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'Many Christians Are Being Killed': World's Worst Persecutors Revealed, 60,000 Christians in Concentration Camps

'Many Christians Are Being Killed': World's Worst Persecutors Revealed, 60,000 Christians in Concentration Camps Read Transcript

- North Korea again, it tops the list

of the 50 most dangerouscountries to follow Jesus.

The 2019 Watch listreleased today by Open Doors

highlights where actionis desperately needed

to protect Christians.

CBN White House corespondent Ben Kennedy

joins us with a closer look.


- Well, Jenna, President Trump has met

with many of those leaderswhose countries made the list.

We're talking about China,Nigeria, Saudi Arabia

and of course North Korea to name a few.

The Trump administration makes

religious freedom a priority.

Case and point, fighting for the release

of Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey

but there is more the government can do

and that's the backbone behind this list.

- For you who believe, answer the call.

- [Ben] The spread of radical Islam

Increases the danger forChristians worldwide.

- [Father Daniel] ManyChristians are being killed

because of their faithand I know many families

that they have lost so many family members

because of their faith.

- [Ben] Father Daniel preaches to nearly

200 families in Iraqwhere he faces intense

persecution by Al-Qaeda.

- [Interviewer] You toldme many priests are leaving

because its quite frankly not safe,

why are you staying?

- [Father Daniel] Well I'm staying because

to stay with my people.

So this is the onlything which is keeping me

staying there and working with them

because they need help now urgently.

So if I'm not going to be there,

who's going to help them?

- [Ben] Iraq is number13 on the watch list

of countries where Christiansface the most persecution.

Each year the watchdoggroup Open Doors USA

documents the most oppressive

and restrictive countries for Christians.

Topping the list isNorth Korea, followed by

Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Pakistan.

- [David Curry] We believenow based upon our research

that there's over 245million Christians who

live in areas of extremeor high persecution.

That's a lot.

- [Ben] He adds thatviolence against Christians

increased dramaticallythis past year in China.

- [David Curry] Theymoved up from number 41

to number 27 on the list.

- [Interviewer] That's a big jump.

- Its a huge jump and itshows that things are getting

more difficult for Chinaand its a big church

so a lot of people, millionsof people are affected.

- [Ben] North Korearemains number one for the

eighteenth year in a rowdespite talks between

President Trump and Dictator Kim Jong Un.

- [David Curry] I wouldlove to see human rights be

a part of the discussionwhen you're talking about

nuclear arms because you can tell within

30, 60, 90 days ifconditions have improved

for Christians thatare in the labor camps.

Right now there is over 60,000 Christians

in labor camps in North Korea.

A lot of people don't know that.

- [Ben] Vice PresidentMike Pence does and today

reaffirmed that theWhite House will always

be a champion for people of faith.

- [Mike Pence] Protecting andpromoting religious freedom

is a foreign policy priorityof this administration.


- Now Open Doors continuesits efforts hoping

that governments, human rights groups

and other organizations will take notice,

get involved and help believers.

For example Barane droppedoff the list this year

after a meeting withChristian leaders to set up a

safe space for people to worship.

Open Doors CEO says itis really a role model

to the Middle East.


- And then today the US honors

National Religious Freedom day.

What is the governmentdoing to observe it?

- Well Jenna yeah the USis set to host the second

Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom.

That will be held on July16th through the 18th

right here in DC, it will bring together

hundreds of governmentreps, religious leaders

and even survivors ofreligious persecution

to generate new ideason how better to protect

people of faith and we'll of course

keep you posted leading up to the event.

- Alright thanks Ben and of course

the government shutdownwe to talk about that.

Any new rumblings fromPresident Trump there?

- Jenna I wish I hadbetter news but not yet,

Trump still demands five billion dollars

for the border wall and democrats

insist yeah they're not gonna budge

until the Government reopens.

So we'll just have to wait and see.

- And now there are talks Ben,

of the State of the Unioncould even be in jeopardy.

What are you hearing about that?

- Yeah that made headlines no doubt today,

speaker Pelosi sent aletter to the President

saying they should consider postponing it

until the government is opened,

no word if the State ofthe Union will take place

on January 29th as planned

but Secretary Nielson just tweeted out

a short time ago that the Department

of Homeland Security and US Secret Service

are fully prepared to support and secure

the State of the Union.

I'm not quite sure what kindof impact that will have

on the President's decisionbut we'll let you know

if the date happens to be rescheduled.


- Alright Ben Kennedyforce at the White House,

thank you Ben.

Well neither side of the aisle is budging

as the longest Governmentshutdown enters its 26th day.

CBN News senior Washingtoncorespondent Jennifer Wishon,

gives us more details ontwo strategies to find

a solution in congressand which one is working.

- Day 26 of the great Americanshutdown and the effects

of the partial closing are weighing

heavier on Federal workers.

As the president andcongressional democrats

continue making noise,one man is keeping silent

and he may hold the keyto finding a solution.

- I want President Trump to see his face,

and the face of all these others.

- [Jennifer] Politicaltheatrics were on full display

today as democrats in congresstook to the Capitol steps

with jumbo photos of federalworkers hit by the shutdown.

- Mr. President, President Trump.

Look at the pain andsuffering you're causing.

- [Jennifer] The props weretrotted out a day after

democrats refused tomeet with the president

to discuss a possible way out.

- [Jennifer] The shutdownbroke another dubious record

Tuesday as service membersin the US Coast Guard

missed their first paychecks.

Operating under the Departmentof Homeland Security

the Coast Guard continuedsearch and rescue operations.

- I was sent home on December 22,

I haven't worked or been paid since.

- [Jennifer] In Hampton,Virginia a furloughed

NASA computer scientistsays the shutdown may cause

the daycare at NASA to close.

- Right now we have nochildcare for my daughter.

she stays at home with me right now,

which puts a damper onmy ability to look for

any kind of temporarywork during the shutdown

as we have no childcare.

- [Jennifer] After thePresident invited the press

to an Oval Office meetingbefore the shutdown hit,

democrats have shied away

from the presence ofcameras during negotiations.

- Whether the cameras are there or not,

the president has said he will not opened

the government, he is juststicking to his position

and won't budge.

- [Jennifer] Today thevice president insisted

border security is theadministrations top issue.

- We will secure theborder of the United States

of America for the sake of our people,

our security and our sovereignty.

- [Jennifer] As democratsplay to the grand stands.

- Open the Government.

- [Jennifer] The SenateMajority leader is keeping

a low profile.

Mitch Mcconnell said Tuesday,

there's only one way out.

- The solution to the problem is for the

President of the UnitedStates reaches an agreement

with the democratic majority in the house

and enough democrats in thesenate to prevent an agreement.

There's no way around that.

- This isn't the KentuckySenators first rodeo,

the leader in the senate knows when

the best course ofaction is to do nothing.

And right now his low keyapproach seems to be doing

the job at least when it comesto protecting republicans

from shouldering the blame.


- Well the shutdown isstarting to have real

economic consequences.

Administration economistshave doubled there projections

of how much economic growth is being lost

each week as it drags on.

Joining us now to talkabout this is Steven Moore,

an economist with The Heritage Foundation

and a former Trump campaign advisor.

Steven thanks so much for joining us.

- Thank you.

- Uh Steven, estimates from

The Council of EconomicAdvisors show the shutdown

weighing very heavily on the economy,

there's concern it couldput an end to the growth.

Your thoughts on that?

- Well certainly it'snegative for the economy

When you have 800,000people who aren't on the job

and working and obviouslythey will get paid

for the days that they've lostin their subsequent paychecks

when the Government opens up again

but yeah this is anegative for the economy.

You asked the questionwhether this could actually

cause the economy to go negative

and the answer to that is no.

You know we're gonna see a slow down

in the first quarter numbers,

hopefully in the nextcouple weeks this will

get resolved and DonaldTrump will get the money

for the border security the nation needs

and then you're going to see a pick up

in the economy in the second quarter

to make up for a lot ofthe economic activity

that didn't happen in the first quarter.

So I think it's negativefor the economy but I think

it's being over blownabout how negative it is.

- Well you mentionedthe government employees

and all of them eventually being paid back

but Steven what about those who

are outside of the Government,

you know for example people

who work at restaurants and businesses.

Near say, national parks where

tourists have stopped coming.

- Yeah that's where youreally see the economic

hit is some of these businesses that

are seeing a decline in thecustomers that are coming

into their operations .

You're watching DC and Iwent to my normal coffee shop

and I asked the lady behindthe counter you know,

how's business and shesaid their down 35 percent.

You know, so far this month

and that's a big hit for a small business.

So there is gonna besome economic pain here

no question about it, mypoint is that it's short term

you know pain and hopefullyin the next couple weeks

we'll get back to normal.

- In the long term whatwould be the consequences

of this shutdown from an economicand political standpoint.

- We're gonna see GDP alittle bit lower this year

than it would otherwise be.

I estimate maybe pointone or point two percent

off of GDP, that's notan insignificant number.

You know hopefully wecan regain some of that

as the economy regainsspeed after the government

shutdown is over.

But also this depends a lot on how much,

how long the shutdown goes on.

You know every week that goes on the pain

gets even deeper becauseall of these activities

whether its the TSA people

at the airports, or peoplein the passport offices,

or people who are doingother construction projects

and so on.

Those get delayed and so the effect

on the economy increases the longer

the shutdown goes on,

which is why its important that they get

this resolved as quickly as possible.

- Steven how long do youthink this can go on?

How long can PresidentTrump, how long can he really

ride this out and willthere be a breaking point?

- I don't think anyone knowsthe answer to that question

because you'd have to ask Nancy Pelosi

and Donald Trump theanswer to that question.

Right now they seem tonot be close at all,

and Pelosi has basicallyI'm not negotiating.

Its hard to reach acompromise when the other

side isn't negotiating.

So God forbid this could go on

for another three orfour weeks, I hope not

because it would be soeasy to solve this crisis.

Remember they're arguingover four billion dollars,

now that's a lot ofmoney but the cost of the

government shutdown ismultiple times that.

So why not get together, youknow split the difference.

Trump gets some of what he wants,

Pelosi gets what she wants.

But right now Pelosi is not negotiating.

So that makes it verydifficult to come to a

compromise agreement.

- Alright Steven Moore withThe Heritage Foundation.

Always good to see you, thanks Steven.

- Thank you.

- [Jenna] When we comeback Democrats are working

to block a pro IsraelBill in the Middle East.

As a growing anti Israel movement

in congress gains steam.

What Florida Senator Marco Rubio

is doing to see it through.

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(pleasant music)

- [Male Narrator] Youngpeople, millennials are

flocking to church.

- [Female] Its not an exaggeration

to say that we love to meet them

and that we love to know their stories.

- While parts of thegovernment remain shutdown,

senate democrats arevowing to block any bill

not related to government funding.

That includes the pro-Israel Strengthening

America's Security in the Middle East Act.

One republican senator believes democrats

have another motive forpreventing the bills passage.

Here's Capitol Hillcorespondent Abigail Robertson.

- There's a growing anti-Israel movement

known as the Boycott, divestmentand Sanctions, or BDS.

And Senator Marco Rubio is

alarmed the effort's supportis spreading to the US.

- The BDS is a movementaround the world to

get companies, pressure companies to

boycott Israel and not do business there.

Divest from any investments in Israel

or Israeli companiesand to get governments

to sanction Israel.

- [Abigail] Currentlythose behind BDS target

companies like AHAVA,Caterpillar, HP and Sabra Hummus

hoping to isolate Israelacademically, culturally,

economically and militarily.

- It is an anti-Semitic movement.

- [Abigail] Joel Griffithof The Heritage Foundation

calls it a threat to Israel's security.

- [Joel Griffith] Israel,it's a beacon of democracy.

It's an area where religious minorities

and ethic minorities enjoy equal rights.

And yet, that is the countrythat these individuals

have chosen to target.

- What do you think the endgoal of the BDS movement is?

- Well, the end goal, asstated by their founder

Omar Barghouti, is the end ofthe Jewish state of Israel.

- [Abigail] Protestersboast their campaigns

have cost Israeli companies billions,

due to lost contracts andmajor shareholder divesting.

- I'm concerned that we'reseeing for the first time

at least two house membersthat openly pro-BDS.

- [Abigail] They would benewly elected representatives

Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar.

Tlaib recently told the intercept,

"She believes the boycottsbring attention to issues

like the racism and the international

human rights violations by Israel.

Senator Rubio included a combating BDS Act

in the first bill the senateis taking up this year.

- We have a law that says thatstates and local governments

can decide not to do anywork, meaning no contracts

for goods or services with companies

that are boycotting ordivesting from Israel.

- [Abigail] Democratskeep blocking it, however.

Saying they won't consider any bills

unrelated to opening the government.

Rubio thinks there's another reason.

- I think they're blockingit because they're afraid

of radical elements in their own base.

There's a growing group ofpeople in the democratic party

that are anti-Israel, openly.

And I think they're afraid of 'em.

- [Abigail] Senator Bernie Sanders

and Representative Rashida Tlaib say,

Rubio's bill punishesAmericans who exercise

their constitutional right toengage in political activity.

To which Rubio argues.

- The first amendment, first of all,

applies to individuals.

This law doesn't apply to individuals.

All this law says is, youcan go ahead and support BDS,

but if I'm a city or a state,

I don't have to contract with a company

that's involved in BDS.

- [Abigail] Minority leader Chuck Schumer,

a staunch supporter of Israel,did not answer CBN News'

question about histhoughts on the democrats

who openly support the BDS movement.

But, he did say this aboutthe combating BDS act.

- I am a co-sponsor, soI've supported it all along.

- Congresswoman Tlaib says,

she plans to go against tradition,

and lead a house delegation,to which she refers to as,

the Israeli occupied West Bank.

Historically, freshmanlawmakers have been invited

to spend a week meetingwith Israeli leaders.

Reporting from Capital Hill,Abigail Robertson CBN News.

- [Jenna] And for morenews on all things Israel

tune in to the CBN NewsChannel, Jerusalem Dateline

airs on Friday nights at9:30 p.m eastern time.

Well, more and moredemocrats are jumping into

what is already a very crowded field

for the 2020 nomination.

When we come back, the creative lengths,

some are taking to makea splash as they dive in.

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- [Woman] This is our nature as a country.

- [Announcer] To makethe world a better place.

- Literally we felt the earth shaking.

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- I am Regent's firstROTC graduate student.

(uplifting music)

- We're in the middle of amuch talked about shutdown.

One part of Washington is wide open.

The 2020 presidential election.

As Amber Strong shows us,

candidates need to figureout how to stand out

in already crowded field.

- I am candidate for president

of the United States of America.

- [Amber] From the land of theAlamo, to late night couches.

- I'm filling an exploratory committee

for president of theUnited States tonight.

- Tonight.

- [Amber] To a cozy kitchen talk.

- So, this is my sweetie.

- Hello.

- [Amber] Democraticcandidates are looking

for fresh ways to connect with voters

in a race that's still a year away.

New York senator, KirstenGillibrand is the latest entry.

She made waves in 2017 aftercalling out a fellow democrat

Al Franken, for sexual indiscretions.

Now she's leaning in towinning topic for democrats,


- 'Cause as a young mom,

I'm gonna fight for other peoples kids

as hard as I would fight for my own.

Which is why I believe thathealthcare should be a right

and not a privilege.

- [Amber] And former ObamaHUD secretary, Julian Castro

hopes to strike a cord with immigration.

- Together we will show thathope can be bigger than fear

that light can be bigger than darkness,

and that truth can be bigger than lies.

- [Amber] Then there's formerCalifornia Attorney General

and senator, Kamala Harris.

- And our children andour grandchildren will ask

at that infliction moment where were you?

- [Amber] She's expected toanswer that very question

on Martin Luther King Jr Day.

If the bingo card of likelycandidates brings back memories,

it could be because the last time around

17 republicans slugged itout for the presidency.

As we know, there can only be one.

According to a December Quinnipiac Poll,

former VP Joe Bidden tops thelist of favorable candidates.

Followed by Senator Bernie Sanders.

With that stiff competition,

democrats want theircandidacy to stick out.

Take a look at life on the southern border

through the eyes of BetoO'Rourke's Instagram.

- This is my Mood Mix.

- [Amber] Jam along toHarris's Mood Mix on Twitter.

- A song that lifts my spiritsalways, "Oh Happy Day."

- [Amber] Or come home withSenator Elizabeth Warren.

She announced her intentions in December.

- Hold on a sec, I'm gonna get me a beer.

- [Amber] But candidates bewareof how you use social media.

The commander and twit willlikely be watching and waiting

for a time to strike.

Amber Strong CBN News Washington.

- And that is all thetime for Faith Nation.

Have a great evening.

(bright music)


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