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The Global Lane - January 17, 2019

It’s not only in China. Crackdown against Christians in Laos: Future wars over water. What Israel is doing to help a drought-stricken world; Leftist anti-Israel sentiment growing in Washington; Standing up to antisemitism & the company we keep. Read Transcript


- Today from the GlobalLane, it's not only in China,

the latest crackdown againsttribal Christians in Laos.

Future wars may be coming over water.

What Israel is doing to helpa drought stricken world.


The ES battle on Capitol Hilland leftist anti-Semitism.

America's rabbi sets us straight.

And I'll drive it homeon standing up to hatred

and the company we keep.

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And it's all right here, rightnow from the Global Lane.

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It's not just happening inChina, a new wave of persecution

against Christians is underway in Laos.

Police raided church servicesin southern Savannakhet

Province during Christmas.

Three Christian leaders were arrested.

Authorities also raided otherchurches and made arrests

just before and after Christmas.

Well, joining us with morefrom Bartlesville, Oklahoma

is Voice of the Martyrs spokesman,

Host of VOM Radio, Todd Nettleton.

So Todd, thanks for joining us.

- Thank you for having me, Gary.

- Please tell us whatthe Voice of the Martyrs

has heard about thislatest crackdown against

Christians in Laos.

- Over the recent Christmasseason, two different

services were reportedlyraided by the police

in two different parts of Laos.

A total of 14 peoplewere taken into custody.

The police gave a couple ofdifferent excuses for this.

In one case, the Christiansin one village had invited

a pastor from a differentvillage to come and preside

over their Christmas service.

And the police said well, heyyou can celebrate Christmas

in your own village butyou can't go to another

village and celebrate.

So that pastor was breakingthe law and therefore

that service was raided.

In another case a policeman

actually told a reporter that

Christianity is a religionof Europeans and Americans.

It is not a Lao religionand so the perception is

Christianity is a westernreligion and the people of Laos

don't follow Christianity orshouldn't follow Christianity.

Those services being brokenup came after reports

that we received here atthe Voice of the Martyrs

earlier in December of twodifferent Christian families

being forced from their homes

and having their homes destroyed.

Basically, village leaderstelling the Christians,

listen you can be a Christianor you can live in our village

but you can't do both.

And so these Christians said no,

we're not gonna deny our faith.

And because of that, theirhomes were destroyed.

So clearly a pattern ofpersecution and a pattern

of Christians being singled out in Laos.

- This is nothing new in Communist Laos.

Who's being target now and why?

- Well, you're right,this is not something

that is new to Laos andtypically who we see targeted

a lot of times we are seeing Christians

in the minority tribal groups.

Either the Khmu Tribe or the Hmong Tribe.

Some of these minority tribalgroups are experiencing

more persecution, theChristians among those groups.

But we're also seeing some good things.

We had a report late last yearof four Christians arrested.

They were taken to the districtgovernor and the district

governor asked the police,well who are these people,

why have you brought them here?

They're Christians you know.

We don't want Christians here.

The district governor told the policemen,

actually being a Christian is fine.

Take them home, take themback to their village

and tell the people in the village

they are allowed to follow Jesus.

So even in the midst ofpersecution we are seeing

some good reports like that where

people in leadership areaccepting that Lao people

can follow Jesus Christand that it's not a western

religion or an American religion.

And when I visited Laos, oneof the things I was told,

and this story really illustrates that,

is it all depends onwhat the village elders

or the village leaders think.

- Todd, it seems thechurch in Laos is growing

despite the persecution.

- That's the good news isthat the church is growing.

And I mentioned some ofthose minority tribal groups.

That is where we see the mostrapid growth of the church

in Laos, is among thoseminority tribal groups.

They are often sort ofdiscriminated against

and looked down upon by theLao people but they find

acceptance and love in Jesus Christ.

And one of the thingsthat I find really amazing

is often the persecution they face comes

literally within days of themcoming to faith in Christ.

So they are told thatsometimes even the next day

or two or three dayslater, listen you can't be

a Christian and live in our village.

And we see these believers whoare brand new in their faith.

The don't have a lot oftheological knowledge in it.

In some cases they don'teven have their own copy

of the Bible yet.

And yet they say no,I will not deny Christ

even though I'm brand new in the faith,

they stand strong in JesusChrist and they refuse

to deny Christ.

And I think that's reallyan encouraging thing

and an inspiring thingfor believers like me

who've grown up in a Christianfamily and been walking

with Christ for a longtime, to see somebody

who comes to faith, facespersecution literally

within days, and yet standsstrong in their faith.

What an encouragement to us.

- I know VOM is helping.

What can our viewers do about it.

- Well, I think there'stwo things that immediately

come to mind as far as how we can help.

One of them is prayer.

That's the first requestof our persecuted family

around the world.

Please pray for us.

And the challenge for meis they're not saying,

pray that we won't be persecuted any more.

They're saying, pray thatwe'll be faithful to Christ

in spite of the persecution that we face.

So prayer is number one.

Secondly, people can give.

We've talked about thefact that we're helping

some of these Christianswho've been persecuted.

We're providing Bibles, we'rehelping frontline workers.

And that is funded by the gifts of donors

like the folks who are watching this.

They can give to Voice of the Martyrs

to help with thoseministry outreaches in Laos

and in 70+ othercountries around the world

where Christians are persecuted.

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Did you know that there are more

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But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain

of rejection and theoverwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

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Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

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Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

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- Most wars today are fought

over religion or politics.

Sometimes maybe a little of both.

But did you know that inthe future wars may likely

be fought over a valuable resource, water.

In many places around theworld water's becoming scarce.

But one of America's topallies is doing what it can

to make a difference.

I recently talked with author, Avi Jorisch

who says Israeli innovationis providing clean water

to the world for drinking and farming.


Avi, there are many examples in your book

that show how Israelis are using ingenuity

to change the world.

As you did the researchfor the book did you find

an innovation that surprised you?

- I particularly liked the idea

that Israel has declaredwater independence.

That really did surprise me.

If you look at water,that really is going to be

the wave of the future whenit comes to determining

war and peace.

And in 2013, Israel is nowthe only country in the world

to have declared waterindependence from the weather,

and from its neighbors.

And what do I mean when I say that?

It has leveraged fivedifferent innovations

in order to be completely independent.

The first is desalination.

The country has five desalination plants

through which it produces 50 to 60%

of its potable water needs.

Not only that, Israel hasnow built 400 desalination

plants in 40 countries around the world,

including the largest desalination plant

in the western hemisphere in California,

the largest desalination plant in India

and the largestdesalination plant in China.

- [Gary] How is thatchanging life for others?

- When you have desalinationand you're able to take water

from the ocean,

literally salty water,turning it into sweet water,

you allow people to drink.

Water is life.

The second innovation Ithink is worth mentioning

in this context is drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation was createdin Israel in the mid-1960s.

It is now being used byover a billion farmers

around the world, billion farmers.

The third is recycling of waste water.

We tend to think of sewagewater, when we go to the toilet,

as being a nuisance.

Not so in Israel.

In Israel it's one of themost valuable commodities

you can buy or sell.

In Israel the waterauthorities remove the waste,

then they recycle 90% ofthat water for agriculture.

Technically you could drink that water

but the thought of drinkingrecycled waste water

is a little disgusting sothe Israelis don't do it.

Israel recycles 90%.

The next country down is Spain at 18%

and the United States,at a measly 7 to 8%.

Israel has also createdsomething called TaKaDu

which is an early warning detection system

which is in most major cities in Israel

and many, many cities around the world,

which allows water authoritiesto know with great accuracy

where there is a problemin terms of water dripping

in major cities.

And finally, the two button toilet.

Big flush, little flush.

And as a result of theseinnovations, Israel

has completely declaredwater independence.

Now, let's talk about theramifications of this.

Egypt is going to run outof water in seven years.

This is a country ofnearly 100 million people

that in seven years is goingto completely run out of water.

Jordan, Syria, Lebanon,countries that border Israel,

the same, they're also on theway to running out of water.

Iran, a country thattoday points its missiles

at Israel, in 20 years,50% of its population

which today is at 80 million,is going to run out of water.

I tend to think the next20 years, Iran instead

of pointing its missiles atIsrael will be begging them

for their water experts.

Egypt and Israel, I believewill be closest of friends.

I really believe that waterwill dictate the future

of geopolitics in that part of the world.

- [Gary] Bring about peace?

- I don't know that itwill bring about peace

but it will certainly bring about a change

in how people perceivethis valuable resource.

This tap water problem iscoming to America as well.

It's in large part whythere are several states

in the United States thathave signed Memorandums

of Understanding with the State of Israel,

in order to bring this type of technology

right here at home.

- How about the countries that are not

close to the ocean?

They can't do the desalinization.

- That's what we had thesefour other innovations.

There's no one size fits all solution

but every country can putin place, drip irrigation,

recycling of waste water,this two button toilet

and certainly the earlywarning detection system.

These are not cheap innovations.

But they are ones that over the long haul

will save us billions of dollars,help feed our populations

and conserve one of themost precious resources

that we have on the planet today.

- Now, I know with the drip irrigation

you had talked about Simcha Blass.

- Simcha Blass was an interesting guy.

He created drip irrigation in 1965.

Israel is a country that is 60% desert

and when you think about that statistic,

here's a country that is 60% desert

and has declared water independence.

Simcha Blass created this

on the very edge of the desertin a Kibbutz called Hatzerim.

And that technology todayis used all over the world.

But here's the interesting statistic,

- Tell us what thattechnology is, just in case

people don't know.

- That technology is asimple little plastic tube

that emits micro amounts ofwater, a third of the water

and it doubles the yield.

The vast majority of the planet,

when we think ofagriculture, waters its crops

in a willy nilly sort of way,either through a hose of sorts

or through soaker or through canals.

Drip irrigation is only usedin 5% of the planet today.

Think of how much morewater that we could conserve

if the entire world rolledout drip irrigation.

- That would be amazing wouldn't it?

- [Avi] That would be amazing.

- What difference has it madein some of those countries

that are using it?

- Certainly when you haveusing a third of the water

and doubling the yield, the amount of food

that you can produceto feed your population

is exponentially, exponentially gross.

When you look at Israel,Israel is a country

that does not lack for problems.

It has a problem when itcomes to rich and poor,

problems when it comes to its neighbors,

both the Palestinians and the Arab World.

Israel is not a perfect place.

With that said, there'sno denying the fact

that Israel has extraordinary innovators

that are bound together,not by money, religion

or stature, but rathera desire to save lives

and make the world a better place.

This is the unique part about Israel.

Israel is powered by diversity.

Israel has Muslims,Christians, Jews, Muslims

of every variety,Christians of every variety

and Jews from around the world.

And that has been part of the secret

to this country's success.

- Okay, Avi Jorisch, thank you.

- Thank you.

- Appreciate it.

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- Democrats recently filibustereda bill in the US Senate

that would have allowedstate and local governments

to refuse business withcompanies boycotting Israel.

The legislation was sponsoredby Senator Marco Rubio.

It included military and humanitarian aid

to America allies in the Middle East.

Well, Mitch McConnellsays he'll try to muster

the votes to break thatfilibuster in the days ahead.

And some Republicans have

called the filibuster anti-Semitic.

Well, joining us today to set it straight

is America's rabbi, Aryeh Spero.

He's author of the book, Push Back,

Reclaiming our AmericanJudeo-Christian Ethos.

So Rabbi Spero, is thisfilibuster anti-Semitic

or just politics?

- It's probably anti-Israel.

You know, many of the peoplenow in control of the Democrat

Party, the direction of theDemocrat Party is Socialist,

not liberal, but Socialist.

And some are actuallyMarxist and Leninist.

And Socialism believes in universalism.

They don't like distinct nations,

they don't like distinct things.

In their mind, everythingis the same, everything

must be the same.

Nothing is different.

So you look at a country like Israel.

This is a distinct country.

It's based on a very specific identity.

It's a biblical identity.

Socialists don't likethat, that's too distinct.

It's like America,Socialists don't like America

as historically constitutedbecause we stand for something,

we have a distinct identity.

It's based on the Judeo-Christian Ethos.

And so you have manySocialists, left wing people,

Democrats, that are tryingto transform this country.

So they are not favorablyinclined to Israel

and many in the Black Caucuswho might not be Marxist

or Socialist are alsonot inclined to Israel.

It's because of this intersectionality.

So I do think there's alot of anti-Israel bias

behind the refusal of theDemocrats in the House

or the Senate to stand behindthis piece of legislation

to outlaw the boycott anddisinvestment from Israel.

- [Gary] How concernedare you about this new

freshman class and they're just voicing

anti-Semitic views now on Capitol Hill?

- You know, right nowwhat we see in Congress

is anti-Israel but we knowfrom evidence from history

that those that engage in anti-Israelim

eventually evolves into anti-Semitism.

Because there's just noquestion there's an association

between Jews and Israeland when you become fixated

on being against Israel,then eventually you become

fixated against Zionism and against Jews

because Zionism is about the Jewish return

to the land of Israel.

We also do have, like you mentioned,

in the Democrat Party,we've got some people

that are absolutely beyondSocialist, they're anti-Semites.

This woman from the Detroitarea, Rashida Tlaib,

she's anti-Semitic and goesbeyond being anti-Israel.

The same thing with theSomali woman who was elected

up in Minnesota.

There are anti-Semitesentering the Democrat Party

but they so much wantpower, the Democrats,

that they're not gonnasilence them because they want

the votes of the groupsthat these people represent.

- So can someone reallyvote against Israel

without being labeled anti-Semitic?

How do you know someoneis really biased against

Jews and the Jewish state?

- Yes, if you have a standardwhere you single out Israel

for condemnation and you don'tcondemn the same practice

somewhere else, or you singleout Jews for condemnation

and you don't single outsomeone else, an individual

who's doing the same practice,that's anti-Semitism.

These people that are condemning Israel

for false reasons, they givea free ride to the 57 Islamic

countries that have absolutelyno rights for their people,

absolutely no rights so youknow it's an Israel bias.

And it's the same thing when

someone does that regarding Jews.

Now Jews have their faults,there's no question.

We're not perfect.

And you can criticize theJewish people or Israel

but if you don't criticizeothers who are engaged

in the same things and even worse,

then you know that it'ssourced in anti-Semitism

or anti-Israelism.

- Now the Anti-defamation League reported

that acts of anti-Semitismhave actually increased

significantly, especiallyon America college campuses.

So what can our viewers do to combat it?

- First they have to realizethat the most dangerous

anti-Semitism today iscoming from the left.

It's not coming from the right.

Those few neo-Nazis, they'rea fringe group and nobody

accepts them, they've been marginalized.

But what's happeningon the college campuses

which is just a beehive of leftism,

you've got anti-Semitismcoming from the left.

The dangerous anti-Semitismis coming from the left

because the left has the power.

The left has always been anti-Jewish,

first of all because Jewsare a distinct people.

And because Jews havehistorically been successful.

Once the enlightenment cameand they were unleashed

to be, to live a free live,they were very successful.

And the left hatessuccess and unfortunately

the left controls muchof our culture today.

- Well, it seems to me a lotof it is spiritual in nature.

It's really a problemof the heart, is it not?

- This is all rebellion against God.

Basically, leftism is arebellion against God,

his authority and his laws.

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- [Pat] When you give

smiles grow bigger.

When you care

homes are happier.

When you comfort

the hurt goes away.

When we all come together to love

miracles happen.

- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know that there aremore than 148 million orphans

in the world today, 148 million?

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain

of rejection and theoverwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

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Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

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- You may have heard of Michigan

Representative Rashida Tlaib.

She's the first Palestinian American woman

elected to Congress andshe has a foul mouth.

Yes, she made crude publicremarks about President

Trump and immediately aftershe was sworn into Congress.

But perhaps more disturbingare her anti-Semitic remarks.

She criticized US Senators for supporting

anti-BDS legislation.

Tlaib said the Senators have dual loyalty

to the United States and Israel

and that they forgot whatcountry they represent.

Tlaib is not alone.

For years some members of theCongressional Black Caucus

have refused to denounce knownanti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan.

He met with them in 2005.

Farrakhan calls Jewsthe greatest controllers

of black minds who areresponsible for all the filth

and degenerate behavior in Hollywood.

He's referred to themas termites who practice

a gutter religion.

He also says Jews control the government.

It's all more of the same old

world domination conspiracy hatred.

That's how Hitler and the Nazi's tried

to justify their genocide.

So much for love and kindness.

Ancient Greek storyteller,Aesop, is credited

with saying that a man isknown by the company he keeps.

Well, few people knew about this company,

its was mostly kept under wraps,

when Barack Obama ran for President.

It's from 2005, it shows

then Senator Barack Obama with Farrakhan.

Even some members of theNational Women's March movement

can't help blaming Jewsfor all the problems

the country faces.

Some have been quoted assaying the Jews are exploiters

of black and brown people.

And one of the organizer ofthe Women's March Movement,

reportedly was targeted for being Jewish.

Attendants at Movementevents has now dropped.

And how can we forget theshooting at Tree of Life

Synagogue in Pittsburgh last October?

11 people were killed,many of them elderly.

Folks, anti-Semitismis not only on the rise

in Washington, but all across our country,

especially on college campuses.

The Anti-DefamationLeague reports the number

of incidents against Jewswas 60% higher in 2017

compared to 2016.

We'll see what their report for 2018 shows

when it's released next month.

In the meantime,Christians, if you are truly

a follower of Christ, then there's no room

for anti-Semitism in your heart.

You should not associate with people

who refuse to denounce it.

Let me remind you, thePatriarchs of our faith,

Abraham and Moses, were Jews.

The rock of our faith,our Lord and savior,

Jesus was a Jew.

Romans 10:12-13 says,

And I John 2:9 tells us,

May our nation and eachof us walk in the light

and show love and respect to others.

Well, that's it todayfrom the Global Lane.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, iTunes,

SoundCloud, YouTube and Twitter.

And until next time, be blessed.

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