the baker havethese issues challenge?

Why is this happening?

- That's a good questionand on the Judiciary,

that caught everyone's attention in 2017

when ranking memberFeinstein, if you remember,

in the Senate Judiciaryhearing asked Amy Coney Barrett

about her faith and kind of famously

or infamously might say,looked at her and said,

well, it looks like the dogmalives loudly within you.

And then she suggestedthat Barrett's faith might

be a concern.

So you're seeing thesereligious freedom concerns

coming in conflict with some of the,

especially with the LGBT movement.

Some of the issues that they contested,

sexual orientation, gender identity laws,

and that's where a lot ofthese conflicts are coming up.

- David, you write thatthere's a subtle shift

in language that can lead to a weakening

of religious freedom.

What's the differencebetween freedom of worship

and freedom of exercise of one's religion?

- Yeah, that's a great question.

You saw that language beingused by some officials

in the previous administration,some other organizations.

Freedom of worship, which isthe language you're seeing used

by some, it implies you havethe right to do what you want

within the four walls of your church,

your synagogue, or your mosque,

but then as soon as youwalk out your door or drive

off the parking lot, youlose your religious liberty.

That's not the case.

The Constitution providesfor the free exercise

of religion, whichallows people to exercise

their faith, to live outtheir life in accordance

with their fundamentalbeliefs and convictions,

and importantly, the SupremeCourt has affirmed this,

most recently in the Hobby Lobby case,

with the Little Sisters of the Poor.

So it's a slight nuance with the language.

But the Constitutionprotects freedom of religion

and religious exercise, notmerely just freedom of worship.

- All right, David Closson,thank you so much for your time.

- Thank you.

- Stay with us.

We'll be right back.

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When we all come together to love,

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are more

than 148 million orphansin the world today?

148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew a ministry from

my heart called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries world wide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes,

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- Maranda Curtis is easily one

of the most successful breakoutartists of the last year.

Her album, Open Heaven,debuted at number one

on the Gospel charts withmore than 13 million streams.

And she is the special gueston this week's Studio 5.

♪ We are under ♪

♪ an open heaven ♪

- Heaven's are indeed open in the life

of recording artist, Maranda Curtis.

You did not grow up in church?

But her road to worship leaderis anything but routine.

- Sundays we were at home oron the beach and in Florida.

- She takes us from Sundaymornings on the beach

to days and nights on the Gospel stage.

♪ There's a river ♪

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- And you can see our fullinterview with Maranda Curtis

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Good bye everybody and God bless.

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