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'Many Christians Are Being Killed': World's Worst Persecutors Revealed, 60,000 Christians in Concentration Camps

'Many Christians Are Being Killed': World's Worst Persecutors Revealed, 60,000 Christians in Concentration Camps Read Transcript

- North Korea again tops the list

of the 50 most dangerouscountries to follow Jesus.

The 2019 Watch Listreleased today by Open Doors

highlights where actionis desperately needed

to protect Christians.

CBN White House correspondent Ben Kennedy

joins us with a closer look; Ben?

- Well Jenna, President Trump has met with

many of those leaders whosecountries made the list.

We're talking about China,Nigeria, Saudi Arabia,

and of course North Korea, to name a few.

The Trump administration makesreligious freedom a priority.

Case in point, fighting for the release

of pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey.

But there was more the government can do,

and that's the backbone behind this list.

- [Translator] Oh you whobelieve, answer the call.

- [Ben] The spread of radicalIslam increases the danger

for Christians worldwide.

- Many Christians are beingkilled because of their faith,

and I know many families that,

they have lost so many membersbecause of their faith.

- [Ben] Father Daniel preaches to

nearly 200 families inIraq, where he faces

intense persecution by al-Qaeda.

You told me many priests are leaving

because it's quite franklynot safe; why are you staying?

- Well I'm staying because,to stay with my people.

So this is the onlything which is keeping me

staying there and working with them,

because they need help now, urgently.

So if I'm not going to bethere, who's going to help them?

- [Ben] Iraq is number13 on the watch list

of countries where Christiansface the most persecution.

Each year the watchdoggroup Open Doors USA

documents the mostoppressive and restrictive

countries for Christians.

Topping the list is NorthKorea, followed by Afghanistan,

Somalia, Libya, and Pakistan.

- We believe now, based upon our research,

that there's over 245 millionChristians who live in

areas of extreme or highpersecution; it's a lot.

- [Ben] He adds thatviolence against Christians

increased dramaticallythis past year in China.

- [David] They moved up from number 41

to number 27 on the list.

- [Ben] That's a big jump.

- It's a huge jump, and it shows

that things are gettingmore difficult for China.

And it's a big church, somillions of people are affected.

- [Ben] North Korea remains number one

for the 18th year in a row, despite talks

between President Trumpand dictator Kim Jong-un.

- I would love to see human rights

be a part of the discussion

when you're talking about nuclear arms,

because you can tellwithin 30, 60, 90 days

if conditions have improved for Christians

that are in the labor camps.

Right now there's over 60,000 Christians

in labor camps in North Korea.

A lot of people don't know that.

- [Ben] Vice President Mike Pence does,

and today reaffirmed that the White House

will always be a championfor people of faith.

- Protecting and promotingreligious freedom

is a foreign policy priorityof this administration.

- Now Open Doors continues its efforts,

hoping that governments,human rights groups

and other organizations will take notice,

get involved, and help believers.

For example, Bahrain droppedoff the list this year

after meeting with Christian leaders

to set up a safe spacefor people to worship.

Open Doors' CEO says it is really

a role model to the Middle East; Jenna?

- And Ben, today the US honors

National Religious Freedom Day;

what is the governmentdoing to observe it?

- Well Jenna yeah, the US is set to host

the Second Ministerial toAdvance Religious Freedom.

That'll be held on July16th through the 18th

right here in DC.

It'll bring together hundreds of

government reps, religious leaders,

and even survivors ofreligious persecution

to generate new ideason how better to protect

people of faith, and we'llof course keep you posted

leading up to the event.



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