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The 700 Club - January 17, 2019

Seventeen and pregnant, Chenel married and later divorced at a young age. Through the kindness of a friend and trust in a godly principle, Chenel experienced success and restoration. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome to The 700 Club.

A global movementtargeting Israel's economy

is at the heart of a debate in Congress.

Democrats recently blocked legislation

supporting the Jewish state.

They claim it's because ofthe government shutdown.

- One Republican Senatorbelieves there's another reason

Democrats won't pass the bill.

He says a growing number oftheir members are anti-Israel.

Capital Hill CorrespondentAbigail Robertson

brings us more from Washington.

- There's a growinganti-Israel movement known

as the Boycott, Divestment,and Sanctions or BDS

and Senator Marco Rubio is alarmed

the effort's supportis spreading to the US.

- BDS is a movement aroundthe world to get companies,

pressure companies to boycott Israel,

meaning not do business there,

divest from any investmentsin Israel or Israeli companies

and to get governments to sanction Israel.

- [Abigail] Currently, thosebehind BDS target companies

like Ahava, Caterpillar,HP and Sabra Hummus,

hoping to isolate Israelacademically, culturally,

economically and militarily.

- It is an anti-Semitic movement.

- [Abigail] Joel Griffithof the Heritage Foundation

calls it a threat to Israel's security.

- Israel, it's a beacon of Democracy.

It's an area where religiousminorities and ethic minorities

enjoy equal rights and yet,

that is the country that these individuals

have chosen to target.

- What do you think the endgoal of the BDS movement is?

- The end goal, asstated by their founder,

Omar Barghouti, is the end ofthe Jewish state of Israel.

- [Abigail] Protestorsboast their campaigns

have cost Israeli companies billions due

to lost contracts and majorshareholders divesting.

- I'm concerned that we'reseeing for the very first time

at least two House membersthat are openly pro-BDS.

- [Abigail] They would benewly elected Representatives

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Tlaib recently told TheIntercept she believes

the boycotts bring attentionto issues like the racism

and the international humanrights violations by Israel.

Senator Rubio includeda Combatting BDS Act

in the first bill the Senateis taking up this year.

- We have a law that says thatstates and local governments

can decide not to do any work,

meaning no contracts for goodsor services with companies

that are boycotting ordivesting from Israel.

- [Abigail] Democratskeep blocking it, however,

saying they won't considerany bills unrelated

to opening the government.

Rubio thinks there is another reason.

- I think they're blockingit because they're afraid

of radical elements in their own base.

There's a growing group ofpeople in the Democratic Party

that are anti-Israel, openly,

and I think they're afraid of them.

- [Abigail] Senator Bernie Sanders

and Representative Rashida Tlaib

say Rubio's bill "punishesAmericans who exercise

"their constitutional right

"to engage in political activity."

To which Rubio argues:

- The First Amendment, firstof all, applies to individuals.

This law doesn't apply to individuals.

All this law says is you cango ahead and support BDS,

but if I'm a city or a state,

I don't have to contract with a company

that's involved in BDS.

- [Abigail] Minority Leader Chuck Schumer,

a staunch supporter of Israel,

did not answer CBN News'squestion about his thoughts

on the Democrats who openlysupport the BDS movement,

but he did say this aboutthe Combatting BDS Act.

- I am a cosponsor so I'vesupported it all along.

- Congresswoman Tlaib says sheplans to go against tradition

and lead a House delegationto what she refers to

as the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Historically, freshmanlawmakers have been invited

to spend a week meetingwith Israeli leaders.

Reporting from Capital Hills,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- It's sometimes inconsistentwhat you hear coming

out of what I call the radical left,

where they'll force you to bake a cake

against your religious beliefs,

but if you want to support Israel

and you say well, Idon't want my government

doing any business with acompany that is boycotting Israel

well, they'll say, wellno, you can't do that

because it's free speech.

I just find it amazingthat the governments don't

have the authority to be able to say

to boycotting companies,

well, if you wanna dothat, that's your right,

but we're not going to dobusiness with you anymore.

Here's something that's agreat encouragement to me.

Look at what Governor Ron DeSantis

is currently doing in Florida.

He is pushing for a billthat Florida would no longer

do business with companieswho are boycotting Israel.

Airbnb is the famous one right now.

If you are an Israeli, if you're Jewish,

and you own property in the West Bank,

they are refusing to listyour property on Airbnb.

And Florida is saying, no, we'renot going to tolerate that.

If you don't have, if you'regonna single out people

just because of their religious belief,

if you're just gonna say well,

we're not gonna list youbecause you're Jewish,

well, we're not goingto do business with you.

That's the stake here.

And the Rabbis say, in everygeneration, a Haman arises,

someone who wants towipe Israel off the map,

one who wants to kill all the Jews.

Well, this BDS movement isthe Haman in our generation.

Their stated goal is towipe Israel off the map.

This isn't trying tocreate a Palestinian state,

this isn't trying to doanything other than completely

boycott, divest, sanctionIsrael until it goes away.

That's their goal andwe need to resist it.

We'll be back with more ofThe 700 Club right after this.

(lively music)

Chenel Stewart made one simple change

and then watched her businessgrow from having zero clients

to being forced to turn ones away.

In fact, her financialturn around was so drastic

even her ex-husband took notice.

- [Narrator] Randall andChenel Stewart married

when he was 18 and she was17 years old and pregnant.

At the time, both wereoptimistic about their future.

- I just felt like,wow, this is my chance.

I'm a grown up now.

I can start a new life,

but things quickly wentthe other direction.

- [Narrator] Randall joined the Air Force

to provide for their family, but soon,

they started havingcommunication problems.

- When Chenel wanted to discuss a matter,

if it angered me, I justwanted to be left alone.

- I believe that both of uscame in with woundedness.

Both of us have fatherwounds and being rejected

and so we brought thisbaggage into our marriage.

- [Narrator] The couple grew distant.

At times, there was physical abuse.

Then in 1993, they filed for divorce.

Chenel became a single momtrying to make a living

as a hair stylist in someone else's salon.

But between that and some other odd jobs,

she struggled to pay the bills.

- I would go in this salonand sometimes sit six

or seven hours and do no one's hair.

Having my lights get cutoff, I felt horrible.

I felt like I had failedand that I had failed

in even the career that Iso pursued all those years.

- [Narrator] During this time,

she had a co-worker who was a Christian.

One day, Chenel asked togo to church with her.

- I was sick of the life thatI had and she was like, sure.

It was almost like she waswaiting on me to ask her.

- [Narrator] A month later,

Chenel surrendered her life to Christ.

She began gettinginvolved in Bible studies

and she also started tithing.

- By this point in time,

I may have been doing a coupleof clients, not even a day.

So if I would have made $25 that day,

I was giving God 10% of that $25.

- [Narrator] Soon afterward,

Chenel noticed she wasgetting more clients.

- My business began to growand then, all of a sudden,

it almost seems like rapidly.

My business went fromnot doing anyone's hair

to me turning clients away at times.

- [Narrator] Chenel kept in contact

with her ex-husband, Randall.

One day, he noticed thechange in her business.

- Seeing Him grow her business that quick,

just from that act ofobedience, was amazing to me.

She just went up to the shopevery day and so the only thing

that she had changedwas she started tithing.

- [Narrator] Randall gavehis life to Christ as well.

And soon afterward, heand Chenel remarried.

Randall started tithing too.

- Baby, you wanna do this or what?

I was like, okay baby,when the check come in,

just take it off the top.

And I mean, God has been faithful.

- [Narrator] Soon, the couplesaw even more blessings

in their lives.

Randall got a new job.

With that came a 10% salary increase.

They also were able to buy a new home.

- I've never had a jobwhere they offered me more

than what I was already making.

I just give all the glory to Him.

- I've said thank you,Lord, probably on a daily,

because it's amazing to methat He has even allowed us

to obtain the things that we've obtained.

- [Narrator] Chenel isno longer styling hair.

Instead, she can be a stay-at-home mom.

She and Randall are thrivingin every area of their lives.

They encourage others to give in faith

so they can be blessed too.

- God says test me in this.

And see don't I open upthe flood gates of heaven

and pour you out a blessing that you don't

have room enough to receive.

I know for certain that Hewill move on your behalf

just by that simple step of obedience.

- It's an honor to be obedientto Christ in my giving.

I love it and it's not justabout the material things,

but it's just an honor to give and to obey

and to serve Christ, even in my giving.

- Here's the principalChenel put into practice.

It's from Proverbs chapter three.

Honor the Lord with your possessions,

and with the first fruitsof all your increase;

so your barns will be filled with plenty,

and your vats will overflow with new wine.

She put that into practiceand you saw the result.

David and Chris Helmsthought credit was great.

They could buy whatever they wanted

and not have to worryabout the consequences.

But before long, thebills started piling up

and the Helms knew they neededto make some serious changes.

- [Narrator] Chris and Davidhave many joyful memories

from their 40-year marriage.

But they'll never forgetthe sleepless nights

they spent worrying about money.

- You go to bed thinking aboutthe bills you owe and how

are you going to make themoney to pay those bills.

- We had no back up plan.

There was no plan B ever, except fear.

- [Narrator] When Chris and Dave married,

they were both employed; shewas an insurance underwriter,

and he worked in sales on commission.

But they spent all themoney they earned, and more.

- To me, you had arrivedwhen you could have more,

when you could have more clothes,

have jewelry, have anythingthat made you look good.

It was definitely aninsecurity issue on my part.

- We did not have a budget really,

we just sort of shot from the hip.

- [Narrator] When Chrisquit her job to become

a stay at home mom, they putthe deficit on credit cards.

- Credit was great.

It was an outstandingway to get what we needed

or wanted with no consequences that I saw.

- [Narrator] But there were consequences.

The couple accumulated$17,000 in credit card debt

and couldn't make themonthly minimum payments.

Chris handled the bills and received

the calls from creditors.

- It is harassment, but it was my debt.

I owed it and you have to pay your debts.

We had no backup plan, thatif one thing went wrong,

if he got sick, if we needed a car repair,

it was another paymentjust added to the stack

of bills that were already sitting there.

- I felt like a failure too, as a man.

I was just trying tobecome more successful

and it just wasn't happening.

- [Narrator] By the end of 2001,

the Helm's financial strainhad escalated into a crisis.

A lucrative project that David expected

suddenly fell through, alongwith commission the couple

was counting on to payhuge year end expenses.

- We needed a lot of money.

We had a $60,000 tax billdue and one child in college.

We needed six figures.

- We were terrified.

We just didn't know wherethe money was coming from.

- [Narrator] So, the Helmsturned to God in prayer.

They were Christians whoknew about tithing in theory,

but not in practice.

- It never occurred to methat because we weren't giving

or tithing that we wereactually robbing God

of the opportunity to bless us.

I remember saying Lord,I have not been faithful.

I promise you, not onemore dime will ever come

in this house that I will not give to you,

if you will just take care of this for us.

- She brought it to me, and I was like,

we need to be doing this.

The Holy Spirit just united us on that.

- [Narrator] Just two months after making

their initial tithe,

the couple was astounded by what happened.

The project that had beencancelled was reinstated,

followed closely by twomore lucrative projects.

- The Lord not only gave usall the money that we needed,

He also gave us $2,000 extra

and He showed me His faithfulness.

- [Narrator] Since then, theHelms income has tripled,

their debts are paid in full

and they're saving for the future.

They remain generous givers,

and one of their favoriteplaces to give is to CBN.

- I see the work that theydo, Helping the Homefront.

Oh my gosh.

I just want to reach through the TV

and hug our military people andthank them for what they do.

- I think for me the OperationBlessing is something.

I can't necessarily go,but you can send money.

That makes me feel like weare an extension of that.

- He says those who giveto the poor lend to him.

- If you can't seewhere it is coming from,

don't let that distract you or keep you

from being obedient to the Lord.

- The Bible says it pleasesHim to give us good things.

You know, you look at Malachi, you know,

give and it shall be given unto you,

pressed down, good measure.

The scriptures are all there.

When I started livingthem, it changed my world.

It changed my life.

- When you start living'em, it'll change your life.

Here it is in 1 Timothy,teach those who are rich

in this world not to beproud and not to trust

in their money, which is so unreliable.

Their trust should be in God,

who richly gives us allwe need for our enjoyment.

And when Chris and Davidsaid we're gonna trust God,

we're going to live inaccordance with His ways,

that's when the blessings happen.

I've got some great news.

Some existing CBN partnerslike giving to CBN so much,

they wanna challenge others to give.

To the end of the hour,

they're challenging you $115,000

and let's pray.

Lord, we ask your blessingover this and we ask

for the increase that comes from you.

Lord, you know the need.

So you supply all our need according

to your riches and glory.

We just stand on that Lord and we know it.

We know it's true.

Now speak to your people for we ask it,

in Jesus' name, Amen and Amen.

$115,000 is the challenge amount.

What are we asking you to do?

Well, we're asking youto join the 700 Club.

How much is that?

Well, it's just $20 a month, $.65 a day,

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we wanna say thank you by sending

you Pat Robertson's latest DVD.

It's called the I Will'sof God and in this,

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- [Announcer] CBN Presentsthe I Wills Of God,

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- What I felt was loved and treasured.

- God spared my life twice in three days.

- The good Lord hadgive me a second chance.

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- Well at one time, Tracey'sSmith's $24,000 salary

barely paid the rent.

A single mother of two, Traceysays she felt the weight

of the world on her shoulders.

Then she started tithing

and began receivingback to back promotions.

Over the next several years,

Tracey's quadrupled her salary.

(lively music)

- [Narrator] Tracey Smithis a successful author

and motivational speakerwith a six-figure salary.

But, there was a time when she was

a stressed out single mombarely making ends meet.

- I was at a very, verydesperate place in my life.

I had to claw my way back to the top.

- [Narrator] Tracey's life hit bottom

after she suffered two tragicevents in the same year.

First, she lost her four-year-olddaughter to leukemia.

Then, her marriage dissolved.

Almost overnight, shebecame the sole caretaker

of her young sons.

- So, I'm thinking about,how am I going to take care

of myself, two babies?

They need food.

They need clothes.

- [Narrator] Traceywas a government worker

whose $24,000 salary barely paid the rent.

No matter how hard she tried,

she couldn't cover allher family's expenses.

- Finances, that was it.

I couldn't think ofanything else but finances.

The weight of the worldwas on my shoulders.

- [Narrator] As a child,

Tracey found peace andstability at church.

In her current distress,that's where she returned;

and she began to pray for help.

- God, how can you help us?

This is real.

We need help.

I don't know how I'm goingto take care of my kids.

I need more money.

During that time, Istarted reading my Word.

I locked into the Scriptureof Malachi 3:10 on tithing.

I didn't start out giving10% in the very beginning.

I was just trying it out,

testing God to see what He would do.

- [Narrator] Within weeks,Tracey says she saw changes.

- When I started giving 10%,I'm going to tell you like,

I was getting promotions back to back.

- [Narrator] So, Traceyincreased her giving.

- He was teaching me how totrust Him with everything

that there was need financially,

I would pray to God and say,God, I know you have us.

- [Narrator] In the next 12 years,

Tracey received 11 more promotions

and her annual salary quadrupled.

She also received something that couldn't

be measured in dollars,less worry and stress.

- Now, that's incredible.

That's nothing but God.

He put me in a place ofcomfort, a place of peace.

My kids and I did so manygreat things together.

- [Narrator] Along the way,Tracey was able to buy a home,

and met and married Raymond.

She also joined The 700 Club.

- All I can do is give back because God

has done so much for me.

CBN is out there helpingthe lives of the destitute,

the poor, the needy.

I just feel like CBN isone of the best places

to sow that seed.

- [Narrator] Today, Traceyis a busy author and speaker

whose greatest joy ishanging out with her family

and she's telling others how they

can be blessed like she is.

- Tithing is a way to lockinto God, to connect with Him,

to trust Him with every area of your life.

He works unexpectedly.

You don't even know orbelieve or can't imagine

where the money is going to come from,

but again, He say, try me, test me.

Once you do that, yourmind is going to be blown.

That's just how that works.

- That's how it works.

When you honor Him,when you put Him first,

when you live life in accordancewith His instructions,

then that righteousness, thatpeace and that joy comes.

We're talking about Psalm 91.

That's this tremendousteaching from my father.

It's our gift to you whenyou join the 700 Club,

but here is one of the I Wills Of God.

It's from Psalm 91 andthe scripture is talking

about a righteous person.

So the righteous will callon me and I will answer him;

I will be with him in trouble,

I will deliver him andhere's an incredible promise,

and honor him.

Here's the creator of theuniverse saying He will honor you.

That's exactly what happened to Tracey.

She got into a verydifficult circumstance.

She remembered the church of her youth,

she goes back to God,

she cries out to Him, what can I do?

Do you see me?

Do you see my circumstance?

And the promise came true for her.

I will deliver you.

What a wonderful thing.

You will cry to me, I will answer you.

If you want an answer toprayer, start living God's way.

When you do it His way, that'swhen wonderful things happen.

We've got $115,000 challenge.

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Let's go to Wendy at the phones; Wendy.

- Thanks Gordon.

The Bible tells us that God speaks

to us in a number of ways.

Sometimes, it's a still, small voice.

Sometimes, it's in a dream.

Sometimes we just feel it in our hearts.

But how do we get God to speakto us in the first place?

Pat Robertson shares theanswer in the new DVD,

The I Wills Of God.

- When they call onme, I will answer them.

How do we hear from God?

To hear from God, is that a gift?

- Scott, it's normal Christianity.

That's what, you willhear a voice in your ear

saying, this is the way; walk ye in it.

The Bible says,

let the peace of God bethe umpire in your heart.

It's like the umpire saysthat's a ball, that's a strike,

you're out and so forth.

- Right.

- Well, the peace lives,you're walking out of the way.

That's for all of us.

(dramatic music)

- I love what Pat said, it'sjust normal Christianity

hearing from God.

Jesus said, my sheep will hear my voice.

If you would like tohear God better in 2019

and put fear and anxiety,make it a thing of the past,

we have just the thing for you.

It's Pat's new teachingon The I Wills Of God.

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- I'd like to show you thedifference your gift makes.

Baby PingShun needed emergency surgery

and to make matters worse,

he was too small for an operation.

Plus, his parents weretoo poor to pay the bill.

His family was runningout of options and time,

until they got in contactwith the team from CBN.

- PingShun was born prematurelyand immediately rushed

into the ICU.

(speaking in foreign language)

- I followed PingShun as they took him

out of the delivery room.

I could see that he wasvery small and weak.

He wasn't crying like a normal baby.

He sounded like a little kitten.


- [Terry] The problemturned out to be his heart.

(speaking in foreign language)

- There were two partsthat kept expanding,

but wouldn't grow, so,his blood supply was bad,

and he couldn't breathe.

(speaking in foreign language)

- The first time I saw my son,

he was covered in tubes.

I told him that Jesus loves him.

All I could do was pray andask God to look after him.

- [Terry] After threeweeks with no improvement,

PingShun was transferredto a specialist in Beijing.

Doctors there saidwithout surgery, he'd die,

but he was too small for the procedure.

Even if he did gain weight,

the family couldn't affordan expensive operation.

(speaking in foreign language)

- I had never seen a childtortured like this before.

It was like a knife piercing my heart.

I wanted to sell my organs,

but I couldn't find anyone to buy them.

- [Terry] Meanwhile,the couple kept praying.

And so did their older son.

(speaking in foreign language)

- I wanted him to come homeso we could play together.

So, I asked Jesus to pleasemake him better soon.

- [Terry] When CBN heard aboutPingShun and how his parents

were poor and had beensleeping in the hospital halls,

we connected them with a church,

found accommodation forthem, provided food,

and prayed for PingShun.

(speaking in foreign language)

- We saw how big thefamily of God really is.

- [Terry] And when PingShunhad gained enough weight

to have surgery, wepaid for it right away.

(speaking in foreign language)

- I was so excited.

My hands were shaking.

(speaking in foreign language)

- The missing parts ofPingShun's heart were replaced.

Now he can eat and sleep.

He's gaining weight and is very strong!

(speaking in foreign language)

- My brother is healed.

Now we can play together!

- When he grows up, Iwill be sure to tell him

about CBN and God's love.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Without your help, Idon't know how we would have

had the strength to gothrough all of this.

Now we have a deeper understanding of God.

I really think CBN is God'sblessing to the world.

- PingShun is a part ofyour legacy if you're

a 700 Club member andthat legacy stretches

around the world to people in need.

Listen, we're asking youright now to go to your phone

and call and join withthe rest of us in making

a difference in thelives of people in need,

here at home and around the world.

Here's how you do that.

A general 700 Clubmembership is $.65 a day.

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Ask God what he'd haveyou to do and then know

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Let us hear from youright now; 1-800-700-7000.

We're in the middle of a challenge.

That means every dollar you pledge

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- One mother in Ugandawaded through swamps

alongside herds of cattlejust to get a bucket of water.

And that was on a good day.

Now, she and her whole village have more

than enough clean water todrink thanks to people like you.

- [Dan] In Karamoja,Uganda, water is life.

Tokei lives here with her family.

Her first task of the day isalways the same, finding water.

When I met her, she tookhim to a nearby swamp.

(speaking in foreign language)

- We drink the swamp water,

because there is no better alternative.

My whole family is constantly sick

with coughing and diarrhea.

We know it is because of the water.

- For four months out of the year,

Tokei would come here to thislow swamp and collect water.

As you can see, the water isfilthy and shared with cattle,

but for the other eightmonths of the year,

it was even harder.

(speaking in foreign language)

- When the swamp is dry,

it takes me up to eighthours every day to walk

to the hand pump of a shallow well.

It leaves me no time tocook or do anything else.

Sometimes I see worms in the water,

and as soon as we drinkit, we become very sick.

I cried out to God tosave us from this torment.

- [Dan] When CBN teamedup with Innovation Africa

and drilled four wells in the area,

we provided more than 10,000people with fresh, clean water.

- God heard us all crying for help.

When the drilling truckscame and struck water,

it was the happiest moment of my life.

We were all jumping and dancing.

- [Dan] With water so close,

Tokei's days are now very different.

- I can prepare meals andspend more time with my family.

I know this water is clean and safe,

because from that dayuntil now my children

haven't fallen sick once.

Every day, I pray God willincrease the blessings

of the people who helped us,

so they can continue to help others.

- Imagine people inAfrica praying for you.

If you're a member of the 700 Club,

that prayer goes to youbecause you're part of it,

you're part of everythingwe're doing around the world,

whether it's doing water wells in Africa

or helping cleft palette surgeries,

you're part of all of it.

When those prayers of thanksgo up to God, it's for you.

If you're not a member, joinwith us; 1-800-700-7000.

Just say, yes, I wanna be a part of it.

I wanna be a part of everything

you're doing around the world.

If you are a member, consider increasing.

Consider going to 700 Clubgold; that's $40 a month.

You also have 1000 Club;that's $1,000 a year.

That breaks out to $84 a month.

At whatever level, when youcall, ask for Pledge Express.

That's electronic monthlygiving where the bank

is doing all the work and wecan send, as our gift to you,

Power for Life monthly teaching CDs.

If you like those, ask forPledge Express when you call

or just go to

When you give monthly on the internet,

you'll automatically signup for Pledge Express.

Let's go over to Wendyat the phones; Wendy.

- Thanks Gordon.

How's this for a New Year's resolution?

2019 will be the year I amfree from fear and anxiety.

Wow, that just soundsgreat to say out loud.

Well, if that sounds good to you too,

then you need to getthis, The I Wills of God.

And you'll see how the promises

of God can revolutionize your life.

(dramatic music)

- The Pediatric ER doctor,she says, "we're losing her.

"I think she's going to pass."

- [Male] I'm cryingout to God but my faith

just vanished at that point.

- [Female] I didn't have any hope.

I didn't see a way out.

- We need to take ourauthority in the Lord

and when we do, we get rid of fear.

- [Narrator] The I wills Of God,

the latest teaching from PatRobertson, available now.

- God loves you and Hewants to give you His peace.

If you wanna make fear andanxiety a thing of the past

and make 2019 the best year of your life,

you need to get ahold of this.

This is Pat's new teachingcalled The I Wills Of God.

Your Path to Peace and Security and it's

our gift to you when you call right now

and just say, yes, Iwanna join the 700 Club.

How much is that?

Just $.65 a day, $20 amonth is all it takes

to join the club and tohelp so many hurting people

all over the world.

If you wanna be a partof what God is doing,

please go to your phonesright now, 1-800-700-7000,

or you can log on to

That's another great way to give.

If you're already a CBNpartner at $20 a month,

we wanna say thank you.

You are making a great difference.

If you'd like to do more,

we wanna invite you to go to

your phones right nowand say, I wanna go gold.

That's our $40 a month level.

When you do that, guess what,we're gonna bless you back

with three DVDs, one foryou and two to give away.

If you can go higher, let'stake it up to our 1000 Club

That's $84 a month or higher.

We are gonna bless you back with five

of Pat's dynamic newteaching, The I Wills of God.

We're in the middle of abig challenge right now.

$115,000 with 21 minutesleft on the clock.

Every dollar that you pledgeright now will be doubled.

Your gift will go twice as far.

If you are happy aboutwhat's going on here at CBN

and you wanna be a part of it,

this is the time to go to your phones.


- How would you like tosee your income triple

in just four years?

That's what happened toLisa and Henry Kelly,

and now they're going to sharethe secret to their success.

- [Narrator] Henry Kellyis a hard-working handyman,

known as Mr. Fix It.

He runs a business so successful,

he doesn't even need to advertise.

Four years ago, he saysthe Lord told him to start

a business of his own andto tithe on all the profits.

Henry learned about tithing

from Pat Robertson and The 700 Club.

- That's when I got it,because he made it very simple.

He said, "Well, if you have a dollar,

you just give ten cents."

I'm like, ok. I can do that.

- [Narrator] So the Kelly's began to tithe

on their business income.

In just four years, theKelly's income tripled.

- Because of the businessand then the skills

that I've learned, theLord has blessed me.

As long as I tithe, it works.

I've learned not to hold back,

but to give as much as I can wherever.

- You have a peace thatbecause you're being obedient

and you're doing what is meant to be done,

then you are gonna be cared for.

- The Kelly's have beenfaithful CBN partners for years.

As their income increased,so did their giving to CBN.

- The CBN is the oneministry that I really trust.

If you just tell someone aboutthe Gospel and walk away,

it's not going to do something,

but if you feed thembecause they're hungry,

if you help them medically,

they are gonna listenbecause you showed 'em

you're not just talking.

And that's what CBN does.

And when you are a giver, there is a joy.

The Lord rewards you a hundred fold.

It's one of the most satisfying things you

could ever do in your life.

I would say try it, whatdo you have to lose,

just give it a shot.

- What do you have to lose?

Give it a shot, try it.

It's the only time we get to test God

is in our tithes and offerings.

But this isn't a one-off thing.

You have to do it consistently.

You have to say, Lord,I wanna put your first.

I wanna put the kingdom of God first.

When you do it His way, that'swhen the blessings come.

I've got some wonderful news.

Some partners fromTexas wanna add and make

this a Texas size challenge.

They wanna add $110,000 to it.

Take it all the way to 225 and let's pray.

Lord, we ask for blessing.

We ask for increase.

We ask for the blessingthat comes from you.

That 30/60/100 fold.

And we ask especially for thosewho are watching right now.

Bless and encourage your people.

For we ask it all in Jesus' name.

Amen and Amen.

Well, $225,000 is the challenge.

If you get the red number up,we've got a long way to go.

$125,000; 18 minutes on the clock.

We need to hear from you,so call us right now.



- Daw's daughter wasso sick she passed out.

Doctors refused to treat her daughter,

neighbors refused to help,

so Daw had to take outa high-interest loan

to save her daughter's life.

- [Terry] Daw is a widow.

To provide for her daughter,

she works long hours at thisclothing factory in Myanmar.

They were getting byon her meager earnings

until her daughter, Win,got sick with a high fever.

(speaking in foreign language)

- I gave her medicine tokeep her temperature down.

But then I came home and foundher unconscious on the bed!

- [Terry] Daw took Win to the hospital

where a test revealed she'dcontracted Dengue Fever.

But the doctor said withoutfurther payment, in advance,

they would not treat her.

Daw quickly went tofamily and even neighbors

to borrow money.

(speaking in foreign language)

- They refused to help.

They were waiting for me to bring home

my daughter's dead body.

- [Terry] Daw finally wasable to borrow the money,

but at 20% interest per month.

Win recovered after 28days in the hospital,

but then Daw had toface their growing debt.

- Every day we ate onlyone egg and a little rice.

I could only afford to pay themonthly interest on my debt.

- [Terry] Working with the local pastor,

CBN's Orphan's Promise paidoff the family's remaining debt

and gave them a new sewingmachine so Win can learn

to sew and Daw can earnextra income from home.

Daw and Win now attend church together

and both recently prayedto become Christians.

- I used to dread waking up in the morning

because I was so anxious about money.

Now everything has changed.

I'm so grateful to Orphan's Promise.

- We make the impossiblepossible when God calls us

to something together and wesay yes to that invitation.

You're stepping right into the middle

of someone else's impossible need

and you are the answer that God provides.

What a privilege for all of us.

You don't wanna miss outon being a part of that.

If you haven't joined the 700 Club yet,

right now is the moment for you to do it.

If you have, consider goingto the next Club level.

And here's another way that you can give.

There are the Club levelchoices when you call.

700 Club $20 a month, Gold $40 a month,

join the 1000 Club; $84 a month.

There's the 2500 Clubor the Founders at $417.

Chairman's Circle mightbe an option for you.

That's $10,000 or more a year.

And when you call, do it usingPledge Express, if you would.

That's electronic monthly giving.

It's actually prettywonderful for all or us.

I use it.

No envelopes, no stamps, don'thave to remember anything.

The bank does all the work.

It does save us some administrative cost

so we can put even more of your gift right

into the lives of peoplelike Daw and her daughter.

So when you call, say Iwanna join the 700 Club,

and I wanna do it using Pledge Express.

Our way of saying thank youfor using Pledge Express

is to send you this every month,

Power for Life monthly teachings.

We think you're gonna love them.

They'll be a blessing toyou and you'll be blessing

others at the same time.

So here's that toll free number again.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

Call now.

Just say I wanna join the 700 Club

and I wanna do it using Pledge Express.


- Okay, we're seeingthe red number go down

and we need to see it go down faster.

Here it is.

Orlando, Florida, $2,700,a 2500 Club member plus.

Then from Fredericksburg,Virginia, a 1000 Club member

saying I wanna lift to $4,000.

- Yes.- $800.

And then from Antioch,Tennessee, a 2500 Club member

saying I wanna double to Founder $5,000.

That takes it down to $90,000with 14 minutes on the clock.

Be a part of it.

Call us now; 1-800-700-7000.

- Corum and McKenzie saythey're strong together

but when troop downsizing left

this military family without an income,

this couple needed an extra boost

from CBN's Helping the Homefront.

- [Narrator] CorumKennett served five years

in the Army as a combat medic.

His wife, Mackinsy, is quick to praise him

for his dedication to serve.

- He has a very big heart.

And when it comes to helpingpeople and his patriotism,

I'm always so proud to be his wife.

- [Narrator] Corum speaks just as highly

of MacKinsey for takingcare of their toddler Hunter

and newborn baby Mason.

- I admire her.

She's strong and I'm strong,but we're stronger together.

- [Narrator] Theirstrength was tested when,

just before the holidays,

Corum was denied re-enlistmentdue to troop downsizing.

- I worry a lot.

It's my job to take care of my family.

I feel like I'm not doing my job.

That hits me pretty hard.

- [Narrator] Corum andMackinzy decided to use

their final army transferfrom Fort Campbell,

Kentucky to go back home to Wisconsin.

There, Corum could find a new job.

But the couple was alreadybehind on bills and rent

and couldn't afford a depositon a new place in Wisconsin.

- It's very scary going into the holidays

not knowing where we're going to be.

We decided that we'renot going to buy gifts

for each other this year.

- [Narrator] The couplerelied on their faith in God

that things would work out.

They continued to pray every day.

- We both feel so muchbetter after we've prayed,

after we feel like theLord has listened to us

and God's gonna handle it.

I want her to feel peaceof mind and I want us both

to feel peace of mind withinthe marriage and with God.

The Kennetts got a hugedose of Christmas cheer

when their small group leader,

Brian Flannery, with Reboot Ministry,

invited them over to tell them that CBN's

Helping the Home Front waspaying off the back rent due,

paying an additional two months rent

to get them through the holidays,

and paying the rental depositon a new home in Wisconsin.

- Wow!

- What are you feeling, hearing that?

- Relief!- Relief.

- Wow; I don't even know what to say.

- We're also going to sit down today,

and all the back bills that there are,

we are going to take care of those too.

- Wow.

- God is good.- All the time.

- All the time.

- There is more.


We wanted to make sure that you give

those boys the Christmasthat they deserve.

So, right here are gift cards.

And as soon as we are done,we're gonna go shopping.

- Thank you.

I can't even process

that we're gonna be okay.

- [Narrator] The Kennettssat down with Brian

and mapped out a plan to payall the delinquent bills.

Then, they were off on a shopping spree

to buy everything the family needed,

including presents for the children.

- We couldn't be moregrateful for the blessings

that y'all are giving us.

And knowing that we'regoing to give our boys

a wonderful Christmas thisyear is such a relief!

- You can be a part of it.

You can be a part of helpingour military families.

We wanna recognize thatthey're serving too.

If you've got active duty military,

the spouse is definitelyserving along with them.

And we want to help themin their time of need.

That's the whole pointof Helping the Homefront.

You're part of all of it.

You're part of Orphan's Promise,

you're a part of every water well,

you're a part of all ofour special surgeries.

You're a part of preachingthe Gospel around the world.

You're a part of this show.

We're a lot more than a TV show.

We wanna help people all around the world.

We wanna let 'em know about the Gospel.

You're a part of all of thatwhen you join the 700 Club.

If that's you, join with us.

1-800-700-7000; say yes,

I wanna make a difference in the world.

Call us; 1-800-700-7000.

Let's got to Wendy at the phones; Wendy.

- Thanks Gordon.

In Pat Robertson's new DVD,you'll see stories of people

who kept their cool in thescariest of circumstances,

like Mike and Billy, who wereonce in a fight to stay alive

in a swamp filled with gators.

- We were running about 38 miles an hour,

the last time I looked.

And then bam, we flipped the boat.

He said, look over your left shoulder.

And there was three alligatorsforming a semi-circle.

There was tons of 'em on the bank

and they were all coming in the water.

I was doing some heavy, heavy,

heavy praying while I was in that water.

- [Narrator] The I Wills of God,

the latest teaching from PatRobertson, available now.

- I don't care how many times I see that,

it still gives me the willies.

The good news is God heard their prayers,

heard their cries and rescued them.

And God will do the same foryou because He's a good God

and if you belong to Him, thenyou have the promises of God.

They're yours.

If you'd like to learn more about them,

they're here in the I Wills Of God.

This is Pat's new teaching,

your path to greater faith and freedom.

It's yours when youcall right now and say,

yes, I wanna join the 700 Club.

$.65 a day, $20 a month,

is all it takes to become a CBN partner.

We want you to have this.

We're in the middle of achallenge right now, by the way,

with $225,000 as the challenge.

Eight minutes left on the clock.

Every dollar that you pledgeright now will be doubled.

Your gift will go twice as far if you go

to your phones rightnow, so please do that,

because we need your help.


- Thanks, Wendy.

It's a great opportunity to give

and to have your giving go far right now.

While you're getting up, someof you, to go to the phone,

for the rest of you, Iwant you to meet Isaak

who often woke up atnight gasping for air.

The poor sleep that he got meant that he

was then tired the next day.

His parents knew that he needed help,

and they also knew they couldn't afford

to give that to him on their own.

- [Narrator] Isack was alwaysactive and played soccer,

with a homemade ball,as often as he could.

(speaking in foreign language)

- I played the whole day.

Sometimes I even forgotto come home for lunch.

- [Narrator] But when Isackdeveloped enlarged adenoids

in his throat, it made itdifficult for him to breathe.

Over time, he lost his energy.

He no longer played, and he barely ate.

(speaking in foreign language)

- When I go to sleep atnight, my nose hurts.

It is so difficult tobreathe, and I feel so bad.

(speaking in foreign language)

- At night, he wouldwake up gasping for air.

It's always worse when he is sleeping.

I was afraid he would stop breathing.

There were even times his eyes were puffy

from his lack of sleep.

- [Narrator] His conditionmade it difficult

for him to stay awake at school.

Many times, he stayedhome and slept all day.

- We often took him to thehospital for medication.

My parents don't have much money,

so when we learned he needed surgery,

we didn't know what to do.

They couldn't afford surgery.

- Then they reached out

to African Mission Healthcare,a ministry supported by CBN.

We soon arranged andpaid for Isack's surgery.

These surgeries take less than an hour,

but it's 45 minutes that'llchange a child's life.

- When I came back from thehospital, I felt really good.

I'm not tired anymore,because I sleep all night now.

I can finally play again andeat as much as I want to,

without any trouble breathing.

I go to school every day, too.

I even scored two goalsat recess the other day.

I am so happy.

Thank you so much for helping me.

- A 45-minute surgery thatchanges a child's life.

700 Club members, you made that happen.

We say thank you.

To the rest of you,

don't miss out on theblessing of all of this.

We invite you to join us in our endeavor

to touch people rightat their point of need

with the love of Christ.

Call our toll-free number right now.

It's 1-800-700-7000; sayI wanna join the 700 Club.

Don't forget, you wanna doit using Pledge Express.

We say thank you in advance.

We're gonna send you thosePower for Life teachings

along with Pat's DVD teachings.

So you'll be double blessed.

Hey, speaking of double blessed,

here are some peoplecalling from Allen, Texas,

saying they're gonna give $2,508.

That is doubled right now.

San Antonio, Texas, $2,508 and

from Moriarty, New Mexico, $2,640.

Thank you.


- All right, we'recounting down to victory.

The red number's down to $15,000.

Five minutes, 27 seconds.

You can still be a part of it.

Call us now; 1-800-700-7000.

When the German invaded Vera's home land,

her family fought back.

Today, she's a widow,living in Israel and CBN

is giving this Holocaustsurvivor the help she needs.

(dramatic music)

- [Dan] Vera is a widowand Holocaust Survivor.

Her family escaped the Minsk ghetto

to join resistance fightersin the Belarusian wilderness.

(speaking in foreign language)

- There was very little foodand the winters were so cold.

Many died in the snow,

and there was constant fear

of being discovered by the Nazis.

- [Dan] Vera told me that after the war,

she married a fellow survivor.

She and her husbandwanted to leave Belarus

but couldn't get through the Iron Curtain.

It wasn't until 1991 they were finally

able to move to Israel.

(speaking in foreign language)

- It was a dream to come here,

but it was hard to start a new life.

- [Dan] Vera's husbandrecently died from cancer.

Her life got even harder one day,

when she came home to find the water pipes

under her floor had burst.

- Water was everywhere.

Without my husband, Ididn't know what to do.

I could never afford the repairs.

I was devastated.

- [Dan] So, CBN Israelimmediately located a contractor

and we covered the entirecost of the repairs.

- I was so happy when youtold me you were going

to fix the pipes and my floor.

I had tears of joy.

You were my only hope to get it fixed

and to have water back in my house.

It's a miracle.

- [Dan] We also learned thatVera's oven quit working

a few years ago, so we boughtand installed a brand new one.

Now, we also take her groceries regularly

and spend time with her.

- What you do for meand the other survivors

means the world.

You give real support and it's wonderful

to know that someone cares about us.

I am so blessed to know people like you.

- We're caring, we're caring in your name.

When you're a member of the700 Club, that's you at work.

If you're not a member,

call us now and joinwith us; 1-800-700-7000.

We're counting down to victory.

The red number's down to two;three minutes on the clock.

Call us right now; Terry.

- Natalia was raisingthree children on her own

when she started feeling anexcruciating pain in her side.

And even though theproblem kept getting worse,

she didn't have the moneyneeded to get to a hospital.

47-year old Natalia had noidea that anything was wrong

until the pain started.

- I hurt so much; so painful.

I couldn't sleep for two weeks.

- [Terry] Then, an x-ray revealedthat a giant kidney stone,

was growing inside.

But as a widow raising three children,

there was no extra money for surgery.

- My oldest daughter said,"Mom, let's go to the hospital,"

but I said "We're notgoing to the hospital.

"We don't have the money."

- [Terry] Even six-yearold Natasha knew there

was something seriouslywrong with her mother.

She wondered if her Mom would die.

- I prayed when my Mom got sick.

I looked at her picture and cried.

I want her to stay with me.

- I begged God to help me so my children

wouldn't become orphans.

- [Terry] When CBN met Natalia,

we brought the family some food,

and took her to the hospital.

There the doctor confirmedthat the kidney stone

had destroyed her kidney.

(speaking in foreign language)

- The patient was in critical condition.

Her body was poisoned by the toxins

from the infected kidney.

There was a high risk of septicshock which leads to death.

- [Terrry] So CBN paid for Natalia

to have emergencysurgery to save her life.

- When I opened my eyes after the surgery,

I understood that I would live.

The burden and pain went away.

- [Terry] Natalia hasnow completely recovered

and is back taking care of her children.

- My other kidney is working normally.

I have no pain.

I'm even able to go back to work.

- I'm glad that Mama is here with me.

- I thank you very muchfor saving my life.

- Natalia is healthy, herchildren have their Mama.

Their smiles say it all.

Thank you 700 Club members.

Listen, here's some good news.

Right now, Edmond, Oklahoma, $2,640.

And from Abbeville, Alabama,$5,880; woo, thanks!

- Okay, we're going way over on the top

on this $225,000 challenge.

We got some more.

Fort Worth, Texas, $2,500.

Then, Alexandria, Virginia, $3,000.

Rowllet, Texas, $3,700 andthey're running more in.

Austin, Texas; we'rereally hearing from Texas.

Texas was part of the challenge, $2,500.

- Yes.- We still have time

for you to be a part of it; 15 seconds.

We're gonna counteverything on the phones.


If the phones are busy,

you can go to and give there.

We're down to the final seconds.

You see the green number,

you know we made it but here it is.

$225,000 was the challengeand against that,

you gave $256,000.

We leave you with thesewords from Deuteronomy 28.

And all these blessingsshall come upon you

and overtake you, becauseyou obey the voice

of the Lord your God.

Go through today realizing blessings

are going to overtake you allbecause you obeyed His voice.

God bless.

(lively music)


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