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Dems Blocking Pro-Israel Legislation Due to Shutdown? What Rubio Says They're Really Afraid Of

Dems Blocking Pro-Israel Legislation Due to Shutdown? What Rubio Says They're Really Afraid Of Read Transcript

- There's a growing anti-Israel movement

known as the BoycottDivestment and Sanctions.

Or BDS, and senator Marco Rubio is alarmed

the effort support is spreading to the US.

- BDS is a movementaround the world to get

companies, pressurecompanies to boycott Israel,

meaning not do business there.

Divest for many investmentsin Israel or Israeli

companies and to getgovernment's to sanction Israel.

- [Abigail] Currentlythose behind BDS target

companies like Ahava,Caterpillar, HP, and Sabra Hummus.

Hoping to isolate Israel academically,

culturally, economically, and militarily.

- It is an anti-Semitic movement.

- [Abigail] Joel Griffithof the Heritage Foundation

calls it a threat to ISrael's security.

- Israel, it's a beacon of democracy.

It's an area where religiousminorities and ethnic

minorities enjoy equal rights.

And yet, that is the countrythat these individuals

have chosen to target.

- What do you think the endgoal of the BDS movement is?

- Well, the end goal, asstated by their founder

Omar Burgudi, is the end ofthe Jewish state of Israel.

- [Abigail] Protestorsboast their campaigns

have cost Israeli companies billions

due to lost contracts andmajor shareholders divesting.

- I'm concerned that we'reseeing for the first time,

at least two House membersthat are openly pro BDS.

- [Abigail] They would benewly elected representatives

Rashida Tlaib, and Elono Marr.

Tlaib recently told theIntercept she believes

the boycotts bring attentionto issues like the racism

and the international humanrights violations by Israel.

Senator Rubio includeda combatting BDS act

in the first bill the Senateis taking up this year.

- We have law that says thatstates and local governments

can decide not to do anywork, meaning no contracts

for goods or serviceswith companies that are

boycotting or divesting from Israel.

- [Abigail] Democrat'skeep blocking it however.

Saying they won't considerany bills unrelated

to opening the government.

Rubio thinks there's another reason.

- I think they're blockingit because they're afraid

of radical elements in their own base.

There's a growing group ofpeople in the Democratic

party that are anti-Israel openly,

and I think they're afraid of them.

- [Abigail] Senator BernieSanders and representative

Rashida Tlaib say Rubio'sbill punishes Americans

who exercise their constitutional right to

engage in political activity.

To which Rubio argues.

- The first amendment, firstof all, applies to individuals,

this law doesn't apply to individuals.

All this law says is youcan go ahead and support

BDS, but if I'm a cityor a state, I don't have

to contract with a companythat's involved in BDS.

- [Abigail] Minority leader Chuck Schumer

a staunch supporter ofIsrael, did not answer

CBN News' question about histhoughts on the Democrat's

who openly support the BDS movement.

But he did say this aboutthe combatting BDS Act.

- I am a co-sponsor, soI've supported it all along.

- Congress woman Tlaibsays she plans to go

against tradition andlead a House delegation

to which she refers toas the Israeli occupied

west bank, historicallyfreshman lawmakers have

been invited to spend a weekmeeting with Israeli leaders.

Reporting from CapitalHill, Abigail Robertson,

CBN News.



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