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Shutdown Smackdown: Pelosi Tries to Cancel Trump's State of the Union

Shutdown Smackdown: Pelosi Tries to Cancel Trump's State of the Union Read Transcript

- [Mark] No deal to reopen the government,

no State of the Union.

That's the bold messageSpeaker of the House,

Nancy Pelosi, is sendingto President Trump.

In a letter to Trump shesuggests finding another date

or that he deliver his speech in writing.

- Discourse speaker, thePresident of the United States.

- [Mark] Putting off the annual address

would take away thePresident's powerful platform

to make a case for hissouthern border wall.

Still, Pelosi says it's not about politics

but a matter of securitywith the Secret Service

and Department of Homeland Security

affected by the shutdown.

- This is a housekeeping matter

in the Congress of the United States

so that we can honor the responsibility

of the invitation weextended to the President.

He can make it from the Oval Office.

- [Mark] House RepublicanLeader, Kevin McCarthy,

says Pelosi's move isunbecoming of a Speaker,

and Homeland SecuritySecretary, Kirstjen Nielsen,

disputed her claimsabout security Tweeting:

Still no word from PresidentTrump but he did sign a bill

ensuring back pay for federal workers.

And yesterday he met with the bi-partisan

House Problem Solvers Caucus,but little came of that.

Meanwhile the Trump administration now

has essentially doubled its estimate

on how much the shutdowncould hurt the economy.

Heritage Foundation economist

and former Trump campaignadvisor, Stephen Moore,

tells CBN's Faith Nationthis could go on for weeks

with neither side willing to budge.

- Steven, how long doyou think this can go on?

How long can President Trump,

how long can he really ride this out

and will there be a breaking point?

- I don't think anyone knowsthe answer to that question

because you'd have to askNancy Pelosi and Donald Trump

the answer to that question.

Right now they seem to not be close at all

and Pelosi has basicallysaid, I'm not negotiating.

It's hard to reach a compromise

when the other side isn't negotiating,

so God forbid, this could go on

for another three of four weeks.

I hope not.

- [Mark] And as far as the President's

State of the Union speech goes,

if the President doesn'tdeliver it from the House

another possibility for him

is giving it from theRepublican-controlled Senate.

Republicans are weighing their options.

Mark Martin, CBN News.



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